Monday, July 20, 2015

DeLorean The Stupid

DeLorean just days after his mea culpa, "only God can judge me" ghost written book report, has reached a new low and proven just how stupid he is and posted Fedarro Noels ID online. Why he has done that, no one really knows. Maybe DeLorean is unaware that he has a court date in a matter of days and that hacking into Fedarro's account and stealing his music is a part of the case. Maybe DeLorean, with all his computer savvy is just so moronic, he is unaware that everything he does online can be traced and no matter how clever he thinks he is, we all know it's him doing it based on his IP address. All  DeLorean proved was that Fedarro's given name is Fedarro unlike a certain con artist that picked the name of a car that also went out of business for fraud. Ironic...

DeLirious had a win, if that's what you want to call it, for cyberstalking, but had he pulled this crap a week ago, Fadarro might have had legal standing over this clown. He's an internet bully that had to come 50 deep to court but can't fight.

As I have stated in my previous post, DeLorean isn't just a liar, he's a criminal. Hacking accounts, identity theft, wire and mail fraud are federal crimes that should put pretty boy in the slammer protecting his booty hole 24/7. He is only 5'1 which would put him low on the prison food chain. That explains so much doesn't it...

When a male has to talk about his cars all the time, they are usually compensating for something they are lacking between the legs. He did even fabricate his size by posing with a dildo in a mirror so we know he has little man syndrome.

I hope that the lawyers that he dropped $70K starts to advise him and tell him to sit down and shut up before he really goes to jail. But that's where DeLorean belongs. #justiceforFedarro.


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