Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Neal Boortz- A Racist or A Moron?

"You know what? I, for one, am tired of putting up with this crap. And you want to know why I moved out of Atlanta and only spend a couple of weeks a year in this town? That's one of the reasons. Carjackings, violence, people getting shot. It's ridiculous. This city harbors an urban culture of violence. And I want you to look around. You drive into the city. The railroad overpass is on the downtown connector covered with graffiti. And that-- That is just an advertisement for everybody coming into this town that we really don't give a damn about those who would screw up our quality of life around here. We really just don't care. We don't care enough to paint over graffiti on the overpasses that come into our city, advertising welcome to Atlanta, here's some of our finest graffiti, from some of our finest urban thugs and their little gang signs. And pick up the paper tomorrow morning. Read about all the carjackings. Read about the innocent people shot for the pure de-hell of it."

"This town is starting to look like a garbage heap. And we got too damn many urban thugs, yo, ruining the quality of life for everybody. And I'll tell you what it's gonna take. You people, you are - you need to have a gun. You need to have training. You need to know how to use that gun. You need to get a permit to carry that gun. And you do in fact need to carry that gun and we need to see some dead thugs littering the landscape in Atlanta. We need to see the next guy that tries to carjack you shot dead right where he stands. We need more dead thugs in this city. And let their -- let their mommas -- let their mommas say, "He was a good boy. He just fell in with the good crowd." And then lock her ass up."

Behold, the next Grand Wizard of the KKK. Did he just advocate killing "urban thugs" in the streets of Atlanta? Does he mean Black people, White people, Hispanic people? Maybe the Skin heads and other pieces of trash hate groups can be considered so called "thugs". I'm so glad he's on the side of us law abiding folks and thinks we should run the streets just shooting people. Get up from behind the desk and let the little boys go. Why doesn't he just scream "nigger" on the radio and get it over with, that would be more subtle than advocating for killing thugs and hoping they litter the landscape of Atlanta. This man is so charming and so eloquent that he can charm the pants off of Charlie Sheen and the goddesses. Does he think this is a Western or The Matrix where people have high speed chases on the Freeway and where people run on the wall and every one's hair and makeup is still perfect? Where is the FBI on this? If a black rapper said this, how quick would we have Congressional hearings about violent content? This is a prime example of: "guns don't kill people, stupid people with guns kill people." I think that Boortz is not only stupid but suffering from a severe mental illness and that should disqualify him from carrying a firearm, or procreating for that matter. Isn't this something that a thug would say? A stupid thug, but a thug nonetheless.

Someone needs to take this old, bald, pasty white asshat out, hand him a gun and tell him to go off some urban thugs. You don't get to take your bodyguards, you can't stay locked in your gated community with the guards at the gate and the security alarms everywhere and wait for them to come to you, you just have hit the streets, all alone with your gun.

Here is some of our American hero's greatest hits:

"Letting welfare recipients vote is like letting the inmates run the asylum." Right...we should also have IQ tests for elected officials, if we have to use this litmus test. No one could ever vote or hold public office ever.

"There are four levels of homicide: negligent, criminal, justified and praiseworthy." I went to law school, but I never heard of "praiseworthy" homicide in any legal precedent and I read Rehnquist, Thomas and Scalia's uber conservative opinions. This from the God Party that can justify murder and sanction it under the cross.

"Prostitutes shouldn't go to jail. Unless they're just whoreable." Nothing needs to be said, this is completely undefendable without slamming ectasy or some other GOP drug of choice.

"Religion is, all too often, a refuge for scoundrels." Here is the one thing we agree on and Boortz is a King among Scoundrels. What's interesting is that the religious right wing listen to his show, the very people that he is mocking in that quote. Shameful and transparent, at least to those of us that pay attention.

"It's a shame that stupidity isn't painful." It is, very painful to people that aren't stupid. Listening to you, Rush, Hannity, Beck, Palin, Bachmann, and every televangelist and right wing panhandler is like someone shooting off firecracker's off in my head. Then, an alien descends and sucks out what's left with a metallic straw. Maybe that's just his sphincter that makes the sucking noise.

Take out some thugs, Neil. Go ahead. Show us how tough the gunslingin' righties really are.


CC said...

So he advocates the same kind of random violence that he criticizes atlanta's thugs for.....what a crack-POT calling the thugs black! He must be related to some of the monkeys that run the state of alabama.

Rebel Flower said...

I don't know if he's crazy or stupid or a mix of both. He's a real sweetheart. He has to be part of the same Klan or cult that run this god forsaken state.

Redeye said...


fed up said...

I agree with him. He is only saying shoot someone when they try to car jack you rob you etc not just shoot some one just to do it. You blow it all out of proportion!!!!!!!!!!! If someone breaks into my home and puts my family in danger I'll shoot them!

Rebel Flower said...

@fed up, thank you for giving some crazy on the page today. Trying to be a positive spin on his comments is pitiful and either you are a troll or mentally ill. Either way, you should never be allowed to handle a super soaker, much less a firearm.

snapsbacula said...


You people are village idiots. You race-fags look for anything and everything you can twist into a hissy-fit pitching tirade against anything not-black. I'll shoot any recidivist in the face if it might save my life, black white brown skinny or round. Step up and join your black foot soldiers who are mobbing YT almost every day now. Don't you know about the rise in black mobbing in the wake of Traygone Martin's assault on an upright man? Weak minded cretins are attacking non-black citizens, mostly kids and the elderly, because those mooncrickets have none of the qualities of compassionate & empathetic humans. I'll shoot them. Neal Boortz is a genius compared to you smurfs. Go Fcuk Your Self if you don't like it.

Rebel Flower said...

You are clearly mentally ill. Please don't call people "race fags" on my page, first of all that doesn't make sense and secondly I don't subscribe to the "fag" word unless we are speaking about twilight. Please provide your sources about these so called mobs of that have been rioting non stop, since you seem to be the only person that has mentioned it. If you are looking for someone to shoot, please do yourself, and the human species a favor and turn that gun on yourself. I don't need to fcuk myself thank you, I have a line of people, probably even you who are enthusiastically willing to take up the charge.