Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian Divorcing After 72 Day Publicity Stunt

Wipe Me Down!
I guess we could call this "My Big Fat Flimsy Armenian Wedding". Christian conservatives who think gays ruin the sanctity of marriage may want to check madame hot pants and her big neanderthal soon to be ex hubby and the whopping 3 months of wedded bliss or shall we call it "narcissistic publicity stunt",  before throwing in the towel for "irreconcilable differences." I mean a TV wedding sold to People magazine didn't last? This divorce stems from a disagreement from where they want to settle and live. Are you kidding me? This was a giant ponzi scheme, the Kartrashians profiteering from the misery of others. Mainly inflicting it on the nation by mindless headline after headline. "Kim Shows off her curves", "Kim is shy and has no friends", "Kim goes crazy with Khloe in Vegas", and "Kim Kardashian cries". Just headline after headline of nothing. Just vapid attempts of the Kardashians to prove that they are normal people and not complete morons, but they prove the opposite every time they talk. Like the episode Kim and her sisters were talking about getting
 their vagina's waxed by using mayonnaise and it was so effective that one could see their reflection in their own vagina. But the fairy tale ends? My heart bleeds...

"After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage," she said. "I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don't work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best."

Yeah Kim, careful consideration and $10 Million dollars, and a 20.5 carat ring that's totally undeserved, mindless interviews of you talking about how your stupid husband doesn't know what he got into, how neat you are, and happy you are. How long was the careful consideration? As long as it takes to cash a check? An example of more work done on the wedding than the marriage. The marriage was the unfortunate end result of the wedding, just for all of those people who think the wedding, reception, and honeymoon is all there is to a marriage.

Please...Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy...a prerequisite for marriage isn't the first letter of your potential spouses name beginning with a "K" and being able to whore out the event to the highest bidder. In a few years Kris can tell people that he was drunk.

Jokes On You!
Kris with a K, run, a chance like this won't come every day, so take it. Look at her, closely! She is a talentless twit with sooo much makeup you don't even notice what a plain Jane this nothing is. Run for the hills while you have a chance.  Furthermore you should've known you were the wrong color and probably just a pawn to get Reggie Bush back. Remember his family thought she was too slutty to wife up. Guess we can quietly remove our framed copy of our Kardashian wedding issue People Magazine, which should've came with a complimentary air sickness bag. What do we expect from a girl who "rode" her way into fame on the sticky side of a   s e x tape?  Now what the heck am I going to do with the belated wedding gift I was going to send the lucky couple, a  K EMBROIDERED SNUGGIE! Well I guess I'll have to keep it for myself as an early Christmas gift. Thanks Kim. We all know she wasn't putting out the way She did in the sex tape...

Kim is a pig in a dress and her mom is her pimp, Kris with a K should be thankful. These two bring a whole new meaning to the word "stupid." How selfish and immature can you possibly be? Family and friends spent who knows how much money on that over the top side show you called a wedding then you divorce less than 3 months later??
I'm Wearing White?! No Really, I am!

Even if I hated who I married I would'nt have the nerve to divorce so soon after all the money and time people took to show up to my wedding. Wow...I seriously wish the Kardashian­s would just go away. People don't even watch you because they like you, people watch because they cant believe how moronic your family is. Same reason people watch Jersey Shore.  

You know what, I now believe that this woman actually IS a remarkable talent. She conned millions of people into watching her personal side show act, got the media to pay her millions of dollars for access to pictures, and duped hundreds of celebrities into spending tens of thousands of dollars on gifts. This is one smart woman, or at least her bootay; before now, I didn't give her enough credit. The basketball player probably never saw this coming. I did.

I hope the "Do Nothing Congress" declares a National Day of Mourning for the ending of the 72 day Marriage and her so called difficult time. I've had tubes of lipstick longer than this fly by night marriage.

Now we have to deal with insufferable headlines of "Kim going to the Gym" and "Kim Dating" or "Kris Coping After Kim", who is getting what even though the ink hasn't dried on the prenup yet, and whatever other crap can be dreamed up.

Megalomania is cute in hip/pop songs, but in real life it's pretty pathetic.

72 DAY Publicity Stunt! Trick or Treat BITCHES!
I hope her sponsors feel they got their money's worth. Her veil and train should've had a banner that said "BROUGHT TO YOU BY, or NEXT BLACK POLE, APPLY HERE."


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