Monday, July 11, 2011

Basketball Non Wives is a Shame to the Game

Non muthmaf@kin factors
Shaunie O’Neal executive producer of VH1′s “Basketball Wives,” jump offs, wrote a commentary for CNN about the negative portrayal of black women on reality TV. Despite the drama that unfolds on her own show, Shaunie doesn’t feel “Basketball Wives” street walkers portrays black women in a negative light. Lol, Lol Lol Lol! Has she seen the same show I have seen? Shaunie says watching reality television is a guilty pleasure of hers and fun to watch. It's fun yes, but I would hang my head in shame if I were her and I'm guessing that's why Shaunie always appears positively and the least ghetto and whoe-ish of her cast mates. Plus, she was one of the 3 that actually fit in "wife category" within the last decade. If I were on reality TV, I would be that cast member no one would ever see until people got thrown in jail and they called the house, move in/out day and the reunion.

However, she feels the new generation of reality TV has become more about drama than the story line. I feel you Shaq Attack...there is no story, just random fights at random places, with random whores, talking about random whore topics. Don't let Tammy get an ounce of liquor in her body, those are shoes coming off and her eyes will become more slanted than a Chinese takeout menu and she is cursing out the first person she sees for calling her whatever imaginary name the voices in her mind tell her. In addition to the fact that we have to hear how Kenny Anderson didn't leave her any money and that he is taking care of a white woman and a new family, well...hearing her piss and fight, waving her hands in every one's face like a broke diva filling the air with her ghetto essence, I would run to the first trailer park, have a white trash party and get on the first white girl I saw because I knew she would shut the hell up and I would have the first five minutes of silence in the house in years. Remember this is Tammy from Real World 2? She was ghetto back then rocking her cross colors and Malcolm X jersey's basically a walking TLC "what about your friends" video. She was also much thinner and in a R&B singing group that she described like an "En Vogue like group". Another Real World performer, remember "rapper" Heather B and her "All Glocks Down"? Pure comedy. Oh girl please...she even had her jaw wired shut to lose weight, got knocked up, had an abortion, had non comedian David somebody kicked off because she was embarrassed for her having covers stripped off of her, then showed up at the Reunion with Lyric (Kenny's baby), after she just had an abortion on the show. Tammy, Tammy, Tammy...Did her mom tell her how babies are born? A penis goes in the vajajay repeatedly, then a baby falls out. Only Bristol Palin doesn't know that, she considers that "date rape". This then sparked a debate on the show about abortion, who was pro-life and pro-choice and how each cast member felt. *sigh*

Shockingly, this wasn't the slippery slope to grime that reality shows have gone down. I think there was no bottom worse than Flavor of Love. I watched in awe as hookers, strippers, porn stars, and Muppet's (New York), jumped through hoops and performed magic tricks for the most terribly unnactractive burnt cat that has ever walked the face of the earth with the strongest "ugly" in his gene pool.  (You saw his momma and his kids, powerful ugly on that family tree, and it can't be diluted). Who heard of a person that wears a wall clock around his neck, the time is never right and he has no where to go? They cried, booty danced, showed their breasts, fought over, slept with, took lie detector tests, pooped on the floor, slid down the pole, pushed each other off the balcony, microwaved raw chickens and kissed flav open mouthed all to win his love. The nastiness was just amazing and for the first time in my life, I was ashamed to be black. Then came Rock of Love and then we saw the balance of the force evened out with the white trash equivalent, with card carrying members of the hoe squad and I admit I watched season after season rooting for the craziest, drunkest, psychotic most unstable loon on the show, gleefully.

No one eclipsed crazy better than Danielle Staub on Real Housewives of New Jersey. If you never saw the show, she had a book written by her ex husband who claimed that she was involved with a Colombian drug lord, she was a coke addict, raped on a bed of glass, involved with kidnapping, was arrested and is a big time hooch. She comes to any and all meetings on the show with "armed" guards, meaning whoever her ex-con friend she potentially is sleeping with is at the time. She sees an energist but is a catholic, has no job but gets plastic surgery, is "try" sexual, forces her kids to model, and gets in to twitterand facebook fights with her cast mates daughter who happens to be 18. Not to mention she is a pathological liar, not on the level of Casey Anthony, but Danielle is in a class of her own. Her lies are no where near planet reality. She was so insane that none of the cast would tape with her... The show has not been the same without my favorite lunatic.

If you ask me, “Basketball Wives” fits into that category of the new generation. The show is supposed to be based on the life of a woman married to an NBA player, but we have not seen the full view of that lifestyle. The women on the show are ex-girlfriends or baby mommas. The majority of what we see are women insulting one another and fighting over petty issues. In the show’s defense Shaunie says, “I believe that if you look closely and beyond the arguing and the fighting, you’ll see a group of women trying to get their lives back on track and figure out who they really are.” This may be so but it’s really hard to see that when the drama starts before the intro credits. I Love Shaunie O’Neal and her money making skills but I think she is being a bit delusional here.

This is a show about bitter black women who are upset about poor life choices. You lie down with dogs and you get up with fleas. You know good and well that athletes are lying cheaters in high school and they are broke and stupid. What happens when you give peacocks a couple hundred millions bucks and a couple hundred thousand thirsty whores? They gotta fly. Yes, peacocks don't fly, which is why they always get caught and they are still stupid. These wives learn the truth as old looking Rihanna from the future, look alike Evelyn would say, "you a non muthaf@kin factor". All of you. Is this a show that portray black women in a negative light? Does a bear take a dump in the forest and wipe his @ss with a rabbit?

Ocho, who had that lame dating show married Evelyn, Rihanna in about 20 years...yeah...I see that lasting, that's a new fairy tale for the ages. Can't turn a hoe into a housewife. Oh yeah you can in Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los Angeles, DC and soon Vegas at least on Bravo. Doesn't he play FOOTBALL? So why is this jump off on "basketball wives"? Why is wet blanket Royce, a dancer and no more than a baby mama on this show? Why are these other interchangeable pieces of stool on this show yakking about being in the circle? How hard is it to sleep with a basketball, football or any male for that matter? Ask Kobe's maid. She had three different types of semen in her panties, so yeah...I think that circle is pretty wide and available to anyone with a warm hole. Most call girls, prostitutes, maids, wait staff, chamber maids, bellhops, stewardesses are in this circle. I mean come on...Screwing for handbags, what a wonderful life. How you "ladies" don't wake up every morning and wave the white flag in the face of your own degradation is a testament to the power of your own self delusion. Why is this show on? Just like RHOA, none of those heifer cats other than line backer "Mene", and " I don't know how long I was pregnant" and let's make up southern traditions Phaedra were actually real housewives.

By the by Nene, keep your son out of jail instead of getting more plastic surgery on those Chiclet looking teeth. You still look like a dude. I would rather look like Casper the Ghost than a line backer. Good look on your internship at the news station, hope you don't get fired.

Basketball Wives is one rung above "Celebrity Rehab", in terms of the fact that there are no celebrities and you really don't care what happens to the people on the show. This is mind rot on a new level. Why is the show on again? None of these people are wives. The operative word is wife, not screwing for handbags. I know we have to fill the void that such treasures like Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Rock of Love and Meghan wants a Millionaire left, but for the love of we have to put on the most bitter trashy black women on the planet? Did they put out an add for the most jaded, angry jump offs in the NBA and they were nominated by their exes? "My ex girlfriend / baby mama is suing me for child support, alimony, stalking me, I have a restraining order, she is still coming around, how can I occupy her? A reality show! She will get her own fame, instead of piggy backing off mine, stop taking all my money, and then I can get on Tameka without being bothered. Perfect!" "You a non muthaf@kin factor". You fools just don't know, don't show, are too stupid be aware that the world is laughing at you and those huge earrings. Who designed those hideous huge earrings by the way? Are those from Disney's Dumbo collection?

Here is a sick circle: The Real World was the first reality show and Tammy was on season 2. Hoopz, the greatest actress of all seasons, won season 1of Flavor of Love, who currently is boo'd up with Shaq. Yes, Shaunie's ex husband who has been serial fornicating throughout the marriage with every Tammy, Denise and Haronda. Evelyn, you know, Rihanna of the future, slept with Tammy's husband while Tammy was married to her ex husband, now, they are all on the same ghetto show and on the same network.

The circle of trash is complete...You've come a long way babies!

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