Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Bad Girl" Dude Looks Like a Lady Mile High Club

Just when you think "reality stars" can't sink any lower, our whores in their prime/ irrelevant skanks Natalie and Lea from Bad Girls Club decided to get their freak on during a flight from Sodom and Gomorrah Miami to Cleveland and turn all the men gay and dry all the women's breast milk by flashing their pathetic excuse for breasts on the plane.  For those who don't know who these two nobodies are, Natalie was on season 3 of Bad Girls, has a huge long chin so sharp that you could cut glass with and claims she "runs LA" like she's Gotti or somebody. She also looks very transsexual. She can do it like a dude, get my drift? Lea was on the following season and she is tatted up and she's basically a fake more annoying version of Kat Von D, minus the Nazi sleaze boyfriend. Both are delusional on a major scale and big time whores who whine incessantly, have a need to kick the "new/ bottom bitch/ replacement" out of the house and prove house dominance and use any excuse to get drunk and fight someone over nonsense. Natalie believes she is a multi-millionaire on par with Angelina Jolie and her biggest ambition is being a jump off for either a rapper, NFL, or an NBA player. Since she is so high class, why does it look like she is on a "Soul Plane" flight with goats and chickens? It almost looks like she just crawled out of a luggage rack, but then again, she always looks like that. But this is to be expected from someone who has her brain inside of her chin. Her boobs are also the length of her chin she just stuffs them in a push up bra...You've come a long way baby. Natalie's face looks like that banana that yells "It's peanut butter jelly time!" Both of these heifers are desperate fame hunters that no one is interested in seeing and that's why they are showing their racheted boobs. New York and her Queen of the Damned mother is more entertaining than these "stars", who run whatever project or trailer park they came from while they convince us how "bad" they are. If you have to keep saying it, odds are you aren't bad or even that interesting. Here is incentive to not have cable or if you have it to get rid of it. I'm ashamed that I know who these people are and that I'm even writing about this riff raff.

These fools are unaware that flashing your baby boobs on a plane is a crime. Yes a federal offense. How stupid...I hope they didn't flash during meal time, I can see how the entire cabin would have a wicked case of Montezumas revenge seeing those scarecrow's. Hopefully the airline disinfected the passengers when they landed., the most ghetto site on the Internet second only to hot, is the only place that gave these nuts relevance. They should just do porn with each other and get it over with. Both of these professional bimbo's in Miami, that's like hamburger attending a steak convention. Is this what passes as independence from today's women? Getting naked? Crotch shots? Flashing boobs? Sleeping with anything with a pulse? If I had a face like a moon pie, I guess I would have to overcompensate as well. Thanks Patron Saint Oprah for giving us season after season of vomiting, drunken hookups, broken appliances, blackouts, people being thrown in the pool and breaking their foot, porn photo shoots, cliques, people peeing in the sink, hot sauce in other people's juice, the "amber show", gummy bears, gossip, placing shoes and bras in the fridge, clothes being thrown out the window or on the roof, oil in people's shampoo or face wash, racist comments, people being kicked in the face, fights on the beach, bi-sexual hookups, streaking, dressing up like 80's hookers and walking the street, lingerie parties, fights in the limo while naked and drunk, fights in the street while one girl jumps on top of the car screaming "chi town!" motioning the letter C with her hands, and hysterical crying in either the bed, shower, street, corner, club, floor or limo. Yes...thank you for the thrills and chills. A day in the life of your average reality star...Double the narcissism of real performers with none of the talent. So if they weren't getting naked on a plane, it would be on a bus, in a bank, supermarke­t or better yet the swap meet?

So the Soul Plane was a JUMBO jet then? Twin Turbine? At least it beats using a seat cushion for a floatation device. If one engine fails one could rely on the other. I'm sorry I guess some might take offense to that. They should have checked for hidden weapons at the screening. You know if this continues devout Muslims will stop flying, Make these ladies fly on a private jet. I heard there is a big tax deduction for those. According to Moon face Natalie, she can buy and sell all of us 100 times, so I know she got the jet on lock, why is she flying coach? Maybe she is doing it for culture, getting down with the common man so she can ride on the rich man's "assistant coach". FAIL!

Now we all have a reason to leave Cleveland  because the Chickenheads have landed.

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