Monday, September 19, 2011

Open Letter to Wiz Khalifa

Dear Wiz,

Or scarercrow from the Wiz, you are in desperate need for an intervention. I mean someone that looks like an ashy crackhead that has been drawn on by special ed kids needs immediate help. You are so ugly that you make Jay-Z look like a GQ Model. I mean you are so unattractive that you are painfully unattractive almost like an infected puss wound. Speaking of you ever think just once why your chemical toilet jump off fiance wants you? It must be the money cause it aint your face. All she has done since she "appeared" on the scene wedged in a body stocking is use her body to advance her mythical career. You want to put a ring on a jump off. Dude...come on. I think the weed is laced with syrup or PCP or some strong psychotropic drug. You might want to put down the rolling papers and try to read a book every once in while. What am I saying? You have a hit song where all you say is "black and yellow" over and over.

Do you think Amber is going to be the same trophy for you that she was for Ye? Let's be real, the using was mutual. She wanted some fame and money, in exchange Ye got a trophy on his arm in public, a freak in private and an attention magnet for something other than him pissing people off. It worked well for them both.

It's not working quite well for you though. She's draining your buzz instead of adding to it because she's trying to get a reality show and shoot her career off as something other than a jumpoff which that's all she is. As a result, you look like a sucker, a nappy headed sucker that haven't bathed in 6 months, not to see this chick is using you without giving much back than just sex. She's not even a trophy anymore because she's been photographed with so many black celebs that she looks like a groupie. The jig is up!

You met our fatal blossom in LA, actually on other internet, probably on, while she was designing her cleverly named store "Sunglasses", which I can only assume sells sunglasses. You said: “I met her in L.A. Well, we talked on the Internet first because I was on tour. And she’s designing a sunglasses store, and she was just interested in my look and wanted me to be a part of her line." What she found her next mark? "So we were really just focused on business and being cool and stuff like that." Being cool...That's always important, being in your mid 20's, smoking weed, and continuosly having to take to twitter to defend nude photos that continue to surface every 3 to 6 months.

"I just became so interested in her and I didn’t want to spend any time away from her. I always wanted to be around her and she felt the same way, and I ended up just moving out to L.A. and just started my life out there with her.” She probably told you to pay me or pay me no attention. She's a pimpette and you are her bitch. Anyone that get's a tattoo of their significant other placed on any part of their body knows that the relationship is doomed before it begins and this is what you did. You can always amend the tatt to "Amber will phuck for a walkman" when you inevitably break up.

I'm Shy
Amber has had new nude photos released in a matter of months from the last set and this time you came to her defense saying, “I could see if that was what she was doing while I’m with her or something like that and it was in a disrespectful way, but it’s nothing like that. It’s not even, like, the pictures or her past is a raunchy past. She did what she had to do. There’s plenty of powerful women who overcame that, and that’s what she really is, an example of what work and faith in God, you know what I’m saying, can get you into a positive situation." How isn't her past raunchy? She was a stripper, right? Not the same as being a lawyer or a doctor. Real contribution to human history. Powerful women have overcame being a stripper? Name them. I don't think Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice or even Palin had to overcome something like this. Palin was in pagents, not the same thing as dropping it like it's hot, sliding down the pole topless for singles to finance her $1 scholarship program. Let's please leave God out of this. To infer that her being a jumpoff is something that God has not only condoned but blessed is just nothing short of crazy. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

"The biggest misconception about Amber is that she wants attention. Everybody thinks that she does stuff for attention and that she loves attention, but she’s really, really reserved and shy. She just gets attention ’cause she’s dope.” Really reserved and shy? Maybe you are smoking dope. A stripper that has numerous nude photos leaked to the public of her fingering herself, is known for being wedged in body stockings, topless, and clothes so tight that I could get a yeast infection from just seeing them is the farthest thing from shy. She is an attention whore that makes a spectacle of herself in order to stay relevant.
I made this blonde dyke

You will never be Kanye, you will never have his money, you will never have his popularity, you just smashing his groupie left over. Are you trying to catch his success by proxy by sleeping with his discard after she gained 10 pounds? Won't work scarecrow...

From the looks of you, I can almost see the live sperm swimming on your lips hours after you  kissed her.


Mack Lyons said...

Wow. Now that's brutal.

Anonymous said...

this was funny! But you named some of the lamest powerful women to support your argument?? Sarah Palin? Condoleeza Rice, who's been accused of sleeping with Bush and pushing his racist ass policies. LEt me give you some help Oprah Wynfrey, Dr. Tricia Rose, Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez, Angela Davis, Consuela Lee, Tyra Banks EVEN!! Come on Rebel Flower ;0 It's alllove though. You're blog is entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Uhh not a fan of this one...came off as just a hater....

Rebel Flower said...

Hating on whom? Just speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

this blog was hateful and jugdemental...its a shame that you project your own insecurities in the life of someone else. I hope you heal and grow. love and peace

Rebel Flower said...

Yeah...learn the definition of satire...moron.

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