Monday, November 23, 2009

Barak Obama has been Palin-ized

Out 44th president continues to dissapoint all of his supporters to the point where there are no more hope t-shirts and a slow down on the O bumper stickers. I have said that Obama is Bush lite, but after a statement that he made this week, he is in orbit right up there with Sarah Palin.

Eric Holder on behalf of the administration has decided to try KSM,(Kalid Sheik Muhammad, the mastermind of 9/11 for you uninformed), in Federal Court in New York City. This "trial is supposed to illustrate to the world that our rule of law is fair and anyone can receive a fair trial, even the mastermind of the deadliest attack on american soil. Some repugs are pissing that the trial will reveal defense and military secrets which inturn will undermine our national security. No one in their right mind should believe that any information that would undermine national security will ever make it to any type of public record. How do I know? Have you seen a declassified document? Some doc's you cant' read because of uber liberal redaction, so we know that nothing of any significance will get out.

Obama on an interview stated that we would have a trial, KSM would be comvicted and the death penalty would be applied...Seriously? This statement is unconstitutional. What kind of a fair trial can one have if judgment and sentence has been passed before the trial has happened? A show trial, an unconstituational trial, an illegal trial. Obama went to Harvard Law, he was a constitutional law professor and he made such a clearly biased statement. That was something that Sarah Palin would say. Clearly Palin would have no understanding of the judicial process and would make such a riduculous statement. Remember, she stated that the Vice President would be in control of the senate and would be "hands on" in the legislative process. Or the fact that she thought Africa was a country and not a continent and the fact that just this week she got around to answering that "gotcha ques" of what publications do you read to keep informed. (Just a year late). That type of ill preparation and ignorance is expected from the likes of Palin and her ilk, but Obama, a clearly educated, thoughtful man...It seems to me, that the business of governing is a bit more complicated than campaigning and if Obama want's to be successful he needs to focus his attention and not get sidetracked, which is exactly what has been happening for months. At this point, Obama has set the curve low and Bush has actually won out on this one.

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