Friday, August 12, 2011

Ghost Riding Bob Riley the Lobbyist

Ay! I'm Cool, Look at the Jacket!
Or should I call him Vladimir Putin? Maybe Mevedev? Silent Bob has registered to officially become a lobbyist  with the state Ethics Commission and said Tuesday that the focus of his lobbying efforts will be education reform and economic development.

"I want to ... do everything we can do to continue to improve education, economic development, all the things that we've been doing for the last 14 years," said Riley, who was a member of Congress for six years before serving eight years as governor.  Please tell me, Silent Bob, what great things have been done over the last 14 years? The people in this State are dumber than ever, economic development? Putting a car plant in a god forsaken part of the state is NOT economic development. Don't make me laugh...

He said he set up his lobbying effort, Bob Riley and Associates, "to be a partner with, or help when I can, this administration, the governor, and the Legislature" especially in economic development and education reform. Uh huh...that translates to HIS economic development not the state.

Riley said he supports charter schools and merit pay for teachers, and he plans to form an education foundation involving Democrats and Republicans alike to help Alabamians more fully debate those and other issues, such as consolidating public schools in rural areas. Riley said his new company also would have "a political component," and that he would be highly supportive of people who "share the philosophies that the Republican Party and I, in general, have espoused for 14 years."

Grab your ankles folks, because Alabama is about to get it up the glory hole without lube. This company that he is representing, he GAVE $5 million to. Let's also not forget his own personal crusade against Bingo that's been going on like a psychotic game of tennis. So we got more years of religious pandering, anti-science, anti-education, and over zealousness of the Iron bowl. Great Alabama...

Riley said he has no plan to run for governor again, or to try to be a "surrogate governor" now that Republican Gov. Robert Bentley sits in his old office. Why would he? They are both besties and he can get everything he want's now, especially with enough cash flooding the Republican controlled legislature.
Kiss My Ring Bitch!
"I want to work with Governor Bentley and the Legislature to see if I can help them," Riley said. "It was the greatest experience in the world to be governor of this state. But it did instill in me the recognition of the potential that this state has. I just want to help whenever I can to take us to that next level." He meant the potential the state has on helping himself. The people here are soooooo stupid and so easy to manipulate just by using religion alone, that's something he and every politician exploits over and over. Add to my cynicysm, Republican's run the state legislature which may help get his agenda through with little difficulty...

Damn it feels good to be a gangster. He just needs to put a throne, set up baricades for single file lines and we can all go to Montgomery and one by one kiss his ring. 

I would like for Bob Riley to EDUCATE me in HOW everyone else involved with gambling is breaking the law and he can take gambling $$$$ from those intent on keeping gambling OUT of Alabama. 'splain this fine line between a campaign contribution and a bribe, Bingo Boob. I know, he does something, it's ok, someone else does the same thing, then it's literally a federal crime. Why is he not in prison being a housewife?

I think I am getting sick. No, I am sick. Sick of the revolving door of political office holders going out of supposed public service and promptly CASHING IN on the office they held.

Ricky Bobby Riley is  just another REVOLVING DOOR WHORE $$$$$$$$ that I didn't vote for.

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