Thursday, November 3, 2011

Congress Reaffirms America is Stupid

Once again Christohol­­ics use the law and taxpayers money to reference their god in public.

The Republicans have been holding hearings on groundbreaking issues that will get this economy back in running order, *snark*. After the assault on abortion and the redefinition of when "life" occurs, Congress has decided to pick up the banner of declaring our National Motto so that the entire planet can know just how stupid our elected government officials truly are.

The House on Tuesday passed a non-binding resolution reaffirming "In God We Trust" as the national motto. THIS? This is what Republican­s feel deserves their attention instead of creating jobs? Is this the US Government or a Middle School student council?

The measure sponsored by Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., supports and encourages the motto's display in all public schools and government buildings. It was approved 396-9, with 2 abstentions.
Forbes said the resolution was needed because President Obama had once called "E Pluribus Unum" the national motto, and the Latin phrase meaning "from many one" was engraved in the new Capitol Visitors Center until Congress ordered that it be corrected. Yeah, that is a terrible sentiment that we are "one nation" that must stand together in times of adversity. The message is only appropriate during 9/11 memorials or other National tragedies used for political gain. Fascism in America will come  wrapped in the flag in the shadow of the cross and once again these people are going full steam ahead with this foolishness. While officially, E Pluribus Unum isn't our national motto, again, it's not that big a deal where a "resolution" has to be taken and a grand pandering gesture taken to manipulate the dumbest among us.

Category 5 Moron Michele Bachmann and other members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus piled on weeks later, penning a letter to Obama chastising him for his alleged failure to the use the word "God" and "Creator" more in his public speeches, especially abroad. How about she uses more words than "Obamacare" and "one term president". Well, she will be a no term president and may be she can pray the gay out of her husband. Rule of thumb: POLITICIANS THAT TALK ABOUT GOD ALL THE TIME ARE FAKES. RELIGION BELONGS IN CHURCH NOT IN GOVERNMENT. Sitting in a church pew doesn't make you anymore a christian than me sitting me in a garage makes me a car.

 Boy, I'm really glad they got THAT accomplish­ed! I was losing sleep over it.

I wonder how many legislator man-hours that consumed?  

It's as if they think that by these shallow acts that they will somehow get brownie points in when they get judged, even if they continuously vote to harm the socially weak, elderly, poor, pretty much everyone the Bible stated that Jesus tried to help. The founding fathers were explicit in their desire for the United States to be a secular nation. They work in the capital, how this is missed on them is beyond me. If you can claim to be religious then you don't have to actually be religious, that's the GOP motto.

In which god do we trust? Here are some candidates­:* Shiva
* Zeus
* Chalchiuht­licue
* Pachacamac
* Yum Caax
* Ron Hubbard
* Mohammad
* Rah
*The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Of course, we all know that the right-wing house means the christian god, to the exclusion of all others.

Since the First Amendment prohibits a state religion, congress cannot dictate which god "we" believe in. This right-wing resolution is an affront to the many good, moral Americans who have no religion at all and at this point, they are more palatable to deal with than these insufferable ass clowns that want to start a theocracy/ dictatorship so long as they're the dictator and they have the "right" religion.

How many jobs did this lame brain resolution create?  When did God become a job creator? According to the Bible, Quran, and most religious texts (depending on the church you go to), Jesus was a liberal, bleeding heart, dead beat, who was a convicted criminal and was executed after a fair trial. He was poor because he deserved to be poor, he only hung out with guys, so he more than likely was gay, or he got busy with a whore and had a secret family. Theories abound...

What does this legislatio­n do to create jobs? We're supposed to pray to God so God will pay workers a living wage to build our bridges, roads, and infrastruc­ture? Is this like how we are supposed to pray to God for a miracle when we are faced with a life or death situation and we can't afford life-savin­g health care? I wonder who are the 9% that actually supports this Congress?  Just like the prayers, the money will come from thin air I suppose. Maybe the hope and wish life insurance plan is what it will be called. Just pray and hope and wish the prayer will get answered.

It's on our money....w­e get it...we know it's the national Motto- we don't need to reaffirm it- what is this, church? A church where the pastors send text messages to his parishioners of his junk or molesting the staff? Being shaken down by displaced pimps that use the phrase, "Give God his money." It seems church and Congress have a lot in common.
 We have more important things that need to be done- this is insanity!

Please wake up America- LOOK AT CONGRESS- what are the flat earth republican­'ts doing about jobs?

Reaffirming our suddenly important motto, Banning federal funds for abortion (that were already banned) over and over again, DWARF TOSSING??? (wish I were making this up).How long are we going to allow the do nothing republican­'ts to insult our intelligence­ while people are hurting and desperately looking for work?

I thought these guys campaigned on JOBS! Has there ever been a House that wasted more time on not doing ITS job? From reading the Constituti­on out loud (which apparently many did not quite comprehend­) to fending off attacks that no one is making, to trying to legislate morality on a national level while preaching states' rights--th­is batch of right-wing Congressme­n are making the US the laughingst­ock of the industrial­ized world.

What's next? Reaffirming the American flag has only 49 States in order to remove Hawaii, thereby effectively removing Obama from office.

I gotta admit this Congress has been highly effective at accomplish­ing one thing: reaffirmin­g my extreme disgust of religion. Congrats ladies and gentlemen, job well done.This resolution gives new meaning to one of my favorite quotes, "God is dead and Man killed him."

Hey Congress, you may trust in god, but he does not trust you, and neither do we.

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