Thursday, June 9, 2011

Open Letter to Creflo Dollar

Dear Pastor Pimp,

When I see you "pastoring", I can't tell the difference between you and a rapper like Lil Wayne or Fifty Cent. They at least have some integrity when they holler and scream about money. You and Fifty got one thing in common, " Get rich or die trying". Fifty at least doesn't run around an altar while ignorant, poor, gullible people throw money hoping they will be blessed from the lies coming from your forked tongue. Why do you have a Bible? If we played a drinking game and waited for you to same something biblical, I bet everyone in the church would stay sober. Instead of "preaching" you should sit next to Snoop Dog on the next Comedy Central Roast of _________insert name. Let's make it rain and run through a stack a bills while the music plays and the girls run up. It's a celebration! It's a rap video, right? No, it's a church service, where you and another "preacher" that can barely speak English run through money and people actually run up with more to throw it up on the altar, while you and he shriek, "bills are paid!" Yeah...yours.

Pedophile and closeted homophobe Bishop Long "stroke" paid off those young men he molested and after months of arrogant silence, his sheep has seemed to wake up from the dancing with no hands and under pointless gestures and flocked to your sham church. What did you say? Go back and submit to another man with no moral authority to lead and compared his MOLESTATION to a "wreck". A wreck, like a car accident, and claimed that Jesus paid the insurance premium. You played this christian card, forgiveness b.s. and how can we look down on someone and we have sinned...Then you compared Jesus to homophobic pedophile fake Bishop Long. Wow... What's in that communion wine? I don't what translation of Bible you have read, but Jesus was never a pedophile in the Old or New Testament. He wasn't one in the Book of Mormon, the Quran, the Watchtower or even in any of the Scientology books. Having him married to a whore and having kids is on another level than molesting kids, and heartless bastards like you are turning the proverbial other "cheek" and making excuses. Did he ask for forgiveness from anyone? No. Should he be judged? No. Should he be forgiven? Sure. That's a conversation between him and God. The question is: Is he of sufficient moral character to lead a congregation? No. HELL NO. He has not acted with humility towards the congregation, his family and he has cheated his congregation out of millions of dollars with shenanigans that make a Nigerian email scam seem sophisticated by comparison. He should and must be held to a higher standard than the average man because he has been placed in authority over people's spiritual direction. It's not quite the same as a car accident, and the comparison is intellectual dishonesty and frankly more comical than a Eddy Murphy movie routine.

I will tell you who paid the insurance premium, you CLOWN, his congregation, and the American taxpayer that subsidizes you and every crooked televangelists opulent lifestyle. Just like Ms. Bynum who confessed that she spent $5k on a pen because Bic pens are for regular people, well so are beat downs in a parking lot. Fall back...Every last one of you are crooks and false prophets and you know it...That's why you keep taking down videos of you supporting Pedophile Eddie Long off of YouTube. Afraid another secret will get out? Are you a pedophile too? If you are standing on scripture and believe what you said, leave it up. We all know what and who you, Long, Bynum, Jakes, Olsteen and the majority of the characters on TBN (the blasphemy network are. Displaced pimps and drug dealers from the 70's and 80's who found a new commodity to sell.

You have the perfect last name...Dollar, that's all you love. Make it Rain, Let's clear you all out.

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Mulloverthisblog said...

well said...the doc syndrome is the root of Creflo's support and clearly indicates that the docs will endorse any mess rather than correct one another.