Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cult of the Week- Raelians

Sometime soon, aliens will descend on the Earth and snatch 144,000 humans. The chosen thousands will be whisked away to another dimension where they will remain while the world they knew is destroyed. When the dust of the cataclysm finally settles, the hostages will be scattered back on the planet to begin rebuilding the human race, mostly through cloning methods.

Of course, the theory is totally unbelievable....unless you are a follower of the bizarre UFO-based cult known as the Raelian religion. This group was founded by french race car Eurotrash Claude Voril-hon who changed his named to Rael after an encounter with Aliens back in 1973. These aliens informed him that they created mankind through the scientific process of cloning more than 25,000 years ago. "We were the ones who made all life on Earth, you mistook us for gods, we were at the origin of your main religions," the messenger, ironically named Elohim, told Rael, according to his Web site at http://www.rael.org/. "Now that you are mature enough to understand this, we would like to enter official contact through an embassy." The Elohim, (singular "Eloha") are people from another planet who created life on earth. This event of creation is recorded in Genesis. The original book of Genesis in the Bible does not use the word "God." Instead, it uses "Elohim," which means in ancient Hebrew, "those who came from the sky." In addition, all great prophets, such as Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, and Joseph Smith were messengers of humanity's creators. Rael is the last of this long line of prophets. Rael's version of Creation is summarized in the opening pages of his book, Let's Welcome our Fathers from Space. According to Rael, humanity such as ours on Earth existed a long time ago on a far away planet. These people, the Elohim, were however, more advanced than us and they had mastered genetics and cell biology well enough to create life from DNA. The Elohim combed the universe in order to find another planet suitable for life to further continue their experiments in a more isolated environment than their native planet. The Elohim chose our Earth for this purpose, and so laboratories were build in what is now known as the Holy Land. In these laboratories, the Elohim first created plants, then animals, and finally, humans. As told in the Bible, "men were created in their [Elohim's] image."These human creations of the Elohim were first housed comfortably, being fed and sheltered with no obligations, in the laboratory of the Elohim. However, humans soon proved to possess an aggressive nature, and thus, the Elohim forced the humans out of the laboratory, which was poetically referred to in the Bible as the "Garden of Eden."

The "religion's" head-quarters is in Montreal where it operates a theme park called UFOland. (if only I were making this crap up).Attractions include a full size replica of the spaceship Voril-hon claims visited him, a giant model of DNA and displays on cloning and genetics. What isn't openly explained is why only 144,000 Earthlings will be taken when the aliens return.(Pretty sure that was ripped off from the Bible)

You may have heard of their affiliate organization from back in 2003, Clonaid, they claimed to have cloned a human, but haven't provided the corresponding proof. They were harshly fought against by christian conservatives, but then again, that's not really saying much is it?

The religion also teaches that nudity and sexuality are pure and beautiful, and that if people were more in touch with their feminine sides, there would be less violence in the world. Former members of the Raelian cult say attractive members of the movement cruise strip clubs and bars looking for lonelyhearts who are offered free sex - and plenty of it - to recruit them into the organization. There are mandatory sensual meditation sessions in which a "guide" instructs Raelian members how to caress their breasts and nipples, how to produce and lick the odour from armpits and genitals and how to use a mirror to study and play with the anus.

The only part of their belief system that I agree with is this: The Raelians advocate a political system that only allows the most intelligent people to govern. How much better would this country had been without George W Bush as president?

I will close with one more added nuggett of info. we got a follower at Alabama A&M. A professor, Hortense Dodo claims to clone peanuts and is linked to the grouped. She and about 4 other Alabamian Nasa scientists proudly claim affiliation with this group. So have fun at the classic guys! We can envision getting ourselves eternal life - that is the goal," said Rael. "When you die, you clone yourself and you can live eternally."


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