Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Herman Cain Says Obama Not Black Enough

So Now the President Isn't Black Enough ....

"I am in no way, shape or form involved in any niggerdom!"
Herman Cain is a Magnum Dopus that he somehow comes off as perversely admirable to the republicans. I think? Adding to his resume of freedom fighter and bad pizza maker, he is now speaking for the entire BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS and informed head bull frog bigot Neil Boortz, the loon that said the President was the worst thing since 9/11, the newest crackpot quote of the day. No stranger to delusions, Cain stated that he could beat Obama in a general election, which is laughable, he also claimed,  "[Obama's] never been a part of the black experience in America,".  Let me add, that Cain calls the President of the United States "Cornbread" so I'm not really sure why he's trying to be the new Martin Luther King. He did sort of skip participation in the Civil Rights protests and he didn't go to Vietnam, deciding to wait for his number to come up in the draft rather than volunteer for service. Perhaps Cain is unaware that this term of endearment literally means a pile of crumbs and is an insult or he simply uses cognitive dissonance as a coping mechanism to shield himself from his own self loathing.

Barack Obama isn't black enough or can't understand the so called black experience? How does he figure? He has black skin! Does he think because he is of mixed race and was raised by his WHITE mother that he somehow had it easy? Living in Hawaii, does Cain know they are prejudiced as hell in Hawaii? Does he know that blacks and educated blacks in an all white environment are like a fabled white elephant? Does he know that blacks that have socialized primarily with whites have a hard time relating to blacks, not by choice or by lack of trying, but because of preconceived notions the blacks have against them? Does he know what it feels like to be a part of both worlds but never belonging or being fully accepted by either? This man had to have plenty of black experiences just walking down the street with his mother and grandparents. He had to prove himself academically in prep school, Columbia, and Harvard Law. Not only aren't there that many blacks, but there are even less rich blacks at Ivy League Schools, so what is Cain talking about? Glad to see the cultural self loathing play out on the national stage. This coming from a man who isn't a part of the current black experience­...He's not struggling­, he's not suffering. He said it was poor people's fault they were poor.  

Mr. Cain must have been living in another planet ... well away from that "Black Experience­" if he missed the fact that there's been a surge in white supremacy groups, race-based political rhetoric, intense questionin­g of a man's Nationalit­y, Faith and Friendship­s because he was black and even the most disrespect shown to a President by elected officials in Washington because he was black ... 
If Obama never had a so called "black experience" in his life, which is absolute nonsense, then he is having one now.

I have one question to pose to Herb Cain about this black thing: "What relevance does the black experience have to do with being President of the United States of America?" If he was running for President of the NAACP, then I would see this being important. Does he want to be King of Blacks and he is seeking to dethrone the usurper Obama who is the African/ American/ Kenyan/ Muslim who wants to make us sit on the front of the bus and Cain wants to make us sit on the back of the bus? Cain, who comes off with an elitist attitude will never get blacks, much less a majority of the country to vote for him, we just need him to understand that. No one wants to have a black cowboy president that every time he speaks loses more credibility.  Just another case of the pot calling the kettle not black enough.  

Cain has latched on to the fact that the Tea Party set likes it when their blacks talk in a soothing Southern voice reminiscen­t of old Uncle Ben who used to work on their grandpappy­'s property and bashes other blacks and tells them "dontcha worry none, Ms. Scarlet, cuz everythang is gonna be awright!" He is Clayton Bixsby reincarnat­ed this time as a rich wanna-be politician­ who will never be President. Sorry Cain, the"Magic Negro", you are Michael Steele's replacement only because he made the tragic mistake of thinking for himself.

Herman Cain can say what he wants about me and my ENTIRE ethnicity, but he isn't worthy to be elected to office of the dog catcher. It's funny that Republicans know more about being black than a black guy. Seriously -- Herman Cain is a successful black man, but that doesn't negate Obama's success as a black man! He's the first Black President of the United States in history. They have to own everything -- and they have the unmitigated gaul to look down on Obama because he's not really black? That is hilarious!  

When we dream, numbers often appear upside down. So Cain's 999 plan is more like 666, I think we found the Anti-Christ, but he might be too stupid as well as too dark.