Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yeezus Snubbed at the Grammy's Because It Sucked

Kanye West God
Genius or Sociopath?
Every year, the practical joke that is the Grammy's pump out their popularity awards based on nominations from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. One of the perpetual "victims" that always feel slighted is Kanye West. He has 21 Grammy's total for more superior work than Yeezus and he's mad that he got nominated in certain categories and not others.
 "I've been nominated for Best Album maybe three times," he told director Steve McQueen in Interview magazine. "But let's go into the fact that I have the most Grammys of any 36-year-old or 40-year-old or whatever, and I've never won a Grammy outside of the Rap or R&B categories."Maybe because your genre is rap and r&b? It could actually pass as pop...but what category is he expecting? Island? He goes on to say, "Out of all of those 21 Grammys, I’ve never won a Grammy against a white artist. So when the Grammys nominations come out, and 'Yeezus' is the top one or two album on every single list. But only gets two nominations from the Grammys. What are they trying to say? Do they think that I wouldn’t notice?"West continued, "People come to me and congratulate me on those two nominations. F--k those nominations!"

Kanye, let's be real. You were snubbed because Yeezus sounded like you were having a bowel movement at a construction site with brilliance like:"I wanna fuck you hard on the sink
After that, give you something to drink
Step back, can't get spunk on the mink
I mean damn, what would Jeromey Romey Romey Rome think?"

I think Jeromey Romey Romey Rome just turned into a pillar of salt from the stupidity of the above mentioned line.  It's obvious that you think way more of your talents than apparently the Academy does. This is the group that gave Eminem a Grammy for Relapse, an album so bad that he still apologizes for it and says pretend like it doesn't count. Maybe the Grammy's like most of us are Kanye Wested out. Maybe we are sick of the douchebaggery when you aren't even producing good music anymore. It was understandable when you had your breakdown when your mom died, but you went into full ass hat mode like you don't take poops like everyone else. You aren't up against white artists in Rap and R&B genre's because there are no white artists in those genre's, you dumbass. It has nothing to do with race, which is always Kanye's victim trump card. 
Kim Kardashian
Total Fiction

The Grammy's is telling you that you suck and Yeezus sucked in spectacular fashion. . You rap badly, I mean really badly, just because you are popular doesn't make you good. Just because alcohol or nicotine is popular doesn't make it good. To justify this claim, all we really need to do is consider what rap is. In the first place rap is poetry. From Kayne West's extensive library, what I read is a lot of gibberish. All his songs sound like something he scribbled on a cocktail napkin while he was high on weed with a hooker napping in an 8 ball of cocaine on his bed. Or in other words he was on a date with Kim K. 

And if we are to grade Kanye West on his written word alone, we might consider him not to be too far from a child just graduating kindergarten. Again, we must remember the main purpose of poetry is inspiration: just as a sun which does not shine is not a sun, a poem which does not inspire is not a poem at all. And I pray for the sake of us all that Kayne West is never remembered as a poet.... a gun flashing wannabe rapper maybe... but a poet, NEVER!
I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt

Kanye is a god in his own delusional mind and his nut riding fans who still believe that he has talent. He believes that he will be greater than Mandela by the time he is 95. Kanye thinks that screaming profanity in a microphone puts him at the same risk as police officers. “This is like being a police officer or something, or like war or something,” Kanye West said.“Like, I’m just giving of my body on the stage; I’m putting my life at risk, literally!” Kanye West added.

Can you please give us less of yourself? Can you put your skirt and blouse away? At one point we could say, " I like Kanye's music, but I hate this prick personally." Now, with that abortion called Yeezus, I hate his so called music and I hate him. There are no redeeming qualities about this person, nothing at all. It's like he had ribs removed so that he could suck himself and he wants us all to join in but he won't even buy us dinner first. Maybe he can stomach straddling and riding Kim K on a stationary motorcycle in front of a green screen, but my gag reflex went nuts. What happened to College Dropout Kanye? The Kanye that wrote half of Jay-Z's Black Album? Who is this commercialized clone who boycotts Louis Vuitton because they won't meet with him, that has appeared and says: “I am a God.”(Jesus did wear a robe and you wear skirts)-“I am Andy Warhol.”-“I am William Shakespeare.”-“I am Michelangelo.”-“I am more relevant than Barack Obama.”(Right, the first black president vs. an ass. No comparison)-“I am a creative genius.” (Admittedly, you are a commercial genius.)-“Kim deserves a star on Hollywood Boulevard.”(She should be on a corner on Hollywood Blvd, doing what she does best, and we all know what that is)-“Kim is the modern Marilyn Monroe. She is the Mona Lisa.” (Being an overweight whore who can only be classified as a serial bride, doesn't make you Marilyn Monroe)

Kanye is a sad desperate man who has lost control of his image and his sanity. It's cool you like controversy, that's the new way that Hollywood works now, standing alone on talent just makes you talented, but not interesting. 

But make no illusions out of the haze of egocentrism that fills every atom of your vast universe, you weren't nominated for "Album of the Year", because it wasn't even album of the minute. A fart set to a bass line would've been more pleasurable to the ear than Yeezus. You are not the voice of the generation (I don't know anyone that says, "Uh, black girl sipping’ white wine. Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign)", you would not be included in the Bible if it were to be rewritten or ammended, (the fool did say that), You will never be on the level of Kurt Cobain, Hendrix, Joplin, MJ, Paul McCartney or Lenin. No one will be playing Goldigger in 5 years or Bound 2 next year. 

Sorry, Not Sorry… I’m Kanye West: 20 Things Yeezus And You Shouldn’t Apologize For

Yeezus sucked hot King Kong balls with a side of veneral disease and that's why you got 2 obligatory Grammy nominations, so dance to your paid for audience and get good reviews to punk writers that said the album was "creative", which was a kind way of saying roman tragedy. Hopefully someone will crucify this album and bury it in a tomb so it can be sent straight to hell fueled by all the boos from the few fans that you have left.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Madonna's Nigger Pass is Revoked

At least she believed that she had one just because she at one time slept with rappers and basketball players. 

I Made People Remember you...
The decrepit Queen dropped the N-bomb on an instagram caption. Although, we should be happy that her arthritic grapefruit smashers can use 21st Century tech, someone needs to censor her and tell her she hasn't been cool since the 90's and Gaga's shameless copying is why her name continues to be mentioned. Let's face it, she is no longer relevant and she had her time and it has long since passed. 

She decided to post a photo of her 13 year old son boxing and captioned it: "No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disni--a." Her coterie of drag queen fans who still think this old lioness still has originality past her 10 year ago expiration date, responded and let her know she was out of order and she took the photo down. Not long after, she re posted the photo with a more combative, albeit comical caption, "OK let me start this again. #get off of my dick haters!" Yeah...somehow I believe that you actually have that aforementioned anatomical feature, just keep on that drag makeup.

Now she did the celebrity formal bigotry apology saying,  "I am sorry if I offended anyone with my use of the N-word on Instagram. It was not meant as a racial slur ... I am not a racist." We know, we adopted a black child, slept with black men, stole black people's dance music and have black friends come over to your house all the time. 

She added: "There's no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention ... It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white. I appreciate that it's a provocative word and I apologize if it gave people the wrong impression. Forgive me." This from the person that loves the gays and dressed up like a boy scout to protest their stance on gay troupe leaders and embraced them to her sagging bosom. This saint of love and acceptance uses *gasp* racial slurs. She did hitch hike cross country naked and we saw her entire birth canal for over a decade. So "taste" isn't a strength for her. 

What she is saying is that if you are white and you use the term to another white person as a term of endearment, then no harm, no foul. She's definitely up for mom of the year. 

Please understand Madonna, that imaginary honorary black card that you think you possess only exist in private and it only works among those that bestowed it upon you and led you to believe it actually exists. Take it from a black person, use that pretend card sparingly. Her career can't be damaged anymore than the last album of auto tuned robotic "music", that sounded like someone exorcised a ghost and set it to daft punk. The argument that black people can use the word, so should anyone and everyone is tired. It's another level of psychotic to rationalize and yearn for the privilege to use a word that is offensive to an entire group of people. People need to soul search as to why they are offended they can't use the word. 

Where is My Airbrushing?
There is a life lesson here: When you are the 55 year old mother of a teenage boy, attempting to be "hip", you are more likely to turn out "lame" and even most importantly ignorant for gramming it, even if you are were a pop star. Please boo, stop trying to out Miley, Miley and showing the world that you are desperately seeking attention.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jahi McMath, Keeping a Decomposing Body on Lifesupport is Immoral

According to CNN...

Jahi McMathJahi McMath is no longer inside the hospital where doctors declared her brain-dead after tonsil surgery last month. But family members won't reveal where they took the 13-year-old after Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland released her Sunday night. "We're very relieved that she got safely to where she needed to be, because we were all very afraid, given the fragile condition as she wasted away at Children's, that she might not make it," attorney Chris Dolan told reporters Monday. I think we can safely say, that having a death certificate issued with your name on it means you didn't make it.

The move ends one chapter of a weeks-long struggle between the hospital, which sought to remove Jahi from a ventilator after doctors and a judge concluded she was brain-dead, and her relatives, who fought in court to keep her on the ventilator and contended she showed signs of life.

"As a family, we are definitely relieved that she's no longer at Children's Hospital, but we're all emotionally drained," Omari Sealey, the girl's uncle, told CNN's Piers Morgan Live on Monday night. "This has been an incredible roller-coaster ride of emotions. He said so long as his niece's heart is beating, Jahi is alive. "She's moving a lot more. She responds to audio and touch, and more compelling evidence is the fact that she can move her head and neck," Sealey said.

Jahi -- who was declared brain-dead December 12 after post-surgery complications that her family says included severe bleeding and cardiac arrest -- was moved from the hospital Sunday accompanied by a critical-care team. She was attached to a ventilator, but with no feeding tube in place. let me start by saying that I sympathize with the family and I can't imagine the heartbreak of losing a child. With that being said, here is why brain dead means dead. 

A person who is brain dead may appear alive -- there may be a heartbeat, they may look like they're breathing, their skin may still be warm to the touch.But doctors say there is no life when brain activity ceases. If the brain dies, the body dies. When people discuss "coma" and braindead", they use the terms interchangeably. "Coma" is the broader term used to describe a prolonged state of unconsciousness, according to the Mayo Clinic. Outwardly, it resembles sleep. Doctors may sometimes purposefully put a patient into a coma to give the brain time to heal. Comas rarely last longer than a couple of weeks, according to the clinic; patients can fully regain consciousness or may transition from a coma into a persistent vegetative state. (Terry Schiavo)

Someone in a persistent vegetative state has lost most higher cognitive function, but his or her brain shows some activity. The patient may open their eyes or exhibit small movements, but cannot speak or respond to commands.  Some patients can recover from this state. These are the Miracle's that people are posting as being awakened from "brain death" by the power of prayer, but in actuality it's more like a coma, not actual brain death. 

Both these situations are different from brain death: According to the Uniform Determination of Death Act, an individual is dead when he or she "has sustained either (1) irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions, or (2) irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem." 

"Brain death" means both the upper and lower part of the brain are not functioning. That command center of the body that regulates the central nervous system is unable to perform. However, some function, such as a heartbeat, may linger.

But without brain function, the body eventually shuts down, unless there is medical intervention. Someone on a ventilator may appear to be breathing, but cannot breathe on their own. Wait...she is on a ventilator, right? What does that mean? She can't breathe on her own, her brain can't regulate the central nervous system, ergo...she's dead. 

Jahi's mother, Nailah Winkfield, has said, "I would probably need for my child's heart to stop to show me that she was dead. Her heart is still beating, so there's still life there." That's because she is hooked up to a machine that is doing the breathing and pumping her heart for her. If she were to be unplugged from all those machines that were doing the things her brain should be doing if it were truly functioning, she would have to face the reality that her baby is gone. That is something she simply is not prepared to do. There is no reason to keep this child on prolonged life support unless they are trying to save her organs for donation or give the family a chance to say goodbye. They have had more than enough time for both outcomes. 

Let's be clear, no one that has met the criteria for brain death has survived, no one and a decomposing body is not eligible for medical treatment. Taking a dead body to a long term facility to heal it, is ethically and morally wrong. I blame this woman's attorney and the religious community for giving her false hope in thinking that Jahi will ever open her eyes, smile at her mother, ride her bike, play her video games, go on a diet, have a first kiss, have a first crush, go to the prom, and enjoy all the joys and heartbreaks that make up this crazy path of life. The death certificate has been issued, it's a done deal, and the person that needs to heal is the mother, because little Jahi can't be fixed. 

jahi mcmath precedent

The family will eventually regret this, along with the faciltiy and religious nutjobs that encouraged this Insane course of action. Gradually her muscles will atrophy, turn to mush, and she will break down more and more to where they will have no choice but to face the obvious, while having to question, did we just torture her for months, since the claim was that she was alive and the only clear proof of not hearing a beating heart will do, without unhooking the machines to get that aforementioned proof . That's something everyone that sanctioned this tragic tale will have to live with. Please pull the plug and stop putting yourselves through this pain needlessly by praying for a Miracle that will never happen. 

The point is, the outcome is the same, Jahi McMath is dead.