Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sarah Palin's Words of Mass Destruction

Flavor Flav! YO TIME IS UP!

Head cheerleader of the flat earth party Sarah Palin praised businessman and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain but also called him the "flavor of the week" during an appearance on Fox News' "On The Record" with Greta Van Susteren propaganda/ Scientology show Tuesday night. I guess she would know. Pot meet kettle was all I could think...

"Take Herb Cain. (His name is Herman, Herb Caen was a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, it appears she reads after all), Look at why he's doing so well right now. I guess you could say, with all due respect, he’s the flavor of the week," Palin said. According to that book that was written about her, she likes dark chocolate, sexual chocolate.

"Because Herb (His name is still Herman) Cain is the one up there who doesn't look like he's part of that permanent political class," the former  half governor continued,  still fumbling on the candidate's first name. "He came from a working class family. He's had to make it on his own all these years. We respect that." So, the Clown of the Week, Month, Year has something to say about the flavor of the month? Is she jealous that he is stealing her title?

The former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Cain has managed to defy expectations in his run for the Republican presidential nominee, even notching a surprise win over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the Florida straw poll last Saturday. Don't worry, Uncle Ruckus will fade into the wind, because he is the "black friend" to the tea party to try and convince the media that they aren't racists.

I Beat Anorexia, but I'm so over this
Appearing on CBS' "The Early Show" Wednesday, Cain acknowledged that he may be the "flavor of the month," but said voters will find "more to that flavor than meets the eye." I love mixed metaphors...that literally make no sense. Can you see a flavor? I would think that a cooning pizza king would know that. Can you smell the color purple? You should, it's got nappy hair and dark skinned black people who look like runaway slaves that have a better shot of being president than you. Can you say Oprah anyone? She is practically a deity.

In addition to addressing Cain's current standing in the GOP primary, Palin also discussed the threats and fantasies surrounding her own possible candidacy.

"I'm going to keep repeating though, Greta, through my process of decision-making with my family and with my close friends as to whether I should throw my name in the hat for the GOP nomination for 2012: Is a title worth it?" she said, "Does a title shackle a person? Are they -- someone like me, maverick, you know, I do go rogue, and I call it like I see it, and I don't mind stirring it up.... is a title and is a campaign too shackling? Does that prohibit me from being out there, out of the box, not allowing handlers to shape me?" Shackles? Do the shackles come with a leather bustier, a ball gag perhaps?

What? Whats the matter boo boo, Sarah, cant ya read the notes written on your hands?? LMAO.. no one need bother doing a caricature of Sarah....every time she opens that pie hole she c­ontinues to do it all by her little lonesome: Herb, going rogue and all mavericky. For one who gripes about Spanish speakers, her English is abhorrent. If you only speak one language, you shouldn't suck at it, Caribou Barbie. Nicki Minaj, you better take a seat, Sarah Palin is the original Barbie.

Here is my poem dedicated to the little rogue maverick, maggot, barracuda:

Sarah, standing next to the curb
'Bout pizza guy had a little blurb
She had trouble stopping
Thinking 'bout toppings
That's why she called him a Herb

Maybe when she says something in her critiques about the candidate from "Nantucket" then another poem will follow.

Let's run it through the Palinomete­r and see what that comes out, translated into English:

"I'm not running because I can't find anyone who wants to become my campaign manager. Every last one I approach calls me "unmanagea­ble" just because I enjoy spouting off completely fabricated nonsense intended to disguise the fact that I am woefully uninformed on the issues reporters frame their questions about. Not only am I uninformed­, I refuse to become informed and brandish my ignorance as a badge of honor. In short, I won't run for POTUS because I can't run without an organized campaign and I can't organize an effective campaign because no-one wants to manage a candidate who makes 100 to 1 odds look really attractive­."

Besides, there's more money and self-flatt­ering fame to be had as a Cluster Faux News contributo­r and pretend potential candidate - why on earth would she give up that sweet gig to take on all the actual work a serious campaign would demand? Will she actually sit down and study micro economics to learn how the economy works? Please...Don't mistake Palin for someone with principles - she just plays one on TV. I don't think anyone is buying that rotten bill of goods.

Beehive hairdo, cheap fleece top, bedazzled flag pin and she is making excuses about why she won't run? Here is the truth Caribou: YOU CAN"T WIN and you know it. Did you see Palin deep throating a corn dog in Iowa?  That was her crazed eyed clone Bachmann along with her Tutti Fruity husband. Silly Sistah Sawah pops out of her moose house to flibber flubber her spaced out comments to her equally "challenge­d" followers who follow her every word, to only show how dim and uninformed she truly is....Run Sarah..ple­ase...we miss our daily belly laughs and giggles, the only problem is she doesn't speak in complete sentences.

News Flash: Sarah, the minute you quit your job as governor, you stopped being a maverick at all. You simply became another fame-hungr­y grifter. Nothing particular­ly unusual about that, you are no different than the cast of Jersey Shore. Repeating the word maverick doesn't make it true. You just can't change stupid. It wouldn't be so hard to make up your mind about running for POTUS if you actually HAD a mind.

It's an empty space, no damage

She can hold her breath longer than most people due to the extra reserve of air she keeps in her head.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Left Behind- The Rapture is Fiction

While the majority of Christians believe in the 'Rapture', there are quite a few die-hards who are adamant that it is not in the Bible.'s not.

The movie 'Left Behind' gives the impression of most if not all Christians 'disappearing' in a pre-tribulation rapture. The Bible however is clear that's not going to be the case and it's not because of sin.

As a matter of fact the burden of proving a pre-tribulation "catching-up" is really on the pre-tribbers because the scriptures such as Matthew 24: 29 VERY clearly tells us "IMMEDIATELY AFTER the tribulation". In order to grasp a pre-trib timing you have to practically do back flips through the Bible to understand their reasoning because there is not one scripture that directly supports it. In addition, pre-tribulation rapture theory teaches TWO returns for Jesus, which is completely non-scriptural. Scripture can be made to support pre-trib rapture, but it is twisting of the text and it is really what I call a sneaky interpretation. It was not until after around 1840 that "pre-tribulation" rapture started to be taught on a widespread basis because of a man named John Darby.

Whether true or untrue there is a story that a young teenage Plymouth Brethren girl (this is in Great Britain) is reported to have had a vision. It was circulated around the churches and initially many actually thought it to be of a demonic source. Therefore I am very unclear if this is the source of "pre-trib" rapture doctrine. Most believe it is... The bottom line is the pre-tribulation rapture teaching became WIDELY taught and believed AFTER around 1840. Prior to this time there is some scant evidence of this belief but this was only discovered after very much digging and research by the pre-trib camp to try and bolster their interpretation of scripture. The pre-tribbers want to try and show that this view WAS taught and believed prior to that time so they do not appear to have created a "new doctrine". (Just as I stated with the "Passion of the Christ one questions where things come from or why certain beliefs exist). All so called proper religious upbringing is child abuse wrapped up in a ribbon of deception.

Pentacostalism at it's core is based on the fantasies of 3 people: Macpherson, Darby and McDonald and cultivated by  Scoefield, a name that should be familiar, he has published a couple of Bible translations. Paranormal activity is the source of scriptural interpretation...nice. It's true that the Rapture-ists are opposed to environmental precautions. One old time evangelical was noted to say that environmentalism was akin to "polishing the brass of the Titanic".  Guess there is no need to figure out what to do with your beloved cat fluffy because the only way you will be off this rock is if you hitch a ride on the shuttle. The rapture is a farce and Jesus, if you follow the scripture will not return more than twice. A secret rapture, which is taught and believed will have him return 3 TIMES.

Should anyone care about what a bunch of true believers espouse? Yes, because there is a sinister political subtext to end-time religious belief: Rapture subscribers believe that the Jews must control all of their original territory - extending, some say, all the way into Iraq - before the temple can be rebuilt and Jesus can return. They welcome conflict in the Middle East and dismiss Palestinians (including the many Christians) as little more than human chaff.

Premillennial Dispensationalism is a deceptive teaching. Those who promote these views and fill the minds of God's people with this nonsense are perpetrating a hoax. It's time to wake up AND TAKE THE RED PILL.

Do Conservatives Hate Democracy?

The roots of today's toxic conservative movement lie in Ayn Rand's teaching that wealthy "producers -- now called "job creators" -- should be left alone by the government, namely the rest of us. The rest of us are "freeloaders," "moochers," "leeches" and "parasites" who feed off these producers and who shouldn't be allowed to make decisions to collect taxes from them or regulate them or interfere in most other ways. The Randians hate democracy, and say so, declaring that "collectivism" sacrifices individual rights to majority wishes.

For decades these selfish, childish, "you can't make me" beliefs stayed largely below the radar, because conservatives understood that voicing them in public risked alienating ... well, anyone with any sense at all. But for various reasons sense has departed the country and conservatives are finally saying it out loud, for everyone to hear: they hate democracy. They want to limit the country's decision-making and the rewards of our society and economy to those they feel "deserve" to be on top, namely the "producers" and "job-creators."

Writing in Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American conservative columnist Matthew Vadum reflects these views, writing that democracy is "like handing out burglary tools to criminals." He writes,
It is profoundly antisocial and un-American to empower the nonproductive segments of the population to destroy the country -- which is precisely why Barack Obama zealously supports registering welfare recipients to vote.
A decade before the Motor-Voter law that required states to register voters at welfare offices was enacted, NAACP official Joe Madison explained the political economy of voter registration drives. "When people are standing in line to get cheese and butter or unemployment compensation, you don't have to tell them how to vote," said Madison, now a radio talk show host in Washington, D.C. "They know how to vote."
Vadum echoes the Randian ideology that we should be government by the "producer" supermen, and the parasites (the rest of us) should have no say in this, calling it communism (a term the baggers parrot but have no conception of the definition):
Encouraging those who burden society to participate in elections isn't about helping the poor. It's about helping the poor to help themselves to others' money. It's about raw so-called social justice. It's about moving America ever farther away from the small-government ideals of the Founding Fathers.
Registering the unproductive to vote is an idea that was heavily promoted by the small-c communists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, as I write in my new book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama's ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.
Rush Limbaugh has questioned on the air whether poor people should be allowed to vote. Judson Phillips, president of Tea Party Nation thinks voting should be limited to those who "own property." This from a morbidly obese pill popping, racist trogladyte that hasn't had anything of value to say until he does voice overs on cartoons like Family Guy.

Other conservatives are also on the record as opposing democracy. Walter Williams, in Democracy Versus Liberty, writes, "I find democracy and majority rule a contemptible form of government." He echoes the old "taxes are theft" line, writing, "Laws do not represent reason. They represent force."
Pat Buchanan picks up the baton and mocks democracy, calling it a "childlike faith," and laments the downfall of a corrupt tyrant, in The Democracy Worshipers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these lovers of the everything Americana, the Founding Father's, The Constitution, hates everything that makes our government function. They hate our Legislative procedures, our traditions, everything that makes America, America. Why then do they want to run the government if they hate it so much?

Today in several states Republicans are making it harder to vote. In The Next Voting Rights Movement Must Start Now, CAF's Isaiah J. Poole warns,
In state after state, new hurdles, such as voter ID laws, are being constructed to the right to vote that will especially trip up low-income people, students, rural residents and seniors. They disproportionately affect many of the groups who helped put Barack Obama in the White House in 2008 and who are in the vanguard of opposition to right-wing economic policies today. This disenfranchisement is largely happening below the radar of a populace and a national media preoccupied with the poor state of the economy and with the series of attacks by governors on public employee unions.
Ari Berman, in The GOP War on Voting at Rolling Stone,
As the nation gears up for the 2012 presidential election, Republican officials have launched an unprecedented, centrally coordinated campaign to suppress the elements of the Democratic vote that elected Barack Obama in 2008. Just as Dixiecrats once used poll taxes and literacy tests to bar black Southerners from voting, a new crop of GOP governors and state legislators has passed a series of seemingly disconnected measures that could prevent millions of students, minorities, immigrants, ex-convicts and the elderly from casting ballots.
. . . In a systematic campaign orchestrated by the American Legislative Exchange Council – and funded in part by David and Charles Koch, the billionaire brothers who bankrolled the Tea Party – 38 states introduced legislation this year designed to impede voters at every step of the electoral process.
All told, a dozen states have approved new obstacles to voting. Kansas and Alabama now require would-be voters to provide proof of citizenship before registering. Florida and Texas made it harder for groups like the League of Women Voters to register new voters. Maine repealed Election Day voter registration, which had been on the books since 1973. Five states – Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia – cut short their early voting periods. Florida and Iowa barred all ex-felons from the polls, disenfranchising thousands of previously eligible voters. And six states controlled by Republican governors and legislatures – Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin – will require voters to produce a government-issued ID before casting ballots. More than 10 percent of U.S. citizens lack such identification, and the numbers are even higher among constituencies that traditionally lean Democratic – including 18 percent of young voters and 25 percent of African-Americans.
Taken together, such measures could significantly dampen the Democratic turnout next year – perhaps enough to shift the outcome in favor of the GOP. (Instead of just campaigning and adopting policies to legitimately attract minorities and students, the GOP and the Baggers decide to cheat and stack the deck in their favor).
In Taking Back The Vote, CAF's Terrance Heath writes about the Republican war on voting,
If tea party conservatives have their way, the right to vote will revert back to a privilege — and one enjoyed by far fewer people. It's easy to dismiss media motormouth dead fish like Ann Coulter, when she says that women should not have the right to vote, because too many of them vote Democratic (single women, anyway). But it's a mistake to shrug off someone like Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips, who thinks it would be a good idea to put "certain restrictions on the right to vote," like restricting voting to property owners.

Phillips' claim is reminiscent of Republican attempts to use a list of foreclosed homes to block people from voting in the 2008 election in states like Michigan and Ohio. When right-wing pundits like Matthew Vadum (author of the ACORN "exposé" Subversion, Inc.) and Rush Limbaugh say that the poor shouldn't have the right to vote, they're expressing the same sentiment. It's a manifestation of the conservative concern that too many of the "wrong people" have too much of a voice in politics, and too few of the "right people" have any. That's what Paul Weyrich meant when he said to a group of evangelical activists in 1980: "I don't want everybody to vote. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down."

We are not dealing with the Republican Party we used to know. This is not even George W. Bush's Republican party anymore. In Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult, retiring Republican Congressional staffer Mike Lofgren writes,
Far from being a rarity, virtually every bill, every nominee for Senate confirmation and every routine procedural motion is now subject to a Republican filibuster. Under the circumstances, it is no wonder that Washington is gridlocked: legislating has now become war minus the shooting, something one could have observed 80 years ago in the Reichstag of the Weimar Republic. As Hannah Arendt observed, a disciplined minority of totalitarians can use the instruments of democratic government to undermine democracy itself.
[. . .] A couple of years ago, a Republican committee staff director told me candidly (and proudly) what the method was to all this obstruction and disruption. Should Republicans succeed in obstructing the Senate from doing its job, it would further lower Congress's generic favorability rating among the American people. By sabotaging the reputation of an institution of government, the party that is programmatically against government would come out the relative winner.
A deeply cynical tactic, to be sure, but a psychologically insightful one that plays on the weaknesses both of the voting public and the news media. There are tens of millions of low-information voters who hardly know which party controls which branch of government, let alone which party is pursuing a particular legislative tactic. These voters' confusion over who did what allows them to form the conclusion that "they are all crooks," and that "government is no good," further leading them to think, "a plague on both your houses" and "the parties are like two kids in a school yard." This ill-informed public cynicism, in its turn, further intensifies the long-term decline in public trust in government that has been taking place since the early 1960s - a distrust that has been stoked by Republican rhetoric at every turn ("Government is the problem," declared Ronald Reagan in 1980).
Please read that again, and tell me that this is not happening right now as we speak.  This is a Republican writing, from the inside. They are doing it on purpose. They are making the government dysfunctional on purpose. They are making people hate government on purpose. They are working to turn people against democracy and put themselves in power in its place.

Do Republicans hate Democracy?  Do they hate our Constitutional Republic that they profess to love so much? We can only judge by their actions and their actions scream OH YEAH! louder than the Kool Aid Man.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Songs to Doom Your Marriage

Have you ever been to a wedding and witnessed the bride and groom or the guests dancing to songs that have no business being played and evidence that we as American's don't listen to lyrics. Some songs are a foreshadowing that the marriage will sink faster than Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and  Tyler Perry in morbidly obese drag on the Titanic. Here is the DO NOT PLAY LIST in no particular order:

1. Hokey Group Dances. (This varies for black and white weddings)
That includes YMCA, Macarena, Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Locomotion, Chicken Dance, Limbo Rock. Every one of these songs should be banned for all eternity from weddings and relegated to kids birthday parties and any DJ that plays any of these songs should not only not be paid but be shot.

2. I will Always Love You - Whitney Houston/ Dolly Parton
People may not be aware of the lyrical content of this song, but this is a song about breaking up and not standing in the man's way. Why would anyone pick this as a first dance? She sings "bittersweet memories is all I'm taking with me", and that's what we choose to solidify our love? Yeah...

3. My Heart will Go on - Celine Dion
This is the worst offender and mood killer that I have ever seen and heard. She's singing the song to her dead boyfriend. Dead! Plus, to solidify the image, we have a movie about death to go along with it, and still we choose this blasphemy as a first dance song...How many people are divorced that danced to that crap? Probably everybody that ever danced to that song. Why? It's a song about the death of a relationship!

4. Who Let the Dogs Out- Baha Men
Where to Begin...The lyrics are "who let the dog's out, woof, woof, woof". If that isn't bad enough, then let me explain the meaning, you got guys hanging out at the club and they see ugly chicks. Someone says, "man look at all these ugly chicks, who let the dogs out?" Why would anyone play this song at a wedding reception? Unless someone is trying to imply that the women that are in the bridal party are ugly, this is a song that should not be played, it should be buried in the back yard.

5. Sexual Healing or Let's Get it On - Marvin Gaye
Yes, this is a great song and Marvin Gaye oozes sexual energy in his lyrics. However, the image of the bride and groom and their marital relations will be solidly implanted in the minds of the guests of the wedding and personally, I don't care to think of what type of unholy hell the honeymoon will bring. Overtly sexual songs should be avoided otherwise you need the jaws of life to get tantric images out of the minds of everyone.

6. White Wedding- Billy Idol
Yet another misleading song. This song is an anti marriage song, but in the 80's this was somehow turned into a wedding song for "rockers". People like Heather Locklear and Valeri Bertinelli danced to this song. Guess what, they are divorced and should take turns on wife swap.

7. I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor
Not only have I heard this at a million weddings, but I've also seen it on lists of "popular wedding songs!" People, it's a song about surviving a horrible breakup! Don't play this at your wedding, it's DISCO!

8. Every Breath You Take – Police
How many of us have heard the wonderful ripoff that Puff did when Biggie died? He tapped danced all the way to a law suit from Sting and he introduced people to a great song with a great bass line. Unfortunately this song is about a stalker and is the furthest thing from being romantic. "every breath you take, I'll be watching you." no boo's time for a restraining order and stiletto in the nuts.

9. Tainted Love- Soft Cell
This should be self explainatory...this is a cool karoake song, and that Levi's commercial made this song popular again. Rihanna's robotic goat like essence destroyed it with S.O.S, and even that should be avoided unless you want to burst ear drums. But, who want's to hear a song about being taken advantage of and having to get far away from a psycho chick? That just screams long term.

10. My Humps- Black Eyed Peas
Succubus Fergie and Will.I.Scam along with the 2 random black guys that just stand on stage wrote the ode to gold digging with this non sense. It literally makes no sense how the girl with no curves sings a song about having curves and by virtue of having those curves she has obtained clothes and jewelry. How anyone over the age of 10 thinks this crap is "good" is beyond me, but this being played at any wedding but a jumpoff's is just wrong.

11.  Girl You Know It's True- Milli Vanilli
Why? Why? Why? There was nothing true about this group, so why would we play a song by a fake group singing about "true" feelings at a wedding? The irony is just to great...

12.  Get Ready for This by -2 Unlimited
Many a sports arena and bimbo dance squad has jiggled to this annoying song. This has appeared at some weddings, mostly after too many drinks have gone out. This is wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Get ready for what? This again should be left on the basketball court, not on the ballroom floor.

13.  Can’t Touch This- MC Hammer
No one should touch it. Nothing is more pathetic than seeing my drunk uncle get up and attempt to do the running man or the typewriter when this song comes on. Imagine people yelling "uh oh, hammertime!" It's time to go.

14.  Thong Song- Sisqo
Just what a wedding needs, a song by a blond queen with nonsensical lyrical content about women's underwear. He must be talking about his thongs.

15.  It Wasn’t Me -Shaggy
One of the best songs about infidelity that I have ever heard. No matter what the woman says, the answer is always, "It wasn't me". Not really a recipe for fidelity is it?

16. You Oughta Know- Alannis Morisette
Balls everywhere were held a little tighter and sphincters restricted when this song came out. This song is about a bad breakup and a feminine rage unleashed upon the world. This song was primal, raw and when men  mess up, most women still play this song. No doubt this song is loaded on ipods across the nation, it still doesn't belong at a wedding reception.

17. I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That) by Meatloaf limitations on our relationship and our love. So why is the title of the song, I'd do anything for love? Just name it what you won't do, that would just be simpler. Why even get married? You know the being there for each other for richer or poorer, through sickness and health as long as we live, but I might have an objection to the sickness part. I think I can hold on for about 10 years or at least until a debilitating disease takes his mobility. That's basically what this is saying, insane in every way.

18.  Makes Me Wonder- Maroon 5
This song is about cheating and just not giving an eff anymore, but the beat is fun.

19. Hangin Tough- New Kids on The Block
This group is the bane of my existence. I had the misfortune of going to a predominately white school, so you can imagine the hysteria of young pre-teens in the early 90's that loved these pre gay backstreet, __________insert boy band here. They were everywhere and super annoying, so hearing any new kids song is not nostalgic but nauseating. Images of stone washed jeans, mullets, hypercolor shirts, and high tops doesn't say life time.

20.  Power of Goodbye- Madonna
One of her better songs, she doesn't sound like a drowned cat and she is dressed age appropriately in the video. However, the song is obviously about breaking up and finding inner strength. Not really good for joining with someone physically and legally.

21.  Area Codes- Ludacris
Something about reading your “whorescope” and eating “whorederves” may not go over real well at a reception. This cut is especially bad if the groom travels a lot for work. Although, if Shawn Kemp ever got married I think there’s no way the couldn’t play this in honor of his many children across the country. Shouts out to Tiger Woods, Shaq and Kobe. Honorable mention will more than likely go to Chad Ochocinco.

22.  You Know I'm No Good- Amy Winehouse
This is a song where there is a warning up front and you still sign up? You deserve what you get if it doesn't work out.

23.  Papa Don't Preach- Madonna
Basically this sounds like a shotgun wedding in the making. Not really something that I would like to hear, especially if that were the actual scenario of the wedding. At least we can take comfort that her old stuff is better than her new stuff.

24.  When a Man Loves a Woman- Michael Bolton
This song is about a man loving an evil witch of a woman. It seems though that men tend to marry the evil psychotic women, so it may be appropriate.

25.  Nothing Compares to You- Sinead O'Connor/ Prince
The sentimentality is sweet, but this song could cause mass suicide or calls to the nearest shrink because it's so depressing. It needs a xanax or a valium asap.

Every song is the kiss of death to your marriage and will make your reception tackier than irridescent green cumber buns.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Herman Cain Delivers Stale Pizza at Florida Straw Poll

The Herman Cain Crazy Train is off the rails
Real life Uncle Ruckus/ Uncle Tom and deluded Presidential candidate Herman Cain got the insanity vote from the droves of inbred GOP Floridians instead of front runner lilly white plastic hair, empty suit  and magic under wear lover Romney or Bush the Sequel executioner in chief Rick Perry. The outspoken while nothing of substance comes out business man and former Godfathers Pizza Executive, Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll with 37% of the vote, with Rick Perry coming in a distant second with around 15%. Cain, a Tea Party favorite, has been very vocal about being the only non career politician( like being inexperienced is something to brag about), and spewed out his destructive 9-9-9 (close your eyes he sounds like the Fuhr of Germany), economic plan that would raise taxes on the low and middle class and cut taxes for the wealthy. Cain is also known for his fear mongering towards muslims and has been against any civil rights towards gays and lesbians. Interesting that a black man that grew up in the Civil Rights era can advocate the denial of Civil Rights for another group. Herman Cain and other Republicans don't seem to be able to make that intellectual leap and connect the dots. Cain winning in Florida doesn't mean much for him as he isn't likely to see much success outside of the state. The bigger story is the low numbers by Perry and Romney, who finished 3rd in the poll at 14%. The teabaggers drink tainted tea by the barrel in the south.
Eff you, pay me

"This is a sign of our growing momentum and my candidacy that cannot be ignored," Cain said. "I will continue to share my message of 'common sense solutions' across this country and look forward to spending more time in Florida, a critical state for both the nomination and the general election." You know what they say about campaigns made out of straw, Michele Bachmann found out.  

Looks like he won the gullible over with his stuffed crust or he just spent more money like Bachmann did in Iowa. The very telling result is that Romney, without even participat­ing, came in only 1.5% under Perry who did participat­e.
Common sense and Republican in the same sentence go together like shark and gold fish. Herman Cain reminds me of the caricature of Don King in Rocky V. He has no plans for anything other than parroting what every other "conservative" says. De fund, deregulate, invade my uterus, dismantle the board of education, and keep poor people poor or make them poorer.  In order to keep stupid people stupid and continuously voting for you, kill education. Nice...

Given that we are in a war and our nation needs a better strategy or simply an all-out withdrawal from our current wars, Herman Cain admits he has no plan for Afghanista­n. This was Cain's response to Chris Wallace when asked about his plan: "The right approach is: the day I'm elected president, I will start on that plan such that the day I was sworn in, I will be able to implement the plan." Is this a pageant answer? The Iraq such as, like such as...This is absolutely horrendous­ly stupid as an answer. A presidenti­al candidate needs to have thought these things out before deciding to run for office. Bush just opened the flood gates for the underachievers. Why is he still here? My guess is the Tea-Cracke­rs keep Herman around like someone you use when your want to PROVE you've got black friends. Michael Steele was the first "black friend" and now it's Cain's turn. There can only be one. Guess he will have a cushy job on either cluster Fox or MSNBC after his embarrassing defeat.

Who are the Republicans going to drag out of the mothballs next? Herman Munster or will they have a seance to bring back Nixon? Of course not, Reagan! Unfortunately Reagan would be a Democrat in today's Republican party. What people don't know about old Uncle Ruckus is that Cain clearly believes that his pro-busine­ss message is what GOP voters want to hear, (it's the economy stupid). But scrubbed from Cain’s official story is his long tenure as a director at a Midwest energy corporatio­n named Aquila that, like the infamous Enron Corporation­n, recklessly drove into the wild west of energy trading and speculatio­n – and ultimately screwed its employees out of tens of millions of dollars. According to a massive class action lawsuit against Aquila’s board of directors – including Cain – he allegedly steered employees into heavily investing their retirement savings in company stock, while at the same time shifting their business model from straight­ forward energy generation to risky energy trading – the kind of corporate greed that infamously brought down Enron. In the suit, it claims that Cain and other top officials violated a 37-year-ol­d federal law that requires employers to responsibly­ manage the retirement programs for their employees. Their pensions and life savings were lost.  So he wants to be trusted to head the fiscal health of the country and the world? Hell to the no!

Herman Cain can never be elected President. He is a former CEO of many major corporatio­ns who has admitted to actively discrimina­ting against Muslims. If a single Muslim or Arab-looki­ng employee was fired during Cain's tenure as CEO, that person can now claim it was because of discrimina­tion.

Herman Cain is TOAST or at least a stale half eaten anchovy and olive pizza delivered to GOP headquarters, and he knows it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go to Church or Go to Jail

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishm­ent of religion, or prohibitin­g the free exercise thereof...­" but towns in Alabama can....Backwards is forwards...

Well Alabama leads the nation in stupid ideas and yet another attempt to force us into a theocracy with this one. An Alabama town, Bay Minette plans to start an alternative sentencing program that would give non-violent offenders a new choice: Go to jail, or go to church.

Starting next week, the program will allow a city judge to sentence all misdemeanor offenders to work off their sentences in jail and pay a fine, or go to church every Sunday for a year. Offenders who select church can pick the place of worship but must check in weekly with the pastor and the police department. If the one-year church attendance program is completed successfully, the offender's case will be dismissed.

The Alabama branch of the American Civil Liberties Union plans to send Bay Minette officials a letter demanding that they suspend the program. Assuming that the post office hasn't been shut down and that the town officials can both read and comprehend the Queen's English, they are wasting their time. The ACLU and anyone awake claims that the law violates the Establishment Clause and that the government cannot force someone to attend church. When the alternative to going to church is going to jail, the so-called `choice' available to offenders is no choice at all.

Pastor Robert Gates of Christian Life Church leads one of 56 congregations( who should start paying taxes), participating in the effort. He predicted it would succeed. Right...because Biblical prophecies are so many people have sold their homes or killed themselves based on "the end of the word is on _________insert date." Thousands.
"You show me somebody who falls in love with Jesus, and I'll show you a person who won't be a problem to society but that will be an influence and a help to those around them," he told the television station.

Wash the Super Devil Out
You show me an episode of lockup and I can show you an entire prison full of Christians, Muslims, and Catholics. So...are they a problem to society? They are no longer a problem to society because they are incarcerated? It seems that Jesus is in the business of punishing these days, so this grand plan could work, other than the fact that this is unconstitutional and Bay Minette will probably get sued for doing this. If I had a choice, between jail and church, I would choose jail, you would meet a better class of people. In jail, they tell you up front that they are going to auction you off, stab you, beat you, put out a hit on you, rape you, but there is honor among thieves. In church, it's all cloak and dagger and manipulation. Choose jail, your butt may be sore for a little while, but you will have less chance for permanent mental damage. Here is  a can of worms that thy never saw coming, other than illegality and law suits....­what if they chose a lucifarian church?...­They cant tell you who to worship, or how about Rastafaria­n church?...I know the pot thing would probably draw more heat, due to the point that some people will have possession­ey need to find the most outlandish non mainstream religion they can and stick it to bout the church of Jesus Christ Christian?­(white power church)...­.or some Voo Doo goat killing cult.

No one will ever be brought to Christ or any deity by force, the Bible says that. Even Satan knows that. No Christian anywhere in the South bothers to read that thing called a Bible unless it's time to kill something. What about if the person isn't a christian? What if he is a Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, Jewish, etc...there isn't that much variety in an urban city (it's really a town), like Birmingham, imagine Bay Minette which is countrier than a chicken coup. This is a terrible, blatantly unconstitu­tional idea. Just the sort of thing we have come to expect from judges in Alabama, Texas, and Georgia the trifecta of idiocy. It's also utterly worthless as a crime-prev­ention technique. (Let's remember that the crimes of September 11 were committed by people who considered themselves devout believers in a religious dogma.­)  

And they wonder why the number of people are identifying as either atheists or non religious affiliated go up year after year. If you want any more proof that the Christian Evangelical churches are nothing more than a lobby for the government then you have been asleep for the last 20 years. George Bush was never a menace to America until after he found Jesus, he heard the call then ran for President. I bet they get a lighter sentence if they donate money to the church, or the pastors personal bank account. Let's just throw away the Constitution and replace it with the Bible and indoctrination.

This law should be Rihanna's next hit single: S&M with GOD. (that is if her label tells her to say that)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rick Perry- Southern disComfort

Is there any more doubt now that these evangelicals are hopeless and should be wiped out from the face of the earth?

This man has been chosen and ordained by God or at least the morons that God speaks to believe and are trying to convince the southern church folk. Ever wonder why does God only talk to mentally challenged people and make them his messengers?

Conservative Christian leaders are heaping praise on presidential candidate Rick Perry an early but important show of support from a vital GOP constituency. I remember a person they praised and supported 8 years ago, George W Bush, and we see how well that worked out. Apparently, the ghost of Reagan has inhabited the racist, ignorant body of head executioner Rick Perry. Like Reagan, they say, Perry is a big-state governor, a staunch conservative and, significantly, a fellow Christian. So we want the second coming of Reagan? I thought we wanted the second coming of Jesus. Make up your minds... Here we go...a fellow christian?! Again with this? 
Perry, in turn, has suffused his campaign with religion, building on strategies honed for years in Texas politics. Yes, Texas a place where you can get raped, lynched, shot and executed while you get prayed over or told you are going to hell all in once spot. Not exactly Disney Land...

He has huddled with social conservatives at a Texas retreat, hosted a high-profile Christian prayer rally in Houston (prayerpalooza) and recited his prodigal-son spiritual testimony at the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University (basically a fly by night mail order clown college that has less credibility than the university of phoenix). Of course those of us that have common sense, know that it's nothing more than a cynical attempt to pander to the least intelligent and sophisticated among us, to vote against our own self interests, and to override all critical thinking skills.

On Tuesday (Sept. 20), Perry said his Christian faith includes a "clear directive" to support Israel, a view shared by many evangelicals, who believe God gave the land to the Jewish people. Even though that's not historically accurate. Since Israel has only been a country for say like 50 years, after WWII, and the Jews were settled there in Palestine because no one wanted them in Europe or the US, so the West forced the Palestinians out of the West Bank and moved the Jews in. By force...we then gave Israel an army, weapons, excuses and the Palestinians got rocks. That's kind of the reason they want to blow us up all the time.

Among Perry's supporters are famed cult leaders, blasphemers, thieves and cranks:

Donald E. Wildmon, founder and former head of the American Family Association, is endorsing Perry. The Mississippi-based AFA organized and spent 600,000 to finance Perry's prayer rally, called "The Response," and later directed its 30,000 participants to a new Christian voter-registration campaign.

"I think the overwhelming majority of what's often called the 'religious right' will support the governor," said Wildmon, whose organization boasts a mailing list of 60,000 pastors and operates 180 radio stations. "I'm going to do whatever I can to help the man get elected." Former Focus on the Family head James Dobson has gushed over Perry on his new radio show, calling him a "deeply committed Christian" and a courageous leader. Dobson was a co-organizer of The Response and will reportedly appear with Perry at an event in Orlando next month. Dobson, the one that blames every disaster on gays, blacks, the devil and pacts with the devil, the candlestick maker or the voices in his demented mind. I would rather be endorsed by a voodoo priest or Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch than Dobson.

  • Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. has mused that Perry could be another Reagan and called him "one of the most pro-life governors in American history." Falwell also said he admires the governor's "guts" for suggesting that Texas could secede from the union. No, that's not gutsy that's stupid. Running for President of a country that you wanted to secede from makes no sense. How is he pro-life when he brags about killing 250 and sleeping like a baby at night? Pastor Falwell? Doesn't the Bible say thou shalt not kill? What about vengeance is mine? I know reading is not encouraged for women and blacks, but maybe I'm the crazy one or maybe you are just a fat bigoted racist who doesn't know what he's talking about just like your equally stupid father. You and your father deserve a special place in hell that isn't hot enough for the lies that you have told. The late Reverend Falwell must've burned real fast since he was about two hundred pounds overweight, no doubt eating 5 star meals while the poor people that sent in social security checks starved literally and spiritually.

  • Evangelical historian (that's an oxymoron) and activist David Barton, a longtime Perry ally, has circulated a 14-point defense of the governor's record on economic, social and immigration issues. I bet he has come up with Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs with little saddles and that Adam had to sleep with his daughter to populate the earth. Uh oh...that's not what the Bible teaches us. That's so unpleasant...

  • Southern Baptist leader Richard Land has penned an op-ed that portrays Perry as shrewd, deeply conservative and a lifelong evangelical of "genuine" faith. (Perry's account differs slightly. He says spiritually lost as young man before turning to God at age 27.)  What is genuine faith as opposed to fabricated faith? Isn't faith something you can't see, isn't it something you have to believe is there by it's very definition? I mean...give me a break... A lifelong evangelical...I only know of one lifelong Christian and it's debatable that he truly existed in the capacity that he was editorialized in, but he died on the cross. You know these "lifelong evangelicals" always have to turn to God by the age of 13, 16, 18 and they were all virgins when they got married, never drank or smoked. They were all perfect and dressed like a cast member from Silver Spoons minus the eating disorders but they probably were molested or the molester. Then again they never knew about sex, therefore since they suffer with sexual suppression and repression, then so must the entire world.

  • Grassroots activist David Lane, who organized "pastor policy briefings" featuring Perry during his 2006 campaign for governor, is reportedly planning similar events in battleground states, including one in Florida next month. Pastor policy briefings? That must mean more brainwashing materials straight from the forked tongue of the serpents, I mean pastors mouth. Lane was finance chairman of "The Response." Of course! They are going to come to Florida...the way to win is come to the pulpit, whatever the pastor says the blind sheep sit in the pew and nod in agreement no matter how stupid the statement. The pastor can say "the sky is pink with polka dot clouds", and I would bet no one would say anything or even notice that anything was wrong.
    In addition, Perry has been invited to appear with Dobson and Barton at a Nov. 12 event called "One Nation Under God" that aims to teach Christians to see "history and current events in light of God's Word, and how to take action that aligns with his truth." Oh yeah...more fantasy and apocalypse now hallucinations that could make Glenn Beck concerned for Perry's mental health.

  • Perry's very public "I once was lost, but now I'm found" spiritual speech at Liberty University last week got the media's attention, but it was his confab at a secluded Texas ranch in August that impressed the religious right heavyweights, said Land. How original, didn't the Marion Berry, the Mayor of DC say the exact same thing when he got caught with blow on tape back in the 90's? Isn't this the chorus to Amazing Grace? Let's be original, I mean if you are going to try to appeal to my Southern Christianity, try not to be so obvious.

    More than 200 social conservatives were there -- from black Pentecostals to conservative Catholics to Latino evangelicals, according to Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

    "The general feeling people came away with is that this guy is the real deal," said Land, who attended. "I don't see how the meeting could have gone any better for Perry."
    Mark DeMoss, who heads a Christian public relations agency and advises Mitt Romney's rival campaign, said he is not surprised that many evangelical leaders back Perry.
    "A significant number of evangelicals have always wanted above anything else in their candidate, someone who shares their Christian faith and theology, and apparently Gov. Perry does," DeMoss said.  For every church leader that attended this blasphemy, their tax exemption should immediately be revoked. This is a blurring of the separation of church and state that our Constitution protects us from. I believe our founding fathers knew that our electorate would be so stupid that if people said Jesus enough times or if  our government said Jesus enough times, then science, math, history, facts would leave the world. If the American way of life would be "yeehaw Jesus take the wheel", then let's end it now.

    If so called mainstream evangelical Christians support this person, they deserve what they get. The fact that so many Evangelica­l Christian leaders support this extremist clown just shows how far Evangelica­l Christiani­ty has spiraled downward into a cult.  It's been a cult for a while actually. Perry is one slick "Christian­" in that he is subtly playing the Mormon card against Romney. Have no doubt that these hypocrites would rather not vote than vote for a Mormon. And so when the Dominionis­ts replace the government with their religion, it will then be decided that we should attack Iran or some other brown country with oil with nuclear weapons. They will do this because they believe that if they can start Armageddon then Jesus will arrive that much sooner. Interesting theory... Pastor Hagee, who is probably the Antichrist or has at least eaten him, is one of the people who support Perry for president. Yeah, that's why we feel we need to support Israel like a bunch of defective leeches...It is more important now than ever to vote. The future of the world depends on it, not just the country.  Of course it has been "the last days" for about 2,000 years, so take that for what it's worth...They swarm to this pile like moths to a flame or flies to a pile of cow pies. If man is God's best creation, then I would've turned the lights out and pulled the plug a century ago, or we would've been my cosmic joke. As Nietzsche, a German philosopher has said time and time again, God is dead and man killed him. I would like to amend that to evangelicals, mega church pastors, politicians, and so called christian conservatives killed him. Good job!

    I don't know what type of Christians these people are, but they don't follow any tenet of Christianity or any religion for that matter, they just bastardize the name for their own purposes. Evangelicals: the group that believes that it's appropriate to tell people that they are going to hell for being different, says THEM. The group that can't read the Bible yet misquotes scriptures every day and are unable to  grasp simple concepts like gravity and other things we learned in elementary school. These are the people that think that the phrase, "I'm not a racist, I have black friends" doesn't make them racist and that somehow who gay people poke affects them personally. Rick Perry represents the mentality of the south and if we want to look at signs from the Lord, then why has God tried to destroy the Southeast over the last few years with Katrina, Ivan, Ike, various tornadoes, etc...? Evangelical Christians in the south and their gross stupidity dragging the country and the world down. Since they have become active in the political process, it's been one disaster after another in their attempt to turn a republic into a theocracry. They hate the "Muslim caliphate", like they know what it means, but they seem to want a so called Christian one. I'll pass and welcome the next tornado to blow me away before I submit to President Perry and his Cabinet of idiots that thinks it's OK to secede from the union because we have a darkie as a president.

    The only people missing from the list of Perry's supporters are the Devil, The Grinch, The Joker, The Riddler, Two Face, Mr. Freeze, Mum Ra and Darth Vader and I think I would put more credence in these guys than the evangelical retard squad.

    You notice that Perry is always waiving a finger, and I ask myself "where has that finger been?" I know where he and his supporters can put it. SIT AND SPIN MY FRIENDS....

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Open Letter to Wiz Khalifa

    Dear Wiz,

    Or scarercrow from the Wiz, you are in desperate need for an intervention. I mean someone that looks like an ashy crackhead that has been drawn on by special ed kids needs immediate help. You are so ugly that you make Jay-Z look like a GQ Model. I mean you are so unattractive that you are painfully unattractive almost like an infected puss wound. Speaking of you ever think just once why your chemical toilet jump off fiance wants you? It must be the money cause it aint your face. All she has done since she "appeared" on the scene wedged in a body stocking is use her body to advance her mythical career. You want to put a ring on a jump off. Dude...come on. I think the weed is laced with syrup or PCP or some strong psychotropic drug. You might want to put down the rolling papers and try to read a book every once in while. What am I saying? You have a hit song where all you say is "black and yellow" over and over.

    Do you think Amber is going to be the same trophy for you that she was for Ye? Let's be real, the using was mutual. She wanted some fame and money, in exchange Ye got a trophy on his arm in public, a freak in private and an attention magnet for something other than him pissing people off. It worked well for them both.

    It's not working quite well for you though. She's draining your buzz instead of adding to it because she's trying to get a reality show and shoot her career off as something other than a jumpoff which that's all she is. As a result, you look like a sucker, a nappy headed sucker that haven't bathed in 6 months, not to see this chick is using you without giving much back than just sex. She's not even a trophy anymore because she's been photographed with so many black celebs that she looks like a groupie. The jig is up!

    You met our fatal blossom in LA, actually on other internet, probably on, while she was designing her cleverly named store "Sunglasses", which I can only assume sells sunglasses. You said: “I met her in L.A. Well, we talked on the Internet first because I was on tour. And she’s designing a sunglasses store, and she was just interested in my look and wanted me to be a part of her line." What she found her next mark? "So we were really just focused on business and being cool and stuff like that." Being cool...That's always important, being in your mid 20's, smoking weed, and continuosly having to take to twitter to defend nude photos that continue to surface every 3 to 6 months.

    "I just became so interested in her and I didn’t want to spend any time away from her. I always wanted to be around her and she felt the same way, and I ended up just moving out to L.A. and just started my life out there with her.” She probably told you to pay me or pay me no attention. She's a pimpette and you are her bitch. Anyone that get's a tattoo of their significant other placed on any part of their body knows that the relationship is doomed before it begins and this is what you did. You can always amend the tatt to "Amber will phuck for a walkman" when you inevitably break up.

    I'm Shy
    Amber has had new nude photos released in a matter of months from the last set and this time you came to her defense saying, “I could see if that was what she was doing while I’m with her or something like that and it was in a disrespectful way, but it’s nothing like that. It’s not even, like, the pictures or her past is a raunchy past. She did what she had to do. There’s plenty of powerful women who overcame that, and that’s what she really is, an example of what work and faith in God, you know what I’m saying, can get you into a positive situation." How isn't her past raunchy? She was a stripper, right? Not the same as being a lawyer or a doctor. Real contribution to human history. Powerful women have overcame being a stripper? Name them. I don't think Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice or even Palin had to overcome something like this. Palin was in pagents, not the same thing as dropping it like it's hot, sliding down the pole topless for singles to finance her $1 scholarship program. Let's please leave God out of this. To infer that her being a jumpoff is something that God has not only condoned but blessed is just nothing short of crazy. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

    "The biggest misconception about Amber is that she wants attention. Everybody thinks that she does stuff for attention and that she loves attention, but she’s really, really reserved and shy. She just gets attention ’cause she’s dope.” Really reserved and shy? Maybe you are smoking dope. A stripper that has numerous nude photos leaked to the public of her fingering herself, is known for being wedged in body stockings, topless, and clothes so tight that I could get a yeast infection from just seeing them is the farthest thing from shy. She is an attention whore that makes a spectacle of herself in order to stay relevant.
    I made this blonde dyke

    You will never be Kanye, you will never have his money, you will never have his popularity, you just smashing his groupie left over. Are you trying to catch his success by proxy by sleeping with his discard after she gained 10 pounds? Won't work scarecrow...

    From the looks of you, I can almost see the live sperm swimming on your lips hours after you  kissed her.

    Teabagging Boehner

    "I hear that the gubermint is hiring and you can make $174,000 a year with gubermint benefits. Even though I'm against the gubermint, I'll run."

    A tea party activist is challenging U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (Boner) in the 2012 Republican primary. Yes folks, another unqualified politically inept buffoon or babboon will attempt to join the House to make the government more of a defunct mess than it already is. Lewis, the father of a 2-year-old girl, says he plans on running on a single issue — Boehner's support of a federal budget that provides funding to Planned Parenthood, which he calls "the largest killer of unborn babies in America."

    How interesting...Curious, tea party males meddle when they are needed the least and disappear when needed most? It is noted that these Conservative pseudo religious males care only about life from conception to birth, after which you are on your own. Not another conservati­ve male politician itching to legislate what a woman can and can't do with her body. Not in America?! *Feign shock* I bet he's for capitol punishment and the killing fields abroad, though. The real crime in this, is the fact that Planned Parenthood provides women with options. Everyone knows that women's bodies are under the control of conservati­ve Republican­s and that God wants it that way. If confirmati­on is needed, it was in the latest issue of Religious Fanatics Quarterly.  

    Lewis tells the newspapers that he plans on running graphic anti-abortion ads against our favorite crying tangerine. He says that people will not reject abortion until they see abortion. Eventhough the supreme court has ruled on this makes no nevermind... Just what we need is another holy roller with a small brain, knuckle drag, knuckle drag, with one issue. What's the problem? Is this the only issue that he can effectively fit on his hand during a debate or press conference? Talk about going from the frying pan to the fire with this guy. Like rabid bats the republicans are starting to eat their own. This is a one dimensiona­l candidate going after the two dimensiona­l? Hopefully there is someone from this dimension ( the real world ) that can win the Ohio eighth district.  But for Boner, booze and cigarettes are his only dimensions.

    I need these baggers to stay the hell out of my uterus. Maxine Waters said it best, "The Tea Party can go to hell." The irony here that during the debt ceiling feaux 'crisis' Boehner wanted to compromise and strike a 'grand deal.' What Obama offered him was basically the whole show plus wine and cheese - it would have been a decade level Republican victory, but nope, "we're not gonna do that because it has one little tiny line about raising revenue", and the Tea Party threatened him with a primary challenge. He toed their line and STILL has a Tea Party primary challenge. Hope other moderate Republican­s, such as Orrin Hatch and Olympia Snow, are watching..­.because moving to the right isn't gonna do them a bit of good. Everyone knows that to be a bona fide Tea Party candidate you have to be nuttier than squirrel turd and it helps, too, if you're not very smart...

    All the bat wing crazies are coming out now. How low does this country have to go politically­ before they self-destr­uct? Soon I hope, so our country can get back to the business of rebuilding our economy.


    Friday, September 16, 2011

    Jefferson County Occupational Refund- Lazy B.J. to Keep the Tax Payers Quiet

    Is that it?
    Sometimes crime does pay...

    Checks totaling nearly $2.1 million will be mailed Monday, the first batch of court-ordered refunds from Jefferson County occupational taxes collected during part of 2009, a judge ordered today.

    More than $2 million of that money will be distributed among 32,393 employees who paid the tax from Jan. 12, 2009-Aug. 13, 2009, while the county appealed a court order striking down the tax and a county business license fee. For those of you that don't live in this stupid state, let me explain this in it's simplest terms. Jefferson County has charged people by taxing them for the honor of working in the County. Can you believe that? In addition to having nothing here, they have the audacity to charge people to work here. Oh, but there are no jobs I guess we don't have to worry about that anymore.

    The companies that employed those workers will split nearly $31,000 as part of court-ordered compensation to the businesses for supplying the information needed to calculate the re-payments and for distributing the refunds to employees from that period. Companies have to be proactive and submit paperwork, so if they don't do it, workers won't get their 2 figure check. No chicken wings and beer for me.

    Circuit Judge David Rains, who struck down the levies in 2009, authorized the first batch of refunds in today's order. Now this goes back only to 2009, I have worked since I was 16, they have been ripping me off since then, where is my refund for all of those years? This occupational tax has been illegally taken for 20 years...Where is 20 years worth of refunds? To much math? Can the county tax assessors only count up to 65 because that's the only amount we are getting. I can't even buy my Chanel powder compact for $65. Maybe they want us to buy misspelled Obama healthcare signs and statue of liberty costumes. $65 is the max, $34 is the more likely amount whereas the lawyers will get an hourly rate of $2,286. That's 6.4 Million...Glad my money has gone to such a good use.

    Ed Gentle, the court-appointed special master over the refunds, said he anticipated sending out two batches of refund checks per month after that.
    Those payments are from a $22 million fund Rains approved for automatic refunds. Lawyer fees of $9.4 million were deducted from the fund -- originally $31.4 million, or 83 percent of taxes collected during the refund period. Somewhere a clown is at a circus missing his bike, or his little car with the giant key.

    If I may be so crass as to compare Jefferson County to a selfish boyfriend or husband who expects to get blown on demand, then  HE gets off and expects a 4 course meal to be cooked butt naked in 6 inch Louboutins, while served on a flying trapeze and disco lights above the California King bed in my house. The tax payers are the long suffering girlfriend or wife who is patiently waiting for hers, just once, the man has just given her the laziest head she has ever had, 2 licks just to keep her quiet. Any noise, movement or excuse will end the lackluster attempt at oral pleasure. If she can't get hers quick enough, he just turns her over and shoves it up the rear, no lube. Then he turns over and goes to sleep and hogs all the covers. This state pays the highest taxes and we have the crappiest roads, dumbest populace, worst schools, worst in everything, except crime, teen pregnancies and std's. The idiots here probably believe Category 5 Moron Bachmann when she so brilliantly stated that the HPV vaccine causes retardation. You know...that makes alot of sense if you come to Alabama, and talk to the people here, you would think they brought retard juice in bulk and put it in the water.

    I mean hookers in the street get treated better from their pimps than Jefferson County workers, they at least get paid after they pay their overhead up front. The pimps at least tell the whores what they are and treat them accordingly with no illusions and no pandering. This may be why the government gets such a bad rap. That's my cynicism talking...

    But how can you charge people to work in a County and then mismanage ALL of the money? The electorate elected one of the money mismanagers, Mayor of Birmingham (he's in the federal pen, after he bankrupted Fairfield), in a desperate attempt for financial solvency, the county decides to fire the very workers they robbed in the first place. Is this the church? At least there, they give you a happy ending, although you are probably a kid, and technically you are being molested, but are getting some feeling other than desperation, rage, confusion and loneliness. You get a cracker and wine/ grape juice which is more than what the county gives you. They just give you a bad time, a ticket, a pink slip with no parking spaces and you can't even renew your car tag online because now the courthouse is closed since they came up with the brilliant plan to fire everybody and discriminate against the Hispanics. Smart...   Sweet Home Alabama!

    It's time to start a new government website:

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Mobile Saggy Pants Curfew Defeat- I'm Scared...

    We thought Birmingham was defunct....

    The City of Mobile is like a monkey tying to an open a locked box. Ordinances to impose a teen curfew in Mobile and to ban sagging pants failed in the City Council Tuesday. The issues have received widespread attention amid concerns about youth crime and violence. The original curfew would have prohibited minors from roaming the streets or any other public place, including businesses and other places of commerce, after 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, or midnight Friday and Saturday.
    The same prohibition would have generally applied for school-age children from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. weekdays, when public school is in session.

    Maybe I'm slow, but doesn't this qualify as government intrusion? Does the curfew mean that the so called thugs will pull their pants up, put down their guns, and be in bed by the stroke of midnight snuggling with their teddy bears? Is this a Disney Movie? Wasting time on a "curfew" and baggy pants law shows just how stupid and out of touch these so called leaders are about real crime in Mobile.The Mayor staking his reputation on an ill fated proposal with little merit he reveals to all, his failure as a leader, but this is Alabama after all, the only thing one needs to get elected here is to say "Jesus" enough times with a country time lemonade accent. Of course if you gauge the racists on, it's all linked to Obama and the coloreds. These idiots who are so afraid of a New World Order, Obama being a dictator worse than Stalin and a socialist mastermind are advocating for armed guards in the street in order to protect decent citizens (white protestant and over weight). Ironic right? How these tea people don't connect to the fact that a law dictating how long people stay out and what people wear is technically infringing on personal rights but that is perfectly acceptable because that's a magical crime deterrent even though no statistical evidence supports this theory. However, giving a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer to young girls is worst than selling your soul to Satan. Brilliance permeates very corner of the State of Alabama from the Governor to the toothless rednecks eating squirrel in the wire grass.

    This state convinces me with each passing day that Jesus died in vain.

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    Barack Star went H.A.M. on the Congress

    Hoping to stem the tide of poor economic news and boost his falling poll numbers, President Barack Obama proposed a $447 billion jobs plan to Congress on Thursday evening. He brought out the fire and brim stone and almost seemed like the candidate that I voted for. (I wasn't drinking the Obama kool aid in 2008).

    What are the reactions by the tomatoes in the room?

    Watch the Throne Bitches, I shot Bin Laden in the Face
    Power crystal lover and empty suit Mitt Romney who has somehow created new math and rewritten history said "Mr. President, you are 960 days late." Really Mitt? Did I find a job today? I don't think I did. Why don't you and your plastic hair float me a million. No? Then shut up! You don't have to worry about that because you like to take over companies, fire people and claim that you are a great businessman. Maybe that's why you were so successful in the private sector, successful for yourself. You weren't a good governor, people in Massachusetts hate you for being the arrogant little prick you are and the habit of being for something before you were against it. You're record of job creation is lackluster my Mormon cult brother, because as Governor of Massachusetts you created a mere 400,000 jobs which somehow is more than the million plus jobs that Obama created. Maybe it's the hair gel or somehow math has changed.

    George Bush part 2/ Satan Incarnate Rick Perry said, "President Obama's call for nearly a half-trillion dollars in more government stimulus when America has more than $14 trillion in debt is guided by his mistaken belief that we can spend our way to prosperity.

    "Like the president's earlier $800 billion stimulus program, this proposal offers little hope for millions of Americans who have lost jobs on his watch, and taxpayers who are rightly concerned that their children will inherit a mountain of debt.

    "America needs jobs, smaller government, less spending and a president with the courage to offer more than yet another speech."
    Maybe, he heard a different speech than I heard. It was spending with *gasp* revenues, closing tax loopholes and trying to help the small business owners, etc...but Perry wouldn't know...the bill requires reading and D and F students don't or are unwilling to read.

    Jon Huntsman, our Conservative in rational clothing, and the other power crystal magic under wearer, but who subscribes to every insane policy that the so called "cranks" believe in stated, "President Obama has failed. It's time for America to compete again. We did it in Utah and we can do it for America." Utah? The place where it's OK to marry your sister, and have as many wives as you want? Isn't that the place where anyone can declare themselves a prophet and build a temple with girls dressed like pilgrims running around who happen to be on public assistance? Let me roll with the so called Muslim that wants to bankrupt the country.

    Category 5 Moron Michelle gave her typical nonsensical response: I stand here tonight to say to the President, not only should Congress not pass your plan, I say, "stop; your last plan hasn't worked, it's hurting the American economy." Instead of temporary fixes, do what has proved to work in the past, permanent pro growth policies that are driven by the free market."

    These are not good times for the American people. Our patience for speeches, gimmicks and excuses has run out.
    (With you as president, the times will be much worse, as in the end of days)

    The only remedies the President knows are temporary, government directed fixes. And even if the President's plan passes, we already know it will fail. In practice, we haven't paid for his last trillion dollar jobs program and now his latest plan would have us embrace potentially over $400 billion in new government spending!
    Spending taxpayer dollars on extending unemployment benefits has proved to add only 25 cents to GDP for every dollar we spend. Even the President's new economic advisor agrees that extending unemployment benefits discourages future employment. Is she crazy? Speaking as an unemployed person, a long term unemployed person who has been looking for a job, this fool doesn't know what she is talking about. As lucrative as collecting $238 per week is, I think I would prefer to work and make MORE money. What an idiot little miss muffet is, and how embarrassing she is to all women. She set's us back at least 50 years every time she opens her mouth. I can't even talk about how stupid this woman is and how disastrous she would be if she were elected, but she won't be, that's how I sleep at night.

    Real life Uncle Ruckus Herman Cain simply remarked: "We waited 30 months for this?" Yes, rodeo clown, and while you are tap dancing around the Bible belt trying to convince white people that you are the anti-Obama, you still won't get the nomination. So, you need to learn your roll and shut your mouth.

    My beloved wife cheater and tweeter Newt the flip flopping slug just tweeted "1 min til halftime call. Join me @ 712-432-0900 and passcode 856495. We'll discuss my #jobs plan and your reaction to the president's speech." He's quite the plagiarist, I'm sure he will just jump on the bandwagon of whatever the lunatics say.  Too bad no one cares what he thinks, people would rather hear Kim Kardashians take on the jobs crises than his and his pirates of the Caribbean wife.

    Rick Santorum or should I say sanitatarium, the person no one knows, "Many say the President is a failure, but I disagree - he'd have to improve a whole lot to even be considered a failure. The President's speech tonight was more of the same failed policies and empty rhetoric that got him elected and got us in this mess. Sadly, the President seems to have forgotten his own charge that our country should come before party or his own even re-election. Instead President Obama kicked off his campaign for reelection in the most disingenuous way possible - by using the Congress as a his political toy." Well...if that's the case Pretty Ricky, he must've used the Republican playbook as a model. By the way, who are you? No one talks about you? You aren't even in office, you are the male Sarah Palin but you use words with more than one syllable and complex syntax. Yes, it's ALL Obama's fault, you are correct. He did it by himself. Who cares about your opinion anyway, you are a non factor and you won't be president, because NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU! Mic drop.

    These Republican candidates need to take classes in remedial math and ethics classes, too. I don't even know where to start… but I suppose it begins with addressing the disingenuo­us premise they all base their rhetoric on, that Obama's policies a) caused all these problems and b) are an abject failure.

    First we need some facts to offset the hyper-blam­e they've all launched into. Then we need to imagine any of them at the helm, stripping regulation­, revenue (0% corporate tax rate? 0% capital gains tax rate? really? If we have no revenue from those richest of sources, where will our money to operate ANY government come from? Finally making our 'free market' one that resembles China's, that is, "competiti­ve" by eliminatin­g minimum wages, pollution controls, and labor standards.­..Because, of course, each of these dim bulbs has a much better plan for job creation..oh wait...that's right...they don't. Except turn us into China. Figuratively speaking. They all seem to agree that the poor have too much money and don't work hard enough.  They should all consider careers in the NBA, they are experts at trash talk without any substance.

    I'm sure they will be on message tomorrow, there leader Big Bad Bloated and drug addicted Rush Limbaugh will have all the legislative strategy for the GOP along with the racial epithets to spare.