Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jodi Arias Needs the Death Penalty

 Defendant Jodi Arias listens to prosecutor Juan Martinez  during her trial at Maricopa County Court in Phoenix, Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013. Arias, 32, is charged with killing her motivational speaker ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, in a jealous rage in Arizona in 2008. Prosecutors said she shot him in the face, stabbed him nearly 30 times and slit his throat during a volatile, jealousy-fueled relationship. 
You Think They Believe This?
Yes, I said it...she needs the death penalty for the brutal stabbing, shooting and slashing of the throat of her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in a either a fit of jealous rage or as she tells it, self defense. At least that's one version of her story. Her lies even eclipse those of Casey Anthony and that's an achievement...Casey was a lie master. How can anyone explain away the photo that she took of Alexander's corpse lying in a pool of blood in his own shower? Arias tries, well...her memory happens to selectively be sucked into a black hole and she can't recall anything.

Prosecutors say that even though Alexander and Arias had broken up about a year earlier, they continued to have sex together and that she jealously stalked him. She reportedly converted to Mormonism for him. How sweet...On the day that she was baptised into the Mormon faith, he dragged her home and had anal sex with her.

Gotta love sepia.    Jodi AriasArias, a photographer from California, has given different versions of what happened that day, even telling the TV program “Inside Edition” after her arrest on July 18, 2008, that two intruders broke into the home and killed Alexander. This is the infamous "ninja" story, where masked ninjas broke into the home, attacked her and Alexander, she somehow got away, but Alexander was killed. Ninjas! I almost hoped she had said niggas, that would've been less stupid than ninjas. I have never heard of armed ninjas doing home invasions and I have a degree in the study of crime. Technically that was story 2. Story 1, was that she wasn't even present in Arizona and she was adamant about that.

Friends Forever. - Photo of Jodi AriasTravis, Jodi Arias
Abuse Victim?
The strategy of the defense is to present Travis Alexander as a perverted sexual deviant who loves to beat off to little boys and is emotionally and physically abusive. Arias and her team make Chris Brown seem like a Ruzzle playing, Tang drinking Boyscout by comparison to the hatchet job they are doing on Alexander.

Come & Put Your Name on It

Travis allegedly body slammed Arias for dropping his new digital camera. She was then able to get away from him by rolling and running away. She claimed to have the wind knocked out of her, but not really. She quickly modified her story and backtracked as her memory of convenience came back to her. 

Jodi Arias has the most amazing memory gaps that I have ever seen. She can recount in graphic detail every sexual encounter she and Travis have ever had. Truly, information that no one should hear outside of a porno, we get it all in diaries, taped conversations, nude photos, text messages, all with laser like recall. Until we get to the day of the murder, then her memory gets a little fuzzy. How a person has perfect recall about every piece of body fluid she has every received but can't remember stabbing someone 27 times, almost decapitating them, and shooting them in the face twice is nothing short of amazing. Sorry for the fact that the camera snapped a photo of you dragging Travis' corpse. 


Shameless Make Under
Looking at this mousy sex pot with a severe make under, as she picks up tissue after tissue and attempts to shed a tear, but doing nothing but ripping the tissue in half, one wonders what goes on in that fantastical imagination. She wants desperately to manipulate the jury and the court of public opinion from seeing her for what she truly is: a raging psychopath. 

Jodi Arias will get convicted and she will get the death penalty for one reason: Casey Anthony. She will pay for the sins of "Tot Mom", because the world felt as if she got off too lightly for basically drugging and dismembering her own child. There is no way that Jodi will get away with lying, stalking, stabbing, shooting and slitting the guys throat. The odds of her getting off are one in a million. The jury posed questions to her and the questions pretty much all touch on her credibility and her selective memory.

She killed him because she was a booty call, would never be a wife and Travis moved on and was dating other women, so she had a psychotic break. Regardless, she has a date with a needle and this girl needs to be put out of her misery and society protected from a person like her.


Anonymous said...

In all reality I think she was the one that taught him about sex. She had been sexually active since the age of 16 and maybe younger and moved out with a guy at that age. She could not have him and she made sure that no one else would. She had planned the killing for a while and that was why she made the tape, murderous sociopaths want something to keep something from their victims. She just happens to get caught and made good use of it.

Anonymous said...

I so agree! There is nothing redeemable in her, and -yes- she did plan this well in advance, I am chagrined about the "experts" who cannot see what is so apparent. Sad. I am praying that the lunacy that prompted the Casey Anthony decision cannot reappear. I am glsad the jury is not sequestered, and I hope they all stay well. Worries me that "It just takes one....: Surely there is no way she could walk free. Wat's second degree? How many years? I don't think that a million years in prison will faze her; she's too narcississtic.

Anonymous said...

This broad is a lunatic and should get the chair