Monday, April 9, 2012

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Two Douches Made in Douche Heaven

Do I Look Smart?

Serial bride, fame whore, Queen of Jumpoffs and star of my big fat Armenian fake wedding, has taken out her little black book and gone back to the letter "K" and this time picked up with the King of A holes none other than Kanye West. Of course he is no stranger to jumpoff's since he almost wifed up Amber the model that never models, Rose. Kanye released a song called "Theraflu" in which he confesses to having feelings for the 31-year-old reality star, bed warmer. The song should be called "penicillin" or "AZT". A song called "Theraflu" and it's about Kim, she must make a whole helluva lot of people sick. In this so called song, he confesses that he fell in love with this no talent tramp when she got with the idiot Kris, and that somehow if he wanted to, he could've got he fellow bestie in generic rap Jay-Z to drop him from the New Jersey Nets. Just because Jay- Z is a part owner doesn't mean that he has anything to do with the team, coaching, personnel or anything of that nature. All Jay-Z does is sit in the front row with a black ball cap, chewing gum like a horse and  talking to Beyowulf in a nappy blond weave.

Here are the lyrics to "penicillin":

"And I admit I fell in love with Kim ... 'Round the same time she fell in love with him ... That's cool, baby girl, do your thing ... Lucky I ain't had Jay drop him from the team."

Kim Kardashian hickey from Kanye West
Bitten By A Vampire, Maybe I can play in Twilight
Kimmy has been spotted leaving Kanye's spot in the same clothes that she wore the night before sporting the ultimate trash accessory...A HICKEY. Let me state that this slut is still married legally. How high school is that? Kanye is 34 and Kim is 31 and we are letting people put hickey's on like it's a badge of honor. If there was any doubt, we got our skank confirmation. Congratulations Kim, you have come full circle to what started your career, sucking a black are a truly an inspiration to young women everywhere, but that's right, you are just a businesswoman. That's what they call hookers too. I can imagine that her throat is the last tight hole that she has left on her body and that appears to not be enough to keep men around long enough.

These are the two master experts at self promotion throwing a hail Mary pass at staying socially relevant. Neither of them contributes anything meaningful to pop culture these days, I mean other than Kanye wearing girls pants, and the looming prospect of not having media hanging on their every move is unbearable to either of them. Kim gushed that she loves the song, but what doesn't she love when it's all about her?
Kim Kardashian is ALREADY talking about her blossoming relationship with Kanye West.
Empty Headed Hoe

The song is about slime filled with bacteria that oozes from every crevice that eventually rots flesh which later needs plastic surgery. It's called "KK - are you OK-K with your Vajayjay?" Kanye proves once again that he will only bang empty blank slates with a big behind. No substance, no intelligence, no class. You are who you hang out with.

If I had a million dollars, botox, and a box of butt padding, I would guess Kanye will show up on Keeping Up With the Kartrashians to help with ratings and to help make Kim look less like a selfish prima donna that we all know she is. Who is a bigger diva than Kanye? He should remix "It's raining men", but it would have different meanings for Kim and Kanye. Ye seems very homosexual, I mean women clothes...he needs to claim that he bangs bad chicks, even though we have no proof of this. This is publicity plain and simple. 

I Got That Homo Swag

Didn't know Kim could play a beard. 

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