Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain On His Z Game

Herman Cain, the Little Engine that can't ever be elected to hold the office of President of the United States of America, is undergoing a joint book tour along with his phony campaign. Instead of going to primary states, like Iowa and New Hampshire, Uncle Ruckus has decided to take his medicine show to uncontested red states and peddle his brand of nonsensical rhetoric and propaganda. Cain is trying to be "the black guy", but not "that black guy". Cain has somehow become the Great White Hope to shut down Magic Underpants, Serial Flip Flopper Mitt Romney.

"The South looks very, very good for us," Mark Block, Cain's campaign manager, i.e. Creepy creeperton with the bad smoking habit from Cain's ridiculous web political add/ running punchline. Of course it looks good, the South is a backwards place that believes that when it rains the appropriate behavior is to get off of the phone  and be quiet because "God is doing his work". How about this one, if it rains and it's sunny at the same time, it means that "the devil is beating his wife." Yes people, these are the mental giants that walk the streets and are allowed to continue reproducing.

Cain himself plays up his Southern roots: His drawl grows a little thicker and he mentions God a little more frequently, to suit the crowd. "I am in Alabama because Alabama matters," Cain said at the state's party headquarters. "Ya'll are my neighbors." I want to move away from this cooning, pandering clown.

In the South, some Cain supporters say that supporting an African-American could turn long-held racial perceptions around. No Deep South states supported Barack Obama in 2008 and elected representatives in the state have become more racially polarized in recent years. Which is why it makes no logical sense for him to come here other than to shill for his book and pretend to campaign. Plus, set black people in politics back for another 50 years with his stupid pizza songs and "blame the poor for being poor" mambo jumbo.

Here is more news to further lower the civilized world's impression of Alabama:

Scott Beason, a Republican Alabama state senator, said a Cain victory, especially in the Deep South, would be a visible sign of progress.

"It would change the stereotypes that still exist about how people make their decisions down here," Beason said. "I think it's ironic that he will do better here than in the so-called enlightened states up north." "What folks are doing is listening to what is he saying and he is not afraid to say what he thinks."

Really Scott? This from the guy that called blacks, AFRICAN AMERICANS, aborigines. He was blithely unaware that aborigines are natives of New Zealand and Australia, a fact that most kids learn in a fourth grade world history class. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen any kangaroo's lately...It isn't all bad, he did get the hemisphere correct, so I guess we should cut him some slack. This guy is an elected official, A STATE SENATOR, so having him as a represented member of government proves that this is a state stacked to the sky of marginally retarded christian conservative nut jobs who can't see past things they don't understand, or things hidden in books. What earth shattering things are people listening to? Him saying God over and over? Singing old negro spirituals? How great the world of pizza is? Oh well, that's pretty difficult to grasp, but so is the fact that Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and The Tooth Fairy are all not really real. Using and addressing the people in double and triple negatives to pander to the "unique" southern charm? People in the South should be insulted that they are being talked down to and frankly manipulated by an idiot who can't even tell if he is for or against abortion  without a clarification and a retraction within the same day. Scott Beason's stereotype's are a matter of public record, you know the aborigine thing, and if he is so concerned about stereotypes changing, I would strongly suggest he begin with taking off his hood, take a fourth grade history course, and just wave the white flag in the face of his own self loathing.

Progress?? Does he expect the rest of the nation to applaud the Deep South for not being bigots finally??? God bless the Confederac­y! God Bless the New Aborigine Nation of Alabama!

Cain himself mocks rumors that he's simply in the race to promote his brand. "I've written some books," he said. "I don't want no TV show." How about, I don't want no candidate who can't speak no appropriat­e English...

So do double negatives equal a positive and he really means that he wants a show? That's what we learned in pre-algebra. Now I'm convinced that he wants a show and he is probably in talks with Cluster Fox, to spread more lies and imaginary facts pulled out of thin air about the Muslim Brotherhood,  ACORN, and the two lone members of the New Black Panther Party that intimidated the three people at one polling station back in 2008. He's already headlining his own minstrel show, complete with a white smoking monkey, creepy cowboys and a slow smiling white guy in black face, oh that's  Herb Cain, so he doesn't need his own show. Haven't we had enough of Presidents with grammar problems or people that feel they need to "dumb down" in order to be accepted. He doesn't want his own show, well neither did Palin, and Huckabee. Someone will start a Failed Candidate Network to provide 24/7 airtime in 15 minute segments for every one of them.  

Those of us in the South that are genetically capable of creating an independent thought never will, express it openly because they are afraid they will be excommunicated from the local mafia and pool of displaced pimps, called "The Church".

"They said I was the flavor of the week, but four weeks later the Cain campaign still tastes good!"

No matter how long it keeps or how tasty it is ...JUNK FOOD IS STILL JUNK FOOD.  

Friday, October 28, 2011

Beyonce Caught Stealing from Other Artists...AGAIN

“Ain’t nobody gon’ want us to go to their shows — because we gon’ take everything! Everybody does [say that".

– Beyonce speaking to her choreographer Frank Gatson in newly surfaced footage from 2006 [watch]. The footage was filmed during a dance rehearsal the day before Bey’s show stopping VMAs performance, for which she was criticized over for blatantly copying both Britney Spears entrance and outfit from her 2003 AMA’s performance, and Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” dance break from her Velvet Rope tour.
At least it’s nice to know that Beyonce has a sense of humor over her lack of integrity. All we can do for her at this point is to keep her in our prayers.

The act of plagiarizing: the copying of another person's ideas, text, or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission...

Probably the most boring, manufactured, overrated artist in history has made it big in recycling music, lyrics, choreography, style, video concepts, visuals, you name it, on being a cess pool. Beyonce is nothing but a walking land fill in the music industry with an active YouTube account.

Every song, every so called video, is "inspired" by someone else. The most godforsaken song that was allegedly "the greatest video of all time" according to the King in his own mind and his nut riders, Kanye West, was inspired by a song called "Walk it Out" by Bob Fosse. It was the exact same format, 3 people dancing in black and white with one take. Oh how original Beyowulf...that warranted the mic snatch from Kanye, that maybe was why she sat there looking stupid when the mic snatch happened, because she knew that she stole the concept from someone else. How about her Crazy in Love Choreography? Straight Shakira, baby, even down to the hip roll, belly dancing, the curly blond hair, hip popping and that strange bird flapping thing. Everyone knows Shakira was belly dancing back in like 2000 when the Latin invasion first hit the states, so now Beyowulf is belly dancing? Please...Oh yeah that mic behind the head thing is Shakira's too. Sorry Beyowulf. Pulling your card on that, you  plastic piece of trash.

"If I were a Boy", probably God's screeching punishment to the world, was stolen from a young girls myspace named BC Jean. Was this subject matter so complex that she couldn't come up with this on her own? Every girl has had this conversation, every 28 days in fact, but Beyonce isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and we all know that nappy lace front is a bit tight after years and years of abuse.

She adds herself to songs she doesn't write, if she can in fact write, the jury is out on that. "Cater 2 you", how fun, they changed the "to" to an "2", to make it cool, a song on her "Beyonce and them album", was initially registered to Ricky Allen but then she just stuck her grubby paws on there so she could get royalties and she didn't write one note. Classy.

Beyowulf even stole from British songstress Chrisette Michelle. What's wrong? Did she remind you to much of Jennifer Hudson and the Oscar that you were supposed to win? Singer Chrisette Michelle has said that the R'n'B cut taken from Beyonce's 'I Am...' project was actually supposed to be recorded for her album, but she gave it to Beyonce - however the song credits only include the names of only producers Elvis Williams, Harold Lilly and Beyonce Knowles. To much "Ego", not enough integrity.

Beyonce has admitted that the dance moves in her latest single 'Countdown' have been inspired by Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's 1983 piece 'Rosas danst Rosas'. "Clearly, the ballet Rosas danst Rosas was one of many references for my video Countdown. It was one of the inspirations used to bring the feel and look of the song to life," says the scholar.

Really? Was Kylie Minogue's glove an inspiration to that metal glove in "Single Ladies" which made all these stupid girls in the club wave their hands around in the air like a bunch of freaking fools, yelling, " all single ladies, all single ladies", like that was supposed to be something to be happy about. A bunch of pathetic women shouting together while the rich and successful heifer screeching and yodeling is making them feel better about being pathetic, single old maids. I would rather dance to the freak hoe song than the "single ladies" song. This wasn't a female empowerment song. This was a "if you're pathetic and you know it raise your hand", song.

Survivor wasn't hers, she didn't write it, she got a copy right AFTER she got sued. But that's what she always does, have someone else write the song, or shoot the video, that she is "inspired" by, copies it frame by frame, claims that she wrote everything, then when she is called out for theft, she admits, "oh, I was inspired by a YouTube video." Her thief card has been called for stealing from Khia's ghetto "My Neck My Back", I mean low can we go? Oh, we stole a power point presentation from an Italian earlier this year for her stupid "who run the world" nonsense. Beyowulf, if you don't have anything to contribute of your own, then it's time to let it go. Or do you think that because you have a billion dollars as your Joe Camel husband likes to brag in each and every boring "Blue Print" album, that you can do whatever you like without even worrying about it? This is how bad her stealing is, she has stolen designs for her lame House of Dereon line and has been sued for that. I mean come on. Is her perfume being sued for intellectual property, is she knocking off Red Door or White Diamonds? How sad is it that Rihanna copies Beyonce. She doesn't even know where Beyonce's "inspiration" comes from.

At the inauguration she said that the President made her want to be "smarter" well at least she knows she isn't smart and that's the first step to getting help. We have known for years that she isn't smart, a fact that is painfully obvious everytime she opens her mouth. At Obama's inauguration in 2008, she even tried to give a "performance" about how happy she was to be performing and tried to invoke tears that never quite came, maybe she should have cut some onions because we all know she can't act. We know she can screech like a tortured cat while sticking her vajajay out at the camera while she shakes a padded derriere in a leotard with a wind machine blowing her lace front. She is a master at illusion. People think she is singing live while she is lipsynching. She is so talented in comparison to who is out now. She is the best in an industry with no standards, no talent, no effort, and an over reliance on cliches. Today's music, if repeating the same line is called music, is made for 10 year olds. All they have heard was rubbish all their lives, they have no reference points.

That is why Beyonce is queen of celebrities, She's Queen Bee. Musicians no longer exist, only hyped up gangster bitches and professional butt shakers. Just let the bright colors and the bright lights hypnotize us from the terrible crap going on onstage. The talented one's die or have their work stolen by padded rump shakers like Beyowulf. I can only see you as the marginally talented, dumbed down blow up doll and pissed on by big bizness/ black greasy rooster father  and soon to be local 86 year crack cocaine would be baronesses pathetic excuse of fashion designer mother of yours. Beyowulf, is nothing but a Rupual freak show, belonging in a gay club twirling pythons and juggling torches. But then again, she wouldn't be boring...

Beyonce, singer, actress (that's laughable), fashion designer (if you like cheap stripper clothing with fake fur), supernova, Gigapig and an all round stanky leg thief.

Plagiarism in the dictionary should have Beyonce added as a definition or more like changed to the definition.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terry Jones: Crack Pot Pastor For President

Looks like we got our third party...

So called pastor whose claim to fame is burning Qurans and looking like a bastardized Colonel Sanders is running for President. The campaign, named "Stand Up America Now," aims to propel him to the White House largely on a seven-point platform which includes deporting all "illegals" and immediately bringing all of the troops home. The pastor's message appears to remain anti-Muslim. A statement from Jones announcing his campaign goes as far as to solicit donations in order to specifically oppose radical Islam. Please financially support us as we continue our stand against radical Islam," it reads.
Jones gained a level of infamy after President Barack Obama was forced to request he not burn a copy of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11 in 2010. Though he cancelled his initial plans, he ultimately followed through on his word and burned the religious text in March. The act sparked widespread protests in Afghanistan that lead to violence. Can you imagine how wonderful this guy would be for foreign policy? Imagine dealing with Saudi Arabia or Pakistan with this rodeo clown in the White House? His answer is to burn the Quran and these ARAB nations are our supposed allies. Sarah Palin looks better and better next to this guy.

Here is the Political and Bible Scholars campaign platform:

1. Stop overspending immediately.
We are now overspending by 4 billion dollars a day.

2. Balance the budget.
If this is not done, then we will experience a total collapse of our economy and way of life. (Good luck with that, economists say that's not economically feasible, especially during times of national of world disaster that can't be planned for in a budget. Like Hurricane's, earthquakes tsunami's, etc...)

3. Reduce military spending.
All military on foreign soil should be brought back immediately and all future involvement of
military on foreign soil should not be engaged until our country has become economically
strong again. The security of our nation must be reexamined and our military spending must
be cut by several billion dollars. (It's going to take about a decade for our country to become economically strong again. If this fool goes about burning Qurans and making other "stands" against radical Islam, I can assure you, we will be in another military engagement.)

4. Deport all illegals.
We must immediately begin the deportation of the 20 million illegal aliens living in our country. (Are you going to start with yourself, we are all immigrants, you doofus).

5. Also saving us 400 billion dollars per year. (whatever this is)

6. Reduce corporate taxes.
Our corporate taxes are the highest in the world. Corporate taxes must be reduced
immediately in order to encourage people to start new businesses and existing corporations
to expand, thus producing the jobs that are needed. (Yeah, because corporations are suffering. Obama hurt their feelings by calling them fat cats and they haven't recovered).

7. Reduce bureaucracy. We must reexamine the bureaucracy of our government and
businesses. We are dying and drowning in bureaucracy, rules and regulations. Companies
must be held accountable for the consumer's protection, but the over-control and overkill
that we have is destroying our companies. (talking out of both sides of our. mouth, we can't hold them accountable, yet claim that regulation destroys companies. Somehow I feel like he knows nothing about economics, legislation, law, and lobbying).

Well, this certainly won't lower the bar of the stellar line up of candidates we have so far.  This candidacy is Dead on Arrival. What he needs to do is burn that mustache off his face instead of the Quran. Just when we thought we couldn't out crazy the whack jobs on the GOP Playing field. Having Jed Clampett's reincarnated spirit in the White House, Mexicans and Canadians will be talking about their illegal American problem. Seriously, his list reads reads like a 4th grade social studies project at a retarded school. Romney must be sweating bullets in his plastic suit and magic underwear, but he is no less qualified than the rest of the talking monkeys in the field. I hope his so called "church" loses his tax exemption. If he stands next to Bachmann in the debates, she will look sane by default, at least until she starts speaking. His mustache has my vote.

As flavors of the month go, this one tastes like fecal matter. Morons your short bus is leaving!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Republicans Hate Romney

 He's a Mormon and a cult member. His God is not as good as their God. The GOP is determined pander to the base and the American people with a religious litmus test. This is why they are speed dating candidates who lack the most basic knowledge of anything. First they wanted category 5 Moron Michelle and her closeted husband who believes it's feasible to pray the gay out of people, then they wanted a pseudo Bush who is dumber, gayer and more gun toting-er than a member of the Crips. Lastly we have our real life minstrel show, Herman Cain, who literally breaks out in an old negro spiritual while channeling the power of the Fuhrer saying nothing more than "9-9-9".  The most infamous and insane Mormon is Glenn Beck, so we know Mormonism churns out loons. I'm just saying what everyone else down here in the deep, deep South doesn’t even have to say — we’re still not convinced that the Catholics aren’t going to hell because they worship Mary, changed the Ten Commandments and are idolaters (and they drink!). But the Bible changed anyway...and the fact that people in the South can admit that out loud means that people here reads and that's rare.

So, what’s the big deal? I know, I know, the primaries and all that, but really, Perry has the evangelical vote sewn up. That should scare the hell out of everyone...

Why do Evangelicals consider Mormonism a cult? "What is a cult?" But it is not enough to ask modern pastors or Christians for their definition because they are obviously threatened by the growth of Mormonism and want to make sure they use--or create--a definition that nails the Mormons. Many seem to have a working definition of cult as "anything I disagree with." I consider a true cult any religion not 2,000 years or older, even though every religion fits the text book definition of cult. Webster defines cult as:  A system of religious belief and worship. That which was the religion of Moses is the ceremonial or cult of the religion of Christ. appears that Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Adventists, and Jehovah's Witnesses also fall's under the so called "cult" umbrella. We won't even mention the fringe groups like The Church of Scientology, Raelians, or the Yahweh Bin Yahweh's. The sad part is, the Republicans that are dismissing Romney on his God credentials know nothing about his religion.

What do Mormon's believe?

The Mormon religion (Mormonism), whose followers are known as Mormons and Latter Day Saints (LDS), was founded less than two hundred years ago by a man named Joseph Smith. He claimed to have received a personal visit from God the Father and Jesus Christ who told him that all churches and their creeds were an abomination. Joseph Smith then set out to begin a brand-new religion that claims to be the “only true church on earth.” we go with this again...every religion claims this one don't they?

Mormons believe that there are in fact four sources of divinely inspired words, not just one: 1) The Bible “as far as it is translated correctly.” Which verses are considered incorrectly translated is not always made clear. 2) The Book of Mormon, which was “translated” by Smith and published in 1830. Smith claimed it is the “most correct book” on earth and that a person can get closer to God by following its precepts “than by any other book.” Of course, because HE WROTE IT! 3) The Doctrine and Covenants, containing a collection of modern revelations regarding the “Church of Jesus Christ as it has been restored.” 4) The Pearl of the Great Price (those of us that read the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne recognize this line), which is considered by Mormons to “clarify” doctrines and teachings that were lost from the Bible and adds its own information about the earth's creation. They have this "adding texts" thing in common with Jehovah Witnesses, Adventists, Scientologists, Raelians, Heaven's Gate,

Mormons believe the following about God: He has not always been the Supreme Being of the universe, but attained that status through righteous living and persistent effort. They believe God the Father has a “body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s.” Though abandoned by modern Mormon leaders, Brigham Young taught that Adam actually was God and the father of Jesus Christ. Mormons believe that there are different levels or kingdoms in the afterlife: the celestial kingdom, the terrestrial kingdom, the telestial kingdom, and outer darkness. Where mankind will end up depends on what they believe and do in this life.

The Telestial Kingdom is the lowest degree of glory attainable, and is reserved for those who have willfully rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ and commit serious sins such as adultery, lying and murder and who fail to repent for these sins in mortality. These people are unable to receive either Jesus Christ or God the Father. So lying, cheating on your spouse and murder are all equal? Telling someone that I didn't eat that cookie is the same thing as dismembering a child? Yup, according to the Morons, I mean Mormons.

TheTerrestial Kingdom is saved for those who lived honorable lives on Earth but were blinded by the "craftiness" of men and were not valiant in the testimony of Jesus. These people receive the presence of the Son, but not the Fullness of the Father. This must be for the people that have common sense and never lied, murdered or cheated on their spouses but danced to the devils music while eating chocolate, fried chicken and drinking beer. This is where all the masturbators, video game players, and stiletto wearing harlots go.

The highest degree of glory, and the one LDS members strive to reach, is the Celestial Kingdom . This Kingdom is reserved for those who received the testimony of Jesus, believed in his name and were baptized after the manner of his burial. Entrance into this Kingdom requires a temple marriage and sealing.  People are able to dwell in the presence of both God the Father and Jesus Christ for all eternity. Latter-day Saints believe that eternal life is the greatest of all God's gifts, and the Plan of Salvation is His way of making it available to them. They also believe that every person has the potential to become a God with all the power and glory that God the Father possesses.

Here is my favorite: Another unique belief held by LDS members is that of baptism of the dead. Mormons believe that all deceased beings, dwelling as spirits and awaiting the time of resurrection and judgement, will be given the opportunity to hear and accept the message of the Gospel; whereas ordinary baptisms take place in normal church houses, baptisms for the dead are only performed in the temples.

Mormon leaders have taught that Jesus’ incarnation was the result of a physical relationship between God the Father and Mary. Mormons believe Jesus is a god, but that any human can also become a god. The most important and central focus of the LDS church is the family. Marriages performed in the Church's temples do not end at death; rather, both the marriage and family relationships are sealed for "time and all eternity." This idea - of an "eternal family" - governs their way of life; every effort is made to live a life worthy of returning to live with God the Father (and thus their family in the Celestial Kingdom).

Plural Marriage (polygamy; a man must have more than one wife to attain the highest degree of heaven).

The Curse of Cain (the black race is not entitled to hold God's priesthood because it is cursed; this doctrine was not abandoned until 1978).

Blood Atonement (some sins - apostasy( leaving the church), adultery, murder, interracial marriage - must be atoned for by the shedding of the sinner's blood, preferably by someone appointed to do so by church authorities).

More interesting beliefs in a nutshell:

God lives on a planet near the star Kolob.

  • God was once a man like us.
  • God has a tangible body of flesh and bone.
  • God ("Heavenly Father") has at least one wife, our "Mother in Heaven," but she is so holy that we are not to discuss her nor pray to her.
  • We can become like God and rule over our own universe.
  • There are many gods, ruling over their own worlds.
  • Jesus and Satan ("Lucifer") are brothers, and they are our brothers - we are all spirit children of Heavenly Father
  • Jesus Christ was conceived by God the Father by having sex with Mary, who was temporarily his wife.
  • We should not pray to Jesus, nor try to feel a personal relationship with him.
  • "God" ("Jehovah") in the Old Testament is the being named Jesus in the New Testament. (yeah...)
  • In the the highest degree of the celestial kingdom some men will have more than one wife.
  • Before coming to this earth we lived as spirits in a "pre-existence", during which we were tested; our position in this life (whether born to Mormons or savages, or in America or Africa) is our reward or punishment for our obedience in that life.
  • Dark skin is a curse from God, the result of our sin, or the sin of our ancestors. If sufficiently righteous, a dark-skinned person will become light-skinned. (good news black people, makes Willie Lynch look like an amateur.)
  • The Garden of Eden was in Missouri. All humanity before the Great Flood lived in the western hemisphere. The Ark transported Noah and the other survivors to the eastern hemisphere. (God bless America, screw history, who cares that America didn't exist until millions of years after the flood and that the Garden of Eden was proven to be archaeologically in Mesopotamia, i.e, the Middle East). For the love of God...I want whatever this fools are smoking.

  • The LDS Church is basically our American "Protestant Reformation",  mixed with UFOs  and good old fashioned racism, who happen to not be protestants, or do not derive from the theological tradition that originated in Roman Catholicism. Nor are they Trinitarians or Neo-Platonists does not partake of the post-Apostolic doctrines such as the Nicene Creed.

    What happens if one becomes a Mormon?

    You will be continually reminded that to enter the highest degree of heaven (the "Celestial Kingdom"), you will have to go through the endowment ceremony in the temple and have your marriage to your Mormon spouse "sealed." (If your spouse is not Mormon, or if you are not married, you cannot enter the highest degree of heaven.) To get permission to have these ceremonies performed in the temple, you must prove yourself to be a faithful and obedient member of the church and do everything commanded by the church authorities, from the Prophet down to the local level. You will have to undergo a personal "worthiness" interview with the local church authorities inquiring into your private life and your religious and social activities.

    You will be expected to be unquestioningly obedient to church authorities in whatever they might tell you to do. "Follow the Brethren" is the slogan, and it means to follow without doubt or question. Discussion of whether a decree from above is correct is discouraged. You will be expected to have faith that the leaders cannot possibly lead you astray. Even if they should tell you something which contradicts what a previous prophet may have said, you will be told "A living prophet takes precedence over a dead prophet."

    You will be advised not to read any material which is "not faith-promoting."

    You will be advised not to associate with "apostates," that is, former Mormons. (You will be asked in your "worthiness" interview about this.)

    If you are unmarried, you will be encouraged to marry a good Mormon as soon as possible. When you do marry, in a wedding ceremony in the temple, your non-Mormon family members and friends will not be allowed to attend the ceremony, because only "worthy" Mormons are allowed to enter the temple.

    If you are homosexual, you will be pressured to abandon this "evil" aspect of your nature. If you do not, you will probably not be fully accepted by other church members. If you do not remain celibate, you may be excommunicated.
    In Bondage
    If you are a male over 12 years of age and "worthy" (that is, if you are obedient, attend meetings, do not masturbate,)  you will be ordained to one of the levels of priesthood, and, if you continue to be faithful and obedient, you will gradually advance through the priesthood ranks. If you are female, you will receive the benefits of priesthood authority only indirectly, through your Mormon father or your Mormon husband. The role of the Mormon woman is to be a wife and mother and to obey and honor her priest husband (or father). 

    If you prove yourself to be faithful, hard working and obedient, you will eventually be considered worthy to "receive your endowment" in a Mormon temple. You will not be told in advance exactly what to expect in this lengthy ceremony, except that the details of the ritual are secret (Mormons prefer to say they are just "sacred," but they treat them as though they are secret). As part of that ceremony you will be required to swear a number of oaths, the penalty for violation of which is no longer stated but until 1990 was death by various bloody methods, such as having your throat slit from ear to ear. You will be given the secret signs and passwords which are required to enter heaven. (Although most Mormons who have not received the endowment know very little about the ceremony, the entire liturgy is now available on the Internet to Mormon and non-Mormon alike.) After receiving the endowment you will be required to wear a special undergarment at all times.
    Purification for the youth

    Again, these are beliefs I suspect most people haven't investigated or looked into that closely, but their belief system has the same purpose as everyone Else's. It's nothing more than an organized system of control to maintain social order. Personally, I don't distinguish much of a difference between magic underpants, many mini or demi gods, degree's of heaven and glorified bodies, angels, everyone having a private mansion, robes and gold crowns. Is that not really the same thing? One person's cult is the next person's religion and neither belongs in government or as a qualifier to hold public office. God or whatever deity you believe in, if this is what qualifies a person for public office, if this is the best that we can do, then we are dead as society already.

     Romney, Perry, Cain, Bachmann they are all fruit from the same poisonous tree of lunacy. March on Christian soldiers, and take your country off a cliff!

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Alabama Governor Bentley Tries to Save Face

    Seksi Beast!

    Well what little face can be saved since he bears a striking resemblance to Fire Marshall Bill and the Crypt Keeper, that is...

    After nationwide humiliation with the "papers please" law, he came up with a brilliant solution for the unemployed worker. A proposal to move unemployed workers into jobs being vacated by immigrants. How exciting! You see, the State Legislature didn't think this law through, and now just like in Georgia, crops are dying because there is no one to pick the tomatoes, bananas, and other commodities that farmers depend on to make a living.

    "We have to make sure people are aware of the job opportunities," Bentley said at press conference at a Montgomery unemployment office. The new program, called "Work Alabama" is designed to enhance Alabama's existing services for the unemployed by putting an emphasis on connecting job seekers with temporary jobs.

    Bentley disputed the assertions by some farmers that most Americans do not want to do the demanding work in agricultural fields. What do they know, they actually OWN THE FARMS!

    "There are people today who want these jobs," he said. "I think it is almost insulting to say people in Alabama won't do a hard day's work for a decent day's pay." He's right, people will do a hard day's work for a decent day's pay, the problem is, people don't pay a decent day's pay, which is why they hire illegals.

    Bentley said he has also assembled a team including representatives of the agriculture and construction industries to make recommendations on how to fill manual labor jobs in the long term.

    Wouldn't it have been thoughtful of the Governor to have this plan already in place on September 1 or even beforehand?

    I will venture to say that the links you discover are not going to be that helpful in getting you one of these now "vacated" jobs. If the Governor and politicians behind this absurd law were serious about helping you -- you would have one of these jobs already. How could they have known about these vacated jobs before hand? They would have to look into the future right? That's right, Arizona and Georgia passed similar laws and they obtained similar results like getting sued by the Federal government for Civil Liberties violations and having a mass exodus of immigrant workers causing entire crops to spoil and die in the ground. That all happened BEFORE Alabama decided to go all in on this Jim Crowe for  Hispanics law. Consider that many of these jobs are in rural areas, particularly up on Sand Mountain. OK, if I'm unemployed and living in Birmingham, should I move to Sand Mountain for a month to pick tomatoes for $10 an hour. Figure rent, food, transportation, etc. Or should I commute, and spend a fortune on transportation. It's about 100 miles from Birmingham to Rainsville. Figure about 50 cents a mile for gas, tires and wear and tear on a car. That's 1,000 miles a week -- of $500 in expenses for a job that pays $400 a week. Even if you knock the rate of mileage reimbursement in half, you're then talking about earning $150 a week. Kinda hard to get excited about that.

    The Mexicans have been exploited, no doubt. However, they do not pay taxes at least payroll, they pay sales, gas, car, tag, and transportation taxes. They live 10 workers to one dwelling, receive medical care, etc. etc. They also appear to "hang together" and help one another out which is something Americans don't do!

    Now the state wants to kick out the Mexicans and exploit its own citizens! The hateful and spiteful attempts to harm others (Mexicans) with no compassion for others is wrecking havoc on the perpetrators. There will be more unintended consequences that will bite the citizens of this state in the proverbial rear end. It's called the Law of Karma. Let's get real here and look at work vs pay and necessary expenses vs extras. Try if you can to put yourself, if only in your imagination, in the shoes of the poor and suffering. This is just what we need here in Alabama are more low paying jobs with no benefits. Thank you Governor Bentley! The serfs are most grateful.

    Back in 2006, Bush tried to tackle this Immigration problem by trying to offer immigrants that were already here a legal path to citizenship. The very same people that are jumping up and down screaming about the lack of leadership from Obama and how immigrants are a threat to our national security, wanted to build a fence.

    Now, Fire Marshall Bill is confidant that he has done the right thing, so confident in fact that he won't grant interviews and will do anything to change the subject. What's the matter Skeletor, do you want to hide your shame? You must realize that you are the next the George Wallace don't you? That's your historical role, embrace it.

    "I don't want to be perceived as the face of illegal immigration bills in the country, and I could be that," Republican Gov. Robert Bentley told The Associated Press on Friday during a rare interview about the law. That's right, hide your shame, I would. Bentley continues to perpetuate the lie that he wants to be remembered not as a governor who cracked down on illegal immigrants but as one who created jobs and solved problems. I can assure you, Bubba, you will be one that will remembered more for causing more problems than solving them.

    He said many people who have never visited the state still think it is in the civil rights era.
    "It's going to take us a long time to outlive those stereotypes that are out there among people that Alabama is living in the '50s and '60s," Bentley said.  Correction: I was born and raised in this God forsaken state and it IS still stuck in the 50's and 60's. It's not a stereotype and why anyone would want to visit here is beyond me. Oh yeah, they can come visit and see what main attraction? The CIVIL RIGHTS MUSEUM...Some parts of the interstate still have a confederate flag flying high and proud so what's he talking about? And the fact that one of the State Legislators called Black people "ABORIGINES" on tape and it was part of a trial transcript makes no never mind. Yeah, you're right, Alabama has not one racial problem, it's a beacon of hope, a melting pot of sorts for the nation. This State, Alabama, should be held out as the example of how loving a state should be. *sarcasm* If Jesus came back right now and came to an Alabama suburb, he would be labeled a dead beat liberal hippie and crucified a second time.

    Please Hide My Shame
    Bentley is a coward, at least Jan Brewer in her gross stupidity has the courage to stand by her convictions no matter how misguided, illogical and constitutionally off base they may be. Bentley is not a leader. Responsible leadership requires actually LEADING, not hiding out or laying low like a common street criminal. Does he even know what "the essence of the law" is? He's never explained it before and he doesn't want to explain anything when it comes to specifics of the law because he doesn't know anything when it comes to specifics. His "taking the high road" (according to him) on this issue is only because he doesn't understand it well enough to explain it to people. Do you believe in this illegal so called law or not? The fact he doesn't see how inconsistent his statements are is very revealing.

    And we all know how Governor Bentley likes to brag about how many jobs he is bringing to Alabama. That is, after all, the only issue he ran on in the Republican primary and general election. I wonder if Alabama's unemployment rate has gone down ANY since he took office. He never talks about that, so I assume it has not. Has Alabama lost more jobs than we have gained since Dr. Bentley took office? Yet again Bentley has made it abundantly clear that he cares about sound bites (they must make him feel important and gubernatorial) but not about backing those sound bites up with meaningful action. Who is more mind numbingly stupid Gubanor Drivel hide and find Bentley or Roy, "I don't need the law telling me about the law", Moore.

    Governor/ Dr./ Fire Marshall Bill campaigned that he wouldn't take a salary until Alabama was at full employment. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    The Two Faces of Herman Cain

    Another day, another clarification...

    The first chinks in the armor of the Cain lie train has occurred and has potentially threatened his "front runner" status. Herman Cain is apparently pro choice. That is a big no no to the God Squad. His exact position is: he is personally anti-abortion but believes it's "not the government's role ... to make that decision". That flies in the face of the Evangelical Christians who believe it's their life's mission to legislate what a woman does with her uterus. Iowa Caucus goers believe foolishly that Roe v. Wade can and must be overturned even after 30 years of unsuccessful attempts to change settled law.

    Uncle Ruckus, the dancing fool, put out a statement late in the day on Thursday trying to clarify his position, but he still did not address the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, raising questions about whether he believes in the legal right to abortion despite his strenuous rhetoric in the past claiming to be, in his own words, "pro-life." Because pro-life and pro choice really has to be clarified to those that don't understand what those terms mean. Here is the Republican dilemma. You have to be a nut to get the Republican candidacy but then you can't get elected in the general election.  

    Cain said he thought the question he was asked by CNN's Piers Morgan on Wednesday night was "whether that I, as president, would simply 'order' people to not seek an abortion."

    "My answer was focused on the role of the President. The President has no constitutional authority to order any such action by anyone. That was the point I was trying to convey. As to my political policy view on abortion, I am 100% pro-life. End of story. I will appoint judges who understand the original intent of the Constitution. Judges who are committed to the rule of law know that the Constitution contains no right to take the life of unborn children," Ruckus continues with his lies, "I will oppose government funding of abortion. I will veto any legislation that contains funds for Planned Parenthood. I will do everything that a President can do, consistent with his constitutional role, to advance the culture of life." There is no government funding for abortion, it's called the Hyde amendment, he's had his wish for over 30 YEARS! Planned Parenthood provides health care for low income women. It's not like there is an abortion factory going on at Planned Parenthood, that's GOP Cluster Fox propaganda used to indoctrinate the weak and feeble minded.

    Cain was asked Wednesday evening by CNN's Piers Morgan for his view on abortion in the case of rape. "It ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make. Not me as president, not some politician, not a bureaucrat. It gets down to that family. And whatever they decide, they decide. I shouldn't have to tell them what decision to make for such a sensitive issue," Cain said.

    He added a minute later: "I can have an opinion on an issue without it being a directive on the nation. The government shouldn't be trying to tell people everything to do, especially when it comes to social decisions that they need to make."

    Cain gave an even more confusing answer to Fox News' John Stossel in July. Stossel asked Cain if there were "any cases where [abortion] should be legal."

    "I don't think government should make that decision," Cain said. Moments later he said, "People shouldn't just be free to abort." He added: "Abortion should not be legal."

    But asked whether a woman should have an abortion if she is raped, Cain said: "That's her choice. That is not government's choice."

    So, the government shouldn't get involved in such a sensitive case? The intent of the Constitution does not order a person to seek an abortion or to not seek an abortion, but what do I know, I just took a class in Constitutional Law. If we don't trust the government to grow jobs, then why do we trust them or really hope they will legislate morality? PICK A SIDE OF THE FENCE AND WALK ON IT! Stop saying silly things like what you really believe Herb, that's an automatic ticket to the electric fence. He's worst than a flip flopper, it's like he has a split personality, is confused or is just counting on the fact that Republican­s are easily distracted by flag-wavin­g, scapegoati­ng & religious mumbo jumbo.

    I wonder what the position of these social conservati­ve cavemen would be if  a woman who flies out of the US, got an abortion in a country where they're legal, then flies home again. Has she committed a crime?  Absolutely­, so long as they have committed the crime anywhere on God's green Earth, or even a thousand years from now even when they do it on God's other planets once we've colonized them in perpetuity. Will the government stay out of a girl's private part? Pro-life is an oxymoron for most people that identify themselves as Christians that love life yet they also support the death penalty...­They are simply "Anti-choi­ce"! Republican pro life people have to answer one question: Do they want more government involvemen­t in peoples life? (That way they can tell a woman what to do with her body and repeal any laws giving her choice or power over her own body) Or do they want less government and therefore have no say in what a woman does with her body? They need to make up their minds....r­ight now, they want more government for the things they want to do and less government for the other of us. Which is it Republican, Christian Conservative hypocrites­????  

    The Republican­s are speed dating with anyone who can fog a mirror. Each and every one has failed after one or two weeks of scrutiny. The default is Romney, who is going to have one hell of a time getting into a debate with Obama. The guys flops around like a caught fish on a dock.  

    What's funny and ironic is that the Pizza Man's undoing will come from a statement that isn't completely insane. It also proves that GOP voters are less sane than Author Herb Cain.

    It's OK, Herb, you can go back to singing, dancing, and plugging senseless books, because you won't have the opportunity to control women or the Free World.

    Sit Boo Boo Sit. Good Porch Monkey... 

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Herman Cain..Dance Jigaboo Dance!

    I Need a Laxative, Cause I'm Full of S*it!
    Republican talking points.
    "Not intended to be a factual statement.­"
    "I have no facts to support me, but...."
    "I wasn't serious, it was just a joke."  

    How can he embarrass me and the entire black race anymore than singing and dancing on the stump in addition to making Pizza made of vomit with left over animal parts taken from the local animal shelters...Some how he has managed to become the front runner or should I say, the anti-Mormon candidate who is the anti-intellectual that doesn't have to explain anything only in black face.

    The GOP says and does allot of stupid things to pander to the Southern Evangelical, overweight, sanctimonious, fear based voters, but Herman Cain continues to amaze with his brazen stupidity. In Tennessee, our Presidential want to be has claimed that part of his policy would be to build an electrified fence on the Mexican border that could potentially kill anyone trying to enter the country illegally. He then tried to walk away from that and said, "just kidding, it's not a serious plan." Well, neither is 999, but somehow that made him a front runner.

     Cain's description of the fence: "It's going to be 20 feet high. It’s going to have barbed wire on the top. It’s going to be electrified. And there’s going to be a sign on the other side saying, ‘It will kill you -- Warning.'"

    Cain later added, "We want to make it easy for people to come through the front door. And we’re going to shut off the back door so you don't have to sneak into America." The presidential hopeful suggested also using armed military troops to help secure the border.

    The idea of an electrified fence also surfaced at a campaign stop in Iowa this summer, when Cain suggested America build a border wall similar to the Great Wall of China, going so far as to advocate a moat full of alligators. Clearly they don't have history books and is unaware of the deaths that it took to create the great wall, or the fact that the wall didn't keep out the invaders it meant to keep out in the first place. Maybe he is also unaware that they had electrified fences somewhere else? Concentration camps. You know how they love to invoke Socialism and Fascism everywhere. Why would we as Americans condone anyone living in a concentration camp? Are we that dumb here? Yes, because this dancing monkey is a front runner. Proof that Jesus died in vain...

     Cain's remarks: "I just got back from China. Ever heard of the Great Wall of China? It looks pretty sturdy. And that sucker is real high. I think we can build one if we want to! We have put a man on the moon, we can build a fence! Now, my fence might be part Great Wall and part electrical technology. ... It will be a twenty foot wall, barbed wire, electrified on the top, and on this side of the fence, I'll have that moat that President Obama talked about. And I would put those alligators in that moat!" How about a moat full of electric alligators­?  Or sharks with laser guns attached to their head and maybe a laser beam on their heads?

    Tourist Attraction
    A person with Cain's mentality should never be allowed to sit in the Oval Office much less a toilet. Yeah, State sanctioned murder to solve the problem with illegal immigration...a person that grew up in the Civil Rights era should really watch what he is saying, because he is on borrowed time. Does he think this will bring in tourism and help the economy just like his fictional economic policy derived from a video game. Only problem with Herman Cain is that he hasn't been a political figure long enough to realize that he's not supposed to actually say what he thinks, if he in fact thinks, and there is no evidence of that.   He hasn't learned the fine art of dodging a question, answering a question with a question, or answering a completely different question than the one asked. 

    "Let's Electrocute People!" That's what you come up with and that's what the people in the Bible belt like? Aren't we paying too much for utilities anyway because of governmental mismanagement and now you want to add a 9% tax to fry the illegals? By the by, who will clean up the burnt flesh littered in the desert? Not the Mexicans because they will be you know dead, because I'm sure the signs will be posted in English. I don't do dead body detail...As we have seen in the debates nothing makes a Conservati­ve cheer louder than the gruesome death of someone they don't like and don't know.  How is that Jesus thing working for you?

    It's great that Herb Cain presents his sour dough simple solutions to complex problems and the people eat it up. If it doesn't work, then he sings and old negro spiritual and the good christian white folk are at ease. They think that Herb is a deep tanned good ole boy. But, that good ole boy is still a slave descendant that will never be President. It would be so great for Americans to grasp the concept that we have been raping, pillaging and interfering in the affairs of various nations since the inception of this country, we take their goods, invade their lands, treat their natives like personal servants and use illegal immigrants as borderline indentured servants for over 30 years. NOW, the economy is bad and we have to punish the immigrants and not the people that willingly broke the law by hiring them or hold the Congress responsible for not dealing with immigration reform years ago.

    It seems that everyone in the GOP/ Tea Party has a case of dementia and selective memory and never attended school EVER. Herman Cain once again panders to hillbilly xenophobes and hopes he will become the head nigger in charge.

    Herman Cain- Proof that People that want to leave their mark on the world, merely leave a stain.

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    Anita Perry, Rick Perry's Beard Stars in Clueless the Sequel

    As If!!!

    Middle Aged Barbie
    I know it's October and it's time for scary movies not comedies, but Niggerhead lover Duchess of Hazzard Anita Perry is auditioning for a starring role in a comedy or she is really clueless.

    Two Republican Presidential Candidates have suffered personal tragedies that have to be addressed with great sensitivity and care. Magic Underpants wearer and Plastic Man Mitt Romney is unemployed while Rick Perry's son quit his job as an investment banker to work on his father's Presidential Campaign. What these two dopes have in common is that it's ALL OBAMA'S FAULT. Let's take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of these two men's viable income. Oh that's right, they are rich and they don't need to work, but it's all still Obama's fault that they are idiots right? Oh...cry me a river, I want to taste your tears, the tears of your anguish and your pain.

    Anita Perry, the wife of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, said she sympathized with the unemployed Friday because her son resigned from his job at Deutsche Bank to campaign for his father. How kind of her and her swashbuckling Bush clone to feel the pain of the disaffected citizen...How many of us can cry because we quit our six figure job on the Presidents economic failures? Are we supposed to 'feel his pain" or something now that he's one of us now?  

    "He resigned his job two weeks ago because he can't go out and campaign with his father because of SEC regulations," she said at a Pendleton, S.C. diner, in response to a middle-aged voter who lost his six-figure job and now works as a handyman. "My son lost his job because of this administration," she added. CNN reports that the SEC recently adopted stricter rules for investment advisers undertaking political activity. If people don't understand why that is, then they need some intellectual help.

    However, Thursday she said that he eagerly resigned. She recalled when her husband brought the family together to discuss his run for president last May. "So, our son Griffin Perry is 28. He loves politics, and he just couldn't wait. He said, 'Dad, I'm in! I'm in! I'll do whatever you need me to do. I'll resign my job. I'll do what you need me to do,'" she said in a speech at North Greenville University. Isn't this what Republicans call a CHOICE? Seriously...are we that stupid that we can say with a straight face, never's obvious she drinks.

    So, let me get this straight, resignation and losing  your job is the same? I guess in Dixie where you can marry your first cousin at age 14. Can the rest of us secede from Texas and from this family of yokels? Someone get this cumb dunt a dictionary so she learn the definitions of "resign" and "laid off".

     The 28-year old recently quit his job to start an independent consulting firm and to focus on campaigning for his father. He lives in Dallas with his wife, who works as an attorney.
    Anita Perry has been campaigning for her husband in South Carolina this week. She claimed how opponents had "brutalized" the campaign. "We are being brutalized by our opponents, and our own party," she said. "So much of that is, I think they look at him, because of his faith," she added, possibly referring to questions in recent days over Rev. Robert Jeffress, who endorsed Perry and has called Mormonism "a cult." She also compared his decision to run for president to Biblical stories of Moses and Gideon. Whatever that her these are just random names in the Bible. Yes, Anita. Yes. Yes. It is his faith, why people are picking on him. Snicker, snicker, snicker.

    Bush The Sequel responded saying, saying he stood by her. "You know, family members always take these campaigns more substantially personal than the candidate," he said Friday morning on CNN.

    "I have the Rib of an Ass"
    Translation: My family is Dumber than a box of rocks. It appears that when it comes to intelligence, Rick is smarter than his wife and that's scary. I knew President Obama passed those regulation­s just so he could force Griffin Perry to resign from his job at the Deutsche Bank so he could start up his own consulting firm and campaign for his father. More job killing regulation­s, right? Shame on you President Obama, enacting a SEC regulation that forces everybody who's father is going to run for office to resign from their post if they want to campaign for them, even if they were already going to resign to start their own consulting firm. Shame. Is there a website where we can make donations to help poor Griffin get on his feet?  

    Many on the Christian Right use the "victim" analogy on a regular basis to attack others. Such as, the "Defense of Marriage" act. In other words, allowing gay people to marry is an attack on heterosexu­al marriage, so it has to be defended. In this case, Governor Perry's attacks and the attacks of his surrogates­, such as the pastor who introduced him, resulted in some "blowback"­, which she describes as being "brutalize­d".  Let me guess... She is an evangelica­l fundamenta­list christian, made from the rib of an a-hole and feels that this is what you call persecutio­n from the President of the United States of America!! Get a grip.  Maybe being brutalized is being asked a question for which you and your equally stupid husband have no prepared answer. Did the Texas drought suck the liquid out of her already peach sized brain. You know they prepared and prayed for rain, and they it appears God said "NO!" What's next, is she going to blame the Texas wildfires on Obama too? Maybe she can blame herself for the fact that her husband will never be President and she can lynch blacks at Niggerhead Manor.
    Vote For Me
    News Flash: Your son lost his job because Deutsche Bank would not give him home time off while he worked on your husbands moronic campaign. He is NOT a victim of the economy, he made a decision - exercising his own free will. So how on earth can she justify blaming anyone?  This woman is as stupid as the day is long. Of course he probably got the job through his father's political contributions. Anita, dear, why don't you stick to baking cookies and serving as a beard for your closeted husband - and leave the important stuff to the people with, you know, some knowledge of the world outside the house?   You Betcha and Roll Tide!

    The Perry Campaign Slogan apparently is: Just Blame It On Obama

    Rihanna, Stupidest Woman Alive

    Does My Finger Smell Like Chicken?
    The Six Head wax figurine and swagger jacker Du jure has returned with more nudity and more auto-tuned goat sounds that will upset the balance of the space time continuum this fall. Like a scorching case of herpes, Rihanna won't go away...Her latest release of so called music is called "Talk That Talk", which I'm guessing is a message to her detractors that rightly calls her out for her gimmickry and lack of talent. Somehow her handlers have convinced Esquire magazine to give her the meaningless title of Sexiest Woman Alive. Yes, keeping your legs open at all times just SCREAMS security and confidence. You are so bad ass Rih Rih! I should use 3 exclamation points for people of her intelligence level, or lack thereof to understand.  In her interview, the voice of our generation claims that she doesn't consider her shows overtly sexual. I mean how could she, with choreography that would make the best dancers in the world throw their hands up in total frustration at the technical's hard to constantly finger yourself on stage, sit down, walk back and forth and have the same vacant expression on your face while the dancers actually dance. Does this girl actually have sweat glands? She has never so much as broken a sweat on stage.

    Our brainiac says, "At the end of a concert, I don't feel like I've been this sexy thing. Really, I don't even think about it," she tells the magazine, for which she poses naked this month. Yes, she poses nude, AGAIN!
    Finally, after some reality check insisting, she makes a small admission. Who wants to bet she doesn't think about much. Her thoughts include: waxing her vajajay, shopping, penis, and drinking.

    "Unless it's a song that really calls for it, like 'Skin' or 'S&M,' or when I cover Darling Nikki,'" she allows. "There's a section that's called 'Sex' in the show, which is the obvious section for sexuality."
    But that's as far as she'll go -- even if she admits that she loves choosing men from the audience on whom she can grind. They left out women and preteen girls that she has pulled up on stage to put her stank hoo ha on. Let's not mention, that she should never EVER be allowed to cover a Prince song ever. She is so unworthy of his purple majesty...

    I'm Trying too Hard!
    "Like, really? Honestly, even if it comes across sexual — it has to be a part of my subconscious thought," Rihanna says. "It's never deliberate in the rest of the show. I don't even really... I could see 'What's My Name?' — the dancing is pretty sexy. 'Rude Boy.' But I don't know. I guess people find different things sexy." she lying or is she just stupid? It's impressive that she knows the word "subconscious" and I'm sure someone had to tell her to use that word or that was the word of the day on Almost every song she has is literally about sex or has some sexual metaphor in her lyrics. The dreadful song "Only Girl" has the line, "take me for a ride ride, make it last all night night". Another stupid line in the song is her asking to be raped, bleating, " I want you to take it like a thief in the night." Is she insane or just too stupid to understand that a thief STEALS and she isn't giving it away willingly if it's being "stolen", ergo, she's describing a rape. Here is more irony for this blow up Bratz doll, she releases the annoying S&M "song" which is basically a more annoying version of Disturbia, then two singles later she sings a song (if you can call what she does singing and what they release an actual song), about killing a dude that raped her. Does this strike anyone as particularly psychotic? She wanted to be raped just 3 songs ago and now she is killing the dude for raping her. What type of ignorant phuckery is this?

    I can see why she doesn't want to be a role model because clearly she is out to get the MONEY and her fans just dance to the beat and ignore the generic pop sex, sado masochistic violent imagery, drinking, drug use, and rape so long as she pops a squat on stage. She straddles her pink tank, humps mic stands, fingers herself on stage, grinds on anyone with a pulse, wears nothing but a piece of cloth on stage and her only dance move other than walking back and forth is popping a squat. Her entire image is built around her being sexy and being the victim from a fight SHE provoked. Why? She has no talent. She always has to release a topless photo, go shopping in a sex shop or some fake controversy then feign outrage all while playing slutty martyr attempting to prove how bad ass she is. She learned nothing from her beating from Chris Brown and this makes her the stupidest woman alive not the sexiest.

    Empty Headed
    Sexy has nothing to do with the body... that's lust. Sexy has to do with something that is appealing, like brains, intellect, motivation­, will-power­, positivity­, optimism, kindness, selflessne­ss, purity. Clearly these are things Ms. Fenty lack. Especially the brains since she is unaware of the lyrical content of her songs and the set list of her shows. How many more songs must we suffer through with that ridiculous eh eh eh sound? Did she write Rude Boy? No. Did she write Only Girl? No. Did she write S&M? No. Does she write any of the trash she bleats? No, No, and No. But somehow she wins awards, mostly because someone else is rapping and she just robotically sings the hook.

    She goes to mention Chris Brown in the interview, because as usual, she has an album of auto tune nonsense to promote. She says: "It's incredible to see how he pulled out the way he did." Especially after she has been throwing him under the bus since 2009. Even when the world seemed like it was against him, you know?" Yeah we know, because you went out of your way to demonize him in every interview every time you dropped a godawful goat single. Here is the Rihanna formula:  NEW CD = mention Chris Brown in an interview. This is getting too predictabl­e.   Plus, in the video where she was running topless in a corn field, she had a Chris Brown look a like, let's just christalize the image even further in everyone's mind, but you never intended any harm. Yeah right...

    Her success isn't due to talent, but due to sex appeal, constant pity and sympathy. But not for the brainless 12 year olds that know nothing about real music and metro sexuals propping her up she would have been back in her native country. Its funny that she started that fight and has yet to pay for her involvemen­t. Life has a way of bring forth justice however. Its just a matter of time for us all.   It would be great if Conrad Murray started Rihanna on a propofol drip so the world suffering would end.

    For her to claim that it's in her subconscious and she is unaware that she poses nude on magazine covers, grinds on everything moving whether it be male or female is nothing short of retarded. It appears that Chris Brown quit before he beat the stupid out of her. After the beating heard round the world, she get's tattoos of guns on her rib cage. Why would she do that if she was so traumatized? It's just time for her to do porn and get it over with. She is a nauseating specimen who looks like she has been gangbanged by aqua man in her esquire photo.

    Beyonce Jacking; I can't pose in heels
    I don't know who is dumber...her fans for continuing to listen and buy into this fraudulent "artists" so called persona who happens to be a weak Whitney Houston and Janet minus the vocal and dancing ability, or her for pretending to be some type of diva with a unique style who just so happens to take her clothes off at the drop of a hat, but it's only in her subconscious. Whitney smoked, someone needs to send Rihanna cases of cigarettes so she can chain smoke those hoes to help eliminate the robotic goat and add some human something to her vocals. But what's the point? She's only going to say "yeah, eh, oh, nah, and baby" over and over in no particular order.

    Now that Beyowulf is sperminated with Joe Camels demon seed, Rihanna can snatch the blond wig and jack her style again while doing a weak 1980's version of Whitney Houston, but oh, "her style is so unique", yeah, it was 20 years ago.

    Is Rihanna just stupid, doesn't understand her own generic songs that she doesn't write, or is this slut thing just an act?

    Well, you can lead a whore to water but you can't make them think and Rihanna would probably drown.

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    Inhumane Republicans and Waffle House Legislation

    Another Southern State manages to embarrass all Southerners and proves that the "Bible Belt", is just a phrase that has no meaning.

    One Florida state Rep. is proposing a big change to the way his state handles executions. Brad Drake, a Republican, filed a bill Tuesday to eliminate lethal injection and bring back executions by electrocution or firing squad. "We still have Old Sparky. And if that doesn't suit the criminal, then we will provide them a .45 caliber lead cocktail instead."

    Florida retired its electric chair in 2000 after several inmates caught fire during executions. Inmates may request the chair in lieu of lethal injection. However, Florida last used the chair in 1999. The electric chair was kind of viewed as "cruel and unusual punishment" by the Supreme Court. But, they are wrong because Brad Drake had an epiphany in a Florida Waffle House. He reportedly overheard a constituent say that "they ought to just put them in the electric chair or line them up in front of a firing squad." How is that for the Love of God in our Great Christian Nation? "There shouldn't be anything controversial about a .45-caliber bullet. If it were up to me we would just throw them off the Sunshine Skyway bridge and be done with it."

    Drake, the merciful, expressed concern and frustration over the time an execution took after the Supreme Court temporarily stayed an execution due to the legality of the medication that was used, saying, "I am sick and tired of this sensitivity movement for criminals," he said. "Every time there is a warranted execution that is about to take place, some man or woman is standing on a corner holding a sign, yelling and screaming for humane treatment."

    "I am so tired of being humane to inhumane people," he said. How can you be tired of something that you never actually practiced in the first place?

    OK Bubba, how much do you want to bet that he is a self proclaimed Christian...The act of being humane first requires humanity. I know,  let's impale, disembowel and decapitate them and put their bodies on display at the malls in front of the JC Penneys. That ought to send the right message to the populace. Yet another version of this Republican Christianity point of view. I bet he would be one of the first to jump off the same bridge to save a frozen deformed embryo or checked to make sure the embryo was actually created in the first place. Being humane is about compassion -- deserved or not. Ideally every imprisonme­nt, every execution, every hungry child, every person uneducated­, every job lost should be mourned as a loss of human promise. Brad Drake sees executions like dumping trash in the river or drowning puppies and kittens. Brad opposes anti-pollu­tion regulation­s. Great priorities...

    Is this really surprising­ coming from the Tea Party? Rep. Drake's bloodthirs­ty proposal is completely consistent with the profound sociopathy that has engulfed the Right, warping their attitudes and policies. This type of thing is an inevitable consequenc­e of removing empathy, compassion­, and mercy from the equation. When humanity is discarded what remains is, by definition­, inhuman. It is an institutio­nalized callousnes­s, a total indifferen­ce to suffering. Buoyed by an absence of effective opposition­, they have seemed to escalate, as if ever-great­er outrages are required in order to satisfy them. It's textbook sociopathy­.  

    Tea Party folk LOVE the suffering of others. Unemployed­? Every law Scott Walker and the Florida Republican­s have proposed or passed heaps suffering and indignity upon the people they view as human trash. Brad Drake is tired of being humane to the unemployed­. Elderly voters? Every voting law considered by Republican­s is meant to take away their rights. Workers? Tired of being humane to lowly workers, they strip workers of the right to bargain about work conditions­, wages, or to seek redress of grievances­.

    Of course, if a person is rich, Republican­s go out of their way to be humane to them!

    If you are poor, elderly, sick, convicted of a crime (whether guilty or not), liberal or just plain not rich, to Brad Drake and company, you are not human,  are just an animal to drown, and a pest to eliminate. Joseph Goebbels would shed a tear and be so proud that he has such an ardent student of propaganda.

    And these are the people who want to teach your children morality!  

    Waffle house legislation.."Where the legislatio­n is as good as the food, and the food ain't that great..."