Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Thoughts On Music

I recenlly acquired xm radio and much to my amazement the same 5 songs are played over and over too, just like regular radio. But since I abandoned regular radio with such gems as "chain hang low" and "chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side", I have missed a whole lot of songs. So here are some of my thoughts...

Jayz's Death to Auto tune

Where do I begin? The premise of the song is great, the title is fantastic since I despise autotune with a passion, but the beat was lame. I mean, what kind of a diss album do you have with a beat that sounds like it was recycled from the 80's? and not the good part of the 80's. EPIC FAIL!

Chris Brown's I Can Tranfrom You

I admit, I like this song. I hate myself for admitting I like this song, since he transformed Rihanna's face. Of course he has Gila Monster Lil Wayne boozing and funking up the track. I swear you can catch herpes from hearing Wayne's voice alone. This would be a song that I would buy on itunes but for the above mentioned reasons I can't in good conscience give that brat any money.

Beyowulf's Beautiful Nightmare

Becky, don't remember by who

I don't who in the hell let this swamp monster get to a mike, but I was embarrassed listening to this. Becky must be an analogy for the female anatomy but who could tell from all of that bad talking on the track. The only word that could be understood was Becky.

Million Dollar Bill by Whitney Houston

It is almost shameful what she has allowed to happen to that once angelic voice, but eventhough her voice isn't as strong as it once was and it has been ravaged by drug use, she can outsing all these skanks auto tuning and leotarding and posing. So if we compare this Whitney's vocals with young Whitney's vocals it's horrific. But if we value her as the artist she is, then we have to give her some props that pulled herself up out of the depths of addiction and a destructive codependent relationship.

Mariah Carey's ObsessedOk...Why in the hell is she using autotune? The stuff that she is doing in the song with autotune is what she can do naturally. Once again, she dumbs down her lyrics and does fluff when she is capable of so much more. By the by, if she want's to battle with Eminem lyrically, I think she get back to posing on the hood of cars again. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! and please call off your pet Nick Cannon, so long as he doesn't act and especially rap.

Money to Blow by Lil Wayne and some random dude

Good beat, but good lord, how many more of these I got money, weed, clothes and hoes songs do we need?

Ice Cream by some random dudeFrom what I can tell, it's about a car. Good beat, but again, another car song? Sigh.

Lastly, this is it by MJ.Once again, we all miss MJ and still rock to his classics, however, This is it sounds like it was written and recorded in the 90's. Basically like it should've been on History or Dangerous. He is a product of being stuck in a perpetual rut.

That's all I can remember.

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