Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Benefits from White Privilege

Trout pout trash tartlet / Fire Crotch Lindsanity has failed yet ANOTHER round of sobriety tests while being confined on house arrest and she is expected to sashay into court tomorrow and provide some lame excuse about how she is working and respects the criminal justice system, while consistently throwing a middle finger at it at every turn. She recently filmed a commercial for from her home, and the L.A. County Probation Department will request that she be sent back to jail; she was assigned to wear an ankle bracelet in her home for 35 days, the end result of a four month sentence she received for violating the terms of her probation following a 2007 stint in jail, which she did by stealing a necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store.

Let's put this in perspective:

The woman achieved 2 DUIs in a single month, committed assault, and theft, yet her time in jail pales in comparison to what us regular people would face in the same situation. She's not getting put away anytime soon. Unless her name was Laquetha or Tyquerius. Our justice system works best when motivated by the values of prevention, redemption and equality: protecting the public from unlawful and dangerous behavior, helping troubled people to reclaim their lives and ensuring that the law is applied fairly and evenhandedly.

The United States leads the world in incarceration, but fails badly in rehabilitation. According to the Sentencing Project , over 2.1 million people are locked up in America’s prisons and jails—a 500 percent increase over the past thirty years. The number of Americans incarcerated for drug offences in 1980, 40,000, has skyrocketed to a half-million today. Although Blacks and whites use illegal substances at about the same rates, Blacks are far more likely to be incarcerated for drug offenses. Between 1990 and 2000 the number of African Americans incarcerated in state prisons for drug offenses increased by over 80 percent to 145,000, a number that is 2.5 times higher than that for whites. Affluent whites like LaLoca are far more likely to be let go with a warning, to avoid prison time, or to avoid criminal scrutiny at all. Their substance abuse problems lead them to places like Promises, NOT the jailhouse. Race and class, then, play a powerful role in determining the consequences of unlawful behavior.

For the racists that claim erroneously that blacks commit the most crimes, IT IS A SENTENCING DISPARITY BASED ON SOCIO ECONOMIC FACTORS.

Why don't the courts just convert a receipt book into a book of free passes and be done with it? Then, every time she screws up, she could just tear out a free pass and hand it to the judge, smile and say "sorry, here's a copy of one my movies from back when I was cute". So much simpler that way and for the tea people, it's cheaper on the tax payers. That's a win, win.

 At this point the criminal justice system, the judges, the lawyers, the prosecutors are her enablers. This is a person who looks up to and idolizes Marilyn Monroe and if the courts, her family and Lindsay herself don't get real about her addictive personality, she will end up in a semen soaked death alone in a pool, just like her idol.

According to Lindsay she has not consumed any alcohol and I believe that she believes she has not taken a drink even though it is evident. I think Lindsay's brain has essentiall­y been rewired by her years of alcohol and drug abuse to the point that she is not even aware that she was consuming alcohol, this is not the first time Lindsay gotten buzzed by her anklet. I think adding to her self abuse, narcissism and entitlemen­t is that she still gets movie roles, commercials, fashion shoots, a revolving door in the legal system and a still growing (mostly brain dead)  fan base. She is without consequenc­es in society but not with her body, that is what she has to watch for. (She looks 45). She is the drunk Uncle or Aunt that everyone is afraid will show up to the Christmas party or Wedding that will admit that they had a 15 hooker gang bang and paid with a bounced check and couldn't pay their college tuition. The person that goes to the strip club on a Tuesday afternoon to eat lunch and vomits more than they drink and slurs "I love everybody!" She has a dealer on speed dial,  knows one in every city and carries a flask.

Lindsanity needs to go to the jailhouse and not another posh rehab where the power of  her tarnished "celebrity" can get her hangers on and leeches from the staff that is supposed to help her, yet don't. She needs to detox, really detox in a 12x9 cell, let her have a cell mate and have her go for what she knows. Then put her in inpatient treatment, a hospital, not Promises or some vacation like club med place, but a place with padded cells and doctors on state pay roll. She should be court ordered for treatment for no less than 6 months and no contact with her parents, assistants, agents, or other handlers. This Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab Crap is some nonsense and it's a play on exploiting people's misery. That's the Hollywood beast isn't it? They build these people up, especially child stars, control and manage every aspect of their lives except how to become a functional human being. Then, when they are no longer bankable they discard them and we revel in their misery and wait until they self destruct. 

So before we start killing "urban thugs" in the streets, maybe we need to admit that there is racial disparity in sentencing based on socio economic factors and not a pre disposition by a particular race to commit crime.

The criminal justice system see's the color GREEN!


GL21 said...

She's an idiot. Similar to Paris Hilton or any of those other "famous" young celebrities. You are spot on in this post. If her name was Tamika or LaKeshia she's be under the jail right now after that 1st DUI.... SMH...

CC said...

I'm not sure who the bigger idiot is here! Lindsay or the judges and staff who keep giving her a free pass on her crime spree convictions. I blame the system for Lindsay's downward spriral bc the signal they are sending to her is that the gravity of her behavior is not that serious, therefore she is not so inclined to take it seriously. The justice system is failing her and she is consequently failing her drug tests, as well as her so called criminal and chemical rehab stint. One has to wonder if Laquita or Lanterrius who gets the book thrown at them for the similar infractions, might appreciate and benefit from lohan law? What would prison system look like then? Definately a little less full. Where is the real REHAB in the justice system?

Rebel Flower said...

@CC, the change from rehab to punishment began in the 80's and with Reagan and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Plus, that's around the time the "war on drugs" started when violence started creeping up in the gated communities instead of just the projects.

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