Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kim Kardashian Konflicted With Divorce?

Yeah and a Kardashian is a country in Africa or not the property of E entertainment. Serial Run a Way Reality TV bride and chump of the month had a tearful reunion with a "final attempt to save their crumbling marriage". Was their any attempt? Besides, it seems blatantly hypocritic­al for her to 'save' her 'marriage' when she's the one who filed for divorce in the first place.  She is just trying to save the newest cast member of the show who happens to be less annoying than the abusive prick that no one likes and is more attractive than the black guy. Maybe Kris with a K got the balls and told her to come to Minnesota and get your schitt before he throws it out on the lawn.

Simpin Aint Easy
I would bet the cost of a butt x ray that Kim and the simp's "reconciliation" has nothing to do with love, but everything to do with the decision by the NBA on whether any more games get suspended. If games get played, Kim is back on the stick, if there is still a lockout, then the marriage will be unfixable and still will be the obvious sham to the entire world and throws a giant middle finger to the people who feel the need to "defend the sanctity of marriage". Kris with a K, how can you hold your head up in the locker room when you do go back to work? Dude, you not only married a whore, but you married someone that punked you in front of the world. This could and should turn a person gay. Kim looks like a drag queen anyway so you wouldn't be that far off.

Katy Perry and Russel Brand's so called marriage is doing better and Russell is a recovering heroin addict, bulimic, wears tight nut hugger jeans, looks like Charles Manson, and Katy ear rapes with her nonsensical generic music, while dressed as a giant bedazzled cupcake singing off key giving her best in drag queen realness.

Kim spent a day in Minnesota to visit Kris with a K and counselling with get this, the pastor that married them. A whole day pretending to fight for her sham marriage with paparazzi conveiently there to get a photo of it. How fortunate for her! Maybe the temperature dropped to subzero temps and froze some of those endorsements or in that surgically attached whoopee cushion in her brain or in her butt, whichever. Why would she make the trip herself when she has lawyers to "negotiate"? That's right, to be photographed standing on the porch, looking sad in an attempt to get sympathy? I have more sympathy for Osama Bin Laden before one of the Special Forces shot him in the face than I have for this mindless blow up doll. Kim was photographed on the phone and I can guess the conversation she had: "Mom, it's Kim, so I made my token appearance with what's his face. Do you think the fans will buy it and continue to watch the insipid shows and buy the "stuff" we sell?"  

Turning a hoe into a housewife? The Ring didn't mean a thing!

The only reason we know who this floozy is, is because of a sex tape. Prostitutes take notes, this is how to make money off of your body. How much will they pay for a so called sham reconciliation for a sham marriage? My guess was the topic of the "top secret" conference was the 20.5 carat ring, in addition to the how to play out the sham marriage in the press. This makes the Yalta, G-8, G-20 or UN conferences seem like wastes when there are stories like this, that haven't been told.

And in other news, I took out the garbage this morning and will be going to the grocery store after work. Hey, why is their life more interestin­g than mine?

Get your Sh%t off my yard!

Answer: I took out my trash, Kris with a K's trash followed him home.

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