Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trump and Comb Over Threatens to Run For President...Again...

It must be groundhog hog's day, when this clown pops up, it's 6 more months of stupidity.

Real estate mogul and fame whore Donald Trump said Tuesday he expects Texas Gov. Rick Perry to do "very nicely" as a presidential candidate. But Trump stopped short of endorsing Perry and said he hasn't ruled out running for president himself as an independent.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said Perry was a welcome entry in the GOP field that includes former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann. Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll Saturday, the same day Perry announced he too would seek the party's nomination to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012.

"I think Rick Perry is a real positive. Nobody can predict outcomes, but I think he will do very nicely," Trump said. "We need someone in this country who is willing to shake things up." This from the person that has his "investigators" in Hawaii looking for the President's long form birth certificate. On Tuesday, Trump said he would still consider running next year as an independent if he doesn't believe the candidate who wins the GOP nomination is strong enough to beat Obama. Trump said he'd make a decision after the next season of his show, "Celebrity Apprentice," ends in June. Translation: If the show doesn't get renewed. "I have an obligation. We have a tremendous following – millions of people who would like to see me run," Trump said. Millions would love to see the comb over and his financials needed for the vetting process, but this narcissist will never allow anyone to see into his house of cards. Wow- using a possible Presidenti­al run as an advertising­ gimmick for his TV show. I'm shocked!

Trump also defended Perry's suggestion Monday that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke would be committing a "treasonous" act if he pumped more money into the economy.
"It was a meaningless phrase, it was just rhetorical. He's very emotional about how the country is doing," Trump said of Perry, pushing back on President George W. Bush's former political director Karl Rove and other Republicans who have criticized Perry's comment.
"Karl Rove is an empty hat," Trump said. "We ended up with Obama because of Karl Rove and George W. Bush." An empty hat...I suggest Trump put a hat on that dead animal that is on top of his head.

We just couldn't let Sister Sarah and her idiot daughter hog up all the attention could we? Is he funding her idiot tour or SarahPac? His statement, " I will run if no one better comes along, or if my show isn't renewed", sounds eerily familiar. I'm glad he finally weighed in. I was getting worried there someone of his stature and importance having nothing to say. Now we can all sleep better, the Donald has spoken.  Donald Trump is exactly what the Republican­s need, another clown. Another racist clown.

Donald Trump and the highly trained 'possum that lives on top of his head are every bit as qualified as Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann to serve as President of their local Sewage Boards. The whole lot of them should be given the respect they are due.  

Can Donald Trump's ego be contained in a single universe?   I don't know about the universe, but multiple bankruptcy courts have not been able to contain it.

To Trump I say this: No chance Frump. You're not close enough to Jeebus.  

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