Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Open Letter to Stacey Dash

Dear Stacey,

I am going to start out with something nice to say...

You look amazing for your age. I mean I wouldn't believe you were 50ish just by looking at you. Your hair is always pristine, you have a great physique and I still love Clueless. That vacant expression in your that says "the lights are on, but no one is home", is the stuff of men's fantasies.

With that said, you are probably dumber than Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann combined because they at least had jobs in the last decade. It was cool that  you didn't play the "I didn't root for Obama because he's black", thing, but why they let someone that isn't smart enough to answer questions from the Ms. Drag America Pageant discuss foreign policy confounds me.

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Am I stupid enough for the Fox Crowd?
You always have lapses in history, reality, space, time, math and science and it's just disgusting. One of the more idiotic comments you have made, and believe me, there are boundless comments, is that blacks that voted for Obama, which must have included you, since you voted for him in 2008, you said on Junior KKK Sean Hannity, “It still keeps them stuck. They are getting money for free,” “They feel worthless. They are uneducated.” Site your source. Site the source where we are getting money for free, uneducated or feel worthless. Now if you mean the racist system that was already in place long before Obama took the white house, ok. If you are talking about the social programs that the majority of white people receive, then again, I concede the argument. If you are referencing the piss poor job market and that even if you have 12 degrees, you can lose your job at any given moment at any given time and it can take years to find another one. Then again, I see your point. But none of that is Obama's fault. 

It almost seems that you go out of your way to prove how much of a half wit you truly are and to prove that black women can be dumb blondes too. There should be a dialogue bubble next to everyone you stand next to that simply says, "I'm with stupid". The latest bit of idiocy that crossed from your wax lips, is a complete rewrite of history. I'm not sure you were sober in the 2000's to come up with this one, but here goes. On a clusterfox show Monday, you said with a straight face that no one would have been beheaded under a George W. Bush presidency. You said, When George W. Bush was president, the most important thing to him was not to be liked, but to be respected,” she said. “And you better believe no one would have been beheaded when he was president.”

I was literally confused by this statement because I thought that it has happened, the silicone in your boobs have cut circulation off in your brain or you just don't understand the definition of "beheaded". Behead is a verb, meaning to take off head of; kill or execute by decapitation. Let me give you a history lesson for the selective amnesia that you clearly have. So the Bush years between 2000 and 2008 had a few guys that got beheaded Ms. Dumb Dash, let me tell you, they were broadcast online and you can easily find out this information on this primitive thing called "the internet". They even have a record of these people on Wikipedia

Daniel Pearl, the Jewish journalist, who was kidnapped by KSM, was the first guy, remember Angelina Jolie played his black wife in "A Mighty Heart" a few years ago, which made so sense...I digress...but he was killed in 2002. DURING BUSH'S TERM. 

Nick Berg was a contractor, back when Cheney was privatizing everything and getting rich for waging an illegal war. Nick was caught during Bush/ Cheney's misadventures in Iraq and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi personally beheaded Nick, in his poorly produced mix tape of Nick's beheading. This was 2004. AGAIN, BUSH WAS THE DECIDER IN CHIEF.

Owen Jack Armstrong and Jack Hensley, two contractors for a construction firm were Kidnapped with a Brit named Kenneth Bigley. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi personally beheaded Armstrong. The following day, the group beheaded Hensley, and threatened to kill Bigley, unless the United States met their demands to free all women prisoners in Iraqi jails Bigley was beheaded in October 2004.

There were countless people who were kidnapped, body parts were missing, bodies had to be recovered years after the fact. And let's not forget 3,000 people died on 9/11 while the President golfed and a war was started based on false pretenses, which is the reason why the above men were beheaded in the first place. 

Being a fox shill for the cash is one thing, but allowing you to have any type of intellectual conversation of any type is a pathetic joke. Basically anything that comes out of your mouth, a single celled 14 year old boy, could pick a part. 

Being a sex symbol yourself, I find it hard to believe that victim blaming is actually something you could do with a straight face. But again, I don't think the synapses fire and create one single, stable connection, so I don't believe you understand what you are saying half the time. But in your vapid, red state, mindless world, the rapist isn't to blame, the rape victim is to blame for being raped. Here is your word soup

Image result for stacey dash is stupid“The other bad girls–bad women–are the ones who like to be naughty, might go out and play and get hurt and then, you know…But the other thing about this is that it then blames the alcohol instead of the person who over-drinks. So it’s like, the same thing with guns. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Alcohol doesn’t get you drunk; you get yourself drunk.”

So I guess in the photo above, since you are naked, with your typical deer in headlights look, is this you asking for it? Is this you being naughty? Aren't you turning the rapist on? It's not the rapist fault that they have a psychological problem and a need to dominate and control the victim. It's your fault for being "naughty" or getting drunk. And no alcohol doesn't get you drunk, I have the power of alcohol within me to get high off life and don't need alcohol. That makes sense to me.

You are the perfect Republican token black. All that is required is that you are lightskinned, have money, spout party nonsense, have a firm back side and big boobs and then they can say they aren't racist and are all inclusive. And you sit on tv and prove over and over that maybe Darwin was wrong with his theory of survival of the fittest. You are proof that they will just continue to shine the poo and try to make stupid seem under the "big tent". But, you are still so mesmerizingly stupid that it hurts, it hurts so bad. If you weren't pretty, God help you, but don't get confused, if it weren't for Clue, you would've been on the next pole next to Amber Rose.