Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Queen B Tells the World to Bow Down

And cues us in on her true colors, which is the lion king mane she's been rocking since 95.

Beyonce - Bow Down Lyrics
Look at All My Trophies!

Beyonce' once again gives us a mediocre song full of bragging and basically tells her followers that we should adore, worship, admire and envy her life. All the while she repeats the same line over and over, which seems to be a trend of the day... Here is the "song" in it's entirety...

How Dare I Pretend to be Elizabeth I, She Could Speak English

I'm at that H town, coming, coming down, im coming down
Get it on the ground
H town, im coming down, coming down
Get it on the ground

I know when you were little girls
You grabbed a bee-ing in my world
Dont forget it, dont forget it
Respect that, bow down, b-tches

I took some time to live my life
(not long enough, apparently)
But don’t think I’m just his little wife (what when you finally admitted you two got married, hey no one is jealous you got the camel, all we want is the bank roll)
Dont get it twisted, get it twisted
This my sh-t
(what?! tell us, what is your shit? You have described nothing at all)

Bow down, b-tches
Bow down, b-tches
Bow down, b-tches
Bow down, b-tches

H-town b-tches, H-H-town b-tches

I’m so crowned, bow, bow down b-tches
(Crowned must be code for stoned, b/c she had to he high when she wrote/ stole this track)

Im at that H town, coming, coming down, im coming down
Get it on the ground

This is Rihanna, Taylor Swift simplistic in terms of lyrical content. I have made fun of the song that Beyonce' had, "irreplaceable", where she laughably rhymes minute with minute, but this is beyond stupid. Wait...wasn't she on Michelle Obama's nuts, sending fifth grade level love letters about how she was a great example for America and her daughter. Isn't crap like this a contradiction? Beyonce' has never been a true advocate of female empowerment, let's get that straight. One has to be smart, which clearly Beyonce is not, make a real contribution to human history and actually understand that female empowerment is not booty popping in hot pants. It seems that Beyonce' who refers to herself as a feminist doesn't seem to know the definition of the word. After the idiotic "Who Run the World", which is was discovered after some sleuthing, that girls do not run the world, that fact alone should've clued everyone in on not to listen to this girl about anything other than singing. 

While many of her fans are celebrating the song as playful and innovative (they have to be the dumbest fans on the face of the earth to think this is anything but reductive), the lyrics are in direct contrast to past statements she has made about wanting to inspire other women to enter and be successful in the music industry. She once said, "When I was younger I wish I had more females who played instruments to look up to.... I just wanted to do something which would inspire other young females to get involved in music so I put together an all-woman band.” 

As a mother, (and I need to see the receipts on that one), and sister, how does she not see a problem in referring to women as “b--ches” and “tricks”? Does she get a pass for being domineering and crass whenever her alter-ego Sasha Fierce decides to resurface?

Wearing my Royal Corset
 Beyonce' has referred to herself as a feminist at times. She said: “I think I am a feminist in a way. It’s not something I consciously decided I was going to be; perhaps it’s because I grew up in a singing group with other women, and that was so helpful to me. It kept me out of so much trouble and out of bad relationships." She went on to promote solidarity with other women: "I love being a woman and I love being a friend to other women. I think we learn a lot from our female friends – female friendship is very, very important. It’s good to support each other and I do try to put that message in my music.”

There are times when Beyonce' boldly lives up to these words. She does it whenever she makes arguments for women having financial autonomy, appreciating their unique body type, and relishing in the joys of motherhood. Basically when it suits her.

However, there are also times when the pride that Beyonce takes in being “Queen B” and “Mrs. Carter” overshadows her efforts to affirm other women. The “Survivor” and “Independent Women” singer should remember that you’re either committed to female empowerment or you’re bowing down to patriarchy. The thing that the person that she is pretending to emulate, Elizabeth I, was against in the 40 years of her reign. Because feminism and the fight for women’s rights are not part-time jobs that you can clock in and out of. They're a way of life. It's time to stop with the hypocrisy and just be the cocky asshole you really are, not the controlled pristine child of destiny.  In addition to being crazy, uneducated and having multiple personalities who needs to get an updated look. 

And I'm Still Boring...
For those who look to celebrities as role models or pattern yourselves for anything other than drag characters, nothing they do should be believed and everything should be taken only at face value. All the protestations from Oprah that they are the kindest, down to earth person, trust and believe, Sophia is lying. When you see them on tv begging for money to help the little earthquake victims, tsunami victims, or some other victim of something, just keep in mind, it's all for their Q rating. How do I know? There are still people suffering in Cuba, Japan, the Eastern Sea board and in New Orleans...we get a concert, a message about sending a text for $10, and then we move on. 

Since 4 basically flopped, this is nothing but a marketing ploy to get people to talk about her, since we don't have the election to talk about, her elementary school level book reports, and she can't instagram naked photos of herself. 

If this is Beyonce keeping it real, then she keeping it real stupid. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wendy Williams Calls Out Lil Kim For Bad Plastic Surgery, Kim Reads Wendy for Giving Biggie a B.J....

The dude that looks like a chick is calling out the actual chick? Bye girl bye! 

Next Drag Superstar
Of course these two rodeo clowns beef the way all celebrities feud, on twitter. It all started on a quiet Tuesday morning. As we all know, Lil' Kim had recently unveiled quite a -- shall we say -- dramatic new look. Let's face it, Kim has looked like a blacken Chinese woman for quite some time and her plastic surgeon should be sued. Just about everyone was confused by the rapper's alleged surgical enhancements and many were quite critical, but perhaps none have been as vocal or direct as talk-show host Wendy Williams. Wendy took to twitter to let the world know how she remember, this is the same drag queen that cried crocodile tears about Whitney's death, after she made a career of provoking her.

Wendy Williams         @WendyWilliamsWendy dishes on @LilKim's dramatic new look & reveals who she wants to fill @JoyVBehar's shoes on @theviewtv. VIDEO: she lived up to her word and said this..."Kim, in my mind, I know your goal was always to look like La Toya Jackson. You've out-La Toya'd La Toya in your new look, and don't blame Photoshopping. Blame your plastic surgeon, girl."

While there is truth to this statement, I am still not sure that Wendy is a biological woman and frankly nothing about this creature is remotely attractive. She sits in her seat like a bloated bump, yapping about her shoes and wigs, trying desperately to invoke Mariah Carey for some reason. Mariah on her worst day doesn't look or sound like a man. I digress...

Kim not to mince words, responded in kind with this... 

View image on WhoSay  website
Photo Shop or Not, This Face is a Fail

@WendyWilliams Bitch Y didn't U show the side by side pic. This pic is photoshopped & U know it. U hating Bitch

@WendyWilliams A bad angle will never make me look like that.

I Know Kim looks like Mulan right now, but Wendy is not really a 10 either. More like half a 10, then subtract 3 then we have the number that fits Wendy. I don't know who lied to her. However, I thought Kim was Big's jump off and he married Faith Evans. Kim was so obsessed with Big she did a terrible album called the "Notorious KIM". Did I remember that wrong? Lil Kimchee needs to take a seat and stop pretending that she is some woman of virtue and that she wasn't "the mistress" or truthfully, "the home wrecking whore". If I'm wrong Kimchee, produce wedding photos. Were you in anyway responsible for pimping out Big's legacy like Puff and Faith? No? Then you didn't count my dear.

Wendy Williams Lil Kim

Wendy Williams Lil Kim
Sashay Away!

This so called feud between two mean girls old women, (they are both over 40),  who have made their appearances match what is on the inside and now we can all see Kim-sun Minaj Sr. and the transgendered trash show host for what they are. This just proves women stay catty, illogical, boring, stupid, and just plain useless until the point of death.

Lion King!
Wendy needs to worry about paying those Guatemalan sweat shop slave laborers she owes for those cheap shoes that was she was trying to mass produce that will never hit the market, instead of running her mouth. Kim needs to get someone to write rhymes for her to resurrect her laughable career. It works for Nicki, Rihanna, Kesha, Britney, Usher, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Drake, 2 Chainz, pretty much everyone...What Kim should be concerned with is that day they induct MC Lyte, Latifah or Yo Yo in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they will be sitting in the balcony looking down on the stage. Kim will be sitting in a cold room trying to keep her face from melting off.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jodi Arias Needs the Death Penalty

 Defendant Jodi Arias listens to prosecutor Juan Martinez  during her trial at Maricopa County Court in Phoenix, Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013. Arias, 32, is charged with killing her motivational speaker ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, in a jealous rage in Arizona in 2008. Prosecutors said she shot him in the face, stabbed him nearly 30 times and slit his throat during a volatile, jealousy-fueled relationship. 
You Think They Believe This?
Yes, I said it...she needs the death penalty for the brutal stabbing, shooting and slashing of the throat of her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in a either a fit of jealous rage or as she tells it, self defense. At least that's one version of her story. Her lies even eclipse those of Casey Anthony and that's an achievement...Casey was a lie master. How can anyone explain away the photo that she took of Alexander's corpse lying in a pool of blood in his own shower? Arias tries, well...her memory happens to selectively be sucked into a black hole and she can't recall anything.

Prosecutors say that even though Alexander and Arias had broken up about a year earlier, they continued to have sex together and that she jealously stalked him. She reportedly converted to Mormonism for him. How sweet...On the day that she was baptised into the Mormon faith, he dragged her home and had anal sex with her.

Gotta love sepia.    Jodi AriasArias, a photographer from California, has given different versions of what happened that day, even telling the TV program “Inside Edition” after her arrest on July 18, 2008, that two intruders broke into the home and killed Alexander. This is the infamous "ninja" story, where masked ninjas broke into the home, attacked her and Alexander, she somehow got away, but Alexander was killed. Ninjas! I almost hoped she had said niggas, that would've been less stupid than ninjas. I have never heard of armed ninjas doing home invasions and I have a degree in the study of crime. Technically that was story 2. Story 1, was that she wasn't even present in Arizona and she was adamant about that.

Friends Forever. - Photo of Jodi AriasTravis, Jodi Arias
Abuse Victim?
The strategy of the defense is to present Travis Alexander as a perverted sexual deviant who loves to beat off to little boys and is emotionally and physically abusive. Arias and her team make Chris Brown seem like a Ruzzle playing, Tang drinking Boyscout by comparison to the hatchet job they are doing on Alexander.

Come & Put Your Name on It

Travis allegedly body slammed Arias for dropping his new digital camera. She was then able to get away from him by rolling and running away. She claimed to have the wind knocked out of her, but not really. She quickly modified her story and backtracked as her memory of convenience came back to her. 

Jodi Arias has the most amazing memory gaps that I have ever seen. She can recount in graphic detail every sexual encounter she and Travis have ever had. Truly, information that no one should hear outside of a porno, we get it all in diaries, taped conversations, nude photos, text messages, all with laser like recall. Until we get to the day of the murder, then her memory gets a little fuzzy. How a person has perfect recall about every piece of body fluid she has every received but can't remember stabbing someone 27 times, almost decapitating them, and shooting them in the face twice is nothing short of amazing. Sorry for the fact that the camera snapped a photo of you dragging Travis' corpse. 


Shameless Make Under
Looking at this mousy sex pot with a severe make under, as she picks up tissue after tissue and attempts to shed a tear, but doing nothing but ripping the tissue in half, one wonders what goes on in that fantastical imagination. She wants desperately to manipulate the jury and the court of public opinion from seeing her for what she truly is: a raging psychopath. 

Jodi Arias will get convicted and she will get the death penalty for one reason: Casey Anthony. She will pay for the sins of "Tot Mom", because the world felt as if she got off too lightly for basically drugging and dismembering her own child. There is no way that Jodi will get away with lying, stalking, stabbing, shooting and slitting the guys throat. The odds of her getting off are one in a million. The jury posed questions to her and the questions pretty much all touch on her credibility and her selective memory.

She killed him because she was a booty call, would never be a wife and Travis moved on and was dating other women, so she had a psychotic break. Regardless, she has a date with a needle and this girl needs to be put out of her misery and society protected from a person like her.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rihanna Ready For Goat Motherhood...

Got to put the down the crack pipe first...

We Found Love in a Hopeless Place, and we Will Torture the World With it
So, let's recap here...Rihanna went on a 4 year sympathy tour in order to line her pockets based on the assault perpetuated by Chris beat her down Brown. She and the media have never allowed the world to stop mourning for the Prince Charming/ Cinderella from hell relationship. Now, the cat is out of the bag, and he is slipping her the hot beef injection and we get the horny details spewed on every social media site known to man, plus, her fans that supported her, get the added insult of, she is "living her truth". This is the same guy who is still on probation for assaulting, she wants to, get this...have his 5 headed demon child to wreck auto tuned mediocrity on the world. Yeah, she will be a fabulous parent, well, the nannies will be. Let the laugh's subside for a second...
Rihanna wrote with this pic: “She thinkin phillipe I
Who Am I Today, Haven't Received the Memo Yet.

In an interview with Elle UK magazine, she said: ”I will probably have a kid. And I’m praying I can go on vacation for a good month. Please, try a good year, or several, because you are beyond over exposed. There is only so much "cock, suck, eh, yeah, nah, cake, ooh", that you can say robotically in a song you didn't write. She goes on to say, ”And I’ll have to set some things up so I don’t have to tour for the rest of my life.” 

"#G4L #2pacBACK #addicted," her caption read. Rihanna, the
Copying the Coke head Character. Life Imitating Art...
Again, no one is begging you to stay on instagram, terrorizing the world with your idiocy, and copying more talented artists but convincing your "Navy" that you somehow are original. Seriously, how many times are you going to tell us, that you are "bad", I think the message has been received, and no one but the media really cares. Ms. Fenty, please be assured, you won't be touring the rest of your life...if you weren't media whoring yourself and hadn't gotten beaten, your career would've ended on "Ella" and we would be spared the continuous bile that is pumped over the airwaves, payed by your label to make it seem like more people like you than they actually do.

Image caption read: “Lamborghini Mercy Your chick she so thirsty.”  Rihanna, the
This is My Interpretation of Bad

The ‘Stay’ hitmaker model recently spoke of her love for the 23-year-old rapper crapper and admitted she couldn’t continue to bury her feelings for him, even after the assault. She means she rode that train till the wheels fell off, now they can stop pretending that they weren't sleeping together the entire time.

She said: ”I wanted him to know what it felt like to lose me, to feel the consequences of that. So when that s**t [love] came back, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Can we know what it feels like to lose you, I mean if that is what I could have for Christmas, then that would be my one wish. A Rihanna-less world. That would cut down on crime, acts of terrorism along with national and international disasters. It could also help with global warming, due to the amount of hot air that is pumped in the atmosphere when she comes around. So it  would make the world a better place for her to take a prolonged vacation.

”Like, God, you’ve got to be kidding me right now. But I got real with myself, and I just couldn’t bury the way I felt.” No, you just admitted to those of us who knew you were trying to sell us hocus pocus and now the jig is up.

Rihanna has, of late, been in the news for her bitter split (yes, once again) with on/off boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna, the
Believing My Own Hype and I Got a Stupid Tattoo
Wait...didn't she say that she had to leave her abusive situation because she had to set an example for young girls so they wouldn't think it was ok to be in violent relationships? That was before she became Bad Girl RI, rolling around in a pit of mud, bleating to a hook in 11 different keys and believing her own hype. The only award she truly deserves is that razzie for her laughable role in Battleshit, where her Ms. Cleo accent came and went as it normally does when she talks. But nothing she says is really worth listening to. 

"Everybody wanted to know what was happening in my life," she explains. Is she a drug addict? No.  Yes.

Rihanna has been getting a lot of flak from fans and critics alike for tweeting pictures of herself taking drugs. Rihanna, the Is she an alcoholic? No. Yes. Is she a victim? No. Hell to the yeah. "That's why I got the gun," she says of her tattoo. "It was a symbol of strength. I'll never be a victim." Really?! She is stupid, almost mesmerizingly so. She makes everything public by posting every ounce of body fluid on instagram. We know every inch of her body, all of her business, then she claims we don't know the real her. Please clarify...You made your career into being a perpetual victim/ martyr, so much so that it became tiresome how much you hung on the cross. The Rihanna formula for new projects are the following: a. color hair, b. personality shift, c. talk about Chris negatively, d. feign outrage when follow up ques. are asked, e. have a pity party/ pretend to be a survivor, f. get a new tattoo. The con job she has played on the media has meandered to the bowels of Itunes. Check out this descriptor: "Rihanna is a pop star with a back story that can't be forgotten. And it's her role as survivor that powers its thundering tableau."   Who did she blow for that phuckery? Plus we get endless titt alerts on Huff post and other so called reputable journalism sites.

Rihanna posted a topless picture of herself in black and white. Rihanna, the
LOOK AT ME, Looking like Cassie!!!!!!!
The world and it's inhabitants will wait with baited breath for a topless, bottomless or just NSFW announcement via instagram, rolling a joint of course, that she is impregnated with the spawn of Satan. Let's just hope, for the love of God the kid doesn't attempt to sing. We have suffered enough...