Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alabama's Biggoted Immigration Law too Biggoted for Investors

Just when I think I can't be any more embarassed to live here, Alabama finds a way to lower the bar.

Alabama’s anti-immigration law is the toughest, not to mention the dumbest, xenophobic, and racist in the nation, and it turns out that it’s the costliest as well. Not only has the law devastated the agriculture industry, but it is now threatening to devastate the foreign auto industry that plays a key role in the Alabama economy. Keep in mind, we don't have anything in this state other than crime, teen pregnancies, poverty, morbid obesity, and a church on every corner. As stated in previous posts, as a result of HB 56, thousands of farm hands have flocked out of the state, leaving crops uncared for. But Alabama has a new problem, other than dental, hygiene and educational. Since HB 56 became law, Alabama authorities have arrested two foreign executives, one German, one Japanese, even though they were in the United States legally. Now, it looks as though foreign automakers and other foreign industries are reconsidering doing business in the state. Good for them. Why anyone would willingly stay here is confusing to say the least. Most of us are trapped by a comedy of errors and misfortune. Did I mention we have car manufacturing plants here that are responsible for thousands of jobs? Thanks to our wonderfully intelligent electorate and equally intelligent legislature, this law has caused executives of said manufacturing plants to be arrested. Lol!

It's actually pretty sad. Alabama Republicans are desperately trying to convince foreign companies that their businesses are welcome. GOP Governor Robert Bentley even sucked up to foreign companies. Yet we lock them up because they don't have their papers. Crypt Keeper/ Fire Marshall Bentley stated, ⁠“We are not anti-foreign companies. We are very pro-foreign companies,” Bentley said. So, we are just anti foreigners, is that what it is? If Alabama wants to play Gestapo tactics then they have to suffer the consequences when they do stupid things like throw the executives of Honda, Mercedes or Hyundai in jail for no reason other than they aren't white. What consequences you ask? Maybe the plants being shipped off to Mississippi or Tennessee, and a loss of millions in much needed revenue that the state already mismanages and does nothing with. It would be nice to drive down the freeway and not need new shocks and tires because of the dilapidated condition of the lanes, or the fear that I will veer into another lane at night because the lanes aren't clearly marked or properly lit. But, I'm sure they found some way to funnel tax dollars to Nick Saban's salary because he and the Crimson Tide are the only bright spot in this pathetic excuse of a state.

As I have said time and time again, the Republicans did not think this law through and it will blow up right in there faces, otherwise they wouldn't be kissing corporate booty. You didn't think they really care about us and our welfare? It's all about the money. This is why education is so important, which is sorely lacking in Alabama, it teaches invaluable critical thinking skills. They told us the illegals were stealing all the jobs, then crops were left rotten in the fields. What happened? Where are all the whites and blacks crying about the stolen jobs? How after what happened in Arizona and Georgia would Alabama not have foreseen the very outcome that we are seeing and voluntarily go down this road to bigotville? To add insult to injury, make the law more illegal and more racist for good measure. Let's just shoot our selves in the foot over and over and wonder how this big hole got here. This is what happens when the uneducated people who believe in superstition are allowed to leave the kiddie table and bother the adults. Now we have the perfect argument against "states rights", because clearly some states are ran by monkeys who just barely made it to the modern evolutionary age.

I guess the Republicans didn't get the right hate combination and they need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Since the bigots can't reap the crops, they have to settle for reaping the world wind...stay classy Alabama! (Insert Sarcasm)

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