Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah Palin Announces She Won't Run For President and No One Cares

Lazy Mama Grizzly/ Circus Clown  FINALLY made the announcement that most of us already knew: She wouldn't display her gross ignorance on the world stage and embarrass not only herself but her entire family anymore than she already has. She has played politician long enough and now it's time to go back to the Tundra.  Guess what? No one cared, bringing an end to her tragical misery tour of laughs and re imagined American history. Thanks for the insanity break Sistah Sarah!

The former governor opened up about the deliberations that led her to opt against jumping into the race for the White House. "If I say no to the opportunity that’s in front of me, politically speaking, will I die?" Quitting half way through your first term of a state whose population is smaller than most towns is basically failing. So, yes, I would say that her political career died 2 years ago and she just now realized it. Palin said. She went on to suggest that after ending months of speculation on her political ambitions earlier in the day she knew "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that she made the right choice.

During the appearance, the former governor said, "I apologize to those whom are disappointed in this decision." Like, the person that quit his job and actively tried to start a campaign on her behalf while she played "reality star"/ politician. She added that she believes "when they take a step back, [they] will understand why the decision was made and understand that really you don’t need a title to make a difference in this country. I think that I’m proof of that." We understand that she is not the brightest bulb in the box and she has done nothing since 2008 to prepare herself to run for the White House other than make nonsensical non factual statements on TV. Looking to the future, in a statement announcing her decision not to run Palin explained, "In the coming weeks I will help coordinate strategies to assist in replacing the president, re-taking the Senate, and maintaining the House." If I were you, I would keep my day job, whatever that is...

Her next statement is so ironically retarded that I can't make this up: she said she looks forward to working with the candidates "in order to help them maybe articulate their message in more detail, so we can make that best decision." Articulate and Sarah Palin in the same sentence, from the person that coined the made up word "refudiate". She would be the last choice for articulating something, complete coherent sentences have been her downfall sense day one.

Palin keeps referring to being President as merely a title, does she realize that an actual job with actual responsibilities come with that so called title? No, because she thought the job of Vice President was to run the Senate and control the agenda, which is the job of the Senate Majority Leader.

Palin can now pack her bags and board the USS Irrelevancy and head into oblivion.  Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), founder of the Senate Conservatives Fund and a leader of the Tea Party movement, compared Sarah Palin to former President Ronald Reagan Wednesday night and hinted that he would support a presidential nominee that has not always acted conservatively. Remember, he's responsible for 2nd amendment remedies loon Sharon Angle and "I am not a witch" Christine O'Donnell. "She's done as much to change the political landscape in America -- probably as much as anyone since Ronald Reagan," he said on "The Sean Hannity Show," comparing the former vice-presidential nominee and governor of Alaska to the two-term president. Poor can Nancy or Ron Jr. allow that man's memory to be disrespected like that. Palin has more in common with Daffy Duck than Ronald Reagan. I'm sure Reagan knew that the US won the Cold War due to the arms race and not the space race (he was President during that time), he knew that Paul Revere didn't warn the British during America's Revolutionary War ( we were fighting the British, so why we would warn the very enemy we were fighting makes no sense), and he wouldn't equate the phrase "taking up arms, and reloading" to mean voting. Also, Reagan made speeches with eloquent lines like, "they slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the hands of God." I can see Russia from my house, doesn't quite measure up.

He also went on to say: she "can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office -- from the nation's governors to congressional seats and the presidency." Translation: Sarah Palin is unelectable no matter how much we try to convince people. She is a joke and a quitter and no one wants to have two crazed women on the GOP stage saying stupid things at the same time. A Sarah Palin nomination guarantee's a Barack Obama second term, instead we will have more paid appearances and more travel expenses.

DeMint said, "What happened in 2010 had a lot to do with Sarah Palin. If she continues to do that, I think we're going to have an even bigger victory in 2012." Palin endorsed 54 Senate, House and gubernatorial candidates in 2010. Six Senate candidates won, while five lost. Of eight gubernatorial candidates, six won in their general elections. In the House, 17 out of 28 candidates endorsed by Palin won their general elections. Five candidates in the House and two in the Senate did not win their primary elections. A busted clock is right twice a day...I don't know statistics but her Senate picks are at what, like 0%? She jumped on the band wagon and 17 out of 28 won and this somehow makes her a political tactician? A book of Nastradamus' prophesies seems to be more accurate than Caribou Barbie's political acumen. It seems like Demint has a bit of a crush on Sarah, too bad he looks like an older version of Screech from Saved By the Bell and she wouldn't take a second look at him. Any politician who takes Palin seriously is unfit to serve the people. Congrats DeMint, you're part of that group!

If this is what he sees in Palin,what would he see if he took a Rorschach test...Dem­ented Demint. She certainly changed the political landscape, what she gave us was a reminder of the Salem Witch Trials with her Pastor Muthee and his “Protect Palin from witchcraft" skit in a local Wasilla Church.

I think it is telling that Sarah left the political arena in the month of October, “she got on her broom and left town.”  Now she can join her coven with Christine O'Donnell, Sharon Angle and clone clown Michelle Bachmann and join her in making a theocracy that only benefits fat old white men.

It's amazing that God told all the other candidates to run except for her? Maybe he lost her email address.  

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