Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super Congress: Super Failure

Well Surprise, surprise, surprise. The White House and congressional leaders had thought that by empowering the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction with broad powers to sidestep the traditional congressional quagmire, the panel would somehow be able to craft a "grand bargain" that trimmed Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while perhaps raising taxes on the wealthy and cutting the defense budget. Oh no, no, no....EPIC FAIL, EPIC FAIL! What genius came up with the idea that 12 people could accomplish what 535 people couldn't do?

The Congress that somehow, this Super Congress would be adults and do what they couldn't do and actually LEGISLATE AND GOVERN. What did the gang of 12 morons fight about? Bush tax cuts. Again with the same crap. Democrats want them to expire before they'll accept deep cuts to entitlement programs. Republicans have been insistent on lowering tax rates further. The elderly, then, have Republican recalcitrance to credit for the continuation of their benefits.

Instead of the 12 members of the super committee writing landmark legislation in backdoor meetings that is quickly rammed through Congress, public policy priorities will be determined by the American people in the upcoming election. None of these people care about the human cost of sitting idly by while they wait for the 2012 elections and the electorate are too dumb to understand they are being manipulated by the people they elected to help them.

 This so called Super Committee was ridiculous to start with in the first place due to the fact that it gave the US Government a 4th branch of government, which is not dictated in the US Constitution. Of course the 6 GOP members have taken the Opal Ring oath from Grover Norquist, promising never to raise taxes ever, country and government be damned. Democrats are prepared as usual to negotiate, i.e. totally capitulate and give Republicans what they want with a custom hand job. They had signaled they were prepared to extract savings from providers in Medicare, thereby invalidating every talking point they had ever made about Paul Ryan and the Republican's wanting to kill Medicare.

Set fire to the rain!

The world has seen what is painfully obvious, we have a failed political system in this country. There is nothing in this country that should make any of us proud. If you are an elected of official, you especially should hang your head down in shame. You are a disgrace to the American people. Then again, we are the one's to blame for electing these fools in the first place. Everyone knew and could see from the get-go that this Super Committee was a joke and doomed to failure from the start. Congress and the Super Committee gave us what we expected..­..NOTHING!­!! I can't believe we actually pay our members of congress. I can't get a real job or health insurance but these inbred monkeys get on TV, have government run health care, cars, per Diem's, assistants, ipads, and have the nerve to pontificate about the needs of ordinary Americans. What we are witnessing is the slow death of our US democracy as well as another example of the death of common sense in this country. Actually it died years ago...It really is appalling that we don't have any REAL leadership anyone can feel good about. This country is led and governed by a bunch of bought and sold losers. They had no incentive to succeed, they get their government welfare check no matter what happens to us. Let Rome Burn!

What would happen to the average citizen if he/she sat at their desk and produced absolutely nothing for months? The person would be jobless, ho­meless, and broke. Unless they are an American politician and say "Jesus" , and "No taxes", the requisite number of times. Do I get a refund from the federal government come tax time for paying their useless salaries? Everyone loves to bash so called "entitlements" like it's a bad thing. I worked since I was 16 and when I lost my job, I needed my unemployment, every dime. That was money that was taken out of my check since I was 16 and that was money that I was entitled to. Theoretically, I should be able to claim funds from the time employment years since I was 16 until now which about 15 years. We allowed ourselves to be brainwashed by the Bush administration, the Tea Party morons, and America's need of Imperialism and Voter Apathy.

Un Super Congress

These morons were given one job and one job only and they couldn't even execute that correctly. The members of Congress, and only the members of Congress are responsibl­e for our mess..Congress spent the money, and gave everybody a tax cut during a war...I know that was a boost to the economy from the Twin Towers and the tech crash, unwisely given, but completely unpaid for. Congress has not taken any responsibi­lity for their insane run a way spending, remember the bridge to nowhere?. They deflect the issue to President Obama, the poor, unemployed­, gay, women, kids, Hispanics on and on....

Congr­ess, you group of parasites,  stand up apologize to the nation, if you have any honor and get down to real work, instead of the daunting task of reaffirming our National Motto, but do what you what you were elected to do and create....jobs, jobs, jobs.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Fake War on Christmas Begins

 Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, and America must endure the first volley in the annual faux War  on Christmas. Every year around this time, Fox noise, conservative bloggers, face bookers and emailers invent a controversy that some evil egg nog hating force is out to ruin Christmas for God loving Americans. The early Grinch candidate this year is President Barack Obama and anyone who doesn't say "Merry Christmas" Of course...

Please explain to me when insanity and stupidity began to reign and common sense just flew out the window. Perhaps it flew on the sleigh with Santa and the flying elk. Christmas is a PAGAN holiday. I thought people had caught on to this by now. There is no liberal agenda to take Jesus out of Christmas, HE WAS NEVER THERE. How can one religion claim monopoly on a fake holiday, that is a pagan holiday to begin with?

Here are some of our "accepted" Christian customs that never raise an eyebrow but are based on Paganism:

Christmas customs are an evolution from times long before the Christian period -- Their seasonal connections with the pagan feasts of the winter solstice relate them to ancient times, when many of the earth's inhabitant's were sun worshipers. As the pagans observed the sun gradually moving south in the heavens and the days growing shorter, they believed the sun was departing never to return. To encourage the sun's return north the sun gods were worshipped with elaborate rituals and ceremonies, including the building of great bonfires, decorating with great evergreen plants such as holly, ivy, and mistletoe, and making representations of summer birds as house decorations.

Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the Church. It was not celebrated, commemorated, or observed, neither by the apostles nor in the apostolic church -- not for at least the first 300 years of church history! History reveals that about 440 A.D., the Church at Jerusalem commenced the celebration of Christmas, following the lead of Roman Catholicism. It was sufficient for the early Christians that Jesus, their Lord and Savior, had been born. They praised God that Jesus Christ had, indeed, come in the flesh. The day and the time of His birth had no relevance to them, because Jesus was no longer physically on earth. JESUS WAS NOT THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.

Christ's Mass" shortened to "Christ-mas" -- The Roman Catholic "Christ's Mass" is a special mass performed in celebration of Christ's birth. In this mass, Jesus is considered both the priest and the victim, represented by the Catholic priest who offers Him as a sacrifice each time the mass is performed. In offering this "sacrifice," the priest believes he has the power to change the bread and the wine of the Communion into Jesus' literal flesh and blood, requiring the people to worship these elements as they do God Himself. (This is where Christmas came from, Roman Catholicism, just like our edited Bible).

What's wrong with Christmas trees? They aren't in the Bible, but they are pretty and we put a star on top to represent the star that guided the three wise men to the baby Jesus. Evergreen trees, because of their ability to remain green through-out the winter season when most other forms of vegetation are dormant, have long symbolized immortality, fertility, sexual potency, and reproduction, and were often brought into homes and set up as idols.

The full mystical significance of the evergreen can only be understood when one considers the profound reverence the ancient pagans had for all natural phenomena -- "To them, Nature was everywhere alive. Every fountain had its spirit, every mountain its deity, and every water, grove, and meadow, its supernatural association. The whispering of the trees ... was the subtle speech of the gods who dwelt within".  Wiccans and Pagans still hold that belief and that's what people take in their house and decorate not fully understanding the significance. Pretty comical don't you think?

Let's not forget the wreaths, Christmas wreaths were most frequently round, which symbolized the sun. Hence, the round Xmas wreaths stand for an eternal sun, a never-dying or self-renewing sun. Not Biblical...In addition, the round form can also relate to the sign of the female, which stands for the regeneration of life. Because of these pagan associations, the Christian church was initially hostile towards the use of wreaths and other evergreen derivatives. But in the same way it Christianized other pagan traditions, the church soon found a way to confer its own symbolic meanings. For example, the sharp pointed leaves of the "male" holly came to represent Christ's crown of thorns and the red berries His blood, while the "female" ivy symbolized immortality. Such wreaths now not only adorn churches at Christmas time, but are also appearing during the equally pagan Easter season.

The use of the mistletoe plant can (which is poisonous to both man and animals)be traced back to the ancient Druids. (The Druids were pagan Celtic priests who were considered magicians and wizards.) Considered by the Druids to be a divine branch that had dropped from heaven and grew upon a tree on earth. The mistletoe symbolized the reconciliation between God and man. And since a kiss is the well known symbol of reconciliation, that is how "kissing under the mistletoe" became a custom. The mistletoe, being a sacred plant and a symbol of fertility, was also believed to contain certain magical powers, having been brought to earth from heaven by a mistle thrush carrying it in its toes (hence the name). It was once known as the "plant of peace," and in ancient Scandinavia, enemies were reconciled under it (yet another reason why people came to "kiss under the mistletoe"). It was supposed to bring "good luck" and fertility, and even to protect from witchcraft the house in which it hung.

Santa Claus or "Father Christmas" is a corruption of the Dutch "Sant Nikolaas." ("Saint Nicholas" was the 4th century Catholic bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, who gave treats to children; he was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church, "regarded as a special friend and protector of children." The red suit comes from the fact that Catholic bishops and cardinals in Italy wear red.) Santa Claus was also known as "Kriss Kringle," a corruption of the German "Christ Kindl"-- Christ Child. Originally, the Santa Claus concept came from the pagan Egyptian god, Bes, a rotund, gnome-like personage who was the patron of little children. Bes was said to live at the North Pole, working year-round to produce toys for children who had been good and obedient to their parents. In Dutch, he was called "Sinter Klaas." Dutch settlers brought the custom to America. In Holland and other European countries, the original Santa Claus was actually a grim personage who traversed the countryside, determined to find out who really had been "naughty or nice." Those who had been acting up were summarily switched. The association of Santa Claus with snow, reindeer, and the North Pole suggests Scandinavian or Norse traditions of the Yuletide season. (In Babylonia, also, the stag [reindeer] was a symbol of the mighty one, Nimrod. The symbolism of antlers worn on the head of a noble leader would demonstrate his prowess as a hunter, and thereby, influence people to follow him.)

"Yule" is a Chaldean word meaning "infant." Long before the coming of Christianity, the heathen Anglo-Saxons called the 25th of December "Yule day" -- in other words, "infant day" or "child's day" -- the day they celebrated the birth of the false "messiah"! The night before "Yule day" was called "Mother night." Today it is called "Christmas Eve." And it wasn't called "Mother night" after Mary, the mother of our Lord -- "Mother night" was observed centuries before Jesus was born. Uh oh... Semiramis (Nimrod's wife) was the inspiration for "Mother night," and "Child's day" was the supposed birthday of her son (Tammuz), the sun-god! That's not Jesus...

But what about the gift? Didn't the three wise men give Jesus gifts, isn't that why we give gifts, and by the transitive properties of 2,000 years, we in essence give Jesus gifts? The tradition of exchanging gifts has nothing to do with a reenactment of the Magi giving gifts to Jesus, but has many superstitious, pagan origins instead.

Christmas is the time to get together with family and eat our ham, turkey, whatever, there is nothing wrong with that right? What's pagan about that? Hogs were slaughtered and the eating of the carcass was one of the central festivities of the Saturnalia. Each man would offer a pig as a sacrifice because superstition held that a boar had killed the sun deity Adonis. Hence, the tradition of the Christmas ham on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

We hang stockings filled with candy or other crap on a fireplace why? Where did this tradition originate? According to tradition, a poor widower of Myra, Turkey, had three daughters, for whom he could not provide a dowry. On Xmas-Eve, "Saint Nicholas" threw three bags of gold down the chimney, thereby saving the daughters from having to enter into prostitution. One bag rolled into a shoe, and the others fell into some stockings that had been hung to dry by the fire. Hence, the beginning of the tradition of the "Christmas stocking" or "boot."

No one knows what day Jesus Christ was born on. From the biblical description, most historians believe that his birth probably occurred in September, approximately six months after Passover. One thing they agree on is that it is very unlikely that Jesus was born in December, since the bible records shepherds tending their sheep in the fields on that night. This is quite unlikely to have happened during a cold Judean winter.

 It's OK to celebrate Christmas, but let's be honest and educate ourselves about it's origins and what this holiday is. It's commercialized paganism with faux Christianity thrown in. You can yell "Merry Christmas", "Jesus is the Reason for the Season", sing only the christmas carols that aren't secular or any other cliche, but the truth is, Jesus was absent from the inception of this holiday and judging from the materialistic nonsense that goes on from November 1st- January 1st, he is still not there.

Christmas is older than Christianity, we were lied to so we could go shopping and buy b.s.we don't need  and then Jesus was sort of wedged in there so we could feel a little less guilty about it our capitalistic excess.

So Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The GOP Clown Show

"A President is supposed to lead, not Read".

Is this a joke? I sincerely hope that Uncle Ruckus the singing minstrel is joking, if not then this is pathetic. The misinformation Cain Train continued after stumbling on a question about the situation in Libya just days ago, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain suggested on Friday that he believes the new Libyan government involves elements of the Taliban.

"Do I agree with siding with the opposition? Do I agree with saying that Gaddafi should go?" Cain said. "Do I agree that they now have a country where you've got Taliban and Al Qaeda that's going to be part of the government?" Really Negrodamus? I thought the GOP liked getting rid of dictators that tortured and killed it's own people or maybe he missed George W. Bush's wild Iraqi adventure. The more imbecilic he appears answering high school level questions - the more money he raises and the longer his popularity numbers hold steady. Ladies and gentlemen - Herman Cain isn't what's sick in this picture. Making further moronic excuses, he says, "Do I agree with not knowing the government was going to -- which part was he asking me about?" Cain said, referring to the reporter from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's editorial board who asked the presidential contender about Libya. "I was trying to get him to be specific and he wouldn't be specific." Right, by asking open ended questions and letting you dictate the conversation, oh, how unfair, Herb, you must feel totally taken advantage of.

His handlers who appear to be on continual damage control tried to downplay the incident, saying that the video was "taken out of context" and that Cain was running "on four hours of sleep."
"He didn't say anything wrong or inaccurate; it just took him a while to recall the specifics of Libya." He didn't say anything at all. The Libya incident was in the stream of public knowledge for about 6 months, all one had to do was pick up a news paper, read a page on the internet, SOMETHING.

This man is a total embarrassm­ent. "Taken out of context." Cain is out of context. This man is extremely limited in knowledge of the world today. Totally uninformed and He comes across like a I would expect a HS dropout would come across. This country should be embarrasse­d that anyone would suggest or back this man for a presidenti­al candidate. Pretty much that can be said for most of the republican candidates­.  This very same "gotcha" interview, he claimed he wouldn't bomb Iran because they had mountains, as if he was unaware that we possess the technology to fly, or climb over things like mountains.

 Did anyone take the quote, "How do you say delicious in Cuban?" out of context? I thought every idiot knew that Cuba was a country, the inhabitants of Cuba were Cubans and the language they speak is Spanish. This stuff that Cain and the rest of the GOP clown brigade are asked about don't even rise to the level of foreign policy, it's just basic common sense and they fail on every level. The dumbing down of America has taken us to new lows.

How about Herb needs less of his pimp hat and more books. Even his wife isn't convinced that this jive turkey  can lead and be President against hostile Sharia Law loving nations like "Ubeki- beki- beki-stan-stan".

The other vaudevillians on the clown show are Bachmann who claims that she has never had a gaffe...a person that should have a psych drug iv drip infusion 24/7. This person believes that the HPV vaccine causes retardation. She also claimed that the founding fathers like Washington and John Quincy Adams worked tirelessly to end slavery. Lincoln wrote the Emancipation proclamation around1845 and the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776...That's some tireless work, I didn't know the founding father's were vampires. She as the self proclaimed leader of the Tea Party (Boston Harbor), went to New Hampshire and thanked them for being the birth place of the Revolutionary Movement.

Rick Perry claims that Obama has never lived the life of a typical American, and believes that he thinks that he is the "smartest guy in the room". As long as there is a piece of dusty uneaten wax fruit, Rick Perry will never be the smartest guy in the room. He went on to say, "He never had to really work for anything. He never had to go through what Americans are going through," Perry said. "We need a president who has been through their ups and downs in life and understands what it's like to have to deal with the issues of our economy that we have today in America." Really Pretty Ricky? Being mixed race, raised by a single mother who was on food stamps at one time, yeah, you are right, he just breezed through. Rick Perry's answer to drought problems in Texas is to pray for rain, he can't remember the 3rd part of the government he would abolish and that's HIS argument point. What's even more stupid is that he wants to be President of a country that he once wanted to secede from.

Rick Santorum, the homophobe in chief, loves to make stupid statements. Here are some his closeted statements, "I have no problem with homosexuality. I have a problem with homosexual acts, they undermine the basic tenets of our society and the family. And if the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything. Does that undermine the fabric of our society? I would argue yes, it does." Even though bigamy, polygamy, incest and to a lesser extent adultery, rape are all ILLEGAL, that makes no never mind to Sanitarium. He goes all in and follows his illogical statement stopping short of claiming gays create bestiality. I'm sure that has popped up somewhere in his arguments. He is a staunch supporter of Don't Ask Don't Tell because soldiers shower together. He is also a global warming denier, "There is no such thing as global warming." He claimed there's enough oil, coal and natural gas to last centuries, and that we should "drill everywhere!" Let's start with the holes in your head. "I believe the earth gets warmer and I also believe the earth gets cooler," Santorum said. "And I think history points out that it does that and that the idea that man, through the production of CO2 -- which is a trace gas in the atmosphere, and the man-made part of that trace gas is itself a trace gas -- is somehow responsible for climate change is, I think, just patently absurd when you consider all the other factors." So our breathing creates global warming? No, no one is saying that when people say global warming is "man made". They mean, Ricky boy, that our actions like pollution causes global  warming, not breathing. How stupid can you be?

The smartest candidate with the shadiest character is Newt Gingrich who left his second wife on her death bed to get with his current stepford wife while prosecuting a President for getting a b.j. in the oval office all at the same time. This is man who wouldn't recognize the truth if it bit him on his his Newt. The former speaker of the house denies he is part of the Washington culture...I mean, he was SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE and number 3 to the President. He truly has a talent for historical revisionism and outright lies, but what do you expect from someone named after a reptile.

The entire GOP field lacks intelligence, character, and integrity with a religion infused anti intellectualism that makes the US look like a bunch of fools who can't pick a person that can read a newspaper, much less a grade school term paper. At this point, I would consider them well read if they made through a Sear's catalogue. Since they took control of the House they have shown us that they should never have the reigns of power in any capacity ever again.

If we elect any one of these sad clowns the jokes on us.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Open Letter to Kat Von D

Don't tell me you told me So!

Dear Kat,

How is it going? How has the relationship been going with the mascot for Trojan Brand Condoms? Oh, that's right, he's been cheating on you with 19 other women. The world can have a collective day of mourning complete with a moment of silence for knowing what you apparently chose to ignore. That you wanted to marry a douche that can't keep his d&ck in his pants, even though you were his mistress in the first place. Can you hear my tiny violin playing? Kat Von D stars in the Blindside right? Not...

What set you claim?
You decided to share with the world, who can't watch your canceled show, so they have to get their white trash fix on facebook, "Today I encountered the 19th girl to add to the list of people Jesse cheated on me with during this last year, "I kept going back and forth in my mind as to what the best way would be for me to release and let go of any residual feelings remaining from that toxic relationship. All of this may sound petty or immature to some, but I assure you this is coming from a place of pure honesty and love." Then you add this gem, "You all were more right than you'll ever know." It's pretty simple even for the simpleminded, if you want a faithful man, then you don't want Jesse James. Even Rihanna, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian could understand that one and they are the trifecta of stupid.

You stated that you didn't judge Jesse based on his multiple affairs from the past, but rather wanted to prove naysayers wrong by showing that you and James could be in a committed, loving relationship. How old are you? This type of magical, i.e. delusional thinking usually is debunked in high school. IF YOU KISS A FROG, THEY WILL NOT TURN INTO A PRINCE. That only happens in Disney movies and fairy tales.

You said, "Not to worry, I've gladly paid the consequences for every mistake I've ever made, but learned so much from each of them," How so, by using your body as a canvas to just write any type of graffiti, I can't tell if you are a person or a message board for a gang. Did you think you were going to change him? I mean he cheated on his wife with YOU. Now you are surprised that he cheated on you? Jesse cheating on you shouldn't be a shock to anyone but the fact that it's only 19 women that's the amazing part of the story. You and Jesse have IQ's that equal less than 100 and whose moral compass comes from the Paris Hilton playbook. You could've spent more productive time watching paint dry, grass grow, moon cycles change, both of you represent the exact time when fecal matter turns white. If Jesse James and I were alone on a deserted Island I wouldn't go near him unless he had food and even then, I would have to be starving. I guess your new show can be called, "Have you been tested"?
Tastes Like Chicken

Nothing like having the germs from 19 different women then come home to Von D every night.  His first name ain't baby it's Jesse, Mr. James and he's Nasty and you are definately stupid.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are You There God? Please Stop Picking Presidents and Congressmen

Homosexuals are not monogamous. They want to destroy the institution of marriage. It will destroy marriage. It will destroy the Earth.

Herman Cain, Black Walnut, Uncle Tom, Sex Offender,  and now reincarnated Moses has made the proclamation that he has been chosen, "called" if you will to run for President. "I prayed and prayed and prayed," Cain told about 100 members of the Georgia Young Republicans in Atlanta on Saturday.  It's always in the South isn't it? "I'm a man of faith, I had to do a lot of praying for this one, more praying than I'd ever done before in my life. And when I finally realized that it was God saying that this is what I needed to do, I was like Moses. 'You've got the wrong man, Lord. Are you sure?'"

In May, before officially announcing her candidacy, crazy eyed category 5 moron Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said that she felt a "calling" to seek the GOP nomination.

"I've had this calling and tugging on my heart that this is the right thing to do," Bachmann said.

James Dobson, leader of the Focus on the Family Cult, and one of the worst hate mongering bigots of our age, has made claims that God speaks directly to him and he knows the motivations of this entity called God. So based on Dobson, God hates women, gays, blacks, Haitians, Africans, Japanese, and anyone not white, male and rich. Most people don't know that Dobson is a psychologist and his authority comes from an ability to connect with people right at the level of their problems. This technique is employed by every cult leader in the most basic level of indoctrination.  He is a central figure in Republican politics because he is the central figure in conservative Christianity.

In video released Tuesday morning from a secret religious right-wing event titled “One Nation Under God,” Focus on the Family founder James Dobson warned Americans that if they don’t vote right-wing in 2012, they’ll be in “serious trouble” with God. I'm shaking...

 “I am most concerned about the drift away from Christian principles,” Dobson said at the media embargoed event held in late October. “Are we going to continue to honor God with the holy living that he continues to prescribe to us? If we don’t, we are in serious trouble. And right now, I think we are.”
The charlatan added: “I happen to see this particular election cycle as absolutely critical. We’re going to find out pretty quick which direction we’re going. And if it’s going to be as it was in the past, I hate to say it, but we deserve what’s coming to us.” Who did he say it to? Did He speak to you? What language? Got a CD or a stone tablet? How about a witness? You are confused, ignorant or missed a dose of some psychotropic meds. One day you will admit that pink elephants are carrying the world through space. This from the person that claimed that the September 11th attacks was because of abortion, profanity and other immorality. He thinks that strong willed children wish to be spanked and they should get there wish. (i.e. people that think differently than him, they should beaten into submission).

Dobson translation: If the Americans don't vote for the craziest anti-American Republican, then we Christians have no choice but to start shooting everyone in sight. God said so!      

Ignore for the moment the fact that America's "founding fathers" were mostly atheists, Humanists, and Deists who loathed and despised Christianity, even though most of them belonged (but did not attend) State churches. Even if the so called Reverend James Dobson's lie that the founders were neo-fascist Fundamentalist Christians such as himself were true, that does not mean America should become the theocracy Reverend James Dobson desires. 

If one wishes to see the results of Reverend James Dobson's plans for America, one need only look at the nation of Iran: there, one will see the future of the phony Reverend James Dobson's dreams. Freedom to worship as one please will be revoked, and the "real, true" version of Christianity will be inflicted upon the citizenry--- if not overtly, then covertly via "school vouchers," "equal time" for Creationism occult beliefs, and "school prayer."

Isn't it uncanny how God's view of things so closely matches the views of the self-appointed expositors of WHAT GOD WANTS!!!?? Seems to me that God should be left out of things political, so as not to make him look foolish. Didn't God supposedly tell all three of Michelle, Rick and Hermann, that each should run for president? After all, the three candidates told us that God had said so, and far be it from anyone of them to tell a lie!!! They are politicians and politicians are to be implicitly trusted.

There should be a compulsory ban on dragging God into grubby partisan politicking, and it should be an automatic expulsion from the candidate list of any hopeful who sanctimoniously informs the electorate that "God told me to run". If God gives a rat's behind about American politics when it steps on one of his admonitions and not when it affects the poor or dying, then something is seriously wrong.

This God is best left to the Old Testament, or better yet, Dr. Seuss.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mississippi Reclaims Title As Dumbest State in America

3rd Person in the room, before withdrawl
The Religious Police are at it again with Draconian wedge issues used to blind and distract the electorate and the media.

Today Mississippians vote on a controversial issue that would give full legal rights to undeveloped zygotes. The controversial Proposition 26 in Mississippi would redefine the word "person" in the state constitution to include "every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the functional equivalent thereof." In addition to effectively criminalizing abortion, the measure would ban intrauterine devices and certain forms of birth control, complicate the legality of stem cell research and in vitro fertilization and expose pregnant women and their doctors to daunting lawsuits and investigations. Because actually educating people about sex would be wrong, just ignoring it and criminalizing it is the best way to handle it. Ask Bristol Palin.

According to Personhood USA, the campaign is currently gathering signatures to put similar measures on the ballot in Montana, Florida and Oregon. Personhood advocates have filed personhood language measures in Ohio, Nevada and California, and lawmakers have initiated or soon plan to initiate equivalent legislation in Alabama, Wisconsin and Michigan.

GOP lawmakers have introduced three bills that would extend personhood rights to fertilized eggs. Sixty-three House Republicans signed onto Rep. Paul Broun's (R-Ga.) "Sanctity of Human Life Act," which mirrors the Mississippi personhood language. GOP presidential candidate  and Category 5 Moron Michele Bachmann (Minn.) cosponsored Rep. Duncan Hunter's (R-Calif.) personhood bill, which would allow "the prosecution of any woman for the death of her unborn child," (really?, so wha about miscarriages, what a bunch of fools), and Mississippi's own Sen. Roger Wicker (R) introduced a bill in the Senate that defines a person from the moment of fertilization. Because they know more about science than say, scientists. This is such a lame attempt to try to challenge and overturn  Roe V. Wade, and it will fail, just as every attempt since 1973 has failed. So much for the jobs. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.
Don't know nothing bout nothing, and proud!
Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union have already filed two lawsuits challenging personhood initiatives in Nevada this year, charging that the language is vague and misleading. The ACLU already defeated a personhood measure in a Nevada district court last year, and it is confident that the judge will rule the same way on the current cases.

So what's next? Punishing masturbators because it will harm the little swimmers because it will potentially hurt a fertilized egg? Is fellatio considered mass cannibalism? When are the fanatics in this country going to stop? When will we stop them? I guess they won't be happy till we're faced with over-popul­ation issues like they have in China or till the whole world becomes a third world and everyone lives in poverty with scarcely enough to eat.   Well, once a fetus is classified a person those who wanted this law can then ignore them guilt free just like they do now with poor children, hungry children, abused children and abandoned children.  When will these people learn that you can't substitute ideology for science? How is this religious based stupidity any different than the Taliban?

Welcome to the Islamophication of America. While we hear many of the Tea Baggers spout off fecal matter about Sharia Law, mostly gross misinformation,  I feel that we have nothing to fear from Sharia Law. But we do have something to fear from the Laws that the Evangelica­ls, especially southerners want to force upon us, such as over broad, insane attempts to legislate behavior. This hypocrisy is brought to you by the people that want "less government" and "capital punishment". This proves that everyone in Mississippi is related, by that I mean blood relatives.
Hands off my uterus!
Now we have it. The right-wing version of Sharia Law— Personhood­. Is this the same imbecilic crowd who introduced state laws banning the implementa­tion of Sharia Law and Sharia courts? Indeed it is. They want to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us. So help me out here, how is imposition of group religious beliefs on their fellow citizens not a form of Sharia dictatorsh­ip? Oh well, the right-wing types believe in limited government except when it suits their purpose.  

GOP its time you pick your poison, which will you choose to fight for, other peoples unborn fetuses or cutting government spending back on public assistance programs that now have more people than ever relying on them. Try and keep up with this round of logic...You cant have both you silly, inbred kids, because all those unborn fetuses and their parents will definitely need public assistance for the child you forced them to have.  Here is another GOP question, If a fetus is a person and a corporatio­n is a person, is there anything that ISN'T a person?  

If Mississippi is going to set the standard by which all other states have to abide, then Heaven help us all.

You can polish a turd and it's still a turd.

Kim Kardashian Konflicted With Divorce?

Yeah and a Kardashian is a country in Africa or not the property of E entertainment. Serial Run a Way Reality TV bride and chump of the month had a tearful reunion with a "final attempt to save their crumbling marriage". Was their any attempt? Besides, it seems blatantly hypocritic­al for her to 'save' her 'marriage' when she's the one who filed for divorce in the first place.  She is just trying to save the newest cast member of the show who happens to be less annoying than the abusive prick that no one likes and is more attractive than the black guy. Maybe Kris with a K got the balls and told her to come to Minnesota and get your schitt before he throws it out on the lawn.

Simpin Aint Easy
I would bet the cost of a butt x ray that Kim and the simp's "reconciliation" has nothing to do with love, but everything to do with the decision by the NBA on whether any more games get suspended. If games get played, Kim is back on the stick, if there is still a lockout, then the marriage will be unfixable and still will be the obvious sham to the entire world and throws a giant middle finger to the people who feel the need to "defend the sanctity of marriage". Kris with a K, how can you hold your head up in the locker room when you do go back to work? Dude, you not only married a whore, but you married someone that punked you in front of the world. This could and should turn a person gay. Kim looks like a drag queen anyway so you wouldn't be that far off.

Katy Perry and Russel Brand's so called marriage is doing better and Russell is a recovering heroin addict, bulimic, wears tight nut hugger jeans, looks like Charles Manson, and Katy ear rapes with her nonsensical generic music, while dressed as a giant bedazzled cupcake singing off key giving her best in drag queen realness.

Kim spent a day in Minnesota to visit Kris with a K and counselling with get this, the pastor that married them. A whole day pretending to fight for her sham marriage with paparazzi conveiently there to get a photo of it. How fortunate for her! Maybe the temperature dropped to subzero temps and froze some of those endorsements or in that surgically attached whoopee cushion in her brain or in her butt, whichever. Why would she make the trip herself when she has lawyers to "negotiate"? That's right, to be photographed standing on the porch, looking sad in an attempt to get sympathy? I have more sympathy for Osama Bin Laden before one of the Special Forces shot him in the face than I have for this mindless blow up doll. Kim was photographed on the phone and I can guess the conversation she had: "Mom, it's Kim, so I made my token appearance with what's his face. Do you think the fans will buy it and continue to watch the insipid shows and buy the "stuff" we sell?"  

Turning a hoe into a housewife? The Ring didn't mean a thing!

The only reason we know who this floozy is, is because of a sex tape. Prostitutes take notes, this is how to make money off of your body. How much will they pay for a so called sham reconciliation for a sham marriage? My guess was the topic of the "top secret" conference was the 20.5 carat ring, in addition to the how to play out the sham marriage in the press. This makes the Yalta, G-8, G-20 or UN conferences seem like wastes when there are stories like this, that haven't been told.

And in other news, I took out the garbage this morning and will be going to the grocery store after work. Hey, why is their life more interestin­g than mine?

Get your Sh%t off my yard!

Answer: I took out my trash, Kris with a K's trash followed him home.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Open Letter to Vivica Fox

Dear Vivica,

Sperm Dumpster
Aunt Viv...or  phony Cougar Viv...Please stop. Do you ever watch any of your movies? Do your ever follow any of your ghetto advice? Why do you keep allowing yourself to be pumped and dumped by young men? They don't like you for your personality. Ever notice that in 6-8 months every guy you date issues a press release stating that the chemistry isn't there, you both parted as friends, flaws can outweigh the relationship, and you wish each other the best. Translation: YOUR FUNDS ARE GETTING LOW AND HE NEEDS TO HIT THE DUSTY TRAIL OR THE YOUNGER COOCH.  Please accept the inevitable Aunt Viv, YOU ARE GETTING OLDER. Also, another translation is " YOU GOT TO MUCH MOUTH ON YOU AND NONE OF THE GOOD MOUTH." No amount of nipping, tucking, and sucking a man 20 years younger than you will make you younger. It seems like you have a slow learning curve and you expect to make the same mistake over and over and think you will get a different outcome. You know what that's called Aunt Viv? Insanity. How many more will hit it and quit it? Is there any more tread on the tire?

You are pushing 50 now and now your 28 year old fiance of 10 months has left you high and dry, or should I say in the cold wet spot in the middle of the bed in a seedy motel. You probably are stuck paying the fees for the room. He stated: "She's a good woman, it's just one of those situations where in life people outgrow each other. I'm highly intelligent, very wise and one thing I hate is negativity and drama. I hate arguing and I value communication no matter what the problem so as in any relationship tension can build up and I finally had to walk away." Deja vu isn't it? First clue that someone is not highly intelligent or very wise when they are the ones saying it.
It makes you sound stupid because YOU cant judge yourself and by announcing your "findings" robs the people who do the judging of their opinion/vo­te.

 If he were truly "highly intelligent" and "wise" he wouldn't have released such a ridiculous statement.

What are you going to do? You are the new growing breed of black over 40 black women, damaged by drama, self imposed drama, have never healed emotionally, and will call on God when their life isn't working. What's the next step? Going lesbian now? These young men are telling you to fall back like hairline!

If you are claiming to be a cougar by any stretch of the imagination, then I am here to refute all of these erroneous claims. You and your wig collection can go sit down!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Congress Reaffirms America is Stupid

Once again Christohol­­ics use the law and taxpayers money to reference their god in public.

The Republicans have been holding hearings on groundbreaking issues that will get this economy back in running order, *snark*. After the assault on abortion and the redefinition of when "life" occurs, Congress has decided to pick up the banner of declaring our National Motto so that the entire planet can know just how stupid our elected government officials truly are.

The House on Tuesday passed a non-binding resolution reaffirming "In God We Trust" as the national motto. THIS? This is what Republican­s feel deserves their attention instead of creating jobs? Is this the US Government or a Middle School student council?

The measure sponsored by Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., supports and encourages the motto's display in all public schools and government buildings. It was approved 396-9, with 2 abstentions.
Forbes said the resolution was needed because President Obama had once called "E Pluribus Unum" the national motto, and the Latin phrase meaning "from many one" was engraved in the new Capitol Visitors Center until Congress ordered that it be corrected. Yeah, that is a terrible sentiment that we are "one nation" that must stand together in times of adversity. The message is only appropriate during 9/11 memorials or other National tragedies used for political gain. Fascism in America will come  wrapped in the flag in the shadow of the cross and once again these people are going full steam ahead with this foolishness. While officially, E Pluribus Unum isn't our national motto, again, it's not that big a deal where a "resolution" has to be taken and a grand pandering gesture taken to manipulate the dumbest among us.

Category 5 Moron Michele Bachmann and other members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus piled on weeks later, penning a letter to Obama chastising him for his alleged failure to the use the word "God" and "Creator" more in his public speeches, especially abroad. How about she uses more words than "Obamacare" and "one term president". Well, she will be a no term president and may be she can pray the gay out of her husband. Rule of thumb: POLITICIANS THAT TALK ABOUT GOD ALL THE TIME ARE FAKES. RELIGION BELONGS IN CHURCH NOT IN GOVERNMENT. Sitting in a church pew doesn't make you anymore a christian than me sitting me in a garage makes me a car.

 Boy, I'm really glad they got THAT accomplish­ed! I was losing sleep over it.

I wonder how many legislator man-hours that consumed?  

It's as if they think that by these shallow acts that they will somehow get brownie points in when they get judged, even if they continuously vote to harm the socially weak, elderly, poor, pretty much everyone the Bible stated that Jesus tried to help. The founding fathers were explicit in their desire for the United States to be a secular nation. They work in the capital, how this is missed on them is beyond me. If you can claim to be religious then you don't have to actually be religious, that's the GOP motto.

In which god do we trust? Here are some candidates­:* Shiva
* Zeus
* Chalchiuht­licue
* Pachacamac
* Yum Caax
* Ron Hubbard
* Mohammad
* Rah
*The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Of course, we all know that the right-wing house means the christian god, to the exclusion of all others.

Since the First Amendment prohibits a state religion, congress cannot dictate which god "we" believe in. This right-wing resolution is an affront to the many good, moral Americans who have no religion at all and at this point, they are more palatable to deal with than these insufferable ass clowns that want to start a theocracy/ dictatorship so long as they're the dictator and they have the "right" religion.

How many jobs did this lame brain resolution create?  When did God become a job creator? According to the Bible, Quran, and most religious texts (depending on the church you go to), Jesus was a liberal, bleeding heart, dead beat, who was a convicted criminal and was executed after a fair trial. He was poor because he deserved to be poor, he only hung out with guys, so he more than likely was gay, or he got busy with a whore and had a secret family. Theories abound...

What does this legislatio­n do to create jobs? We're supposed to pray to God so God will pay workers a living wage to build our bridges, roads, and infrastruc­ture? Is this like how we are supposed to pray to God for a miracle when we are faced with a life or death situation and we can't afford life-savin­g health care? I wonder who are the 9% that actually supports this Congress?  Just like the prayers, the money will come from thin air I suppose. Maybe the hope and wish life insurance plan is what it will be called. Just pray and hope and wish the prayer will get answered.

It's on our money....w­e get it...we know it's the national Motto- we don't need to reaffirm it- what is this, church? A church where the pastors send text messages to his parishioners of his junk or molesting the staff? Being shaken down by displaced pimps that use the phrase, "Give God his money." It seems church and Congress have a lot in common.
 We have more important things that need to be done- this is insanity!

Please wake up America- LOOK AT CONGRESS- what are the flat earth republican­'ts doing about jobs?

Reaffirming our suddenly important motto, Banning federal funds for abortion (that were already banned) over and over again, DWARF TOSSING??? (wish I were making this up).How long are we going to allow the do nothing republican­'ts to insult our intelligence­ while people are hurting and desperately looking for work?

I thought these guys campaigned on JOBS! Has there ever been a House that wasted more time on not doing ITS job? From reading the Constituti­on out loud (which apparently many did not quite comprehend­) to fending off attacks that no one is making, to trying to legislate morality on a national level while preaching states' rights--th­is batch of right-wing Congressme­n are making the US the laughingst­ock of the industrial­ized world.

What's next? Reaffirming the American flag has only 49 States in order to remove Hawaii, thereby effectively removing Obama from office.

I gotta admit this Congress has been highly effective at accomplish­ing one thing: reaffirmin­g my extreme disgust of religion. Congrats ladies and gentlemen, job well done.This resolution gives new meaning to one of my favorite quotes, "God is dead and Man killed him."

Hey Congress, you may trust in god, but he does not trust you, and neither do we.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harold Camping Apologizes For Lying to The Gullible

It may come as no shock to anyone that the world did NOT end on the predicted date of 10/21/11 by false prophet and charlatan Harold Camping. After making 20 years of false predictions, Camping has decided to throw in the towel and retire. Camping seemed merely "disappointed" by his failed predictions, now racked with bad feelings that he is no longer in a position to lead the ministry.  Most people who predict stuff like this all the time end up in a fancy white jacket in a padded room where medications are used to sedate and anesthetize.  I guess the millions he made exploiting those with a low IQ prevents him from going to a loony-bin.  

In an audio message posted on Camping's Family Radio website, the 90-year-old mental patient told his sheep that the Rapture did not occur October 21 because it was ultimately God's will. "He could have stopped everything if He had wanted to," he said. Yeah, just like a genie in a lamp, just rub it and make a wish and there you go. Maybe God doesn't like you, thought about that?

In addition, he admits that his calculations were wrong and tells his followers that "we should be very patient about this matter. At least in a minimal way we are learning to walk more and more humble before God." Well, we know your calculations were wrong, because the rapture didn't happen, the three times you claimed it would. I bet he did the budget for Herb Cain's 9-9-9 plan. How much patience do people need? 20 years of lies? 2000 years? He said he cracked the Bible code, whatever that means, and KNEW when the world was going to end, even if the Bible explictly states that there is no pre-tribulation rapture. If there were one, along with Jesus returning to fight the forces of the anti-christ described in Revelation, that would have Jesus being on earth 3 times, not twice. Pre-tribulation rapture is a theory that was based on the fantasy of 3 different people and just repeated as part of Protestant Judeo Christian myth. Learning about this isn't that difficult, it requires a simple internet search which takes all of 15 seconds.

Camping also apologized for a controversial comment saying that God had stopped saving people who did not believe in his May 21 spiritual judgment day predictions. Camping points out that believers must continue studying the Bible, praying, and remembering that God is in charge.

Where is his faith? He should have continued predicting the end of the world. He would eventually have gotten it right or have died. His mistake was making the date too soon. I hope the next "prophet" does a better job. maybe add some magic underwear or something.  

So, it seems that the post rapture looting is out, I really wanted some Louboutins for the low. Is he refunding the money that he fleeced from his gullible followers that sold their homes, liquidated their bank accounts and made complete fools of themselves on national television. Just like most other Christian fundamenta­list ministers, he is a gigantic fraud. If only the public would also recognize the other charlatans like Ted Haggard, Joel Osteen, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, Jimmy Swaggart and the rest of the starting line up on the TBN (the blasphemy network) are just as phoney as Camping, this world would be a better place.  

The only good news in this comedy of errors is that the jerk is over 90 years of age and can hardly enjoy the fruits of his blasphemou­s endeavors. It should be a mortal sin to act or speak in such a way so as to pretend to be somehow officially connected with "God." On the other hand, there will always be suckers in this world who will buy any line of "bull" if it gives them hope.

Blasphemy­: the crime of assuming to oneself the rights or qualities of God.  

The next so called "prophet" needs to have rocks placed in his or her pocket and thrown in the ocean, if he or she drowns then they are false prophets. If they float, then they are prophets, but since we won't be sure of which deity they speak for, they should be burned at the stake. I got dibs on the marshmallows!

I have half a mind to sue this guy, we were promised a bunch of raptures and we never got one. I'm saddened, disappointed, shattered and not to mention raptureless.

Kim Kardashian Divorcing After 72 Day Publicity Stunt

Wipe Me Down!
I guess we could call this "My Big Fat Flimsy Armenian Wedding". Christian conservatives who think gays ruin the sanctity of marriage may want to check madame hot pants and her big neanderthal soon to be ex hubby and the whopping 3 months of wedded bliss or shall we call it "narcissistic publicity stunt",  before throwing in the towel for "irreconcilable differences." I mean a TV wedding sold to People magazine didn't last? This divorce stems from a disagreement from where they want to settle and live. Are you kidding me? This was a giant ponzi scheme, the Kartrashians profiteering from the misery of others. Mainly inflicting it on the nation by mindless headline after headline. "Kim Shows off her curves", "Kim is shy and has no friends", "Kim goes crazy with Khloe in Vegas", and "Kim Kardashian cries". Just headline after headline of nothing. Just vapid attempts of the Kardashians to prove that they are normal people and not complete morons, but they prove the opposite every time they talk. Like the episode Kim and her sisters were talking about getting
 their vagina's waxed by using mayonnaise and it was so effective that one could see their reflection in their own vagina. But the fairy tale ends? My heart bleeds...

"After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage," she said. "I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don't work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best."

Yeah Kim, careful consideration and $10 Million dollars, and a 20.5 carat ring that's totally undeserved, mindless interviews of you talking about how your stupid husband doesn't know what he got into, how neat you are, and happy you are. How long was the careful consideration? As long as it takes to cash a check? An example of more work done on the wedding than the marriage. The marriage was the unfortunate end result of the wedding, just for all of those people who think the wedding, reception, and honeymoon is all there is to a marriage.

Please...Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy...a prerequisite for marriage isn't the first letter of your potential spouses name beginning with a "K" and being able to whore out the event to the highest bidder. In a few years Kris can tell people that he was drunk.

Jokes On You!
Kris with a K, run, a chance like this won't come every day, so take it. Look at her, closely! She is a talentless twit with sooo much makeup you don't even notice what a plain Jane this nothing is. Run for the hills while you have a chance.  Furthermore you should've known you were the wrong color and probably just a pawn to get Reggie Bush back. Remember his family thought she was too slutty to wife up. Guess we can quietly remove our framed copy of our Kardashian wedding issue People Magazine, which should've came with a complimentary air sickness bag. What do we expect from a girl who "rode" her way into fame on the sticky side of a   s e x tape?  Now what the heck am I going to do with the belated wedding gift I was going to send the lucky couple, a  K EMBROIDERED SNUGGIE! Well I guess I'll have to keep it for myself as an early Christmas gift. Thanks Kim. We all know she wasn't putting out the way She did in the sex tape...

Kim is a pig in a dress and her mom is her pimp, Kris with a K should be thankful. These two bring a whole new meaning to the word "stupid." How selfish and immature can you possibly be? Family and friends spent who knows how much money on that over the top side show you called a wedding then you divorce less than 3 months later??
I'm Wearing White?! No Really, I am!

Even if I hated who I married I would'nt have the nerve to divorce so soon after all the money and time people took to show up to my wedding. Wow...I seriously wish the Kardashian­s would just go away. People don't even watch you because they like you, people watch because they cant believe how moronic your family is. Same reason people watch Jersey Shore.  

You know what, I now believe that this woman actually IS a remarkable talent. She conned millions of people into watching her personal side show act, got the media to pay her millions of dollars for access to pictures, and duped hundreds of celebrities into spending tens of thousands of dollars on gifts. This is one smart woman, or at least her bootay; before now, I didn't give her enough credit. The basketball player probably never saw this coming. I did.

I hope the "Do Nothing Congress" declares a National Day of Mourning for the ending of the 72 day Marriage and her so called difficult time. I've had tubes of lipstick longer than this fly by night marriage.

Now we have to deal with insufferable headlines of "Kim going to the Gym" and "Kim Dating" or "Kris Coping After Kim", who is getting what even though the ink hasn't dried on the prenup yet, and whatever other crap can be dreamed up.

Megalomania is cute in hip/pop songs, but in real life it's pretty pathetic.

72 DAY Publicity Stunt! Trick or Treat BITCHES!
I hope her sponsors feel they got their money's worth. Her veil and train should've had a banner that said "BROUGHT TO YOU BY, or NEXT BLACK POLE, APPLY HERE."