Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama and Immigration

What to say about how stupid the State Legislature and the Tea Party Conservative Christians that elected them? They are a continual source of embarrassment for me and all of us with sense that are left here in this desolate wasteland of stupid by no choice of our own. These people have a penchant for fried chicken, and a really annoying tendency to see the end of the world in everything that isn't in their literal southern small world.

In the newest expression of racism and xenophobia, Alabama passed the most idiotic "papers please" law that has ever been written. I have mentioned the sheer stupidity and illegality of this law in previous posts. In addition to the blatant racism of the law, the State has cut back on State Troopers, Sheriff's Deputies and local cops. Piling on the tomfoolery, they have slashed the county budgets on courthouse staff, security, jail guards, teachers...pretty much every one that allows the government and public safety to function.

This month, was the fun time that we all love, TAG RENEWAL. In the past, we had the option of renewing online or by mail, but thanks to the racist vultures in Montgomery, we have to renew IN PERSON. With a shortage of personnel, can you guess what that means? Long lines. Alabama's new immigration law requires motorists renewing a tag to have their Alabama driver's license number and license expiration date for each car owner. Tags lines have been so long in Birmingham that officials are adding portable toilets. Are you serious?! Who has a day to kill and wants to crap in a diaper like a psycho astronaut just to renew a tag because Governor Fire Marshall Bill Bentley and the rest of the goon squad can't think more than 5 min. in front of their faces when they wrote this idiotic law? I guess we should be happy they could manage to write at all...It seems we also need to take a birth certificate along with a drivers license, what's next a vial of blood, high school transcripts, baptismal records, my bra size, how many sexual partners I've had and a copy of my teeth x-ray's? More evidence that this b.s. system will fail much like the voting populace in general.

Between the court cost of trying to defend this bill, our school systems losing additional revenue we  can't afford, time and money wasted waiting in long lines for services, the farmers losing crops, money spent fighting lawsuits over false arrests, and having teachers and police work as immigration officials, this Law is costing  more money than it's worth. It's been a federal felony violation for U.S. Farmers to exploit/hi­re illegals since Nov 6, 1986.

U.S.C. 8 § 1324a : US Code - Section 1324A: Unlawful employment of aliens.
Maybe U.S. Farmers should visit their local JOHN DEERE Dealership to check out the full line of Mechanical Harvesters­, available since the late 1940's. 

Speaking of false arrest, Muflahi, a 24-year-old born in Yemen, was arrested Friday during a drug raid in Etowah County, Alabama, along with two other Yemenis. Etowah County is a place that no one that is black or brown belongs after sundown. The three men were taken into custody for obstructing a government operation, and upon processing at the jail, only Muflahi was unable to produce documentation of his legal status. Muflahi is not in the U.S. illegally, but he could possibly be a terrorist at least according to Alabama Senators, (Shelby, Brooks, two of the smartest on the hill), but he is a legal citizen nonetheless. According to them, just because he was born in Yemen he should be regarded as a suspected terrorist. other reason...just by virtue of the geopraphical location of his birth, because we all know NO TERRORISTS COME FROM THE UNITED STATES, except the Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh, John Wilkes Booth, Jared Loughner, Sirhan Sirhan, Eric Rudolph, Dan White, Andrew Joseph Stack and Leon Czolgosz. Uh oh...problem with that logic isn't there?

Do they still have signs on all roads heading into Alabama that say: "You are now leaving the United States, welcome to Alabama." If not, they should.

Apart from the fact that the US government has assassinat­ed US citizens without a court to judge them, we are now labeling everything according to skin color and no one would admit it:
1. Black: Will rob you and steal your money
2. Too dark: 99% an illegal immigrant who stole my dish washing job.
3. Brown: Definitely a terrorist.
4. Yellow: O those nerd Chinese people who stole my broom manufactur­ing job.
Who cares if he was actually innocent, or in fact a legal immigrant? America has still sent the message it intended: If you look foreign, you are in trouble. Since when do facts matter? Where have you been living? In post-Patri­ot Act America, little things like fundamenta­l rights, innocence and due process do not matter and if you live in the South, you can forget it, everyone not white, protestant and either an Alabama or Auburn fan are a tool of Satan. I guess the terrorists are winning...Yemenis in Alabama, thousands of Somalis in Minnesota, lots of black Muslims controllin­g the prisons...­world conquest is the goal. Don't open the door, hide your kids and your wife because they raping everybody out here. There will be plenty of low paying jobs with no benefits for the choosing when the Hispanics are out.

For everyone that thinks this law is just wonderful, think about this: your drivers license is NOT proof of your citizenship. It is only proof that you can drive in the State that you are licensed. Unless you are in the habit of carrying a birth certificate or a passport, you do not have proof of citizenship and Big Brother can lock you up just as easily as the so called illegals.

Here we have a bad law and we were prepared to make a public statement about the success of the law and once again we proved to the world as a state that we are a bunch of fools that are unworthy of being targeted by a terrorist group for an attack.

Arizona's SB 1070--and even more with Alabama's HB 56, which is "SB 1070 on steroids"--these state laws go much further than mere frustration with the federal government. Anyone can see that these laws are discriminatory and unconstitutional, not to mention racially motivated. Such tactics can affect everyone--including citizens and legal residents, if we aren't careful, it will happen. PATRIOT ACT, HELLO! Let's think! There is a better way to handle Illegal immigration and this isn't it. Let's not just sit back and accept the small, but really big government tea party vision of the world and act like it's normal and that it can't happen to another "minority" group.

Sometimes doing something will result in a blood spattered suicide. This law has given Etowah County just enough rope to hang themselves.