Monday, October 24, 2011

Alabama Governor Bentley Tries to Save Face

Seksi Beast!

Well what little face can be saved since he bears a striking resemblance to Fire Marshall Bill and the Crypt Keeper, that is...

After nationwide humiliation with the "papers please" law, he came up with a brilliant solution for the unemployed worker. A proposal to move unemployed workers into jobs being vacated by immigrants. How exciting! You see, the State Legislature didn't think this law through, and now just like in Georgia, crops are dying because there is no one to pick the tomatoes, bananas, and other commodities that farmers depend on to make a living.

"We have to make sure people are aware of the job opportunities," Bentley said at press conference at a Montgomery unemployment office. The new program, called "Work Alabama" is designed to enhance Alabama's existing services for the unemployed by putting an emphasis on connecting job seekers with temporary jobs.

Bentley disputed the assertions by some farmers that most Americans do not want to do the demanding work in agricultural fields. What do they know, they actually OWN THE FARMS!

"There are people today who want these jobs," he said. "I think it is almost insulting to say people in Alabama won't do a hard day's work for a decent day's pay." He's right, people will do a hard day's work for a decent day's pay, the problem is, people don't pay a decent day's pay, which is why they hire illegals.

Bentley said he has also assembled a team including representatives of the agriculture and construction industries to make recommendations on how to fill manual labor jobs in the long term.

Wouldn't it have been thoughtful of the Governor to have this plan already in place on September 1 or even beforehand?

I will venture to say that the links you discover are not going to be that helpful in getting you one of these now "vacated" jobs. If the Governor and politicians behind this absurd law were serious about helping you -- you would have one of these jobs already. How could they have known about these vacated jobs before hand? They would have to look into the future right? That's right, Arizona and Georgia passed similar laws and they obtained similar results like getting sued by the Federal government for Civil Liberties violations and having a mass exodus of immigrant workers causing entire crops to spoil and die in the ground. That all happened BEFORE Alabama decided to go all in on this Jim Crowe for  Hispanics law. Consider that many of these jobs are in rural areas, particularly up on Sand Mountain. OK, if I'm unemployed and living in Birmingham, should I move to Sand Mountain for a month to pick tomatoes for $10 an hour. Figure rent, food, transportation, etc. Or should I commute, and spend a fortune on transportation. It's about 100 miles from Birmingham to Rainsville. Figure about 50 cents a mile for gas, tires and wear and tear on a car. That's 1,000 miles a week -- of $500 in expenses for a job that pays $400 a week. Even if you knock the rate of mileage reimbursement in half, you're then talking about earning $150 a week. Kinda hard to get excited about that.

The Mexicans have been exploited, no doubt. However, they do not pay taxes at least payroll, they pay sales, gas, car, tag, and transportation taxes. They live 10 workers to one dwelling, receive medical care, etc. etc. They also appear to "hang together" and help one another out which is something Americans don't do!

Now the state wants to kick out the Mexicans and exploit its own citizens! The hateful and spiteful attempts to harm others (Mexicans) with no compassion for others is wrecking havoc on the perpetrators. There will be more unintended consequences that will bite the citizens of this state in the proverbial rear end. It's called the Law of Karma. Let's get real here and look at work vs pay and necessary expenses vs extras. Try if you can to put yourself, if only in your imagination, in the shoes of the poor and suffering. This is just what we need here in Alabama are more low paying jobs with no benefits. Thank you Governor Bentley! The serfs are most grateful.

Back in 2006, Bush tried to tackle this Immigration problem by trying to offer immigrants that were already here a legal path to citizenship. The very same people that are jumping up and down screaming about the lack of leadership from Obama and how immigrants are a threat to our national security, wanted to build a fence.

Now, Fire Marshall Bill is confidant that he has done the right thing, so confident in fact that he won't grant interviews and will do anything to change the subject. What's the matter Skeletor, do you want to hide your shame? You must realize that you are the next the George Wallace don't you? That's your historical role, embrace it.

"I don't want to be perceived as the face of illegal immigration bills in the country, and I could be that," Republican Gov. Robert Bentley told The Associated Press on Friday during a rare interview about the law. That's right, hide your shame, I would. Bentley continues to perpetuate the lie that he wants to be remembered not as a governor who cracked down on illegal immigrants but as one who created jobs and solved problems. I can assure you, Bubba, you will be one that will remembered more for causing more problems than solving them.

He said many people who have never visited the state still think it is in the civil rights era.
"It's going to take us a long time to outlive those stereotypes that are out there among people that Alabama is living in the '50s and '60s," Bentley said.  Correction: I was born and raised in this God forsaken state and it IS still stuck in the 50's and 60's. It's not a stereotype and why anyone would want to visit here is beyond me. Oh yeah, they can come visit and see what main attraction? The CIVIL RIGHTS MUSEUM...Some parts of the interstate still have a confederate flag flying high and proud so what's he talking about? And the fact that one of the State Legislators called Black people "ABORIGINES" on tape and it was part of a trial transcript makes no never mind. Yeah, you're right, Alabama has not one racial problem, it's a beacon of hope, a melting pot of sorts for the nation. This State, Alabama, should be held out as the example of how loving a state should be. *sarcasm* If Jesus came back right now and came to an Alabama suburb, he would be labeled a dead beat liberal hippie and crucified a second time.

Please Hide My Shame
Bentley is a coward, at least Jan Brewer in her gross stupidity has the courage to stand by her convictions no matter how misguided, illogical and constitutionally off base they may be. Bentley is not a leader. Responsible leadership requires actually LEADING, not hiding out or laying low like a common street criminal. Does he even know what "the essence of the law" is? He's never explained it before and he doesn't want to explain anything when it comes to specifics of the law because he doesn't know anything when it comes to specifics. His "taking the high road" (according to him) on this issue is only because he doesn't understand it well enough to explain it to people. Do you believe in this illegal so called law or not? The fact he doesn't see how inconsistent his statements are is very revealing.

And we all know how Governor Bentley likes to brag about how many jobs he is bringing to Alabama. That is, after all, the only issue he ran on in the Republican primary and general election. I wonder if Alabama's unemployment rate has gone down ANY since he took office. He never talks about that, so I assume it has not. Has Alabama lost more jobs than we have gained since Dr. Bentley took office? Yet again Bentley has made it abundantly clear that he cares about sound bites (they must make him feel important and gubernatorial) but not about backing those sound bites up with meaningful action. Who is more mind numbingly stupid Gubanor Drivel hide and find Bentley or Roy, "I don't need the law telling me about the law", Moore.

Governor/ Dr./ Fire Marshall Bill campaigned that he wouldn't take a salary until Alabama was at full employment. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!


Redeye said...

I couldn't get the links to work.

Rebel Flower said...

No, the yellow are my comments. Trying to use another color instead instead of red to differentiate between me and the quotes.

Alabama Girl said...

Cry me a river! Illegal immigrants are just that...ILLEGAL. It doesn't matter how hardworking they are. Last I checked, being a hard worker doesn't entitle one to a free pass on U.S . Immigration laws. By being here in the first place they prove they have no respect for our laws. They take advantage of free healthcare and education provided for by the equally hardworking and TAX PAYING U.S. citizens. They aren't all saints either. A lot of these illegals are criminals even before they illegally cross into our country. I applaud our governor and our state for having the courage to say ENOUGH! I know silly things like laws matter not to bleeding-heart, socialist liberals but thank God conservatives still run the show down here. Oh wait! I said "God". I bet you're offended.

Rebel Flower said...

@Alabama Girl, this law that was written by the legislature is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It will be overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States. This is an issue that must be taken up by the US Congress not the States. I challenge you and your equally ignorant conservative friends to read the constitution. It's very short but this law creates a constitutional crisis that you and the rest of you morons don't seem to understand. By the way, illegals do pay taxes, check your facts. They don't pay payroll taxes but they pay every other tax out there. So stop with the Cluster Fox imaginary facts. Did you see anything in my post that claimed that illegals were saints? No? Stop making up facts. You and the rest of the idiots can applaud the racist law, I and the others capable of intelligent thought that reside in this state am ashamed that this is what Alabama is representing.

Please leave God out of this. You would probably crucify him all over again because he was poor, Jewish, and cared for others. i.e. a bleeding heart, socialist liberal. Great job conservatives are doing here, the dumbest poorest states in the country...bravo!