Monday, December 19, 2011

Newt The Grinch Runs for Fascist in Chief

I'm Down with the Blacks

Fascism is a term that know nothings on Fox and then the pew riding fundamentalists parrot with glee when they talk about our Kenyan, Muslim President with terrorist leanings. The definition of fascism is: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce,etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

The U.S. by this very definition is not fascist because Obama has virtually no power to do anything because he has to deal with a bunch of whiny brats who think that a person that makes a million dollars annually needs government protection, but everyone else should just screw off. Obama doesn't suppress opposition or criticism, if he had, then the health care debate might have gone better, the tea party would've been mocked and ridiculed for being the racists clowns they were and we would've all gone about our day.

Climbing Out the Ooze
Newt the fat slug, took time out from his book tour and self promotion circuit by doing an interview on his fake Presidential campaign proposing a novel approach to governing and quelling any legislating from the judiciary. He pledges to abolish courts and eliminated activist judges he believed were either outside the mainstream or infringing too deeply on the commander in chief's authority. On Sunday, he followed that up by saying he would be willing to arrest a judge who he thought was out of line. 

"If you had to," he said on CBS's "Face the Nation" when asked if he would send a Capitol Hill police officer to round up a judge, "or you would instruct the Justice Department to send the U.S. Marshal." His preference, he added, would be to impeach the judge in question. "You have an increasingly arrogant judiciary," "The question is: Is there anything we the American people can do? The standard answer has been eventually we'll appoint good judges. I think that's inadequate. The Constitution promises a balance of the judicial branch, the executive branch and the legislative branch. The Federalist Papers say specifically the weakest of the three branches is the judiciary." 

If this alone doesn't scare the hell out of you, he goes further into crazy. "I'm not suggesting that the Congress and the president review every decision. I'm suggesting that when there are decisions ... in which they are literally risking putting civil liberty rules in battlefields. I mean it is utterly irrational for the Supreme Court to take on its shoulders the defense to the United States. It is a violation of the Constitution." 

Somehow I doubt  this little gnome has ever read the constitution, considering he is saying that there is something in there about the three branches of the government­, the Judiciary being one of them, the three branches are equal, the president is not a dictator and his enumerated powers and they are to nominate judges. The Senate has to confirm them via "confirmation hearings".

Sig Heil, Pay Me!
What Newt is saying is that he thinks that it is appropriate to arrest Judges if he as President disagrees with their opinions. What a ridiculous and dangerous supposition. Is he even trying anymore? How is he different from Hitler, Hussein, Mussolini, Kim Juong IL or Bin Laden? Oh, that's right...this men are all dead and they are no longer a threat to the free world. Newt however is. This man wants to be trusted with atomic weapons, but calls the Palestinians "imaginary people". Newt's followers should be imaginary or at least in the midst of a hallucinatory delusion to think that anything he says makes a bit of logical sense. How does he have the fitness to hold office? This man will do and say anything to win. His message changes depending on his audience, but repression of the judiciary? For someone that was once 3rd in line to run the country to say such a moronic thing is nothing short of disgusting. How can he love the constitution so much when it's obvious that he obviously doesn't understand it, or worse just doesn't care about it, but he still wants to take the oath of office, which all President's swear to "defend the constitution". 

As the Empire diminishes, the vampires come out of the closet to suck whatever is still vital, while being devoid of humanity. It's twilight gone more wrong and the cast are for the most part heterosexuals. The hubris and the arrogance of this troll is just what we need to bring this country back to prominence. (insert sarcasm). As much as I disagree with Justices Thomas, Scalia, Alito, Roberts and when he was alive Rehnquist, they were the Supreme Court Justices, appointed for a reason. They are supposed to be unbeholden by the garbage that is the political process, which is why they are appointed not elected. This is something that any immigrant border jumper learns in a citizenship class, so why doesn't Newt know? It's harder to impeach a Judge than a President and considering that Newt couldn't even do that properly, I would think he would take that off the table. Newt had the blue semen stained dress from that whale and couldn't make the contents stick, but he thinks he can nail Justice Scalia? Newt talks less like a man aspiring for the highest office in the world and more like a colorful drunk uncle at a family reunion.

Santa Jesus sit on my lap
Newt has claimed that the President has anti-Colonial leanings and that's how he governs the country. Correct me if I am wrong, but the founding fathers, the Country at large are anti colonials, isn't that why we fought the Revolutionary War? Were we not a British colony that fought for Independence against England or do we celebrate the 4th of July as the date we discovered barbecue and beer?

Newt is doing what Newt does best - he is throwing red meat to these Far Right Evangelica­ls who hate any judge that upholds the guaranteed right of freedom of religion. These Fundamentalist cranks cannot seem to understand that if they are given the right for their religion to dominate the entire country - then where is the freedom of religion? They do not care about your freedom of religion - They only care that THEIR religion is in complete control.

So he's already gone on record as saying he opposes the Constituti­on and its clear separation of powers between the branches. This once again proves that these so called proclaimed champions of the constituti­on use it like Christians use the bible, cherry picking the sections they like, while completely ignoring the rest.

If one could picture a most ill-willed elf, giggling as he burned toys in front of sobbing children..­­.that elf would look like Gingrinch (pun oh-so intended).

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