Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tea Party Pooper

It's been awhile since I have posted due to some work b.s. and other things going on... After last weeks demoralizing defeat of the democrats losing the house, I came to a very sad realization about the tea party. They are being manipulated by the republicans and fox news and they don't even know it. We have to stop trying to pretend that their are irrational people on both sides on the political spectrum. Here's why: there are no democratic senators screaming that 9/11 are an inside job. Yet, there are republican senators screaming that Obama is not a citizen, a muslim terrorist hell bent on the destruction of the country, or a communist, marxist, and my personal favorite, a nazi intending to build re-education camps. A week ago today, the republican's just repackaged the same sh@t and called it sugar and the tea partiers cheered. Initially seeing these saps with the mispelled signs and hats with tea bags attatched, dressed up like the statue of liberty or George Washington, screaming, "I want my country back", filled those of us with a college education with scorn and ridicule. The idea that the POTUS was an Islamofascist terrorist on the verge of initiating a 1938 Hitler-esque authoritation dictatorship was beyond insane, beyond delusional, it was just somewhere off the crazy train. What the republicans did do correctly, was shouting down the opposition. Republican's repeat the same lie, no matter how crazy and irrational it is, but it if it's repeated enough and loudly enough...people will believe it. Adding to the mix the state of the economy and the uncertainty that people face on a day to day basis, tapping into that fear and paranoia is always successful. The tea party are the republican's useful idiots. I do predict a bunch of one timers in the congress, because people like Rand Paul and other extremists won't be able to govern with establishment republican's like Boehner. Obama and the Dem's can turn this around if they point out to the masses that they are being manipulated...Just like Rove manipulated them with that moral majority, religious right nonsense. You can almost pity the tea party members when you think about how much of a disaster their lack of knowledge has caused by holding out Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman as their standard bearer.