Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama is Bush lite

I remember during the campaign people claimed that Hillary was Bush lite because she represented "establishment" and would only continue Bush policies. You of course remember the excruciatingly dull debates about meeting with our enemies without preconditions, etc...(whatever in the hell that means). Then Teddy Kennedy endorsed Obama basically passing the Kennedy mantle to Obama, the look of all the enraptured people struck me. I thought to myself, "these people will be dissapointed in 4 years, I hope I am wrong, but it's unlikely." Fast forward to today. The progressives, the base of the democratic party are pretty irritated with the president and for good reason. "The change" hasn't occurred yet, or maybe it is so miniscule that no one can notice it. But what is noticed is that for all his soaring oratory, it's the same script with a different cast. Allbeit, a more intelligent cast. There has not been an end to constitutional abortions that Bush manipulated and then exploited and abused. He promised in the campaign to end rendition and warrantless wiretaps on americans. Did it happen? Don't think so. There may be a legitimate reason in the interest of national security. Realistically, no president is going to give up any executive power they have been granted or have taken by force period. Obama will never put a limit on executive privililege, he will never bring any of the people that ordered torture to justice, he isn't going to repeal the patriot act and Guantanamo remains open. Obama has bailed out the banks but not any of us, how is that different than giving tax cuts to the wealthiest americans? Since he has been president we have lost jobs, and this "universal healthcare" will not go into effect until 2012. That is after the isurance industry rapes and pillages until the watered down version of the public option comes into effect. Oh and let's not forget, the democrats can kiss the majority in the house and senate goodbye in 2010, so if they have something terribly important they need passed, they all need to grow a pair and pass something because, the clock is winding down on them. There is no Bush to hate on this election cycle, there is no rejection of neo-conservatism, no rejection of the Iraq war(which still has ended). That is a major problem for the dem's. Added to the poop is Charlie Rengel who just happended to "forget" to declare about $600K worth of income investments. Did I mention that he is on the Ways and Means Committee, which is responsible for taxes and stuff like that. What does Dem house leadership do? Nothing. They pissed and complained about Bush and his "culture and corruption", now it's ok to turn the other cheek? Nancy Pelosi should be on the floor of the house jumping on top of the podium going hoarse demanding his resignation.

So again, I say, it is time to take "my president is black and my lambo is blue" ring tone off of your phone.
Hillary was more like Cheney lite. Obama is Bush lite.

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