Monday, August 8, 2011

Kanye Likens Himself to Hitler

I think that's an unfair comparison. Hitler was smarter, and that demeans the legacy and intelligence of a master manipulator and mass murderer. There is an empty bed at the psych ward awaiting your arrival, Mr. West.

The 34-year-old rapper known for his outbursts was the headline act at the Big Chill music festival Saturday night, where he ranted in the middle of his set about being misunderstood and underappreciated.

"I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I'm (expletive) insane, like I'm Hitler," he said. "One day the light will shine through and one day people will understand everything I ever did." West received light boos from the crowd as a result. Yes...poor you. How long are we going to play the ass hole martyr? That doesn't work and frankly it's getting old and tiresome. He should be banned from any media event because he seems to think it's all about HIM or who he is which is much ado about nothing. Why do we idolize people that can rhyme? Is this a great human skill? This is something that anyone can do if they possess a dictionary or a thesaurus. What's interesting to note, is that these were his fans, he was the headline act, and they booed him.

The performer also defended the music video for his song "Monster," which features cannibalism and girls hanging from their necks.

"Who saw the video before it got banned, before they took it down and before women's groups starting saying that a person that lost the most important woman in his life is now against women in some way?" asked West, referring to the 2007 death of his mother Donda West. Maybe it's the misogynistic lyrical content talking about the pull of the female anatomy and your bank account, or the fact that you have CANNIBALISM border lining on necrophilia in the video. We can't use "my mom died and that's why you have to excuse my bad taste and boorish ways", forever. It's 2011 for God's sake. I know that wearing a bathing suit and grinding someone isn't an option, but trying to simulate a Dahmer-esque crime scene isn't the best way to go. If you want to direct horror films, then direct horror films, Rob Zombie did it and he does a pretty good job at it.

West, who started his set roughly 30-minutes late, apologized to the crowd for his tardiness, saying he needed to make sure his performance was great.  "Michael Jordan changed so much in basketball, he took his power to make a difference. It's so much (expletive) going on in music right now and somebody has to make a (expletive) difference," he said. Dude, please...there is NOTHING going on in music right now, especially in "rap" crap or hip pop. Check billboard, it's nothing but auto-tune, beat machines, computer generated robotic, synthetic fake bake trash. You don't even have real instruments in your songs. It's nothing but synthesizers, computers, pro-tools and auto-tune. Are you kidding me? Michael Jordan actually played basketball, there was no training wheels on his game. That's like claiming he played well because of his shoes. Wearing an orange suit, venetian shade glasses, seizure inducing lights flashing, using music generated from a lap top, rhyming hike with dyke, and talking about how much money you have, isn't all that exciting. Remember the golden age of music when being a musician meant that you learned how to play an instrument or actually carry a tune unassisted­? Yeah, that's not Kanye. I'm pissing in my pant's from the excitement. It would be more exciting if this fool acted like he had home training or manners that seems to have been forgotten as soon as he became famous.

Here is the best of West's rant: "Thank you for protecting your artists that are still here," he said to the crowd. "This is for McQueen, for Amy, for Michael and for all the media, can you lighten up on all your artists that are still here?"

And as the naughty dog left the stage, he lifted his leg and peed on the audience. Just when I think I can't dislike an artist any less, Kanye always pushes the goal post further. Did he mean Alexander McQueen the fashion designer? Not really in the same category as Amy Winehouse and Micheal Jackson. Kanye isn't misunderstood, he's understood just fine by those of us who don't enable him. He's an arrogant sack of dick's that will be the creepy old man still going to the strip club at 2pm having dinner, hoping to find a wife that looks like Anna Nicole Smith. It would be great to say that he is only an idiot when he opens his mouth, but he is an idiot 24/7, he just displays his idiocy when he talks. Actually, he makes an idiot look smart, congratulations Rihanna and Beyonce, your stock portfolio is rising. Is he trying to get people to hate him by being as obnoxious as possible? Maybe he should start an infomercial on how to lose friends and piss off fans, he's not only a client but the president. It would be advisable to focus on the music and leave any other comments to stay in that feeble mind because thinking and speaking isn't a strong point for this guy. I fully expect this stain to be on the next episode of cops occupying a cell next to TI, begging to be his bitch so he doesn't get anally raped by Bubba in the prison locker room.

I can rap too:
The world hates me
I'm so miserable
"the haters" gotta hate
but I must refudiate
that I control my fate

What does this guy think he has contribute­d?  Done for the world? What? Embarrass a young, marginally talented girl on stage.... run his mouth without ever considering­ the opposite point of view... being a narcissist­ic ghetto fab rapper? This guy is a nothing that wants to be held on a pedestal..­. for nothing. I could respect him if he didn't sound like a blithering idiot. People don't dislike him because he's "controver­sial" they dislike him because he says idiotic statements with no details to back up his opinions. He's like a 12 year old boy who was given a microphone and now we all are subject to whatever he says. Being an idiot is NOT an admirable trait.

Come on Kanye. Hitler had lighter skin, a smaller moustache and the majority of people in his own country actually liked and believed in him....for a while. The only thing you have in common with Adolf Hitler is an inflated opinion of yourself and, oh yeah, he thought he was an artist too.                      

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