Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mississippi Reclaims Title As Dumbest State in America

3rd Person in the room, before withdrawl
The Religious Police are at it again with Draconian wedge issues used to blind and distract the electorate and the media.

Today Mississippians vote on a controversial issue that would give full legal rights to undeveloped zygotes. The controversial Proposition 26 in Mississippi would redefine the word "person" in the state constitution to include "every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the functional equivalent thereof." In addition to effectively criminalizing abortion, the measure would ban intrauterine devices and certain forms of birth control, complicate the legality of stem cell research and in vitro fertilization and expose pregnant women and their doctors to daunting lawsuits and investigations. Because actually educating people about sex would be wrong, just ignoring it and criminalizing it is the best way to handle it. Ask Bristol Palin.

According to Personhood USA, the campaign is currently gathering signatures to put similar measures on the ballot in Montana, Florida and Oregon. Personhood advocates have filed personhood language measures in Ohio, Nevada and California, and lawmakers have initiated or soon plan to initiate equivalent legislation in Alabama, Wisconsin and Michigan.

GOP lawmakers have introduced three bills that would extend personhood rights to fertilized eggs. Sixty-three House Republicans signed onto Rep. Paul Broun's (R-Ga.) "Sanctity of Human Life Act," which mirrors the Mississippi personhood language. GOP presidential candidate  and Category 5 Moron Michele Bachmann (Minn.) cosponsored Rep. Duncan Hunter's (R-Calif.) personhood bill, which would allow "the prosecution of any woman for the death of her unborn child," (really?, so wha about miscarriages, what a bunch of fools), and Mississippi's own Sen. Roger Wicker (R) introduced a bill in the Senate that defines a person from the moment of fertilization. Because they know more about science than say, scientists. This is such a lame attempt to try to challenge and overturn  Roe V. Wade, and it will fail, just as every attempt since 1973 has failed. So much for the jobs. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.
Don't know nothing bout nothing, and proud!
Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union have already filed two lawsuits challenging personhood initiatives in Nevada this year, charging that the language is vague and misleading. The ACLU already defeated a personhood measure in a Nevada district court last year, and it is confident that the judge will rule the same way on the current cases.

So what's next? Punishing masturbators because it will harm the little swimmers because it will potentially hurt a fertilized egg? Is fellatio considered mass cannibalism? When are the fanatics in this country going to stop? When will we stop them? I guess they won't be happy till we're faced with over-popul­ation issues like they have in China or till the whole world becomes a third world and everyone lives in poverty with scarcely enough to eat.   Well, once a fetus is classified a person those who wanted this law can then ignore them guilt free just like they do now with poor children, hungry children, abused children and abandoned children.  When will these people learn that you can't substitute ideology for science? How is this religious based stupidity any different than the Taliban?

Welcome to the Islamophication of America. While we hear many of the Tea Baggers spout off fecal matter about Sharia Law, mostly gross misinformation,  I feel that we have nothing to fear from Sharia Law. But we do have something to fear from the Laws that the Evangelica­ls, especially southerners want to force upon us, such as over broad, insane attempts to legislate behavior. This hypocrisy is brought to you by the people that want "less government" and "capital punishment". This proves that everyone in Mississippi is related, by that I mean blood relatives.
Hands off my uterus!
Now we have it. The right-wing version of Sharia Law— Personhood­. Is this the same imbecilic crowd who introduced state laws banning the implementa­tion of Sharia Law and Sharia courts? Indeed it is. They want to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us. So help me out here, how is imposition of group religious beliefs on their fellow citizens not a form of Sharia dictatorsh­ip? Oh well, the right-wing types believe in limited government except when it suits their purpose.  

GOP its time you pick your poison, which will you choose to fight for, other peoples unborn fetuses or cutting government spending back on public assistance programs that now have more people than ever relying on them. Try and keep up with this round of logic...You cant have both you silly, inbred kids, because all those unborn fetuses and their parents will definitely need public assistance for the child you forced them to have.  Here is another GOP question, If a fetus is a person and a corporatio­n is a person, is there anything that ISN'T a person?  

If Mississippi is going to set the standard by which all other states have to abide, then Heaven help us all.

You can polish a turd and it's still a turd.


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Carolyn Adams-Price said...

Excuse me---that it back. We defeated Prop 26 by a huge margin.

Rebel Flower said...

While Im glad the bill was defeated, 10% is hardly huge. The point that this was on the ballot was why this post was written. A version of this bill was presented in the house and the senate and will pop up in more southern states. People must scream about this madness