Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Father Beats 13 Year Old Girl, Mom Watches, Tapes and Calls Her B*tch

In a celebration of Black dysfunction and Maury levels of ignorance, a video has surfaced where a so called father beats his 13 year old daughter because she was missing for 3 days. He actually holds her hair extensions in the middle of the street, and proceeds to beat her like a pimp would a hoe. That's not even the most disturbing part of the video. The mother who is taping in the background is cheering the father on like a wild banshee with  bloodlust and keeps calling the girl a "bitch".

I'm not a parent and I don't particularly like children, they carry too many germs, but this was not standard discipline by any stretch of the imagination. Nothing this girl did validated this "discipline", outside of murdering someone.

This was flat out child abuse and why Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Obama hasn't said anything shocks me. Well, no not really. See this is again black people resorting to violence to solve their problems and proving to everyone else that we are savages and shouldn't be allowed to breed the next generation because we are a burden on society. There is no defending this...Well, again there have been a slew of morons online that have stated that the parents were justified in publicly humiliating this girl and justified by the fact that since they got beat as a child and they turned out perfectly fine, then she will be ok too. It makes one wonder, with all these beatings that black children received, shouldn't we be the best behaved, best educated, most productive members of society? Sure the Criminal Justice system is biased and there is rampant racism in American society, but let's be honest, we are not taking care of our own families and communities. Beating is a lazy parenting tool, it's like either beat your kid while publicly shaming them on camera or letting them run wild. There is an in between, called parenting.

Look at the video. Now, I didn't hear about these monkey's on television crying about their daughter being missing. There were no amber alerts to my knowledge and she was gone for 3 days. Really?! So you were so worried, but there were no news reports or amber alerts. Yeah right...Then when you finally see the daughter you thought she could be dead in a ditch, what do you do? Embrace her warmly because you are relieved that the daughter you thought might be dead isn't dead? Nope. We see a father that is dressed like he hasn't had to go to work in years, reacting like a female, probably because he was raised in a one parent/ female dominated household and never learned how to be a man, grab a child by the hair and repeatedly assault her. This was not an act of love or protection. Love would've been to discipline this girl when she was younger, help her with her homework, take her to school, have her involved in activities, impose boundaries like bed times, get to know her friends, be a good example and teach her how men are supposed to treat a woman. Protection is to tell her, "Look sweetie, boys only want one thing, and you can't wear clothes like that. You need to have more self worth and not advertise everything." A parent would tell her that if you run off with strange people, there is a possibility that you will be raped or murdered, therefore you have to be in the house and can go out with friends with adult supervision. She is only 13. That's protection. I would suspect that their is a lot of yelling, drinking, smoking and no focus on education in that house.

Where did that girl get the blonde weave at 13? Where did she get her hooker store dress? I suspect that she is mini me of her mother, so if there is any "bitch" that needs to be drug out in the middle of the street and beaten is the pitiful excuse for a mother she has. Black women are ruining the black family and here is why. You have a bunch of ratchet, immature whores that run around and believes that bullying or yelling will solve all their problems after having a baby for a man that was sleeping with multiple women didn't work out. They give the kid some stupid, hood name that will doom them to either a stripper pole or paper hat. They copy the behavior of Kim Kardashian or the cast of Bad Girls Club, buy weave in some crayola color with some stupid grey or blue contacts, rarely pay their bills on time, or at all, and use the kid for the child support, the ability to file for food stamps, section 8 and other programs. All they want is to use the kid as a meal ticket, claim them or sell them for income taxes and not once care about the kids schooling, activities or make any plans for college other than sports. Why would a man try and fight for visitation when you have an ignorant animal raising your child 24/7? What can you do to counteract all the bed hopping, drinking, different "uncles", other half brothers and sisters being brought into an environment that supposed to be safe, not chaotic. Personally, I would just send the check too, and try again with someone with sense and just charge the kid to the game. Dealing with trash like some of these women is like ice skating up hill.

This vicious cycle in our community really needs to stop. Before we rage at the George Zimmerman's, police brutality and the other racist whites or whatevers, we need to stop brutalizing ourselves and our community. I don't believe this foolishness was "the dream" Martin Luther King was talking about. We are a race of deviant clowns that revels in the dysfunction of numerous "baby daddy's", gaming the system, focusing on triviality and having an attitude like the world owes us something and will dare anyone to try and criticize or rectify the problem. Black people complain that they don't teach our history in school or how this black person invented this or that and never was given proper credit for it, but who cares. There will not be another generation of black doctors, lawyers or scientists because someone at age 35 can be someone's grandmother and that all we care about is Lil Boosie being released from prison or Jay-Z and Beyonce's new album. We are consumed with pop culture consumerism, rims, chains and Jordans. We don't save, invest or plan for more than our next pay check, but then it's all the white man's fault. Right?

The school teacher or the juvenile detention officer is not the parent and therefore not responsible for discipline and even if they were, it woudn't have been a public beating of a person whose brain hasn't fully developed yet and can't physically defend themselves. Our community has such a high rate of child abuse, most of it called discipline, but our record of being well behaved citizens suck. So the argument that abuse equals conformity to rules flies out the window. Blacks do run the prison system and I'm sure most brag about all the beating they got as a child or the sign their mother made them wear around their neck, claiming that they are a thief, while being led around a department store, ( I actually saw this),  and wrinkle their noses at the spoiled little white children who win the science fairs, study entomology, read, go to college and get jobs.

Where is the outrage? Why aren't the parents identities put online? Why isn't there a petition to have these two savages put in jail for assaulting a child. That girl was a reflection of the environment she came from, therefore the beatings belong to both parents, because they failed her. Until the child becomes an adult, her mistakes are her parents. If she had a good role models, she would've been in the house reading a book or watching TV or would've asked for permission to go somewhere. Her parents failed her and the Black Community has failed spectacularly.

Congratulations! At least this didn't happen during "Black History Month".