Friday, September 16, 2011

Jefferson County Occupational Refund- Lazy B.J. to Keep the Tax Payers Quiet

Is that it?
Sometimes crime does pay...

Checks totaling nearly $2.1 million will be mailed Monday, the first batch of court-ordered refunds from Jefferson County occupational taxes collected during part of 2009, a judge ordered today.

More than $2 million of that money will be distributed among 32,393 employees who paid the tax from Jan. 12, 2009-Aug. 13, 2009, while the county appealed a court order striking down the tax and a county business license fee. For those of you that don't live in this stupid state, let me explain this in it's simplest terms. Jefferson County has charged people by taxing them for the honor of working in the County. Can you believe that? In addition to having nothing here, they have the audacity to charge people to work here. Oh, but there are no jobs I guess we don't have to worry about that anymore.

The companies that employed those workers will split nearly $31,000 as part of court-ordered compensation to the businesses for supplying the information needed to calculate the re-payments and for distributing the refunds to employees from that period. Companies have to be proactive and submit paperwork, so if they don't do it, workers won't get their 2 figure check. No chicken wings and beer for me.

Circuit Judge David Rains, who struck down the levies in 2009, authorized the first batch of refunds in today's order. Now this goes back only to 2009, I have worked since I was 16, they have been ripping me off since then, where is my refund for all of those years? This occupational tax has been illegally taken for 20 years...Where is 20 years worth of refunds? To much math? Can the county tax assessors only count up to 65 because that's the only amount we are getting. I can't even buy my Chanel powder compact for $65. Maybe they want us to buy misspelled Obama healthcare signs and statue of liberty costumes. $65 is the max, $34 is the more likely amount whereas the lawyers will get an hourly rate of $2,286. That's 6.4 Million...Glad my money has gone to such a good use.

Ed Gentle, the court-appointed special master over the refunds, said he anticipated sending out two batches of refund checks per month after that.
Those payments are from a $22 million fund Rains approved for automatic refunds. Lawyer fees of $9.4 million were deducted from the fund -- originally $31.4 million, or 83 percent of taxes collected during the refund period. Somewhere a clown is at a circus missing his bike, or his little car with the giant key.

If I may be so crass as to compare Jefferson County to a selfish boyfriend or husband who expects to get blown on demand, then  HE gets off and expects a 4 course meal to be cooked butt naked in 6 inch Louboutins, while served on a flying trapeze and disco lights above the California King bed in my house. The tax payers are the long suffering girlfriend or wife who is patiently waiting for hers, just once, the man has just given her the laziest head she has ever had, 2 licks just to keep her quiet. Any noise, movement or excuse will end the lackluster attempt at oral pleasure. If she can't get hers quick enough, he just turns her over and shoves it up the rear, no lube. Then he turns over and goes to sleep and hogs all the covers. This state pays the highest taxes and we have the crappiest roads, dumbest populace, worst schools, worst in everything, except crime, teen pregnancies and std's. The idiots here probably believe Category 5 Moron Bachmann when she so brilliantly stated that the HPV vaccine causes retardation. You know...that makes alot of sense if you come to Alabama, and talk to the people here, you would think they brought retard juice in bulk and put it in the water.

I mean hookers in the street get treated better from their pimps than Jefferson County workers, they at least get paid after they pay their overhead up front. The pimps at least tell the whores what they are and treat them accordingly with no illusions and no pandering. This may be why the government gets such a bad rap. That's my cynicism talking...

But how can you charge people to work in a County and then mismanage ALL of the money? The electorate elected one of the money mismanagers, Mayor of Birmingham (he's in the federal pen, after he bankrupted Fairfield), in a desperate attempt for financial solvency, the county decides to fire the very workers they robbed in the first place. Is this the church? At least there, they give you a happy ending, although you are probably a kid, and technically you are being molested, but are getting some feeling other than desperation, rage, confusion and loneliness. You get a cracker and wine/ grape juice which is more than what the county gives you. They just give you a bad time, a ticket, a pink slip with no parking spaces and you can't even renew your car tag online because now the courthouse is closed since they came up with the brilliant plan to fire everybody and discriminate against the Hispanics. Smart...   Sweet Home Alabama!

It's time to start a new government website:

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