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Mack Major...Nonsensical Clown. Stupid Enough to be Dangerous.

The Portals of Hell are Open...
I won't beat around the burning bush here, internet "author" and "minister" Mack Major is a joke and a clown. Now I am not speaking from a position of hate but from a position of love and I hate to see black men look stupid. I have read some of his postings and even tried to point out the error of his ways on his orgy comment boards and let me tell you what happens when you inject reality get banned. Banned, for pointing out blatant fallacies in his arguments that literally make no sense on his sexually repressed blog Eden decoded. Reading his blog posts are like going to a sexually repressed band camp with voodoo Christianity thrown in with a dab of  dime store  pop psychology 101 for dummies. Nothing is decoded, it's all the same thing with this guy. You woke up late, then you opened up a portal from hell. You sneezed, you must have opened a portal from hell. You been disrespected from

So Mack Major believes and teaches that people that masturbate are possessed by a spiritual demon. I can't make this up...he says, People who cannot control the urge to masturbate or watch pornography are almost always plagued with a s€xual devil. Maybe more than one.
In the world of the spirit and according to Jesus Christ: the s€xual thought is the same as the s€xual act (Matthew 5:28).
Don't you love how he can't even write out the word "sex" without substituting the "e" with a Euro symbol, as if sex was a dirty word that needs to be sanitized from existence. 

So what does Matthew 5:28 say? But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Ok, that's not saying that demons are summoned does it? Mack Major believes that visualizing having sex with another through masturbation, then the spirit realm manifests the thing we are imagining. So I guess if I imagine Idris Alba, then he will pop up one day? Or maybe masturbation is a normal sexual urge that most people that have reached puberty have participated in. Unless you are the Duggars and you molest you own sisters of course. So I wonder what's worse here. Repressing your feelings for fear of "sexual demons" or incest because some moron decided it was best to pretend that sex was so dirty that the word can't be written or spoken. 

In another equally ridiculous post, he talks about the pagan history of Christmas, yet uses examples of Israeli pagan Gods that have nothing to do European paganism. It's like history never occurred and facts be damned. He trots out this "information" that a god named Chemosh was seated on a throne, heated till he turned red, worshiped by the pagans by putting their kids in his arms till they burned into ashes. According to his "research" this is where the tradition of sitting our kids in santa's lap comes from. Of course, the fact that St. Nicholas was a real person, bishop of Myra in the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian, was persecuted, tortured for the Catholic faith and kept in prison until the more tolerant reign of Constantine  is all completely irrelevant, his change from a white robe to the red outfit occurred in the 19th century when he was Americanized, is again totally irrelevant to him and his readers. In another publication Santa is defined as, “Santa Claus” is an American corruption of the Dutch form “San Nicolaas,” a figure brought to America by the early Dutch colonists. But that sounds like Chemosh to me...He believes elves and reindeer are elemental demons aiding in witchcraft instead of the trappings associated with Santa Claus, his sleigh and reindeer-reveal his origin from the cold climates of the far North. Some sources trace him to the ancient Northern European gods Woden and Thor, from which the days of the week Wednesday (Woden's day) and Thursday (Thor's day) get their designations. But Mack takes the easy way out, if he doesn't understand it, blame it on a demon. Critical thinking skills are sorely lacking.

Wait there's more...

Mack Major displays more willful stupidity when he claims that Krampus was an original demon that was behind Chemosh in the first place. He is blithely unaware that this Germanic myth of Krampus was little known in Europe, but popularized in the 19th Century as the co spirit of Santa. Santa rewards the children and Krampus punished them. Of course, as time went on, Krampus' role was written out and all we get is the feel good elves and potbelly jolliness. When he was challenged that Christmas was a Roman pagan holiday that was hijacked by Catholicism when Rome decided to make it the official religion, it was glossed over like it never happened. He pouted, pulled his toys and went home.  The Christmas festival wasn't heard of in the Church until the 3rd or 4th Century. 

Let me educate you Mack Minor intelligence, December 25th was celebrated by the Roman empire as the birthday of the Sun God. Also it was a sacred holiday to the Persians that celebrated Mithra-ism, where most believe Christianity was directly plagiarized from. Not only was Dec. 25 honored as the birthday of the sun, but a festival had long been observed among the heathen to celebrate the growing amount of daylight after the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. The precursor of Christmas was in fact an idolatrous midwinter festival characterized by excess and debauchery that predated Christianity by many centuries.
This ancient festival went by different names in various cultures. In Rome it was called the Saturnalia, in honor of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture. The observance was adopted by early Roman church leaders and given the name of Christ (“Christ mass,” or Christmas) to conciliate the heathen and swell the number of the nominal adherents of Christianity.
Failing to make much headway in converting the pagans, the religious leaders of the Roman church began compromising by dressing the heathen customs in Christian-looking garb. But, rather than converting them to the church's beliefs, the church became largely converted to non-Christian customs in its own religious practices.
Although at first the early Catholic Church censured this celebration, “the festival was far too strongly entrenched in popular favor to be abolished, and the Church finally granted the necessary recognition, believing that if Christmas could not be suppressed, it should be preserved in honor of the Christian God. Once given a Christian basis the festival became fully established in Europe with many of its pagan elements undisturbed” Basically, you have a large population that is pagan and you are forcibly trying to convert them to Christianity, what do you do? You adopt pagan traditions and call them "Christian" to make the conversion process easier. 
He has another blog post where he claims that tatoos and piercings serve as portals for...guess what? The demonic world! Yes. Yes. Yes. I could go on all day with this, but I have lost IQ points already...
Don't Let me Play with Matches
I sincerely hope this dope stops posting half truths, lies and foolishness for people to read and believe as facts. Everything that he and other religious zealots doesn't open portals to hell. I think he has watched one too many hellraiser movies or Mack Major is just an ignorant, know nothing, pinhead, but would be too stupid to solve the puzzle box. Mack Minor does his readers a disservice because he's actually a  person that is just stupid enough to be dangerous. 

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DeLorean The Liar's Greatest Hits

And he's a bad liar at that...

                                                                                                                                                              The sheer volume of lies could fill an entire shelf of 80's era encyclopedias.

His Facebook page is just a long running joke full of meme's, insults, mockery and confrontation. One wonders if DeLorean is smart enough to be in on the joke that his life has become or maybe in his warped world of couch laying, prop money, and posing in front of different houses, he thinks even negative attention is good, so long as it's attention. DeLorean needs an intervention or just a career, any career. Well, a legal one.

His pages are full of paid likes anyway, his real followers are few and far between. Ever wonder how you have 1.7 million followers and 8-90 comments on a post?

Here is a list of his greatest hits:

One of his latest lies is that he is R- Kelly's cousin. I thought he was Fedarro's cousin. He said that he was Fedarro's cousin on a Youtube video when they "working" together before Fedarro's music magically appeared on DeLorean's computer. Now he doesn't know Fedarro and hasn't ever met him.

DeLorean Johnson (Elijah)

Shared publicly  -  Apr 8, 2015

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Mixd Chica
Apr 13, 2015

DeLorean is the master of photoshop and faked statements showing that he made upwards of $20K a week at MCA, (Motor Club of America). He also fabricated bank statements at another company called Instant Rewards where he was supposedly making millions.

He is a writer for Drake or he has record coming out with with Trey Songz. Really...and I am going on tour with Destiny's Child. Better yet, I'm Beyonce', no I'm Britney Spears, with a really deep tan and a lot less money and more degrees. I've recorded with Michael Jackson, party monkey, Batman, Tupac, and Elvis. I earned 100 bazillion billion dollars selling toenail clippings and koolaid door to door. See I have a vivid imagination too, but I don't charge $40 for a free service or flash prop money online while squatting in my mother's/ friends/ girlfriends house pretending that it's mine.


He's the most talented artist on the planet and of course the music is his and has been stolen for the last 7+ years. Here this idiot has the stolen material...and admits to the length of time he has been in possession of it. No need for a statute of limitations when you have DeLoreans mouth running non stop.

Solo : The
DeLorean is one the most TALENTED R&B recording artist on this planet. For over 7+ years DeLorean been putting out nothing but hits. Here's his new 
DeLorean Johnson (Elijah)Shared publicly  -  Oct 15, 2014
 I can do better than that DeLorean, I can check out the single and give credit to the legitimate artist that actually wrote, produced, sang, tracked and arranged the song. Not just posting a lip synced lack luster hood video on 
Vevo, with a performance worthy of a razzie for most deluded performance.

I have only listed a few of DeLorean's lies, but believe me, there are so many, all one has to do is read his status updates on Facebook and Instagram. DeLorean has 4 days to court.

 See you in Oz DeLoris

Monday, July 20, 2015

DeLorean The Stupid

DeLorean just days after his mea culpa, "only God can judge me" ghost written book report, has reached a new low and proven just how stupid he is and posted Fedarro Noels ID online. Why he has done that, no one really knows. Maybe DeLorean is unaware that he has a court date in a matter of days and that hacking into Fedarro's account and stealing his music is a part of the case. Maybe DeLorean, with all his computer savvy is just so moronic, he is unaware that everything he does online can be traced and no matter how clever he thinks he is, we all know it's him doing it based on his IP address. All  DeLorean proved was that Fedarro's given name is Fedarro unlike a certain con artist that picked the name of a car that also went out of business for fraud. Ironic...

DeLirious had a win, if that's what you want to call it, for cyberstalking, but had he pulled this crap a week ago, Fadarro might have had legal standing over this clown. He's an internet bully that had to come 50 deep to court but can't fight.

As I have stated in my previous post, DeLorean isn't just a liar, he's a criminal. Hacking accounts, identity theft, wire and mail fraud are federal crimes that should put pretty boy in the slammer protecting his booty hole 24/7. He is only 5'1 which would put him low on the prison food chain. That explains so much doesn't it...

When a male has to talk about his cars all the time, they are usually compensating for something they are lacking between the legs. He did even fabricate his size by posing with a dildo in a mirror so we know he has little man syndrome.

I hope that the lawyers that he dropped $70K starts to advise him and tell him to sit down and shut up before he really goes to jail. But that's where DeLorean belongs. #justiceforFedarro.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

DeLorean the Fraud and Misee Harris Give "Their Side" Essays and...

They are pieces of crap, in fact they are works of fiction worthy of the title, "from the imagination of Disney". These posts are cynical pieces of self serving fluff and beyond transparent. Let me begin from the beginning...

For people that don't know who DeLorean is at this point, he is an online scammer that has devolved into a running joke on Facebook. He is a self proclaimed R&B artist, entrepreneur and singer/ songwriter. He has Instagram and Facebook posts where he claims to help single mothers by paying their bills for a month, raising money for sick kids, or his most favorite past time, posing in front of leased vehicles and counting bands of prop money. He also tells people that they can live the good life by joining his "money team" at MCA, and it will only cost $40. Then he blocks them from all communication, taking both their $40 and the little hope they had of financial freedom. When he's called out on Facebook or other social media, he curses them out, calls them "haters" and then blocks their accounts. Out of all of the shenanigans online he has pulled, the worst thing he has done, was to steal an actual R&B artists music and then sell it as his own. Delorean's voice is actually recorded admitting that he stole Fedarro Noel's music, yet he has told so many lies regarding the situation that you wonder if he has multiple personalities. On July 16th, Fedarro took DeLorean to court for cyberstalking, but there was no foundation for that charge. DeLorean has taken this as a victory, but he has more court dates in reference to the copyright infringement of Fedarro's music. So his day of reckoning approacheth.

Image result for misee harrisMisee Harris is a "journalist",(we can use that term loosely), dentist, and all around opportunist who has pretended to be the "voice of the voiceless" as long as it suits her. She wrote a post for the Huffington post calling DeLorean the "Black Bernie Madoff", and she was leading the charge for the people that was cheated and hurt by DeLorean's lies up until last week. Her and DeLorean has several exchanges on Facebook, a 3 hour "interview", where none of the questions or content was disclosed, and mirror status updates. The insinuation was given that she and DeLorean were dating and she did nothing to dissuade the insinuation, which inflamed her new followers or her die hard fans. People then began to question her and in turn her feelings were hurt, which hurt her "journalistic integrity", and she decided to step away from the DeLorean story. But not before she continued to post her ridiculous watermelon video and news that her short movie was sold so she could get more fist bumps from people that she hadn't blocked or threatened cyber crimes on. She wrote a ridiculous, "Two sides to every story", basically saying that DeLorean and her had a 3 hour conversation, she won't disclose what they discussed because of legal reasons and that he had provided proof to his claims. Yet, she never spoke to the other side of the story, which was Fedarro or any of the people that he defrauded. So looks like one side of the story...

Misee Harris then penned "Her side of the story", and the primary purpose of this piece is take heat off her, get likes and social media exposure, prove that she is a legit doctor and attempt to make herself not look like the flake she has shown the world she is. Misee come off as sweetness and light, articulate, a champion for the cause, but can't handle Facebook trolling. Unless she get's praise, told she is beautiful and smart, she isn't having it. It's obvious that she will flip on a dime and can't be trusted. Let's look what she said point by point:

It has taken me a while to figure out how I got into this mess in the first place. I was too mad at some people, including myself, to gather my thoughts properly. I said things that weren’t thought through. Today I feel it is the time (and the last time, I promise) for me to address some of the issues that I believe have led to all of this.
What type of journalist is so led by emotion that they can't write about the story they were assigned to? What led to this vitiriol was your unstable behavior,

A number of weeks ago I was asked via email if I would be willing to use my platform in the blog world and on social media to help give a voice to a number of people who had lost money in an online scam. I’m a very passionate person when it comes to injustice. When I heard that the victims of the alleged con artist were mostly single Black women, I immediately put my boxing gloves on and hopped into the ring. I get very emotionally involved when I see weak people getting hurt. That is a strength and sometimes a weakness of mine. Having grown up with a single mother who got played very badly when I was little, this case felt personal to me. From the first minute of my research, I kept receiving calls and emails from people who had been pursuing the case or were affected by it. All of this caused me to approach the case with too much emotion. I came to believe that this scammer was actually taking hundreds of thousands, if not millions from innocent people. So when I dubbed him, a bit tongue-in-cheek, “the Black Bernie Madoff”, I wasn’t trying to put out false information. I was just trying to win a large public platform for those who have been abused.

So Misee was asked to pursue this story and she was emotionally involved, so are real journalists and they don't act like this.What she neglected to mention that she was also on Facebook trolling and cyberbullying Delorean. They had such an acrimonious relationship, he was calling her "blogger bitch". For months she was doing status after status mocking and ridiculing him for his fake money, blocking and deleting comments, crazy status updates, all the lying, etc...Calling Elijah Delorean Johnson, the Black Bernie Madoff, is an insult to Bernie Madoff and I thought was reaching when I read it. But here she claims she wants to give a large platform for the abused, but just not quite honestly. Let's read further.

Some of my research was successful. I managed to prove that he had forged an attorney’s letter to threaten me. However I was shocked to see that after my article came out, the scam seemed to go on in even bigger proportions, according to the perpetrator’s social media postings. Simultaneously I put out a number of scathing social media posts attacking the con artist. My hope was that he would get so angry he'd give himself away. But about a week ago I was confronted with a number of inconsistencies in the case. For one, it became clear that his activities, however misleading, were not as large in scale as I had come to believe. In fact, it began to look like a very small time crook trying to pose as a big-time gangster. Simultaneously, it was brought to my attention that a musician who had been robbed by the con artist, had not told me the whole truth when I interviewed him.

She admits that she egged on the drama and because of that, she got more traffic on her page. People logged in to see these two go at it. She admits that DeLorean is a crook and is lying, but not on a Bernie Madoff scale, so that apparently makes things ok. Hasn't everyone said that DeLorean is a liar, doesn't have 17 million dollars, he misrepresents online, doesn't own all the stuff he claims? This isn't hard hitting journalism. Misee's claim that she interviewed a musician that didn't tell her the whole truth is a blatant lie. She never interviewed Fadarro once, so there was no truth or lie to ever be told to her. So how exactly did she do research if she never interviewed any of the parties involved?

Because of this, I felt that I had been misled by some people and my own emotions to blow this case out of proportion. That’s why I decided that it would be fair to allow the perpetrator to give his side of the story when the opportunity presented itself. In fact his management asked me via phone to interview him. So I did. My intention was to get his answers out, so that both sides of the dispute could have an open discussion. After that, I was going to end my involvement with the case, as I felt upset with myself and with some of the informants who hadn’t been fully truthful. The interview was very thorough and lasted almost three hours. To my surprise, he was very outspoken and admitted to several wrongdoings, while also letting me know that he was in fact fabricating a lot of his big gangster status. I came to the impression that he was definitely a deceiver, and possibly had scammed some people. However his main game was putting on a show in order to gain financially from online marketing rather than actual scams.

Misee admits that she didn't research the issue properly before she jumped in, didn't interview Fadarro, and decided to give DeLorean a chance to defend himself. All things that could have been done before she wrote the initial article. She talks to DeLorean for 3 hours and finds out he is a small time thug and a liar. Again, things people with eyesight can determine with relative ease. Maybe Misee doesn't know what the definition of "scam" is, but to put on a show to make people believe you are more successful than you are to benefit financially, is a scam. It's like calling a lie a white lie, but it's still a lie. I guess him telling people to go his nonexistent website and sign up with $40 for a free service isn't really a scam.

In short, I saw my impression confirmed that, even though I disagree with his deceitful ways, I had come against him too hard. That’s what I hoped I could correct by putting out the interview. He was in no ways innocent, but neither was he guilty as previously charged. Unfortunately he missed his chance of getting his voice heard when he put out ridiculous claims that I had some romantic involvement with him. These claims upset me so much that I refused to address them. You can’t win with liars, is what I feel and felt. I realize that in my frustration about how the whole case developed, I could have definitely handled things a lot better. I felt trapped and played, and I am sorry if the way I responded has caused disappointment and confusion. Again, I never said and never will say that he is completely innocent, and I do consider him a liar.

This is where the whole story goes awry. DeLorean did start asserting that they had romantic involvement, but Misee said or did nothing to say that it wasn't the case. Nevertheless, if you are a true journalist, you write the story anyway. What she did was start attacking people on Facebook, deleting and blocking comments and making lame excuses why she wasn't writing the article. The people that were supporting her she treated like crap and the only people that's left on her page are sycophantic minions. Someone messaged her a crazy message like, "go kill yo self", she shares it and is threatening legal action and sending it to the cybercrimes division of the FBI. Because of her actions it severely hurt her reputation and it made her look like just as much of a liar as DeLorean. Now we get to the true purpose of the article...herself.

Speaking of liars, I need to address the allegations against me mentioned at the beginning. The frustration and confusion mentioned above has led some people to look for ways to attack me and my integrity. A blogger has made the unfortunate choice to publish a so-called exposing article about me. In it, she brings up several claims about my professional status, leading to the impression that I am a “fake doctor”. All of these allegations are either falsified or based on misquoted or misinterpreted facts. For instance, my retired Tennessee license in dentistry was brought up. I did in fact retire my license in that state because I now live on the West Coast and I don’t plan to practice in Tennessee again, so it didn’t make sense to keep paying the high license renewal fees. It was also alleged by the same blogger online that I was out of work and broke and had in fact received money from the above mentioned alleged con artist.

A blogger named Tia Milliona wrote a scathing post about Misee and let's just say it was very unflattering. I don't know whether Misee is a pediatric dentist, practices medicine, into voodoo or whatever, I don't really care. The allegation that Misee was receiving money from Delorean came from a series of exchanges online where Misee and DeLorean were talking and she mentioned that she better get a $10K cut for giving the followers on her page a show of such entertaining magnitude. Then, they had the interview, the dating insinuation and Misee's feelings got hurt and she wanted to walk away from the mess of her own creation.

Again, these rumors are so ridiculously wrong that I do not even want to grace them with an answer. I have been employed as a Pediatric Dentist, blessed with a very good income, and I would never, ever allow anyone to blackmail me into making false claims. Furthermore, my ongoing legal dispute with my former employees, which caused several press responses last year, was misrepresented by the blogger. She went as far as to claim that my lawyer didn’t exist and that the law firm had claimed he wasn’t working in the firm that is actually named after him. She has falsely alleged that I hired a hacker to attack her. Furthermore, my work address, number and dental license number were made public on the blogger’s facebook page along with a battle call to her followers to harass me. She has also posted that her wish is for me “to go play in front of a bus blindfolded at night with a knife in your hand”.

This is a victimology 101 paragraph. We all know that she parlayed the Mike Brown and bachelorette thing to try and get a social platform, congratulations, you got it. Misee didn't mention that she had a battle cry herself to have people call her legal representation, which is where the blogger got the lawyers number from. Misee and the blogger had numerous exchanges where they antagonized one another and Misee is acting like she was slandered without provocation. No ma'am. didn't happen. Plus, the "go play in front of a bus" line is intellectually dishonest. What really happened was, Misee was playing victim when she got the "threat" to go kill herself and she was going to the FBI, the blogger then made a joke about the cyber crimes nonsense. She said that she doesn't care if Misee goes and plays in front of a bus blindfolded at night with a knife in your hand." Neither are threats, because no one actually threatened her. But she then get's on social media trying to give messages to kids about the dangers of cyber bullying after she did it for 3 months.

Needless to say, I have no plans to do what this blogger asks. Again, I understand that this whole mess has caused some hard feelings towards me. I can live with that. What I will not tolerate are vicious claims against my life and my very existence. I have ample proof to take all of these lies apart. However I will have to leave this to those who represent me legally. 

I will wait for someone to show me the quote that was a vicious claim against your life. And just like DeLorean, she jumps on the legal representation bandwagon, because a blogger was mean to her on Facebook and shattered her peaches and ice cream fiction that has been crafted. But truth be told, she did that all on her own.

In closing, let me say it is my heartfelt hope that those who have been wronged will find justice, and that justice will find those who have done wrong and keep doing so. As for me, please respect that I will stay out of this entire case, as I feel my involvement has caused more harm than good.

This is the only truly honest thing she has said, her involvement has done more harm than good and proved that she should take "journalist" from behind her name. Real journalists risk their lives for a story, go to war zones, get beheaded, get shot, bleed and sweat for a story, they don't fold because someone questions their medical license online. As irritated as people are with Misee, she's a non-factor in this story, but her arguments make no logical sense and if anyone takes her seriously, they are as delusional as Delorean. Just like with everything she does, she starts something to get notoriety, then quits and uses "a matter of principle", she's tired or people were mean to her as the reason she can't follow through. She needs to stick to nail polish and lip gloss and posting cutesy positive memes, that's all she is equipped to handle.

DeLorean also posted a very articulate, for him, essay, telling his side of the story. The writing style, wording and prose leads me to believe that Misee wrote it for him. Here is what he/Misee wrote:

Having such a large social media following can be both a blessing and a curse. It leaves the door open for millions of people to form an opinion about you and start spreading false rumors all over the internet. When there are that many individuals against you, you soon find yourself stuck trying to defend yourself without any success.

Unfortunately the rumors aren't false. There wouldn't be lawsuits, countless exposed videos and claims filed against you. Where there is smoke there is fire. 

You see, nobody really wants to hear the truth because the truth takes away the silly illusions that many people love to feed off of. The truth steals many people of their daily dose of entertainment which consist of bashing me, degrading me, and slandering my name. Nonetheless, the truth is what needs to be told and what I am about to give you.

The legal defintion of slander is to tell an untrue statement to a third party. Everything people say about DeLorean is true.

My name is DeLorean and I didn’t grow up privileged. I understand how it feels to live a life in the streets and trying to make ends meet. Luckily, God had other plans for me. I have always had a passion for music and although I was not able to be professionally trained, I did what I could and found out that I was indeed talented. I used my self taught skills as a musician and social media savviness to form a very large network of people which helped me market my online business ventures. Speaking of my social media savviness, let me address something. Never once did I use others content with the intent of not giving them credit. I won’t mention any names in particular but two individuals who eventually ended up turning their backs on me knew very well that I was helping their following by sharing their videos and didn’t have a problem with it until others began to claim that I was stealing their videos for my own self gain.

Basically he has learned how to hack accounts using their content and not giving them credit for it or just pretending to be other people. 

Realistically, it helped all of us build larger platforms and I did begin to tag each person as requested. Now I will address a few other pressing topics that I feel need to be discussed. 

I think Kountry Wayne was fine without Delorean sharing his videos. If I recall. DeLoreans following went up because of it.

About MCA: MCA is NOT a scam. It simply takes hard work and dedication to build a great team who is willing to work day in and day out to reach a common goal. Never did I have anyone send me money to my personal PayPal account. You see, that wouldn’t have benefited me at all as the company actually paid me double for each individual who signed up so I would have consequently been ripping myself off had I done that. Unfortunately, after multiple phone calls to the President of the company which claimed that I was scamming others, he felt that it was in the company’s best interest to part ways with me. I was definitely disappointed and still am. 

But he said that he was back on MCA. We know MCA isn't a scam per se, just signing up under DeLorean is a scam. The logic makes no sense. DeLorean has multiple videos that says "invest $40 in your future, click on" So do I believe my lying eyes or an actual liar?

About Scamming Single Mothers: As a way to give back to the community, I often made posts which gave single mothers a chance to win money or have particular bills paid. Yes, I did give these individuals their money and paid countless bills. Many of you want to know who these individuals are and why they won't speak out but if you see what recently happened with other individuals on social media who began to believe in me, you should understand why. Literally anyone who realized that I was not the con artist that everyone assumed was attacked and slandered. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to put themselves in that situation. 

Here he is referencing Misee, well she did sort of side with him, flipped on him by admitting that he was a liar and a crook. A so called journalist that didn't get all sources or do basic research before they started playing cyber bully is really what he's using as proof as to why people don't speak out?! Negro Please...Call the devil on the witness stand for support, he has more credibility than Misee Harris. There are no single mothers that will speak out in support because non exist.

About My Income: This topic truly isn’t anyone’s business. I will simply say that I do very well and do bring in a six figure income. No, I am not a millionaire and I admit that I have eluded to this before. 

It's nobody's business but he posts photo shopped bank statements, going shopping videos, videos of him sitting on various couches and chairs counting prop money, status updates about how much money has been deposited in his account with a call to like his page and join his money team. Yeah ok. it's nobody's business but all his followers, the FBI and all his enemies.

About My Music: I am talented and plenty of people in the industry have started to realize this. I am finally getting my big break and am looking forward to building my career in the entertainment industry. Earlier in my music career I had business relationships with individuals whom I cannot name due to legal reasons but believe me, it is not what you think or may have heard and I am not a thief. Have people helped me with production of my music? Absolutely, but I did NOT steal anything. 

There is a video on YouTube that's still up where he admits to stealing or somehow got Fadarro's music. So since he obtained his music magically, he decided to sell it. You will never see DeLorean in a studio laying tracks, you will never see him laying vocals, he doesn't own masters because the music isn't his. DeLorean has an average voice but if he thinks anyone want's to work with a person with no work ethic, that takes "faking it to make it", way too serious, he's crazy.

About My Flossing On Social Media: Hey, I am proud of my accomplishments. Once I realized people were going to hate on me whether I posted good or bad things, I had to find humor in it all and just began showing off all of the things I had. What can I say? I’m a flashy man. 

We have established that DeLorean doesn't have these things he posts. He goes to the mall to try on clothes and goes home. He get's his Farragamo, Gucci and other stuff from ioffer, his bands of money are ebay prop money. He thinks we must be stupid, we can all see some of the paper money is blank or the presidents name aren't present. He is always talking about his house, but he's in 12 different houses in different neighborhoods while he is posing next to a leased Lexus on a cell phone.

About The Recent Legal Situations: Everything will be settled in court. Their isn’t much that I really can say at this time. 

Yes, he has numerous court dates, one coming up on July 25th, regarding copyright infringement of Fedarro's music.

Am I Innocent or Guilty: I am human. I have made mistakes, told white lies, and exaggerated plenty of times. Social media is a world where everyone shows the best parts of their lives leaving out most of their daily struggles. I am no different. 

He has done more than told white lies, He has committed federal crimes, wire fraud is just one, and until this one sentence, he has pretended that he has never done anything wrong and blamed the victims.

My Hopes for the Future: It is my hope that these words at least allow my friends, followers, and foes to open up their eyes and rather than coming to my page to slander me, treat me as an individual who deserves respect. I sincerely hope all of the negativity that comes to my page daily dies down. With that being said, I to want to become more respectful of others.

This post really explained nothing, other than to portray a little boy so desperate for the acceptance of others that he will clown online for our amusement and still not taking on any responsibility for his actions. Just don't judge him, he's a flawed human being.

It's my hope that DeLorean spends time out of his imaginary spotlight online or worse in jail and that Fedarro can get a fair hearing based on the merits of his talent, not on the foolishness of an internet joke of a person with the name of a car that also went down for fraud.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Josh Duggar: 19 Stones and Counting

Molestation bombshell highlights Duggar family hypocrisy
We Need Condoms

Josh Duggar has proven that gays are a danger to little kids, and that gays will cause floods, the change in the planetary orbit, Oh wait a minute...Josh Duggar endangered kids, namely his brainwashed sisters, and he came out as a homosexual didn't he? No...Well what did the paragon of Christian virtue do?

"Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends," Josh, 27, said in a statement posted Thursday on the family's Facebook page. "I confessed this to my parents who took several steps to help me address the situation. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling."

So remember that robocall that Michelle recorded throughout Arkansas? In the call, the “19 Kids and Counting” matriarch cult leader, 48, urged Fayetteville, Ark., residents to protest an anti-discrimination ordinance that would protect LGBT residents, the Washington Post reported at the time.

Are We Trying Too Hard To Convince You?
“I don’t believe the citizens of Fayetteville would want males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female to have a legal right to enter private areas that are reserved for women and girls,” Michelle said in the recording. “I doubt that Fayetteville parents would stand for a law that would endanger their daughters or allow them to be traumatized by a man joining them in their private space.”
Michelle also claimed the ordinance was prioritizing the “preference” of an adult over the safety of children, something she claimed to be adamantly against.
“I still believe that we are a society that puts women and children first,” she stated near the end of the call.
Despite the emphasis on “males with child predator convictions,” the statements come off as extremely hypocritical after In Touch Weekly published police documents that allege Michelle and husband Jim Bob’s eldest son, Josh, 27, molested five girls, four of whom are believed to be his sisters, in the early 2000s.
Creepy McCreeperton
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Josh DuggarPhoto: Patsy Lynch/Retna Ltd
After finding out about the incidents, Josh’s parents refrained from reporting their son to authorities for more than a year, instead sending him to a three-month-long Christian treatment program before he received a “stern talk” from Arkansas state trooper and family friend Joseph Hutchens, who is now behind bars for child pornography.
Want more turd on top of this turd sandwich? Josh Duggar was the ED of the homophobic Family Research Council,  which claimed in a 1999 publication that “one of the primary goals of the homosexual rights movement is to abolish all age of consent laws and to eventually recognize pedophiles as the ‘prophets’ of a new sexual order,” whatever that screwing your little sisters?
After the cover up was blown, Josh gave an apology of sorts and said, “I would do anything to go back to those teen years and take different actions,” he said. “I sought forgiveness from those I had wronged and asked Christ to forgive me and come into my life.” But I thought you were already a Christian! Not allowed to even kiss or hug until your wedding day, except for those times you went to 3rd base with your sisters.
For all the Christian apologists that take up for him like Huckabee, Rick Santorum and the other closet cases,  let me explain what this is and what this is not. This is NOT a mistake. It's a felony, punishable by prison time, just like murder. Just because the statute of limitations have run, doesn't make this any less of a crime. Are his sister any less victims just because they hide behind those blank smiles? Yes, the lights are on and no one is home.
Duggar Dad's Political Platform: Incest Should Be Punishable by Death Jim Bob and Michelle are criminally liable for child abuse because they knew they had a predator for a child and they chose not to protect their daughters and swept this all under the rug. Jim Bob ran for Senate and actually fixed his lips to say that incest should be punishable by death,  Josh remained very much alive, because this quote was from his 2002 failed Senate campaign and Josh molested his sisters in 2002-2003. 
They have a psychotic victim blaming way they teach girls about rape and sexual molestation. It's the girls responsibility because she had on a short dress and forgive the rapist, only the body was violated, not the soul type nonsense. 
Josh was never treated, and a stern talking to from a guy currently incarcerated for child pornography, yeah ok...I think we see a problem with this. I think we need to leave God and prayer out of this idiocy, because he was never involved in the first place. Personally, I think you are making God look extremely stupid to think he would ever cosign on a child molesting his sisters, and the parents knowing about it and not doing a thing to help the victims, all the while they profess to be the best Christians on the planet, while getting rich and notoriety. Skeletons this big don't stay in the back of the closet forever.

Cop Who Let Josh Duggar Off With Warning Says Jim Bob Downplayed Abuse
The Lights are On and No One is Home
I have a pocket full of stones to throw at this glass house built on lies, hypocrisy, drab wardrobes,  80's hair styles, selfishness, self righteousness, pride, pedophilia, incest, molestation, but thankfully gay free. There is no forgiveness when there is no contrition, no serious remorse. The Duggars are only sorry they lost their gravy train show and their ability to spawn  more stepford kids on live TV. These are the wellfare queens that conservatives bemoan, but because they use the "values" dog whistle and happen to have a lighter complexion than the stereotypical "crab legs" abuser, they get a pass. 
I say good riddance and hopefully TLC will get back to programming that will live up to the name of the channel, THE LEARNING CHANNEL, instead of this yokel brand, tea party know nothing "entertainment".