Friday, December 30, 2011

Katy Perry and Divorce Rumors Continue

I'm Just Not That In To You
Well what do you know the world's still turning? We should be happy that the marriage between the bedazzled blow up cupcake who sounds like an asphyxiating ghost and Charles Manson in nut hugging jeans lasted a whole year and not 72 days. However, they don't have a show to hype, just really bad songs and even worse movies. News Flash Hollywood: Russell Brand playing an immature boozed out rich boy who has to grow up or come through for a friend after banging 20 chicks, isn't funny after you see it for the 30th time. No matter how many nut hugging jeans you put him in, Russell Brand will never ever ever be funny. Get him to the Greek was a fluke, and was only funny because of the other characters. Even Puffy was funnier than this guy. He looks like he smells like vomit and aqua velva.

If this divorce does happen, this is the saddest divorce between a hot chick and lame douche guy couple since Padme and Anakin. What does one expect when Rihanna plans the "surprise" bachelorette party and then tells everyone with ears every detail about it. You are who you hang with...

The choking ghost and Nut jeans wearing Manson look alike still insist every thing is fine. So why are we taking separate vacations without our wedding rings? This man tucks his beans and franks better than any drag queen that I have ever seen. When celebs start having to fight rumors about divorcing, typically they are about to divorce. No one thought this nonsense was going to last forever, just like their careers. These two annoying species of ringworm just followed the new model of fame: get married = free publicity. get divorced = more free publicity and play the victim. They desperately need it, because Rihanna is stealing Katy's thunder on Billboards chart of add water, get a hit of  kiddie porn nonsense music.

Katy compared herself and her life to a soap opera and Erica Cane specifically on Ellen a few weeks ago when the subject of her marriage to Manson came up. She even made the threat to have children, not just one but to do a Duggar and have lot's of kids. "if it doesn't hurt the first time, I'll keep popping them out!" What fresh hell is this? If it doesn't hurt? Yeah, that's why they call child birth labor. She did go to school and take sex ed or health? Every girl takes that class, we learn where babies come from, how they are conceived, carried and yes delivered. That's a big baby that comes out of a tiny hole, but no, it's not painful, that's not why they stick a huge six inch needle in women's backs. It's for the thrill, not the pain. Is she just pretending to be stupid, or is she really stupid? Again, she hangs with Rihcycle and the rest of the Rihtards. I mean she identifies with a plastic bag, an inanimate object for heavens sake. It goes with the constant vacant expression in her eyes.

Two talentless sad clowns trying to convince the world that black is white and east is west, but I guarantee that some publicist will give us the "sad news" that they will be divorcing within 6 more months after they make the difficult decision and respectfully request time and privacy for their families. Ask Jessica Simpson, Demi, Madonna, Britney, Whitney, Tiger, Halle, Kim Kartrashian and Eva. They denied it up until the day before the papers were filed. The love will end that was made on the MTV VMA's. How could that fail?

The world loves Katy Perry's voice, and by voice I mean chest, who singlehandedly destroyed any credibility Snoop Dog had left. Not that he had that much to begin with, since he only want's to play pimps on straight to DVD movies or participate in celebrity roasts on Comedy Central looking high and drinking out of a pimp sippy cup.

Nut hugging Manson, Rihanna, and Katy Perry have just revived the family and have chosen music as a means of murder instead of weapons. They murder their own songs and movies every time they take the stage because they are manufactured toxic waste dump artists who rely on boobs and not much else.

Sorry that the asphyxiated ghost and Manson are headed for marital troubles. So sorry that fireworks are flying out of my boobs right now as I fall down in a fit of laughter.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Newt The Grinch Runs for Fascist in Chief

I'm Down with the Blacks

Fascism is a term that know nothings on Fox and then the pew riding fundamentalists parrot with glee when they talk about our Kenyan, Muslim President with terrorist leanings. The definition of fascism is: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce,etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

The U.S. by this very definition is not fascist because Obama has virtually no power to do anything because he has to deal with a bunch of whiny brats who think that a person that makes a million dollars annually needs government protection, but everyone else should just screw off. Obama doesn't suppress opposition or criticism, if he had, then the health care debate might have gone better, the tea party would've been mocked and ridiculed for being the racists clowns they were and we would've all gone about our day.

Climbing Out the Ooze
Newt the fat slug, took time out from his book tour and self promotion circuit by doing an interview on his fake Presidential campaign proposing a novel approach to governing and quelling any legislating from the judiciary. He pledges to abolish courts and eliminated activist judges he believed were either outside the mainstream or infringing too deeply on the commander in chief's authority. On Sunday, he followed that up by saying he would be willing to arrest a judge who he thought was out of line. 

"If you had to," he said on CBS's "Face the Nation" when asked if he would send a Capitol Hill police officer to round up a judge, "or you would instruct the Justice Department to send the U.S. Marshal." His preference, he added, would be to impeach the judge in question. "You have an increasingly arrogant judiciary," "The question is: Is there anything we the American people can do? The standard answer has been eventually we'll appoint good judges. I think that's inadequate. The Constitution promises a balance of the judicial branch, the executive branch and the legislative branch. The Federalist Papers say specifically the weakest of the three branches is the judiciary." 

If this alone doesn't scare the hell out of you, he goes further into crazy. "I'm not suggesting that the Congress and the president review every decision. I'm suggesting that when there are decisions ... in which they are literally risking putting civil liberty rules in battlefields. I mean it is utterly irrational for the Supreme Court to take on its shoulders the defense to the United States. It is a violation of the Constitution." 

Somehow I doubt  this little gnome has ever read the constitution, considering he is saying that there is something in there about the three branches of the government­, the Judiciary being one of them, the three branches are equal, the president is not a dictator and his enumerated powers and they are to nominate judges. The Senate has to confirm them via "confirmation hearings".

Sig Heil, Pay Me!
What Newt is saying is that he thinks that it is appropriate to arrest Judges if he as President disagrees with their opinions. What a ridiculous and dangerous supposition. Is he even trying anymore? How is he different from Hitler, Hussein, Mussolini, Kim Juong IL or Bin Laden? Oh, that's right...this men are all dead and they are no longer a threat to the free world. Newt however is. This man wants to be trusted with atomic weapons, but calls the Palestinians "imaginary people". Newt's followers should be imaginary or at least in the midst of a hallucinatory delusion to think that anything he says makes a bit of logical sense. How does he have the fitness to hold office? This man will do and say anything to win. His message changes depending on his audience, but repression of the judiciary? For someone that was once 3rd in line to run the country to say such a moronic thing is nothing short of disgusting. How can he love the constitution so much when it's obvious that he obviously doesn't understand it, or worse just doesn't care about it, but he still wants to take the oath of office, which all President's swear to "defend the constitution". 

As the Empire diminishes, the vampires come out of the closet to suck whatever is still vital, while being devoid of humanity. It's twilight gone more wrong and the cast are for the most part heterosexuals. The hubris and the arrogance of this troll is just what we need to bring this country back to prominence. (insert sarcasm). As much as I disagree with Justices Thomas, Scalia, Alito, Roberts and when he was alive Rehnquist, they were the Supreme Court Justices, appointed for a reason. They are supposed to be unbeholden by the garbage that is the political process, which is why they are appointed not elected. This is something that any immigrant border jumper learns in a citizenship class, so why doesn't Newt know? It's harder to impeach a Judge than a President and considering that Newt couldn't even do that properly, I would think he would take that off the table. Newt had the blue semen stained dress from that whale and couldn't make the contents stick, but he thinks he can nail Justice Scalia? Newt talks less like a man aspiring for the highest office in the world and more like a colorful drunk uncle at a family reunion.

Santa Jesus sit on my lap
Newt has claimed that the President has anti-Colonial leanings and that's how he governs the country. Correct me if I am wrong, but the founding fathers, the Country at large are anti colonials, isn't that why we fought the Revolutionary War? Were we not a British colony that fought for Independence against England or do we celebrate the 4th of July as the date we discovered barbecue and beer?

Newt is doing what Newt does best - he is throwing red meat to these Far Right Evangelica­ls who hate any judge that upholds the guaranteed right of freedom of religion. These Fundamentalist cranks cannot seem to understand that if they are given the right for their religion to dominate the entire country - then where is the freedom of religion? They do not care about your freedom of religion - They only care that THEIR religion is in complete control.

So he's already gone on record as saying he opposes the Constituti­on and its clear separation of powers between the branches. This once again proves that these so called proclaimed champions of the constituti­on use it like Christians use the bible, cherry picking the sections they like, while completely ignoring the rest.

If one could picture a most ill-willed elf, giggling as he burned toys in front of sobbing children..­­.that elf would look like Gingrinch (pun oh-so intended).

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alabama's Biggoted Immigration Law too Biggoted for Investors

Just when I think I can't be any more embarassed to live here, Alabama finds a way to lower the bar.

Alabama’s anti-immigration law is the toughest, not to mention the dumbest, xenophobic, and racist in the nation, and it turns out that it’s the costliest as well. Not only has the law devastated the agriculture industry, but it is now threatening to devastate the foreign auto industry that plays a key role in the Alabama economy. Keep in mind, we don't have anything in this state other than crime, teen pregnancies, poverty, morbid obesity, and a church on every corner. As stated in previous posts, as a result of HB 56, thousands of farm hands have flocked out of the state, leaving crops uncared for. But Alabama has a new problem, other than dental, hygiene and educational. Since HB 56 became law, Alabama authorities have arrested two foreign executives, one German, one Japanese, even though they were in the United States legally. Now, it looks as though foreign automakers and other foreign industries are reconsidering doing business in the state. Good for them. Why anyone would willingly stay here is confusing to say the least. Most of us are trapped by a comedy of errors and misfortune. Did I mention we have car manufacturing plants here that are responsible for thousands of jobs? Thanks to our wonderfully intelligent electorate and equally intelligent legislature, this law has caused executives of said manufacturing plants to be arrested. Lol!

It's actually pretty sad. Alabama Republicans are desperately trying to convince foreign companies that their businesses are welcome. GOP Governor Robert Bentley even sucked up to foreign companies. Yet we lock them up because they don't have their papers. Crypt Keeper/ Fire Marshall Bentley stated, ⁠“We are not anti-foreign companies. We are very pro-foreign companies,” Bentley said. So, we are just anti foreigners, is that what it is? If Alabama wants to play Gestapo tactics then they have to suffer the consequences when they do stupid things like throw the executives of Honda, Mercedes or Hyundai in jail for no reason other than they aren't white. What consequences you ask? Maybe the plants being shipped off to Mississippi or Tennessee, and a loss of millions in much needed revenue that the state already mismanages and does nothing with. It would be nice to drive down the freeway and not need new shocks and tires because of the dilapidated condition of the lanes, or the fear that I will veer into another lane at night because the lanes aren't clearly marked or properly lit. But, I'm sure they found some way to funnel tax dollars to Nick Saban's salary because he and the Crimson Tide are the only bright spot in this pathetic excuse of a state.

As I have said time and time again, the Republicans did not think this law through and it will blow up right in there faces, otherwise they wouldn't be kissing corporate booty. You didn't think they really care about us and our welfare? It's all about the money. This is why education is so important, which is sorely lacking in Alabama, it teaches invaluable critical thinking skills. They told us the illegals were stealing all the jobs, then crops were left rotten in the fields. What happened? Where are all the whites and blacks crying about the stolen jobs? How after what happened in Arizona and Georgia would Alabama not have foreseen the very outcome that we are seeing and voluntarily go down this road to bigotville? To add insult to injury, make the law more illegal and more racist for good measure. Let's just shoot our selves in the foot over and over and wonder how this big hole got here. This is what happens when the uneducated people who believe in superstition are allowed to leave the kiddie table and bother the adults. Now we have the perfect argument against "states rights", because clearly some states are ran by monkeys who just barely made it to the modern evolutionary age.

I guess the Republicans didn't get the right hate combination and they need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Since the bigots can't reap the crops, they have to settle for reaping the world wind...stay classy Alabama! (Insert Sarcasm)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bishop Long Takes Time Off, What took him so long?

These boots are made for walking
Displaced Pimp, Pedophile, Snake Oil Sales man, raging homophobe and False Prophet Eddie Long has finally decided to step down from his position of  conning his simpleminded and gullible followers. Why? Because of the multiple child molestation charges? Nope. Because he feels some type of shame for ruining the name of his so called ministry? Don't think so. Because he has shattered the faith of young boys and reaffirmed the stereotype that churches and pastors cannot be trusted and are after nothing but money? Of course not. It's because his wife filed for divorce. He then stood in front of his congregation and told them he would be taking a leave of absence. You know what, he isn't a pedophile, he's a closeted homosexual, who is using his position of authority to prey on young men in their late teens.

Long was defiant as ever when he announced his decision to a supportive audience."If you go out there, the news said I stepped down," Long said. " I haven't stepped down, I've actually stepped up."
"I'm still your pastor. You'll still receive my direction," Long said Sunday. "You've given me some weeks to take care of some family business." What's that, you applying for Sandusky's vacant position? You will receive my direction...translation: "I will still be receiving your checks if you are stupid enough to send them, I'll be right back."

 Give me a break...If by stepping up you mean stepping up to your responsibility for what you did, that's a negative. This man will be the Grand Marshall of the Pride Parade next spring right along with Sheree's hair dresser in some stiletto's and a body suit. Eddie Long has been a raving homophobe for years and his ludicrous anti gay stance made his "coming out" inevitable in one way or another. Here we have another religious ego maniacal man using the pulpit to further his own evil desire and behavior. Why on earth has this church NOT DEMANDED his resignation­n? According to fellow Pimp Creflo Dollar, all Eddie had was a "wreck". He even told the New Birthers to stay at the Pedophiles church. They are like sheep being led to the slaughter. This is such a painful thing, to hear of someone who CLAIMS to be a man of God, and to KNOW that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, with a bad Jeri Curl wearing Janet's discarded Rhythm Nation costumes.

What happened to humility, diligence, judiciousl­y taking account of himself, and then making amends to all he harmed, and then earning back the trust of ALL those who he hornswaggl­ed physically­, spirituall­y, emotionall­y and financiall­y... A leave is only beneficial if this man truly finds REPENTANCE before God.

What gets me about all these preachers is their lack of understand­ing of repentance­. After chasing money, being no better than pimps and hoes, chasing young men and destroying marriages, just to name a few of his many transgress­ions i think he has no God given authority to preach to anyone. Any pastor on TBN (the blasphemy channel) is full of prideful boasting and saying things that would make Jesus vomit in disgust. I saw a clip of "Prophetess" Juanita Bynum bragging about a $400 pen that she used to sign multi million dollar contracts and she chided people in her so called class to never use "common" pens like "Bic" because that speaks allot about you. Seriously? The sad part was people were sitting in the room nodding in agreement like what she was saying was logical and made perfect sense or worse was somehow Biblical. They didn't get that THEY were paying for the $400 pen tab for the "Prophetess" and they were responsible for her looking down on them. Where in the Bible did Jesus say any of this crap? Where did he say that to follow him you will get a $400 pen, a Bentley, a private jet, get money in the mailbox, etc...if you listen to Creflo, Bynum, Longstroke, and the rest of the "praises go up, blessings come down", goon squad, then you will believe that you will be a millionaire if you give up that extra five dollars.
I'm too sexy for my shirt

I would love to think that people in the church, the black church in particular would wake up about these charlatans, but they won't. He is taking a leave of absence which means he will be back as soon as the smoke clears ... The congregati­on will cry and worship at his feet as if he is Jesus himself ... All will be forgiven and forgotten as the congregati­on gets upset with outsiders who remind them of his sinful ways with boys or his homosexual nature. They will use the life long excuse of not talking about the "man of god" unless God himself will punish you ... or this one "we can judge what trials god puts his man through in order to have a testimony on the other side" or this one, "touch not my anointed one or do my prophets any harm".

Eddie Long and his brand of prosperity nonsense treat God like some magic genie who will grant every wish, if and only if, you pay and keep your tithes, offering and first fruits current. If you are too broke to keep up with your payments, then you will never obtain God's favor and in essence not living the full life that God intended you to have. No one in the pews realize that it is they that are giving the Pastors the fulfilled, enriched lifestyle. Creflo, Longstroke, Joyce Meyers, Bynum, Benny Hinn, Joel Olsteen and That Walrus T.D. Jakes. are indicative of the saying, "For a good man to do good things, and a bad man to do bad things, it is their nature and not remarkable­. For a good man to do bad things, well, that takes religion." After all Organized religion was created by mortal men as a means of controllin­g others en-masse and is loaded with hypocrisy Like being gay, but preaching numerous sermons against being gay.

I've never understood why any sane adult would think that a belief in the supernatur­al is a prerequisi­te for leading a moral and ethical life. Maybe because, most people are sheep, blindly following anyone or group that pander to the lowest common demoninato­rs, and who are very adept at pulling the wool over other peoples eyes to Use & Manipulate them for their own Selfish & Self Serving purposes. People that are not held accountable for their actions are not only losers, but the most dangerous.
We are a part of the rythm nation

Another one caught with his pants down ! And I thought the "Catholics­" had a monopoly going ! Seems the Baptists are trying to sneak in the back door too !

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Flat earth theorist and category 5 moron Michelle Bachmann is back at it again to prove that the sh&t isn't that far from the bat with her latest opinions about what the children of America should learn in school. It appears she want's the kids as dumb as she is because she believes that religion trumps science and the Genesis story is somehow supported by science. She also thinks that the exclusion of "intelligent design" is a government conspiracy or some form of government censorship.

She explained that she believes "God created the earth" and issues such as the Second Law of Thermodynamics, irreducible complexity and the "the dearth of fossil record" need to be addressed.

Bachmann also stated, "If you look at scientists there is not a unanimity of agreement on the origins of life." She made similar remarks in 2006. Negative ghost rider, we got unanimous agreement, you just don't like the unanimous agreement's story, not enough clouds and angels.

"There are hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel Prizes, who believe in intelligent design," she said then.

She goes on to say, "What I support is putting all science on the table and then letting students decide." She added, "I don't think it's a good idea for government to come down on one side of scientific issue or another, when there is reasonable doubt on both sides."

Michelle Bachmann is the living example of why intelligent design doesn't hold water. Evolution is a proven fact you nitwit. Try taking a biology class and see evolutiona­ry change happen to single-cel­led creatures and some invertebra­tes right before your eyes, they're big enough.

If it wasn't for the study of bacteria evolution, we wouldn't have many of the antibiotic­s we have today, I forgot, a genie gives us medications. I think that this is a decided issue and only idiots continue to relitigate this. How is there reasonable doubt on science? Intelligent Design is NOT science. Why is there a problem or some debate when there isn't one really there? Claiming a scientist that believes in intelligent design is some sort of victory for religion is absurd. It just means they have a religious faith of some kind, not that they don't believe in science, which is a subject that apparently the corn dog deep throater has no knowledge of or any intellectual curiosity in. Does that influence their work? Highly unlikely.

One of the essences of science is that its findings can be used to make prediction­s, such as the length of time before the sun burns out, the trajectory and timing of comets, and the exact time and location of the path of totality for solar eclipses many years before they occur. For those who regard creationis­m as science, please provide one prediction derived from your "science" (that isn't dependent on traditiona­l science). If you can't, it's not science. Period. Not when the second, third coming of Jesus will be, the opening of the 7 seals, figuring out who the Anthchrist is, and hating people who aren't just like us. Religion should be discussed in a religion class, not a science class. Intelligent Design is no more scientific than the theory that the world rests on the back of a giant turtle being in an astronomy class.

If we are to treat religious concepts as having the same status as scientific concepts, virtually every scientific finding would have to be overturned­. Geology classes would have to include the idea that the earth was created in a week, and all DNA would need to show evidence of a single set of parents. In other words, every invention that is based on science must be an illusion--­it does not exist. We are walking around in a dream.

Michelle Bachmann's a dangerous demagogue, a science denier and a sophist leading the gullible, the zealots and the dumb. If you believe that Creationism is the same as Science, then yes, I mean you.

Let's let students decide that standing in a tub of water while holding on to a live electric wire and see if it's OK ... this woman is stupid and so are her followers.

They remind me of the saying: If Science is too hard for you, try Religion.