Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jeff Sessions, The Magical Elf and His Aversion to Reality

Snuggly Jeff
Alabama heart throb and vile lisping piglet also called “top ranking Republican” on the Senate Judiciary Committee has made a new delusional claim about the debt ceiling debate debacle. "My view is then to try to force the Congress — through votes and shaming, I guess — to have a budget," He must be looking through the lens of beer goggles... The typical budget process involves Budget Committee hearings, amendments and much public debate. Along with much public pandering to the lowest common denominator, lying and seeing who can out christian the other for the upcoming election cycle.

"Frankly, a public process, using the regular order of the Senate, would have resulted in great pressure on members of the Senate to do more (spending cuts) than we did, and that, of course, is why the majority leader didn’t want to do it," Sessions said.
"He (Harry Reid), did not want a public debate because he felt he would lose a public debate." Right...since 80% of the people were and are on the side of the Democrats on this so called non debate.

Past debt ceiling increases have been all but routine, but fiscal Conservatives and a nutless White House afraid of primary challenges used this one to leverage Democrats into accepting steep spending cuts. "I think the amount of spending reductions that was achieved probably is close to the most that could have been achieved as part of this process," Sessions said.

Sessions, however, voted against the compromise deal. By predetermining certain budget figures, he said, the agreement gives Democrats a way to continue avoiding the standard budget process. "Six senators aren’t going to be able to meet somewhere and reach an agreement on the back of a napkin. It’s just not going to happen," Sessions said. But it's ok to propose a budget that was so indescribably stupid that it could've been written on the back of a napkin by 6 people.

Sessions called the federal budget deficit a "deep, systemic" problem, adding that it’s "the dominant issue of our time." Caused by whom? Sessions has been in the Senate since 1997 and has raised the debt limit with little trepidation during the Bush administration 7 times. He and his party ran up the national debt with the Bush tax cuts, invading the wrong country, occupying Afghanistan, we still occupy Germany, Asia, and many other countries that we haven't had a coflict in since oh say 30 to 40 years, building bridges to nowhere, Medicare part D, and TARP. Obama, the Kenyan Muslim terrorist who's parents had the foresight to fake a birth certificate and a birth announcement so he could be president of the US 50 years later, they apparently talked to the oracle at Delphi, added 1.7 trillion to the debt, and NOW, we have to worry about the deficit. Well, Alabama, we never learn anything, we keep reelecting these lizards. Good grief, Sen. Shelby was Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and Bachus Chairman of the House Finance Committee. Look where that got the Nation...

"We should not have any tax increases until we stop surging spending and start reducing wasteful spending," Sessions said. Of course not, because that's who pays for your re-election misinformation campaign commercials of you eating hot dogs, singing in the choir, drinking lemondade at the picnic and smiling with the sun shining behind those big pointed troll ears.  The tea baggers that dress up that foolishly support you, are busy worrying about keeping the job they have or finding a job.

Sessions did rule out more deficit spending by the government to try to boost the sputtering economy. Rather than a path out of economic ruin, such spending is the cause of it, he said. Apparently, no one reads history books anymore. This is Alabama after all...Check out the Great Depression, it's a great read...after the jubilant win of WWII, (you know we love to talk about us being the saviors of someone or the greatest nation on earth), we had the stock market crash, the government decided to restrict spending because the private sector wasn't spending. That led to The Great Depression, that's the simple explanation anyway.

"I’m afraid the developed world is over-leveraged, has too much debt, and this begins to sap the strength of all these countries," Sessions said. I seriously doubt that he knows what he is talking about or if he is aware that we are on the planet reality. The debt ceiling "crisis" was political posturing, arm twisting, and one upmanship, played by the right wing nuts. If you want to know why we had our bond rating dropped, place that plate right in front of Sessions and the Republican Party in Congress. Let them eat that turd sandwich, with extra cheese. They thought that as long as something was passed before Aug 2, we would be good to go, but low and behold they caused the lowering with their slash and burn tactics. DO the math, 2 trillion in cuts over 10 years is exactly 200 billion a year off a budget that is over a trillion a year in deficit. It will take cuts and revenue to fix the problem. This recent action in Congress was like whistling while walking past the grave yard and expecting to disturb someone.

Hey magic elf... Only a small part of the problem is the tax code. The big part is wages and trade imbalance, which none of you retards are even going to touch because it's too close to an election year and the subject matter isn't sexified. Plus, you can't invoke the name of Jesus enough to get people fired up about "revenues". In 2001 Bush took a $2 trillion surplus, declared that it belonged to the people, and cut taxes thus starting us down the road to where we are now. Along the way he waged two wars without asking the patriotic American people to help fund these wars. We were just told to go shopping and refinance our houses.

All told, Obama-era choices account for about $1.7 trillion in new debt, according to a separate Washington Post analysis of CBO data over the past decade. Bush-era policies, meanwhile, account for more than $7 trillion and are a major contributor to the trillion-dollar annual budget deficits that are dominating the political debate. Again, Sessions and this retarded elf voted for all of this without so much as a whimper, but now that we have a darkie in the White House, it such a problem that has to be addressed urgently.

For Sessions to forget this makes him earn his ranking as one of the five stupidest senators in the greatest deliberative body ever created.

Your statement proves that your I.Q. is the same as your height 59.

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