Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super Congress: Super Failure

Well Surprise, surprise, surprise. The White House and congressional leaders had thought that by empowering the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction with broad powers to sidestep the traditional congressional quagmire, the panel would somehow be able to craft a "grand bargain" that trimmed Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while perhaps raising taxes on the wealthy and cutting the defense budget. Oh no, no, no....EPIC FAIL, EPIC FAIL! What genius came up with the idea that 12 people could accomplish what 535 people couldn't do?

The Congress that somehow, this Super Congress would be adults and do what they couldn't do and actually LEGISLATE AND GOVERN. What did the gang of 12 morons fight about? Bush tax cuts. Again with the same crap. Democrats want them to expire before they'll accept deep cuts to entitlement programs. Republicans have been insistent on lowering tax rates further. The elderly, then, have Republican recalcitrance to credit for the continuation of their benefits.

Instead of the 12 members of the super committee writing landmark legislation in backdoor meetings that is quickly rammed through Congress, public policy priorities will be determined by the American people in the upcoming election. None of these people care about the human cost of sitting idly by while they wait for the 2012 elections and the electorate are too dumb to understand they are being manipulated by the people they elected to help them.

 This so called Super Committee was ridiculous to start with in the first place due to the fact that it gave the US Government a 4th branch of government, which is not dictated in the US Constitution. Of course the 6 GOP members have taken the Opal Ring oath from Grover Norquist, promising never to raise taxes ever, country and government be damned. Democrats are prepared as usual to negotiate, i.e. totally capitulate and give Republicans what they want with a custom hand job. They had signaled they were prepared to extract savings from providers in Medicare, thereby invalidating every talking point they had ever made about Paul Ryan and the Republican's wanting to kill Medicare.

Set fire to the rain!

The world has seen what is painfully obvious, we have a failed political system in this country. There is nothing in this country that should make any of us proud. If you are an elected of official, you especially should hang your head down in shame. You are a disgrace to the American people. Then again, we are the one's to blame for electing these fools in the first place. Everyone knew and could see from the get-go that this Super Committee was a joke and doomed to failure from the start. Congress and the Super Committee gave us what we expected..­..NOTHING!­!! I can't believe we actually pay our members of congress. I can't get a real job or health insurance but these inbred monkeys get on TV, have government run health care, cars, per Diem's, assistants, ipads, and have the nerve to pontificate about the needs of ordinary Americans. What we are witnessing is the slow death of our US democracy as well as another example of the death of common sense in this country. Actually it died years ago...It really is appalling that we don't have any REAL leadership anyone can feel good about. This country is led and governed by a bunch of bought and sold losers. They had no incentive to succeed, they get their government welfare check no matter what happens to us. Let Rome Burn!

What would happen to the average citizen if he/she sat at their desk and produced absolutely nothing for months? The person would be jobless, ho­meless, and broke. Unless they are an American politician and say "Jesus" , and "No taxes", the requisite number of times. Do I get a refund from the federal government come tax time for paying their useless salaries? Everyone loves to bash so called "entitlements" like it's a bad thing. I worked since I was 16 and when I lost my job, I needed my unemployment, every dime. That was money that was taken out of my check since I was 16 and that was money that I was entitled to. Theoretically, I should be able to claim funds from the time employment years since I was 16 until now which about 15 years. We allowed ourselves to be brainwashed by the Bush administration, the Tea Party morons, and America's need of Imperialism and Voter Apathy.

Un Super Congress

These morons were given one job and one job only and they couldn't even execute that correctly. The members of Congress, and only the members of Congress are responsibl­e for our mess..Congress spent the money, and gave everybody a tax cut during a war...I know that was a boost to the economy from the Twin Towers and the tech crash, unwisely given, but completely unpaid for. Congress has not taken any responsibi­lity for their insane run a way spending, remember the bridge to nowhere?. They deflect the issue to President Obama, the poor, unemployed­, gay, women, kids, Hispanics on and on....

Congr­ess, you group of parasites,  stand up apologize to the nation, if you have any honor and get down to real work, instead of the daunting task of reaffirming our National Motto, but do what you what you were elected to do and create....jobs, jobs, jobs.

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