Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barack Obama Worse Than 9/11? Insanity Break

Obama is moving up on the conservative scale, first he was analogized to Hitler now he is worse than 9/11.

Racist radio host and bull frog looking Neal Boortz has fed some red meat to the mentally challenged viewers on Sean Hannity and made a bold statement that has left me speechless:

"9-11 changed me somewhat… Barack Obama is a bigger disaster to this country than 9-11. If you took the phrase ‘fair share’ ‘millionaires and billionaires’ and ‘pass this bill’ out of his vocabulary he would be unable to deliver a speech… The American people developed a fighting spirit after 9-11 and we responded back after them. And if allowed to defeat would be total. But, Barack Obama, what he has done to our economy, what he has done to the American spirit of individual responsibility and self-reliance… Killing three thousand people is a tragedy, Sean. It is a real tragedy. But, killing the individualism, the self-reliance, and the self respect of the American people like Barack Obama has done is much more of a tragedy.”

What an unbelievably stupid thing to say. Only the most feeble minded in society, namely Fox viewers, Southern Baptists and Tea Partiers would co-sign onto such an idiotic claim. Boortz should be handed over to the families of Bush's 9-11 victims and let them have their way with the cowardly traitor. Its so refreshing to see the that the lives of 3,000 people be taken in vain. Don't you think?

So, according to Boortz Obama is singlehandely responsible for tanking the economy, even though it was screwed due to the actions taken in 2008

Here is the irony about Republicans and 9/11:
First THEIR incompetence allows 9/11 to happen. Then they deny health care to first responders. Now, they joke about 9/11 and gloat about the president being unable to overcome their efforts to sabotage the country. Its disgusting. Republicans, how can you stand this? Is there not a single decent person among you to speak out against this? Of course idiots boo a service man in a war zone, after a crusade of "support the troops" for 5 years because of his sexual orientation. What about the idiotic freedom fries when France decided to not go along with the invasion of Iraq? In some parts of Alabama freedom fries are still on the menu and it's 2011. What happened to "We will never forget?" It seems Republicans forget and will urinate on the flag for applause by the single minded "patriots" at their town halls or exploit the memories of the dead for political gain. Just remember that the next time they piss and moan about so and so not wearing an American flag lapel pin or keeping their hands in their pockets during the pledge of allegiance. What's worse? Every day I find new reasons to renounce my Alabama and US Citizenship and go to Canada or the UK. Say what you want about the EU, the populace is more cultured, thinner, and more educated then the yokels here. Plus, they have outlawed the death penalty and no one like Rick Perry or Sarah Palin would ever be taken seriously to lead a Baby sitter's club much less the country.
Neal Boortz has said many stupid, racist things and the US Constitution has given him the right to say anything he wants, but this is so over the top crazy. The vitriol is most definitely coming from the right. I checked the profile of the law school that he went to and *surprise, surprise* it's a 4th-tier school similar to Oral Roberts U. The median LSAT score of incoming students is 150 and the media GPA is 2.82. So we aren't dealing with the smartest bulb in the box. I think Michelle Bachmann is a step better with her mail order law school and she knows nothing about nothing and she is a so called tax attorney.
Maybe Boortz is confused and thinks 9/11/2001 is the same as 911 the emergency phone line. He needs to fix his statement: Osama attacked America and the Republicans and Spineless Democrats gave Bush a blank check to overreact and do what he wanted. Bush and his Homeland Security nonsense gave us the Patriot Act, Constitution shredding policies and we attacked the wrong country. Having nation building adventures in Afghanistan, Iraq and not paying for it along with medicare part D, and the Bush tax cuts provided a nice deficit. That's not even adding TAARP in 2008 when the bottom fell out the housing market DURING the Presidential elections, i.e. Bush was still President. So, no...christian conquest conservatism is the worst disaster along with gross stupidity and Neal is guilty of both.
There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with the President on policy issues and execution of those policy issues. I hated Dubyah with my heart and soul and at once thought he was the Antichrist until I realized that he was too remedial and fired him from that title. But no one, especially politicians and political talking heads would've ever said that Bush was responsible for 9/11 or the worse thing since 9/11. No Democrat politician has ever drafted a resolution in the house requesting Bush's college transcripts, birth certificate, calling him Hitler, a terrorist, a socialist, engaging in class warfare, none of those things. If Dubyah had ever come into my presence I would've addressed him as "Mr. President." Why? He was the President and that was his title and he was to be respected as such, even if he was a colossal screw up that got lucky twice.

Obama shot Bin Laden in the face for the 3,000 deaths on 9/11. For this insensitive, heartless, idiotic comment, I think he needs to shoot one more in the face to add a matching hole in Neal Boortz's head.

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