Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mobile Saggy Pants Curfew Defeat- I'm Scared...

We thought Birmingham was defunct....

The City of Mobile is like a monkey tying to an open a locked box. Ordinances to impose a teen curfew in Mobile and to ban sagging pants failed in the City Council Tuesday. The issues have received widespread attention amid concerns about youth crime and violence. The original curfew would have prohibited minors from roaming the streets or any other public place, including businesses and other places of commerce, after 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, or midnight Friday and Saturday.
The same prohibition would have generally applied for school-age children from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. weekdays, when public school is in session.

Maybe I'm slow, but doesn't this qualify as government intrusion? Does the curfew mean that the so called thugs will pull their pants up, put down their guns, and be in bed by the stroke of midnight snuggling with their teddy bears? Is this a Disney Movie? Wasting time on a "curfew" and baggy pants law shows just how stupid and out of touch these so called leaders are about real crime in Mobile.The Mayor staking his reputation on an ill fated proposal with little merit he reveals to all, his failure as a leader, but this is Alabama after all, the only thing one needs to get elected here is to say "Jesus" enough times with a country time lemonade accent. Of course if you gauge the racists on, it's all linked to Obama and the coloreds. These idiots who are so afraid of a New World Order, Obama being a dictator worse than Stalin and a socialist mastermind are advocating for armed guards in the street in order to protect decent citizens (white protestant and over weight). Ironic right? How these tea people don't connect to the fact that a law dictating how long people stay out and what people wear is technically infringing on personal rights but that is perfectly acceptable because that's a magical crime deterrent even though no statistical evidence supports this theory. However, giving a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer to young girls is worst than selling your soul to Satan. Brilliance permeates very corner of the State of Alabama from the Governor to the toothless rednecks eating squirrel in the wire grass.

This state convinces me with each passing day that Jesus died in vain.

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"Maybe I'm slow, but doesn't this qualify as government intrusion?"