Friday, September 23, 2011

Rick Perry- Southern disComfort

Is there any more doubt now that these evangelicals are hopeless and should be wiped out from the face of the earth?

This man has been chosen and ordained by God or at least the morons that God speaks to believe and are trying to convince the southern church folk. Ever wonder why does God only talk to mentally challenged people and make them his messengers?

Conservative Christian leaders are heaping praise on presidential candidate Rick Perry an early but important show of support from a vital GOP constituency. I remember a person they praised and supported 8 years ago, George W Bush, and we see how well that worked out. Apparently, the ghost of Reagan has inhabited the racist, ignorant body of head executioner Rick Perry. Like Reagan, they say, Perry is a big-state governor, a staunch conservative and, significantly, a fellow Christian. So we want the second coming of Reagan? I thought we wanted the second coming of Jesus. Make up your minds... Here we go...a fellow christian?! Again with this? 
Perry, in turn, has suffused his campaign with religion, building on strategies honed for years in Texas politics. Yes, Texas a place where you can get raped, lynched, shot and executed while you get prayed over or told you are going to hell all in once spot. Not exactly Disney Land...

He has huddled with social conservatives at a Texas retreat, hosted a high-profile Christian prayer rally in Houston (prayerpalooza) and recited his prodigal-son spiritual testimony at the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University (basically a fly by night mail order clown college that has less credibility than the university of phoenix). Of course those of us that have common sense, know that it's nothing more than a cynical attempt to pander to the least intelligent and sophisticated among us, to vote against our own self interests, and to override all critical thinking skills.

On Tuesday (Sept. 20), Perry said his Christian faith includes a "clear directive" to support Israel, a view shared by many evangelicals, who believe God gave the land to the Jewish people. Even though that's not historically accurate. Since Israel has only been a country for say like 50 years, after WWII, and the Jews were settled there in Palestine because no one wanted them in Europe or the US, so the West forced the Palestinians out of the West Bank and moved the Jews in. By force...we then gave Israel an army, weapons, excuses and the Palestinians got rocks. That's kind of the reason they want to blow us up all the time.

Among Perry's supporters are famed cult leaders, blasphemers, thieves and cranks:

Donald E. Wildmon, founder and former head of the American Family Association, is endorsing Perry. The Mississippi-based AFA organized and spent 600,000 to finance Perry's prayer rally, called "The Response," and later directed its 30,000 participants to a new Christian voter-registration campaign.

"I think the overwhelming majority of what's often called the 'religious right' will support the governor," said Wildmon, whose organization boasts a mailing list of 60,000 pastors and operates 180 radio stations. "I'm going to do whatever I can to help the man get elected." Former Focus on the Family head James Dobson has gushed over Perry on his new radio show, calling him a "deeply committed Christian" and a courageous leader. Dobson was a co-organizer of The Response and will reportedly appear with Perry at an event in Orlando next month. Dobson, the one that blames every disaster on gays, blacks, the devil and pacts with the devil, the candlestick maker or the voices in his demented mind. I would rather be endorsed by a voodoo priest or Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch than Dobson.

  • Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. has mused that Perry could be another Reagan and called him "one of the most pro-life governors in American history." Falwell also said he admires the governor's "guts" for suggesting that Texas could secede from the union. No, that's not gutsy that's stupid. Running for President of a country that you wanted to secede from makes no sense. How is he pro-life when he brags about killing 250 and sleeping like a baby at night? Pastor Falwell? Doesn't the Bible say thou shalt not kill? What about vengeance is mine? I know reading is not encouraged for women and blacks, but maybe I'm the crazy one or maybe you are just a fat bigoted racist who doesn't know what he's talking about just like your equally stupid father. You and your father deserve a special place in hell that isn't hot enough for the lies that you have told. The late Reverend Falwell must've burned real fast since he was about two hundred pounds overweight, no doubt eating 5 star meals while the poor people that sent in social security checks starved literally and spiritually.

  • Evangelical historian (that's an oxymoron) and activist David Barton, a longtime Perry ally, has circulated a 14-point defense of the governor's record on economic, social and immigration issues. I bet he has come up with Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs with little saddles and that Adam had to sleep with his daughter to populate the earth. Uh oh...that's not what the Bible teaches us. That's so unpleasant...

  • Southern Baptist leader Richard Land has penned an op-ed that portrays Perry as shrewd, deeply conservative and a lifelong evangelical of "genuine" faith. (Perry's account differs slightly. He says spiritually lost as young man before turning to God at age 27.)  What is genuine faith as opposed to fabricated faith? Isn't faith something you can't see, isn't it something you have to believe is there by it's very definition? I mean...give me a break... A lifelong evangelical...I only know of one lifelong Christian and it's debatable that he truly existed in the capacity that he was editorialized in, but he died on the cross. You know these "lifelong evangelicals" always have to turn to God by the age of 13, 16, 18 and they were all virgins when they got married, never drank or smoked. They were all perfect and dressed like a cast member from Silver Spoons minus the eating disorders but they probably were molested or the molester. Then again they never knew about sex, therefore since they suffer with sexual suppression and repression, then so must the entire world.

  • Grassroots activist David Lane, who organized "pastor policy briefings" featuring Perry during his 2006 campaign for governor, is reportedly planning similar events in battleground states, including one in Florida next month. Pastor policy briefings? That must mean more brainwashing materials straight from the forked tongue of the serpents, I mean pastors mouth. Lane was finance chairman of "The Response." Of course! They are going to come to Florida...the way to win is come to the pulpit, whatever the pastor says the blind sheep sit in the pew and nod in agreement no matter how stupid the statement. The pastor can say "the sky is pink with polka dot clouds", and I would bet no one would say anything or even notice that anything was wrong.
    In addition, Perry has been invited to appear with Dobson and Barton at a Nov. 12 event called "One Nation Under God" that aims to teach Christians to see "history and current events in light of God's Word, and how to take action that aligns with his truth." Oh yeah...more fantasy and apocalypse now hallucinations that could make Glenn Beck concerned for Perry's mental health.

  • Perry's very public "I once was lost, but now I'm found" spiritual speech at Liberty University last week got the media's attention, but it was his confab at a secluded Texas ranch in August that impressed the religious right heavyweights, said Land. How original, didn't the Marion Berry, the Mayor of DC say the exact same thing when he got caught with blow on tape back in the 90's? Isn't this the chorus to Amazing Grace? Let's be original, I mean if you are going to try to appeal to my Southern Christianity, try not to be so obvious.

    More than 200 social conservatives were there -- from black Pentecostals to conservative Catholics to Latino evangelicals, according to Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

    "The general feeling people came away with is that this guy is the real deal," said Land, who attended. "I don't see how the meeting could have gone any better for Perry."
    Mark DeMoss, who heads a Christian public relations agency and advises Mitt Romney's rival campaign, said he is not surprised that many evangelical leaders back Perry.
    "A significant number of evangelicals have always wanted above anything else in their candidate, someone who shares their Christian faith and theology, and apparently Gov. Perry does," DeMoss said.  For every church leader that attended this blasphemy, their tax exemption should immediately be revoked. This is a blurring of the separation of church and state that our Constitution protects us from. I believe our founding fathers knew that our electorate would be so stupid that if people said Jesus enough times or if  our government said Jesus enough times, then science, math, history, facts would leave the world. If the American way of life would be "yeehaw Jesus take the wheel", then let's end it now.

    If so called mainstream evangelical Christians support this person, they deserve what they get. The fact that so many Evangelica­l Christian leaders support this extremist clown just shows how far Evangelica­l Christiani­ty has spiraled downward into a cult.  It's been a cult for a while actually. Perry is one slick "Christian­" in that he is subtly playing the Mormon card against Romney. Have no doubt that these hypocrites would rather not vote than vote for a Mormon. And so when the Dominionis­ts replace the government with their religion, it will then be decided that we should attack Iran or some other brown country with oil with nuclear weapons. They will do this because they believe that if they can start Armageddon then Jesus will arrive that much sooner. Interesting theory... Pastor Hagee, who is probably the Antichrist or has at least eaten him, is one of the people who support Perry for president. Yeah, that's why we feel we need to support Israel like a bunch of defective leeches...It is more important now than ever to vote. The future of the world depends on it, not just the country.  Of course it has been "the last days" for about 2,000 years, so take that for what it's worth...They swarm to this pile like moths to a flame or flies to a pile of cow pies. If man is God's best creation, then I would've turned the lights out and pulled the plug a century ago, or we would've been my cosmic joke. As Nietzsche, a German philosopher has said time and time again, God is dead and man killed him. I would like to amend that to evangelicals, mega church pastors, politicians, and so called christian conservatives killed him. Good job!

    I don't know what type of Christians these people are, but they don't follow any tenet of Christianity or any religion for that matter, they just bastardize the name for their own purposes. Evangelicals: the group that believes that it's appropriate to tell people that they are going to hell for being different, says THEM. The group that can't read the Bible yet misquotes scriptures every day and are unable to  grasp simple concepts like gravity and other things we learned in elementary school. These are the people that think that the phrase, "I'm not a racist, I have black friends" doesn't make them racist and that somehow who gay people poke affects them personally. Rick Perry represents the mentality of the south and if we want to look at signs from the Lord, then why has God tried to destroy the Southeast over the last few years with Katrina, Ivan, Ike, various tornadoes, etc...? Evangelical Christians in the south and their gross stupidity dragging the country and the world down. Since they have become active in the political process, it's been one disaster after another in their attempt to turn a republic into a theocracry. They hate the "Muslim caliphate", like they know what it means, but they seem to want a so called Christian one. I'll pass and welcome the next tornado to blow me away before I submit to President Perry and his Cabinet of idiots that thinks it's OK to secede from the union because we have a darkie as a president.

    The only people missing from the list of Perry's supporters are the Devil, The Grinch, The Joker, The Riddler, Two Face, Mr. Freeze, Mum Ra and Darth Vader and I think I would put more credence in these guys than the evangelical retard squad.

    You notice that Perry is always waiving a finger, and I ask myself "where has that finger been?" I know where he and his supporters can put it. SIT AND SPIN MY FRIENDS....

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