Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Louis Farrakhan and Blatant Intellectual Dishonesty

"I can never apologize for telling the truth... I can apologize for the manner of telling the truth." - Louis Farrakhan

You have criticized America's involvement in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq and blasted Obama as being an "assassin and a murderer". "We voted for our brother Barack, a beautiful human being with a sweet heart,” Farrakhan said, in a video making the rounds on the Internet. But he has turned into someone else, Farrakhan told the crowd. “Now he's an assassin.” America “puts her trust in her weapons of war,” he continued. “She threatens the nations of the earth and has my brother calling for the assassination of brother Muammar Qaddafi. What has he done? I can defend that man. You don't know that man.”“My poor brother. They said they were only going over there for humanitarian reasons -- and we believed that. You've been deceived.” Farrakhan draws a comparison between U.S. intervention in Libya and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."You talk about a man killing his own people,” Farrakhan told the crowd. “When you lie to the American people saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When you lie and then take innocent young men who come to serve their country, and send them to die in Iraq, in Afghanistan, over lies, that's a murderer in the White House."

Obama is no saint, by any means, but I think you are sorely lacking on facts and reality . George W Bush made the case for weapons of mass destruction as a justification for an Iraqi invasion, not Obama. Bush started a war under false pretenses by forcing the intelligence community to "get him the requisite information" is a far cry from what you are stating. Obama wasn't even elected as US Senator of Illinois until 2004 and the US invasion didn't even begin until 2002. That's a full 2 years AFTER the Iraqi invasion began. The conflict in Afghanistan began admirably enough, to catch and kill Bin Laden and kill or disable AL- Qaida, now 10 yrs. later, the cost has grown greater than what the American people feel obligated or want to pay. This vase that we broke in the peverbial pottery barn 10 years ago, we can't keep fixing, especially if that store isn't willing to clean up the mess on their own floor. The comparison between Bush and Obama is not only intellectually dishonest but ludicrous yet not surprising from someone dressed like a reject from a Sin bad movie. You always take the short cut with your so called intellectual conclusions and when someone doesn't agree, they are shouted down or ridiculed as being contaminated by Jews. How you can praise Obama in 2008, even after Obama wisely denounced you, now he is an "assassin". Maybe you can defend Qaddafi, because he gave you money, $10 million over the last 5 years, in fact. If Qaddafi gave me half that, I would call Bush the smartest man on earth, lick his balls and yell "pop goes the weasel!"

How much credibility can anyone give you when you make statements like this: "so exceedingly valuable to every white person on this earth." (views on Scientology). Oh maybe because you have incorporated Ufology in your doctrine and so they have the white equivalent? Since only blacks can join your bootleg cult.

"Non-believers and the sinful would face the wrath of God through high-technology UFOs or 'wheels." Where in any Bible, Quran, Book of Mormon, or Watchtower are UFOs? Only in your mind, because they aren't there. It's all make believe and fiction. Next you will claim there is a wizard from the land of Oz that will turn people into stone.

“The first Jewish president.” Obama is a Christian or Muslim Terrorist depending on which news channel you watch. Plus, if Obama were truly a "Jewish" president, so what? Would that be relevant to Israel and Israeli policies? Is that the point that you are trying to make? Right, so that whole spiel that he gave saying that there should be a PALESTINIAN AND ISRAELI STATE and they should co-exist proves that Obama favors Jews. I mean...that's the reason why Netanyahu is continually pissed at the Obama admin. Just read something sometime.

"The Jewish people have said that Hollywood is theirs. Can any of you deny that they are the masters of Hollywood, where sex, lesbianism, homosexuality and violence are promoted?" I have never once heard anyone make that quote from any source Jew or Gentile. Please produce it.  Secondly, sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, and violence is promoted in literature, history, politics, and religious texts and it didn't just pop up in Hollywood from Steven Spielberg  and Woody Allen or some other random Jew over the last 50 years.

"It was Hollywood whose first movie, what was the first movie? – 'The Birth of a Nation.' How did it portray us? And how has Hollywood portrayed us? And who were the Hollywood moguls who portrayed us like that? Am I anti-Semitic or are they anti-black?" You know when that movie came out? 1914. It's 2011. Yes, who were the Hollywood Moguls, produce them. Would you like to produce the actual slave traders or the auctioneers on the plantation in Back Swamp Virginia? And yes, you are in fact anti-semitic, so anti-semitic you make Mel Gibson look like Ghandi by comparison.

"I call them the so-called Jews because to be a Jew you have to adhere to the statutes and laws that create the special relationship. How can you be a Jew and promote homosexual marriage?" You can be a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian or a human being and promote love of your fellow man. That would be nice...promoting homosexual marriage may not be something that you and the others are prepared to attempt, but the dividing line of "us versus them" have to stop. It's tiresome, it's old, it's divisive and it's dangerous.
"But what you have in the Bible has been added to and taken away from by the Jews. Oh here goes this anti-Semite.' This Koran says that the Jews have altered the word of God out of its place. They did not want the masters of the people to know what Jesus really said, what Moses really said, because then you wouldn't have a yardstick to measure their deviations." This is something that anyone with any sense should know. Any book that has been "inspired" by a deity, orally dictated for generations, translated from Aramaic, to Hebrew, to Greek, to Roman, then hand written by scribes has some changes. Some Catholic Priest decides what goes and what stays from the stories, the Bible is translated into English and then again we have schisms within the church, Protestant Reformations, etc...The Quran doesn't need to tell anyone that, all one needs is to be awake and paying attention. This type of thing happened to the Quran as well...again, this is nothing sinister. Most atheists would say, that all religion is a steaming pile of crap for the above reason, but you can't say, "the Bible had things omitted, because the Jews were hiding stuff", when the Quran and EVERY other ancient religious text does the exact same thing. Again, more intellectual dishonesty and it shows that the elevator isn't going to the top floor.

"I'm not into integration. I ain't for that. God told the Jews, he didn't want you intermarrying with others. But you disobeyed him. He don't want us uniting into this that he's come to judge… You can't integrate with wickedness if you want righteousness." Interracial marrying is wickedness? I see. Integration is wickedness? Ok. Again, I don't know what Bible you have read, but it should be set on fire, pissed on, and deemed the rantings of a delusional mind. It's cute that you think that interacial marriage is on par with murder and adultery. You and and all your followers need heavy psychotropic drugs and a buttload of psychiatrists.
White people are potential humans…they haven’t evolved yet." Neither has your understanding of religion, theology, or any of the principles of love that you so call espouse. Anything to make us feel better...Reverse racism at it's finest, yet you claim as loudly as you can, that you are no anti-semite or racist. It blows my mind that anyone can stomach you much less proclaim you as a leader of any type of movement. The only movement that you are fit to lead, is the one that I leave in my toilet.

“Who’s the diamond merchant? Who’s the gold merchant? Who is running Johannesburg and the gold mines and Kimberley and the diamond mines. That’s why in the name jewelry is the name Jew. Because they run the industry.” That must be it! Jew runs the industry because jewelry is in the name. Why are Muslims running the music industry, because the letters mus and i are in the name? Why aren't the Danish better dancers by that logic? I am a female, why don't I have more shoes? Why aren't there alien ant farms that fart purple glow in the dark paint? Let's just throw out random nonsense here. This is almost as bad as a rapper or a pop artist, just stringing together random words, only without the music or auto-tune.

"The Jews have been so bad at politics they lost half their population in the Holocaust. They thought they could trust in Hitler, and they helped him get the Third Reich on the road." The very notion that you think that Jews would assist Hitler in killing their own people is so offensive that it shocks the senses. What history book did you read this from? Were you high when you came up with this? Is that why Freud emigrated to the US? Is that why Einstein emigrated to the US? Why did these learned Jewish scholars leave and head to the unoccupied Europe if they were so called helping Hitler? Here's more history for those of us that didn't pay attention in high school, after Hitler took over occupied Europe those Jews that emigrated: the Doctors, Lawyers, etc.. those Jews were deported and forced into ghetto's and death camps.  How is that helping Hitler get the Third Reich on the Road? You mean by fleeing with their lives as the Gestapo seized their homes and possessions before they loaded them up on the trains to the death camps. Maybe you meant, forcing them to work for hours on end while Hitler tried to develop new technological weapons which developed into NASA? All of those pictures from the liberated camps were all faked...you are right...EVERYONE that were there, all the accounts from the Nuremberg Trials were wrong. The Jews set off to murder 5 million of their own people and another million homosexuals, mentally challenged, etc...More intellectual stupidity and historical inaccuracy.

I have no problem with an actual disagreement with the social, economic policies of the United Stated based on facts. If you state that we don't have the resources to continue playing protracted roles militarily in foreign wars, then fine, I can cosign. We have a terrible history in the Middle East with interventionism and playing world police. The way the Western Powers created the state of Israel was absolutely the wrong way, but dreaming up facts or denying facts and having people believe these lies disgusts me and those of us, like me who are growing tired of organized religion. Argue the facts. Sane, rational facts. What I do dislike, is misogynistic, homophobic, racist ranting wrapped in religion and it's not even real Islam. It's pseudo-Islam, a bastardized imitation not rooted anywhere in reality. There are no science labs with Black Scientists creating White people in Sharia or Sunni Islam. There are no UFOs in Sharia or Sunni Islam, there is nothing in any Quran about delusions brought on by white men and your deceased leader circling the earth in a space ship.

Why people listen to you or any incantation of a con artist like you I can't tell you. Your name should be spelled Farracon. You are a snake oil salesman, liar and you promote nothing but ignorance and hate and wrap it the guise of black pride. Yet, you teach inaccurate history and you use deliberate intellectual shortcuts to reach your ridiculous conclusions. I don't know who to feel more sorry for, your followers for believing the constant lies or you for being an opportunistic troglodyte spreading hate and intolerance while you believe your own hype.

2+2=10 in Farrakhan land.


Michael said...

Its a shame too, I used to have some respect for that man for his community work! If you've ever been a few feet from him he definitely radiates an aura of energy that I could never explain, but he's fallen off the wagon long ago . . . or fell in the bathroom and bumped his head anyway!

Rebel Flower said...

Most cult leaders possess that talent. It's nothing new. He has been off the reservation for some time and his followers sit in silent obedience to his nonsensical ravings. You should have no respect for this man, he is no different than Jim Jones preying on the weak and gullible.