Friday, October 28, 2011

Beyonce Caught Stealing from Other Artists...AGAIN

“Ain’t nobody gon’ want us to go to their shows — because we gon’ take everything! Everybody does [say that".

– Beyonce speaking to her choreographer Frank Gatson in newly surfaced footage from 2006 [watch]. The footage was filmed during a dance rehearsal the day before Bey’s show stopping VMAs performance, for which she was criticized over for blatantly copying both Britney Spears entrance and outfit from her 2003 AMA’s performance, and Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” dance break from her Velvet Rope tour.
At least it’s nice to know that Beyonce has a sense of humor over her lack of integrity. All we can do for her at this point is to keep her in our prayers.

The act of plagiarizing: the copying of another person's ideas, text, or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission...

Probably the most boring, manufactured, overrated artist in history has made it big in recycling music, lyrics, choreography, style, video concepts, visuals, you name it, on being a cess pool. Beyonce is nothing but a walking land fill in the music industry with an active YouTube account.

Every song, every so called video, is "inspired" by someone else. The most godforsaken song that was allegedly "the greatest video of all time" according to the King in his own mind and his nut riders, Kanye West, was inspired by a song called "Walk it Out" by Bob Fosse. It was the exact same format, 3 people dancing in black and white with one take. Oh how original Beyowulf...that warranted the mic snatch from Kanye, that maybe was why she sat there looking stupid when the mic snatch happened, because she knew that she stole the concept from someone else. How about her Crazy in Love Choreography? Straight Shakira, baby, even down to the hip roll, belly dancing, the curly blond hair, hip popping and that strange bird flapping thing. Everyone knows Shakira was belly dancing back in like 2000 when the Latin invasion first hit the states, so now Beyowulf is belly dancing? Please...Oh yeah that mic behind the head thing is Shakira's too. Sorry Beyowulf. Pulling your card on that, you  plastic piece of trash.

"If I were a Boy", probably God's screeching punishment to the world, was stolen from a young girls myspace named BC Jean. Was this subject matter so complex that she couldn't come up with this on her own? Every girl has had this conversation, every 28 days in fact, but Beyonce isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and we all know that nappy lace front is a bit tight after years and years of abuse.

She adds herself to songs she doesn't write, if she can in fact write, the jury is out on that. "Cater 2 you", how fun, they changed the "to" to an "2", to make it cool, a song on her "Beyonce and them album", was initially registered to Ricky Allen but then she just stuck her grubby paws on there so she could get royalties and she didn't write one note. Classy.

Beyowulf even stole from British songstress Chrisette Michelle. What's wrong? Did she remind you to much of Jennifer Hudson and the Oscar that you were supposed to win? Singer Chrisette Michelle has said that the R'n'B cut taken from Beyonce's 'I Am...' project was actually supposed to be recorded for her album, but she gave it to Beyonce - however the song credits only include the names of only producers Elvis Williams, Harold Lilly and Beyonce Knowles. To much "Ego", not enough integrity.

Beyonce has admitted that the dance moves in her latest single 'Countdown' have been inspired by Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's 1983 piece 'Rosas danst Rosas'. "Clearly, the ballet Rosas danst Rosas was one of many references for my video Countdown. It was one of the inspirations used to bring the feel and look of the song to life," says the scholar.

Really? Was Kylie Minogue's glove an inspiration to that metal glove in "Single Ladies" which made all these stupid girls in the club wave their hands around in the air like a bunch of freaking fools, yelling, " all single ladies, all single ladies", like that was supposed to be something to be happy about. A bunch of pathetic women shouting together while the rich and successful heifer screeching and yodeling is making them feel better about being pathetic, single old maids. I would rather dance to the freak hoe song than the "single ladies" song. This wasn't a female empowerment song. This was a "if you're pathetic and you know it raise your hand", song.

Survivor wasn't hers, she didn't write it, she got a copy right AFTER she got sued. But that's what she always does, have someone else write the song, or shoot the video, that she is "inspired" by, copies it frame by frame, claims that she wrote everything, then when she is called out for theft, she admits, "oh, I was inspired by a YouTube video." Her thief card has been called for stealing from Khia's ghetto "My Neck My Back", I mean low can we go? Oh, we stole a power point presentation from an Italian earlier this year for her stupid "who run the world" nonsense. Beyowulf, if you don't have anything to contribute of your own, then it's time to let it go. Or do you think that because you have a billion dollars as your Joe Camel husband likes to brag in each and every boring "Blue Print" album, that you can do whatever you like without even worrying about it? This is how bad her stealing is, she has stolen designs for her lame House of Dereon line and has been sued for that. I mean come on. Is her perfume being sued for intellectual property, is she knocking off Red Door or White Diamonds? How sad is it that Rihanna copies Beyonce. She doesn't even know where Beyonce's "inspiration" comes from.

At the inauguration she said that the President made her want to be "smarter" well at least she knows she isn't smart and that's the first step to getting help. We have known for years that she isn't smart, a fact that is painfully obvious everytime she opens her mouth. At Obama's inauguration in 2008, she even tried to give a "performance" about how happy she was to be performing and tried to invoke tears that never quite came, maybe she should have cut some onions because we all know she can't act. We know she can screech like a tortured cat while sticking her vajajay out at the camera while she shakes a padded derriere in a leotard with a wind machine blowing her lace front. She is a master at illusion. People think she is singing live while she is lipsynching. She is so talented in comparison to who is out now. She is the best in an industry with no standards, no talent, no effort, and an over reliance on cliches. Today's music, if repeating the same line is called music, is made for 10 year olds. All they have heard was rubbish all their lives, they have no reference points.

That is why Beyonce is queen of celebrities, She's Queen Bee. Musicians no longer exist, only hyped up gangster bitches and professional butt shakers. Just let the bright colors and the bright lights hypnotize us from the terrible crap going on onstage. The talented one's die or have their work stolen by padded rump shakers like Beyowulf. I can only see you as the marginally talented, dumbed down blow up doll and pissed on by big bizness/ black greasy rooster father  and soon to be local 86 year crack cocaine would be baronesses pathetic excuse of fashion designer mother of yours. Beyowulf, is nothing but a Rupual freak show, belonging in a gay club twirling pythons and juggling torches. But then again, she wouldn't be boring...

Beyonce, singer, actress (that's laughable), fashion designer (if you like cheap stripper clothing with fake fur), supernova, Gigapig and an all round stanky leg thief.

Plagiarism in the dictionary should have Beyonce added as a definition or more like changed to the definition.


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