Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cornell West and Tavis Smiley and the Pseudo Intellectual Elite

Sharpton - King 2.0. NOT!
Corney West and Tavis Smiley have apparently filled the void that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have left and now want to speak for the entire black community about the state of black affairs and how Obama hasn't done enough for poor people, yet they and they alone have all the answers. What we have to do is purchase their books, attend their lectures or listen to their idiotic speeches. It's funny how they want to wage this war on poverty and they never give speeches in poor neighborhoods, projects or more importantly for free. Everything they say is pure conjecture and nonsensical foolishness. Dr. West definitely got his "player haters degree" on the president since he didn't get his personalized invitation to the inauguration and has felt slighted ever since. Why would anyone want Frederick Douglas/ Don King walking around Washington DC? It's time to come into the 21st Century and lose that slave outfit. Tavis is pissed at the President, when he didn't speak at his stupid "State of the Black Union" and sent Michelle instead. Both of these men are jealous, spoiled petulant brats who should be ignored until they get their appearance together. One looks like a displaced slave and the other a morbid obese rat with bad skin.

The thing about both Tavis and the bad Dr. are that they represent a group of educated blacks that have a subconscious need to prove that they are not only smart and articulate, but that they are smarter and more articulate than the average person. They will use large words to describe a simple concept, basically talking down to people, and their audience will nod in feckless agreement knowing good and well they have no clue what those two minstrels just said. Both Smiley and West are full of piss and wind and they want to market it and try to be Jackson/ Sharpton 2.0. Instead of them simply stating that trickle down economics only benefit the uber wealthy, they will come up with crap like "this emersonian legacy is a profound effort to keep alive deep democratic energies in the face of rigid ideological dogmas, partisan gamesmanship, and the numbing nihilism of American marketized culture." Please...

Real smart people like Steven Hawking will speak to lay people about complex topics like astro physics in lay terms. He has no need to prove that he is mentally superior to 99% of the planet because he is confident in that knowledge therefore, he doesn't talk down to people in interviews, unlike Tavis and Cornel. These 2 educated men of color are nothing more than the typical black male tar baby's who want to have the penis measuring contest with an inferiority complex and still have the cotton underneath their fingernails. Both men have a sense of entitlement only enforced by fellow pseudo intellectuals who are equally as conceited but lack the vocabulary. All they need is a thesaurus and they can throw around "Plutarch's and oligarchs" and the sheep can nod and smile, while having no idea what those things are. Smile and nod, just smile and nod. Now they want to go on a snake oil salesmen tour against poverty? How are they going to fix poverty? By enriching themselves. It takes more to become a leader than posting sophmoric tirades on face book or letting their self importance eclipse any relevance they may have. Tyler Perry in his stereotype, homoerotic drag is more in line with the causes of black America than these two runaway slaves. West enjoys critiquing Obama's blackness, are we going by hair nappiness? Then West has most of us in blackness. Here we are with the blacker than thou litmus test. If they have all the answers, then they should run for office and solve all our problems. Jesse and Al, put their money where their mouth was and ran for office, President in fact, went to jail and were actual activists, not just arm chair pundits hating on the person that actually became president.

Obama is president of the United States of America, not just Black America. We see the hell he is catching, imagine if he just took sole black causes. Fact of the matter, Obama is not and was never a true progressive and people have to come to terms with that. Be upset, be disappointed, but Cornel and Tavis need to stop with the hating and pretending that they speak for anyone other than themselves. I would rather have Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane speak for me than these two misfits who just stepped off the plantation.

Anyone that is impressed with these two men, are impressed with the speed of the crap they drop and how fast they can drop it. Their products should come with a free pair of boots. When one actually listens to what they say, they say nothing, it's a bunch of eloquent nothing. Both of these ass clowns should implode under the weight of their own egos. Corny West is an ivory tower pimp who wants to be Frederick Douglas looking for a circle of power he never earned. I am telling you, he is a part of the "get over" generation that flooded colleges and universiti­es when they were desperate to diversify and had slim pickings in our community. I want to hear from a new generation of black people who are from the "qualified because I know I have to be twice as good and I am" generation­, who is too busy to get on TV and ACT like a leader because he is too busy doing the job of leading and accomplish­ing and making a difference­.

I hope to see them in the hood waging this imaginary war on poverty, hopefully they will be donating funds from their immature rantings after they get their wardrobes, attitudes, skin and hair upgraded. Where is Beyonce when I need her?

Maybe these learned academicians should learn that Obama is the President, not a King, Emperor, Dictator, or Plantation Master. I think both of these house coons, should find their way back to their master as soon as possible.

Tavis and Cornel are both Kings of Barber shop philosophy.

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hereticalpolemicist said...

40-plus years ago Harold Cruse wrote a book on the Crisis of the Black Intellectual. It was greeted by the predictable, ego-laced barbershop debate that mimicked many of Cruse's theses.

Until the 'talkers' orient themselves to the psychology of 'with or without anyone', rather than seeking or needing a constituency for their proposed visions, then the barber-shop chatter and profiling will continue. Ya gotta live the consequence of your vision, ala John-the-Baptist and what Jesus said in a belated eulogy about J-B, than just be the latter alternative 'icon' of that eulogy.

Obama is doing his thing, for better or worse, historically, with the power he has opportunized Let those with alternate visions do the same with the same panache as the quotation, 'L'audace, l'audace. Toujours l'audace!' And do it beyod involvement in petty-crime and other 'part-of-the-problem' activities.