Thursday, July 31, 2014

Artur Davis Returns to Alabama: Tail Between His Legs and Wants to be Mayor

Beard Alert!!!!
The lights have gone down, the cameras are off and people are no longer interested in what was once a promising Uncle Tom that bitterly switched parties, ran to Virginia, attempted to get a job with a loser presidential candidate, attempted to consult, and is now launching an "exploratory committee" to run for Mayor of Montgomery. Here is the thing with Mr. Davis...he doesn't need an exploratory committee in lieu of common sense. I don't have a Harvard degree, but I bet I can tell him without him spending his money that he is wasting his time, just like I would've told him back in 2010 when he ran the most idiotic gubernatorial campaign in history that he would lose. If he just has money that is burning a hole in his pocket, then he can send it to my car finance company and let's call it a day.
I'm Running For Mayor...Can I Count On Your Vote? "Don't Make Me Laugh"!!!!!!!!

Artur needs to understand that people in Alabama are low information on a lot of things such as tax reform, medicare, ACA, the lottery and they will be easily manipulated if "Jesus" is said enough times in a sentence by a political candidate. However, for all their shortcomings, they will never elect a blatant hypocrite into office. Being a centrist Democrat is fine, not being beholden to the shucking and jiving that one has to do to secure a democratic nomination in Alabama among the black churches is fine, but to condescend to them, ignore them, blame them and blame Obama for your loss is beyond dumb. He lost 2010 because he ran a piss poor campaign, read the climate of the political environment wrong, and behaved as if he already won the primary and was in the general already. The TEA Party was in it's frenzied infancy in 2010, and they were vehemently against Obama and anything that resembled Obama. Davis attended law school with Obama and seconded his nomination at the Democratic convention in 2008, so is there any surprise that he was subsequently linked to Obama? Did he really need an exploratory committee to tell him about that?
Obama really likes this haircut! I'm so cool...

After the folly of his gubernatorial campaign, he talked about running for Virginia State Senate, we see that didn't work...He worked for a law firm for about a year and then became a resident fellow at Harvard University’s Institute for Politics in the spring of 2012. He garnered support from the cluster fox crowd by pimping himself out campaigning for Romney and speaking at the Republican convention, being the token with a horrible hair cut, black  to counter the Democrat "token black". He got to speak on some tea party shows, got to be named on some imaginary Romney black people inroads committee with other psychotic token blacks like Allen West, that no member of the black community would ever take seriously or care about. You know to make the GOP seem less racist but only with a chocolate shell. Then realized that he bet on the wrong horse when the magic underpants man lost, took all his toys off the sand lot like a petulant 5 year old, to Virgina and vowed never to play in Alabama again. 

Until now...

Montgomery is still a heavily democratic city, with a popular Mayor, Davis is a Republican now and believes that one must overcome partisanship. "It’s a citywide vision for Montgomery,” Davis said. “To be a good mayor of Montgomery, you can’t be partisan. You have to represent both sides, all sides, and I would bring the same point of view.” He's delusional...the same point of view? which is to throw a tantrum when you lose, betray those that support you, then come slithering back when those in the big time fail to take you seriously. 

Non Partisan

Artur goes on to say, “I didn’t expect to be involved in politics again at all,” he said. “But where I think I can do the most good would be in public service, and the reason mayor of Montgomery came to my attention is it’s my hometown, one I have an enormous identification with, and the challenges there are exactly the challenges that propelled me into politics in the first place.” Don't make me laugh...that was a long time ago and you aren't that guy anymore. How about this...don't get involved with politics then? Do yourself and all of us a huge favor and stop now. Spare yourself and the fake wife the humiliation of yet another loss. Have some dignity please. But what am I saying, I am talking about Artur, Bendadict Arnold/ Brutus Davis. There are no principles, no honor, but just some lame angle to try and win at any cost and we all know that you are not a winner anymore. It's like he went to the Universal Studios school of political science and strategy. Someone that started with so much promise is just a spoiled brat with a weak handshake, a beard of a wife that comes out only for photo ops and no credibility. It's bad when Beyonce' with her 5th grade level book report/ love letter to Michelle Obama can do a half naked video for "Let's Move", then a week later sign a $50 million dollar deal with Pepsi and can still get more people interested in voting and elections than Artur Davis. And she knows nothing about nothing. Like literally...nothing. I would bet most people don't even know who he is or even cares.
My Hair is Sooooooo fly

Artur Davis is a gold fish in a shark costume who believed that he was shark, the only shark in the water in fact. Once he got in the ocean with the real sharks, he wanted to jump back in the bowl with the gold fish. At this point, we just need to flush him down the drain and let the sewer rats have a non partisan hack snack.