Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DeLorean The Liar's Greatest Hits

And he's a bad liar at that...

                                                                                                                                                              The sheer volume of lies could fill an entire shelf of 80's era encyclopedias.

His Facebook page is just a long running joke full of meme's, insults, mockery and confrontation. One wonders if DeLorean is smart enough to be in on the joke that his life has become or maybe in his warped world of couch laying, prop money, and posing in front of different houses, he thinks even negative attention is good, so long as it's attention. DeLorean needs an intervention or just a career, any career. Well, a legal one.

His pages are full of paid likes anyway, his real followers are few and far between. Ever wonder how you have 1.7 million followers and 8-90 comments on a post?

Here is a list of his greatest hits:

One of his latest lies is that he is R- Kelly's cousin. I thought he was Fedarro's cousin. He said that he was Fedarro's cousin on a Youtube video when they "working" together before Fedarro's music magically appeared on DeLorean's computer. Now he doesn't know Fedarro and hasn't ever met him.

DeLorean Johnson (Elijah)

Shared publicly  -  Apr 8, 2015

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Mixd Chica
Apr 13, 2015

DeLorean is the master of photoshop and faked statements showing that he made upwards of $20K a week at MCA, (Motor Club of America). He also fabricated bank statements at another company called Instant Rewards where he was supposedly making millions.

He is a writer for Drake or he has record coming out with with Trey Songz. Really...and I am going on tour with Destiny's Child. Better yet, I'm Beyonce', no I'm Britney Spears, with a really deep tan and a lot less money and more degrees. I've recorded with Michael Jackson, party monkey, Batman, Tupac, and Elvis. I earned 100 bazillion billion dollars selling toenail clippings and koolaid door to door. See I have a vivid imagination too, but I don't charge $40 for a free service or flash prop money online while squatting in my mother's/ friends/ girlfriends house pretending that it's mine.


He's the most talented artist on the planet and of course the music is his and has been stolen for the last 7+ years. Here this idiot has the stolen material...and admits to the length of time he has been in possession of it. No need for a statute of limitations when you have DeLoreans mouth running non stop.

Solo : The Albumsoundcloud.com
DeLorean is one the most TALENTED R&B recording artist on this planet. For over 7+ years DeLorean been putting out nothing but hits. Here's his new 
DeLorean Johnson (Elijah)Shared publicly  -  Oct 15, 2014
 I can do better than that DeLorean, I can check out the single and give credit to the legitimate artist that actually wrote, produced, sang, tracked and arranged the song. Not just posting a lip synced lack luster hood video on 
Vevo, with a performance worthy of a razzie for most deluded performance.

I have only listed a few of DeLorean's lies, but believe me, there are so many, all one has to do is read his status updates on Facebook and Instagram. DeLorean has 4 days to court.

 See you in Oz DeLoris

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