Monday, August 15, 2011

Bachmann Wins "Smoking Hay" Poll

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This weekend, Iowans came far and wide to the town fair and declared with a loud yodel, while clutching their Bibles, that Jesus can and must take wheel from the hands of the secret communist terrorist and with the most curious course of action, they voted for her in overwhelming numbers over Romney, Huntsman and knocked Pawlenty out of the Race. Her major achievement is her failure to repeal lightbulb legislation. This is a person that believes that conservation is unneccessary because Jesus came and by dying on the cross, somehow saved the planet as well. She thinks carbon dioxide and carbon monixde are the same things and she doesn't understand how one negatively effects the atmosphere and how one is just a harmless gas. This bubblehead stated that she wouldn't have compromised under any circumstances with the debt ceiling vote without more in spending cuts, even if there had been a default, and she had hoped there was a default, so America could get our fiscal house in order. This is who these people think is qualified to be President? Someone who is willing  to burn the country down for principle, if she in fact has any, or can spell the word.

Yeah, it's just a poll, not a primary or a caucus, but this is a segment of a group of stupid that is America. Look who else is in this field of Americas Saviors:

1) a candidate who belongs to a church that believes that an angel delivered new scriptures to a new prophet in upstate New York in the 1800's and who believes that corporatio­ns are people

2) a candidate who believes that businesses should be allowed to deny service to black people

3) a candidate who touts as major


Anonymous said...

She's a tax attorney too . . . I was shocked as hell to hear that today!

GL21 said...

She's such an idiot... Does she always have to have that glossed over stare in her pics?