Friday, November 18, 2011

The GOP Clown Show

"A President is supposed to lead, not Read".

Is this a joke? I sincerely hope that Uncle Ruckus the singing minstrel is joking, if not then this is pathetic. The misinformation Cain Train continued after stumbling on a question about the situation in Libya just days ago, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain suggested on Friday that he believes the new Libyan government involves elements of the Taliban.

"Do I agree with siding with the opposition? Do I agree with saying that Gaddafi should go?" Cain said. "Do I agree that they now have a country where you've got Taliban and Al Qaeda that's going to be part of the government?" Really Negrodamus? I thought the GOP liked getting rid of dictators that tortured and killed it's own people or maybe he missed George W. Bush's wild Iraqi adventure. The more imbecilic he appears answering high school level questions - the more money he raises and the longer his popularity numbers hold steady. Ladies and gentlemen - Herman Cain isn't what's sick in this picture. Making further moronic excuses, he says, "Do I agree with not knowing the government was going to -- which part was he asking me about?" Cain said, referring to the reporter from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's editorial board who asked the presidential contender about Libya. "I was trying to get him to be specific and he wouldn't be specific." Right, by asking open ended questions and letting you dictate the conversation, oh, how unfair, Herb, you must feel totally taken advantage of.

His handlers who appear to be on continual damage control tried to downplay the incident, saying that the video was "taken out of context" and that Cain was running "on four hours of sleep."
"He didn't say anything wrong or inaccurate; it just took him a while to recall the specifics of Libya." He didn't say anything at all. The Libya incident was in the stream of public knowledge for about 6 months, all one had to do was pick up a news paper, read a page on the internet, SOMETHING.

This man is a total embarrassm­ent. "Taken out of context." Cain is out of context. This man is extremely limited in knowledge of the world today. Totally uninformed and He comes across like a I would expect a HS dropout would come across. This country should be embarrasse­d that anyone would suggest or back this man for a presidenti­al candidate. Pretty much that can be said for most of the republican candidates­.  This very same "gotcha" interview, he claimed he wouldn't bomb Iran because they had mountains, as if he was unaware that we possess the technology to fly, or climb over things like mountains.

 Did anyone take the quote, "How do you say delicious in Cuban?" out of context? I thought every idiot knew that Cuba was a country, the inhabitants of Cuba were Cubans and the language they speak is Spanish. This stuff that Cain and the rest of the GOP clown brigade are asked about don't even rise to the level of foreign policy, it's just basic common sense and they fail on every level. The dumbing down of America has taken us to new lows.

How about Herb needs less of his pimp hat and more books. Even his wife isn't convinced that this jive turkey  can lead and be President against hostile Sharia Law loving nations like "Ubeki- beki- beki-stan-stan".

The other vaudevillians on the clown show are Bachmann who claims that she has never had a gaffe...a person that should have a psych drug iv drip infusion 24/7. This person believes that the HPV vaccine causes retardation. She also claimed that the founding fathers like Washington and John Quincy Adams worked tirelessly to end slavery. Lincoln wrote the Emancipation proclamation around1845 and the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776...That's some tireless work, I didn't know the founding father's were vampires. She as the self proclaimed leader of the Tea Party (Boston Harbor), went to New Hampshire and thanked them for being the birth place of the Revolutionary Movement.

Rick Perry claims that Obama has never lived the life of a typical American, and believes that he thinks that he is the "smartest guy in the room". As long as there is a piece of dusty uneaten wax fruit, Rick Perry will never be the smartest guy in the room. He went on to say, "He never had to really work for anything. He never had to go through what Americans are going through," Perry said. "We need a president who has been through their ups and downs in life and understands what it's like to have to deal with the issues of our economy that we have today in America." Really Pretty Ricky? Being mixed race, raised by a single mother who was on food stamps at one time, yeah, you are right, he just breezed through. Rick Perry's answer to drought problems in Texas is to pray for rain, he can't remember the 3rd part of the government he would abolish and that's HIS argument point. What's even more stupid is that he wants to be President of a country that he once wanted to secede from.

Rick Santorum, the homophobe in chief, loves to make stupid statements. Here are some his closeted statements, "I have no problem with homosexuality. I have a problem with homosexual acts, they undermine the basic tenets of our society and the family. And if the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything. Does that undermine the fabric of our society? I would argue yes, it does." Even though bigamy, polygamy, incest and to a lesser extent adultery, rape are all ILLEGAL, that makes no never mind to Sanitarium. He goes all in and follows his illogical statement stopping short of claiming gays create bestiality. I'm sure that has popped up somewhere in his arguments. He is a staunch supporter of Don't Ask Don't Tell because soldiers shower together. He is also a global warming denier, "There is no such thing as global warming." He claimed there's enough oil, coal and natural gas to last centuries, and that we should "drill everywhere!" Let's start with the holes in your head. "I believe the earth gets warmer and I also believe the earth gets cooler," Santorum said. "And I think history points out that it does that and that the idea that man, through the production of CO2 -- which is a trace gas in the atmosphere, and the man-made part of that trace gas is itself a trace gas -- is somehow responsible for climate change is, I think, just patently absurd when you consider all the other factors." So our breathing creates global warming? No, no one is saying that when people say global warming is "man made". They mean, Ricky boy, that our actions like pollution causes global  warming, not breathing. How stupid can you be?

The smartest candidate with the shadiest character is Newt Gingrich who left his second wife on her death bed to get with his current stepford wife while prosecuting a President for getting a b.j. in the oval office all at the same time. This is man who wouldn't recognize the truth if it bit him on his his Newt. The former speaker of the house denies he is part of the Washington culture...I mean, he was SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE and number 3 to the President. He truly has a talent for historical revisionism and outright lies, but what do you expect from someone named after a reptile.

The entire GOP field lacks intelligence, character, and integrity with a religion infused anti intellectualism that makes the US look like a bunch of fools who can't pick a person that can read a newspaper, much less a grade school term paper. At this point, I would consider them well read if they made through a Sear's catalogue. Since they took control of the House they have shown us that they should never have the reigns of power in any capacity ever again.

If we elect any one of these sad clowns the jokes on us.

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