Monday, December 5, 2011

Bishop Long Takes Time Off, What took him so long?

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Displaced Pimp, Pedophile, Snake Oil Sales man, raging homophobe and False Prophet Eddie Long has finally decided to step down from his position of  conning his simpleminded and gullible followers. Why? Because of the multiple child molestation charges? Nope. Because he feels some type of shame for ruining the name of his so called ministry? Don't think so. Because he has shattered the faith of young boys and reaffirmed the stereotype that churches and pastors cannot be trusted and are after nothing but money? Of course not. It's because his wife filed for divorce. He then stood in front of his congregation and told them he would be taking a leave of absence. You know what, he isn't a pedophile, he's a closeted homosexual, who is using his position of authority to prey on young men in their late teens.

Long was defiant as ever when he announced his decision to a supportive audience."If you go out there, the news said I stepped down," Long said. " I haven't stepped down, I've actually stepped up."
"I'm still your pastor. You'll still receive my direction," Long said Sunday. "You've given me some weeks to take care of some family business." What's that, you applying for Sandusky's vacant position? You will receive my direction...translation: "I will still be receiving your checks if you are stupid enough to send them, I'll be right back."

 Give me a break...If by stepping up you mean stepping up to your responsibility for what you did, that's a negative. This man will be the Grand Marshall of the Pride Parade next spring right along with Sheree's hair dresser in some stiletto's and a body suit. Eddie Long has been a raving homophobe for years and his ludicrous anti gay stance made his "coming out" inevitable in one way or another. Here we have another religious ego maniacal man using the pulpit to further his own evil desire and behavior. Why on earth has this church NOT DEMANDED his resignation­n? According to fellow Pimp Creflo Dollar, all Eddie had was a "wreck". He even told the New Birthers to stay at the Pedophiles church. They are like sheep being led to the slaughter. This is such a painful thing, to hear of someone who CLAIMS to be a man of God, and to KNOW that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, with a bad Jeri Curl wearing Janet's discarded Rhythm Nation costumes.

What happened to humility, diligence, judiciousl­y taking account of himself, and then making amends to all he harmed, and then earning back the trust of ALL those who he hornswaggl­ed physically­, spirituall­y, emotionall­y and financiall­y... A leave is only beneficial if this man truly finds REPENTANCE before God.

What gets me about all these preachers is their lack of understand­ing of repentance­. After chasing money, being no better than pimps and hoes, chasing young men and destroying marriages, just to name a few of his many transgress­ions i think he has no God given authority to preach to anyone. Any pastor on TBN (the blasphemy channel) is full of prideful boasting and saying things that would make Jesus vomit in disgust. I saw a clip of "Prophetess" Juanita Bynum bragging about a $400 pen that she used to sign multi million dollar contracts and she chided people in her so called class to never use "common" pens like "Bic" because that speaks allot about you. Seriously? The sad part was people were sitting in the room nodding in agreement like what she was saying was logical and made perfect sense or worse was somehow Biblical. They didn't get that THEY were paying for the $400 pen tab for the "Prophetess" and they were responsible for her looking down on them. Where in the Bible did Jesus say any of this crap? Where did he say that to follow him you will get a $400 pen, a Bentley, a private jet, get money in the mailbox, etc...if you listen to Creflo, Bynum, Longstroke, and the rest of the "praises go up, blessings come down", goon squad, then you will believe that you will be a millionaire if you give up that extra five dollars.
I'm too sexy for my shirt

I would love to think that people in the church, the black church in particular would wake up about these charlatans, but they won't. He is taking a leave of absence which means he will be back as soon as the smoke clears ... The congregati­on will cry and worship at his feet as if he is Jesus himself ... All will be forgiven and forgotten as the congregati­on gets upset with outsiders who remind them of his sinful ways with boys or his homosexual nature. They will use the life long excuse of not talking about the "man of god" unless God himself will punish you ... or this one "we can judge what trials god puts his man through in order to have a testimony on the other side" or this one, "touch not my anointed one or do my prophets any harm".

Eddie Long and his brand of prosperity nonsense treat God like some magic genie who will grant every wish, if and only if, you pay and keep your tithes, offering and first fruits current. If you are too broke to keep up with your payments, then you will never obtain God's favor and in essence not living the full life that God intended you to have. No one in the pews realize that it is they that are giving the Pastors the fulfilled, enriched lifestyle. Creflo, Longstroke, Joyce Meyers, Bynum, Benny Hinn, Joel Olsteen and That Walrus T.D. Jakes. are indicative of the saying, "For a good man to do good things, and a bad man to do bad things, it is their nature and not remarkable­. For a good man to do bad things, well, that takes religion." After all Organized religion was created by mortal men as a means of controllin­g others en-masse and is loaded with hypocrisy Like being gay, but preaching numerous sermons against being gay.

I've never understood why any sane adult would think that a belief in the supernatur­al is a prerequisi­te for leading a moral and ethical life. Maybe because, most people are sheep, blindly following anyone or group that pander to the lowest common demoninato­rs, and who are very adept at pulling the wool over other peoples eyes to Use & Manipulate them for their own Selfish & Self Serving purposes. People that are not held accountable for their actions are not only losers, but the most dangerous.
We are a part of the rythm nation

Another one caught with his pants down ! And I thought the "Catholics­" had a monopoly going ! Seems the Baptists are trying to sneak in the back door too !

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